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«Deliverable no.: D5.1 Deliverable Title: Overall functional and technical specifications Organisation name of lead Contractor for CIAOTECH this ...»

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Coordinating Air transport

Time Efficiency Research


Deliverable no.: D5.1

Deliverable Title: Overall functional and technical specifications

Organisation name of

lead Contractor for CIAOTECH

this Deliverable:

Author(s): Paolo Salvatore

Participant(s): Andrea Ciapetti

Solon Mias

Marco Bonfigli

Valeria Marino

James Cogan

Work package

contributing to the 5


Task contributing to 5.1

the deliverable:

Version: 2 Total Number of Pages Project funded by the European Community under the Seventh Framework Programme D 5.1. - Overall functional and technical specifications 1 Deliverable Title Table of Versions Version Date Authors Version Reviewers Date of Description Approval Paolo Salvatore Andrea Paolo Ciapetti Salvatore Solon Mias Andrea 1 14/01/2014 Marco For delivery 14/01/2014 Ciapetti Bonfigli Solon Mias Valeria Marino James Cogan Aniello Some changes in Aniello 2 20/01/2014 20/01/2014 Napolitano the format Napolitano

Authored by:

Paolo Salvatore

With the contribution of:

Andrea Ciapetti Solon Mias Marco Bonfigli Valeria Marino James Cogan Aniello Napolitano D 5.1. - Overall functional and technical specifications 2

–  –  –


1. Main functionalities of the CATER platform

2. Functional Specifications

2.1 Public Web Site

2.2 CASK

2.3 Private Area

3. Technical Specifications

3.1 Public Web Site

3.2 CASK


–  –  –

This report provides the overall functional and technical characteristics of the ICT tools used to support the CATER project. This includes the public website, the CATER Search and Knowledge Management Environment (CASK) and the CATER private area.

–  –  –

The CATER platform will be structured in an intuitive and user-friendly way, in order to allow visitors to gain access to the required information/services. The

web site will include the following main navigation paths:

PUBLIC WEB SITE (http://www.cater-transport-time-efficiency.eu/):

this part of the Web Site provides information to visitors without requiring any registration and Log In. The information provided will be structured in a set of

main links provided in the top menu, including:

 HOME  ABOUT CATER (with sub link: The Project, Project Partners, Stakeholders, Public Results)  THE COMMUNITY  NEWS AND EVENTS  CONTACT US The scope of the PUBLIC WEB SITE is to provide information about the project, the relevance for the sector, to stimulate visitors to register and contribute to the coordination activities, and to disseminate the project public results. Some

considerations on the navigation of the PUBLIC WEB SITE:

a. The menu will be available in all the internal pages of the website b. Each section will be linked to the main page where visitors can navigate to the sub-items under the sections c. The title of each page will be unique for each page From the PUBLIC WEB SITE, visitors will be able to Register and Log In to access the knowledge share area (CASK) of CATER. Moreover, in the bottom of the page is also provided the login for the project partners to access the private area for the share of the project documents.


The private area for partners is not part of the CASK environment, but is reachable from the home page of the CATER PUBLIC WEB SITE. The private area provides functionalities such as file sharing, calendar, forum, doodle, management of mailing list of partners.

CASK The CASK will be accessible through the home page of the PUBLIC WEB SITE. Once in the logged area, users will be able to get access to the main functionalities provided by CATER, namely will be able to launch searches or browse over a set

of information through a navigation element composed by:


–  –  –

The scope of the PUBLIC WEB SITE is to provide information about the project, the relevance for the sector, to stimulate visitors to register and contribute to the coordination activities, and to disseminate the project public results. Some

considerations on the navigation of the PUBLIC WEB SITE:

d. The menu will be available in all the internal pages of the website e. Each section will be linked to the main page where visitors can navigate to the sub-items under the sections, but still be able to get back to any other main section of the homepage f. The title will be unique for each page g. All pages URLs must have friendly URL aliases so that they are picked up by search engines

–  –  –

Funct User #1. - Registration of users, authentication system This functionality is an enabler of the system to allow the registration and authentication of all visitors interested in sharing information within CASK.

Registration will be kept simple; the registration is necessary to allow visitors to receive information (email, invitation to events, etc.) as well as to provide them with the possibility to share information (there is the need to know from who the information come before making it available to the other users or public).

