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«Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series The Affair Episode 1 October 12, 2014 Synopsis Pilot. Noah has escaped with his family to his ...»

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Television Academy

2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot

Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series

The Affair

Episode 1

October 12, 2014


Pilot. Noah has escaped with his family to his in-laws’ Long Island estate. Montauk waitress Alison struggles

with her husband Cole to move past a recent tragedy. In a chance encounter, Noah and Alison connect. In

this bucolic beach town, it’s impossible to avoid someone you yearn to see again.

Technical Description

In creating the hair design for The Affair pilot, hair styles would change slightly from male to female point of view. To achieve these looks I added extensions, cut, colored, and hi-lighted the cast’s hair. Everyone was styled using modern techniques; hand drying, diffusing, applying sea salt spray and light products. I avoided over styling so the actors looked realistic, as if they did their own hair.

Kerrie Smith, Department Head Hairstylist Anna Hilton, Key Hairstylist Alpha House The Nuptials December 24, 2014 Synopsis As the election returns come in, Gil John meets with a presidential campaign advisor, while Robert wonders if he still has a job. Katherine and Julie discover their wedding has been turned into a major political event – after they arrive.

Technical Description All of our Principal Ladies had their own Period inspired style ranging from the 50's to the 70’s. Using the custom made dresses by Michael Bivens as inspiration. Each style was set with either a roller set or Curling Irons to achieve each individual style. Finished with Old School teasing,Bobby Pins and Hair pins to secure the styles for a long hot Shoot.

Julie Anna Kehoe-Lippman, Department Head Hairstylist Anita Lausevic, Key Hairstylist Television Academy 2015 Primetime Emmy Awards Ballot Outstanding Hairstyling For A Single-Camera Series The Americans I Am Abassin Zadran April 15, 2015 Synopsis Martha hosts an unexpected guest. Philip and Elizabeth must work a formidable Mujahideen commander.

Paige acts out.

Technical Description Over 60 disguises worn/reworked this season: A transformed men's wig is Keri's tough CIA woman look.

Matthew’s "businessman" is "Stan's" repurposed stunt wig and used for the CIA and for "Young Phillip’s toupee. We repurposed: "Clark" rigged for theatrical "reveal" and transformed it into "Elizabeth's Mother."

Keri's red "Lisa" look goes through multiple changes and we provide wigs fashioned from early 80's to Pastor Tim and wife, Maurice, and hairstyling for the entire cast.

–  –  –

Synopsis Hood, Brock, and Siobhan avenge Emmett’s death. Proctor learns that a gang of Ohio dealers has stolen part of his drug business while his factory was out of commission. Chayton Littlestone returns to town and reclaims control of the Redbone gang. A lucrative target entices Job to return to Banshee.

Technical Description For the episode we bleached and toned Deva's hair to be platinum. Going from a level 6 to 10. Toned with platinum to give a more silver color to match her grandfather. Added extensions to Carrie's hair. Added highlights to Rebecca's hair to soften her look. Hand painted cheetah print on Job's head with colors fading from turquoise to purple. Precise military cuts.

–  –  –

Synopsis Norman and Norma fixate on Annika's disappearance and Norma learns about what the Arcanum Club really is. Dylan and Caleb encounter a new neighbor.

Technical Description Season 3 continued the iconic period feeling for the characters. Norma Bates was styled using a human hair hand tied wig to create up do's and soft disheveled looks as Norma's character develops. Norman and Dylan are styled to have a timeless look. Emma also wore a hand tied human hair wig this year, to look soft and vulnerable. The styling of Bates Motel is a modern take on the Bates family from "Psycho".

Donna Bis, Department Head Hairstylist

–  –  –

Technical Description On set we were often challenged by fierce wind and heat. It was helpful using two separate hair pieces on Bob allowing his hair to move naturally. I blended his hair into the toupee and nape,and painted his scalp to add texture. For the 1980's flashback hairstyles, I transitioned by using a 3/4 wig to add length and bulk for a classic mullet on Bob. On Michael, a full toupee.

