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«MapInfo Professional 10.5 USER GUIDE Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part ...»

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MapInfo Professional



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June 2010 Table of Contents

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Welcome to the Pitney Bowes Software Inc. family of products. As the field of computer mapping continues to expand, Pitney Bowes Software Inc. leads the way with new products that are designed to fulfill users’ computer mapping needs from the most basic to the most specialized with MapMarker, our premier address matching product.

MapInfo Professional is a comprehensive computer mapping tool that enables you to perform complex geographic analysis such as redistricting, accessing your remote data, dragging and dropping map objects into your applications, creating thematic maps that emphasize patterns in your data, and much more.

This User Guide contains all of the information you need to learn about and be productive using MapInfo Professional.

–  –  –

What is MapInfo Professional?

With MapInfo Professional, the power of computer mapping is at your complete disposal. You can display your data as points, as thematically shaded regions, as pie or bar charts, as districts, etc.

You can perform geographic operations such as redistricting, combining and splitting objects, and buffering. You can also make queries against your data and access your remote data directly from MapInfo Professional.

For example, MapInfo Professional can show which branch store is the closest to your biggest customers. It can calculate the distances between customers and stores; it can show you the customers who spent the most last year; it can color-code the store symbols by sales volume. What makes it all come together is a visual display of your data on the map.

Mapping at a Glance Huge quantities of information are available today, far more than ever before. Data abounds in spreadsheets, sales records, and marketing files. Paper and disk store masses of information on customers, stores, personnel, equipment, and resources. Thematic maps and graphs show distribution of customers for a marketing campaign.

–  –  –

Nearly all data has a geographic component. An estimated 85 percent of all databases contain some sort of geographic information such as street addresses, cities, states, postal codes, or even telephone numbers with area codes and exchange numbers.

Computer mapping can help you sort through all of this information, and using the geographic components in your data, display your results on a map. This lets you see patterns and relationships in the mass of information quickly and easily without having to pore over your database.

–  –  –

Windows Compatibility MapInfo Professional is Windows XP Professional and Windows XP compatible, so you will feel right at home with its windowing environment. It is designed to fit smoothly into your work environment, so it only changes the results you get, not the way you work.

Using Your Own Data To begin with, you can use the data you already have, in the form it’s already in — spreadsheets such as Excel, databases such as Access, popular CAD packages, and other GIS applications, to name just a few. If your data is on a remote database, you can access it directly from MapInfo Professional. If you have data that is not already online, you can create database files right inside the product, or use data supplied by Pitney Bowes Software Inc. — such as census data.

Similarly, you can use any of thousands of maps available from Pitney Bowes Software Inc., everything from street and highway maps to world maps. You can also create your own maps, either in MapInfo Professional or with a drawing package. You can diagram anything — floor plans, flow charts, even brain anatomy — can be treated as a map and entered into the product.

After you’ve organized your data visually, you’ll save the results to files, or send them to any of the dozens of printers and plotters MapInfo Professional recognizes.

If you have your data on hand and you can read a map, you’re just about ready to begin. Soon, we’ll show you an example of how easy it is to put MapInfo Professional’s power to work for you.

But first, install MapInfo Professional following the instructions in the MapInfo Professional Install Guide. If you are new to the product, or new to computer mapping, we suggest you refer to The Basics of MapInfo Professional on page 34 for an overview of basic mapping terms and concepts. Use the web-enabled tutorial to learn about its features, and become accustomed to the more common tasks and functions.

For more product and service information, you can connect directly from MapInfo Professional to our forum (on the Help menu, click MapInfo on the Web), or, consult our World Wide Web site (www.pbinsight.com).

Reviewing the MapInfo Professional Features MapInfo Professional gives you the processing power of databases (including powerful SQL queries) and the visual power of maps, plus charts and graphs. It’s an essential business tool for data analysis, sales, and presentations.

Here is a look at some of the features MapInfo Professional offers:

• Direct opening of files created with dBASE or FoxBASE, delimited ASCII, comma delimited CSV files, ESRI® shapefiles, Lotus 1–2–3, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Access; importing of graphics files in a variety of formats; a function for creating database files from within the product.

• Multiple views of your data in Map, Browser, and Graph windows. Hot Views allow you to open multiple views of the same data and update them when you change any one view.

• Live ODBC access to remote database data such as Oracle and SQL Server.

• Seamless map layers that allow you to handle several map layers as if they were one layer.

• Cartographic legends, enabling you to create and customize legends for any map layer.

–  –  –

• Thematic maps to create analyses of your data with high visual impact, including grid surface themes, 3DMaps, and Prism maps.

• Use raster underlay capabilities to enhance your work session.

• Querying capabilities ranging from simple data selections from a single file to complex SQL queries from one or more files.

• Workspaces that save all your settings and views so you can start where you left off.

• HotLinks that let you launch files or URLs directly from a Map window.

• OLE embedding of Map windows into other applications.

• A comprehensive array of drawing and editing tools for customizing your maps.

• Thousands of ready-made maps and functions for creating your own maps.

• Crystal Reports, the industry-standard report-writing program, allows you to create reports of your tabular data directly in the product.

• A layout window for preparing output.

• Printing and export capabilities for high-quality output

• The ability to change the projection of your map for display or digitizing.

• Object processing functions that help to correct errors in data, set node snap tolerances for different objects, as well as thin nodes and polygons.

When it’s time to run MapInfo Professional, you’ll feel right at home with its windowing environment.

After you’ve organized your data visually, you’ll save the results to files, or send them to your printer or plotter.

For tips to help you succeed in using MapInfo Professional, see Ensuring Your Success in the Help System.

MapInfo Professional Documentation Set The MapInfo Professional User Guide contains a subset of the information found in the MapInfo Professional online help system. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, refer to the online help system, which is installed with the product.

Accessing MapInfo Professional Documentation You can access the MapInfo Professional files in the Documentation subfolder located in your installation directory. You can read these files using Adobe® Acrobat Reader, which is available on

the installation DVD or by going to the Adobe web site:

–  –  –

Obtaining the User Guide in Hard Copy To obtain a printed copy of the MapInfo Professional User Guide, see the instructions on the postcard provided in your MapInfo Professional box or go to our website at

–  –  –

Getting Support Here at Pitney Bowes Software Inc., we are committed to your success and we provide a wide range of support to assist you in getting the results you are working toward.

–  –  –

MapBasic Available Free of Charge on the Web The MapBasic development environment is a free download available from www.pbinsight.com.

To get your copy, go to www.pbinsight.com/mapbasic. There is also information there about building custom applications and integrating MapInfo Professional into your application using the MapBasic development environment. For additional SDK development environments, go to www.pbinsight.com/mapxtreme.

To obtain your free copy of MapBasic and access other resources to enhance your use of MapInfo Professional, you need to register on the Pitney Bowes Software Inc. site before accessing this download page.

Using the Status Bar The Status Bar along the lower edge of your window provides helpful information during your mapping session and allows you to make some changes directly in the Status Bar. On the Options menu, click Show/Hide Status Bar to control the display of the Status Bar.

–  –  –

• Status Bar Help: For instantaneous answers to “What does that command do” simply move the cursor over the command. A brief description of the command displays in the left pane of the Status Bar along the lower edge of your screen.

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