–  –  –

Technical Description Set in 1927, I drew inspiration from the iconic styles of Josephine Baker, Louise Brooks, and animated icon Betty Boop. We were given only 20 minutes to apply over 200 creative custom wigs. We used advanced cornrow prepping techniques to achieve the most undetectable wigs lines. We then sculpted the looks on the actors head; this married the character to the personalities of the wig. Each wig stayed secure for the entire day of filming.

–  –  –


The task force tracks a provocative female Blacklister, a frame-up artist who targets the wealthy elite. Tom pleads for Liz's help. Red pressures Liz for the Fulcrum, claiming it's a matter of life or death.

Technical Description In season two, the goal was to create a more free flowing hairstyle for the female lead with lots of light, transparency and movement for a more natural effect. During the episode the artist had to work extensively with guest star wigs including a last minute change in looks as well as augmenting a guest stars existing hair to fill out the required look.

Qodi Armstrong, Department Head Hairstylist Taurance Williams, Key Hairstylist

–  –  –


Trouble starts when oldest son Danny Rayburn comes home for the 45th anniversary celebration of his parents' hotel in the Florida Keys' Islamorada.

Technical Description The elements in The Keys are very challenging. Keeping in mind that Bloodline requires a very natural look, we still had to fight the wind, 110% humidity, sun, sweat, sunscreen, bug spray and actors in hats or visors.

We used very little product or hairspray. To control flyways and frizzy hair I used leave in conditioner and a little mist of water. Always kept blow dryers and hot irons on set.

Randa Squillacote, Department Head Hairstylist


Series finale. Nucky looks to relocate as he and Margaret make a killing in the market; Luciano establishes a mob commission; Nucky visits Gillian at the hospital. In 1897, Nucky makes a deal with the Commodore that will settle his future. Ultimately, Nucky is killed by Tommy Darmody.

Technical Description Episode 508 was a prime choice for nomination with its wide display of characters. Throughout the story line we flash back and forth from the late 1800's to 1931. Coordinating the hair design required extensive research. After Studying photos we used wigs and hairpieces, accurately bringing the visual of the times to life. Finger waves a popular hairstyle in 1931 was a mainstay to my approach in achieving the looks of the era.

–  –  –


The true story of the bones murder is finally revealed, placing Bosch in hot water and stretching the LAPD to the breaking point. Bosch's own painful past leads him headlong into a showdown with Raynard Waits.

Technical Description Main objective, to "style" the Hair of the show to look authentic. Extensions, wigs and wefts were used for main female leads. Hairpieces were used for Brasher’s "cop" look. Waites moms wig was styled to give the look of someone who was aging and sick. Lace wig was distressed and colored for mothers dummy body.

Men were cut and some colored as needed. Challenge, to keep a natural look without thinking actors "did" their hair.

Darlene Brumfield, Department Head Hairstylist Maggie Hayes-Jackson, Key Hairstylist


After Abbi loses Kelly Ripa's coat at a coat check, she sets off on a journey to find and return it to her idol, meanwhile Ilana explores a new romance that feels oddly familiar.

Technical Description Abbi Jacobson: Bumble and bumble Primer on wet hair, blow-dried, curled with flat iron.

Ilana Glazer: Bumble and bumble Full Form Mousse on damp hair. Scrunch blow-dry with diffuser, curled with 5/8-inch iron.

Alia Shawkat: Bumble and bumble Full Form Mousse on damp hair. Scrunch blow-dry with diffuser, curled with a 5/8-inch iron, dark brown hair spray for color adjustment.

Kelly Ripa: Bumble and bumble All Style on damp hair, blow-dried, curled with flat iron.

–  –  –


It's Emmy® weekend and Valerie’s getting her first real taste of success. At Juna's Hollywood party, Valerie turns heads including her hunky Room and Bored co-star, who’s now a movie star, Chris McNess. But, Valerie wonders if her husband Mark will be there on the biggest night of her life.

Technical Description Lisa Kudrow wore a custom lace wig to create "Valerie". I used various sizes of curling irons to achieve "Valerie's" everyday look and Emmy?look. I used products that hold the curl while maintaining movement.

"Valerie" gets caught in pouring rain on Emmy night. Making sure the wig resembled natural, rain wet hair, and when it was naturally drying on camera. "Esperanza" wore a stock wig. Maintaining cuts and color of all cast members.

Mary Ann Valdes, Department Head Hairstylist Nancy G. Stimac, Key Hairstylist Cory Rotenberg, Additional Hairstylist Technical Description We created Charlie Chaplin with Billy Crystal which required hairpieces makeup and costume. I added a hairpiece with longer fringe or bang to establish a period look for this. It was shot in black and white film as well.

Larry Waggoner, Department Head Hairstylist Michael Moore, Co-Department Head Hairstylist

–  –  –


An ancient spark flares in Violet’s heart. While police deepen their probe, Bates tells Anna the truth. A long and painful mystery is solved.

Technical Description We aimed to create innovative styles using traditional craft combined with new technology to give our characters freedom of self expression, true to 1924. Our looks symbolized the fast- paced changing, modern, streamlined world heavily influenced by art deco, cinema icons and the feminine liberation movement.

Modern women turned to bold functional and elegant ways of wearing their hair. Marcel waved, water-waved, finger-waved, pin-curled, or straight, "the Bob" was key to our look.

–  –  –


Nancy and Ronald Reagan meet and ploy to get Reagan to the top, Orson Welles makes Citizen Kane which starts a rivalry with William Randolph Hearst and Walt Disney & Ub Iwerks work together to make Disney what it ultimately is today.

Technical Description Research is the most important part of “Drunk History”. I started with any media I could find containing the characters in the stories as a reference for their style. From there, I addressed the background players to make sure the hair department was accurately creating the look and feel of the correct time period. My biggest challenge was delicately straddling the line between historical re-creation, the new genre of drunk comedy, and a realistic budget.

Julia Papworth, Department Head Hairstylist


Jamal and Lucious work toward a music-centered relationship, but Lucious has a game-changing secret.

Technical Description Taraji's look.

Wig is cut; curled with iron. Curled then pinned. When curls fall, combed out.

Loose, natural. Tighter curls, pinned tighter.

Straight look: roundbrush; flat-iron.

Wig: Press then curl or flat-iron.

Braiding Taraji’s own hair under wig, eliminating damage.

Kenra line, light hairspray, easy to comb. Catwalk dry shampoo revives hair. Dime-size amount: Moroccan oil products. Wash wigs weekly with Miracle7.

Flashbacks: wigs, hairpieces are cut, styled.

Own hair used in prison scenes.

Melissa Forney, Department Head Hairstylist Telona Wilkins, Key Hairstylist

–  –  –


Eileen breaks the news to Sean and Beverly that Sean’s former writing partner Tim has a valid claim for co-ownership and wants to co-run their new show. Carol jumps into a romance with her boss Helen. Matt pursues a relationship with ex-wife Diane in order to solve his financial woes.

Technical Description Using contemporary cutting skills and different types of scissors, thinners and clippers, I created looks for all cast members to suit their character and to fit the modern sleek look of the show, maintained throughout filming. I also colored most of the cast’s hair using modern coloring techniques including foiling, highlights and balayage, also maintained throughout filming. I styled hair using a blow dryer and round brush, hot tongs, texture sprays, wax, hairsprays and serums.

Luke Anthony, Department Head Hairstylist


Stannis marches. Dany is surrounded by strangers. Cersei seeks forgiveness. Jon is challenged.

Technical Description My team did an amazing job with all wigs, ie Margaery, Melisandre, Daenerys and Sansa’s dark wig. Their hard work in my crowd room creating Braavos, Kings’ Landing, Meereen. Plus Cersei’s “Walk”, from her being scrubbed in her cell to the cutting sequence and her march through the Kings’ Landing streets with cropped look. I used different wigs from long to short. All five double wigs for her body double plus cutting spares.

–  –  –


Abby prepares to pitch her new brand to her agency when Jo, an old friend from college, arrives. Things get complicated when Jake gets a job directing an episode of Becca’s TV show. Meanwhile, Phoebe holds a press preview for her Infant Fabuleaux jewelry line at her ex-husband’s new hotel.

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