It is planned to have three levels of users of CASK (specific permissions of each user are described in the following paragraphs, that include the explanation of the

other CASK features):

 The Admin: the figure that is capable of doing any activity on CASK;

 Managers: the project Partners and possibly also other relevant stakeholders;

D 5.1. - Overall functional and technical specifications 6 Users: any logged in visitor.

 Funct. User #2. - Document sharing The system will allow to share documents (of any format) through an advanced document management system, organised in folders and categories (manual and

automatic tagging) and providing:

 Upload, download and deletion of documents with different level of assignable permissions for the operations that can be performed on documents.

 Advanced keyword based search on the full text of documents, with snippets of the text sought.

Any registered visitor will be allowed to download any document. Registered visitors can also upload documents, but only on a specific folder named “to be verified”. Managers (project partners) will be the only ones allowed to validate such documents and include them in the other folders.

The folder structure will be defined by the project partners.

Funct. User #3. – Searches on other sources of information This functionality will allow registered users to execute searches on the following

contents, that can be useful for innovation:

- Database of European Patents: in this section the user will be able to search on the European Patent office database, with all patents in English language (foreign language descriptions will be made available with a text machine translated in English).

- Scientific Papers: in this section it will be possible to perform searches on Open Access scientific papers collected from CORE, an aggregation of repositories, that collects most of the available Open Access papers.

- Database of grants for Research and Development: this database is provided by CIAOTECH, it is a proprietary database of all European funding programmes for research and development, and national funds (six countries are covered, namely Netherlands, Germany, UK, France, Belgium and Italy). All grants are provided in English. For National Grants, a searchable


in English is also present;

- Database of funded EU projects for research and development: this is an advanced search on the official database of the European Commission (CORDIS) an might include further databases if providing APIs or other means to easily integrate contents.

- Project seeking partners: these are research projects seeking partners / collaborations.

- The Web: in this section it will be possible to perform searches on a collection of interesting public URLs collected by a Web spider; in addition public Web pages, that meet the search queries, might be returned by an implementation of the Yahoo! search engine (number of queries needs to be controlled due to the cost of using such search engine).

D 5.1. - Overall functional and technical specifications 7 The search can be performed by keywords and also with the application of additional filters (depending on the specific content sought) and will retrieve ranked results with snippets.

Other relevant sources of information (e.g. the data provided by the Transport Research & Innovation Portal – TRIP) will be evaluated for a future inclusion, during the course of the project, after a feasibility check.

Funct. User #4. – Add to favourites The user are able to add to “favourites” the retrieved results of a search.

Favourites are CASK favourites not each visitors favourites (the system is not providing favourites per each visitors, but favourites for the community). The reason of this choice is that CASK is planned to be act as a kind of collaborative intelligence tool, where people can add to favourite and search on favourites as defined by the community (see next functionalities), and not use CASK only for their own interest without sharing with the other member of the community what they consider to be a relevant information.

Funct. User #5. – Search by label / tag The users will be able to launch searches with pre-defined set of keywords that are based on the ACARE enablers, on the R&I framework and on the Door to Door (D2D) model, defined during the project. Searches are launched against the contents indicated in the Funct. User # 3., as well as on a subset of such contents which have been included as “favourites” by users.

Funct. User #6. – suggest relevant URLs The users will be able to suggest to the CASK relevant URLs. Such URLs will be then crawled and indexed, and then made available in future searches on Web information performed by users.

Funct. User #7. – Browse events On CASK a set of events relevant for the CATER registered community of users (external events such as workshops, seminars, but also planned interactions among community members) will be indicated with dates of realisation of the events. In such way, the registered users will have a clear picture of events in calendar in the months to come.

Funct. User #8 – Community of stakeholders The community of stakeholders will be managed through a Linked IN Group, allowing exchange of messages, profile of members of the community, etc. The Linked IN messages might be shown also in the CASK to allow visitors and stakeholders to follow “external” discussions also through CASK. The Linked IN Group will provide the functionality of forum, collection of expertise of stakeholders, etc.

D 5.1. - Overall functional and technical specifications 8

2.4 System functionalities Funct. System #1-Users level It is planned to have three levels of users in CASK (specific permissions of each

user are described in the following paragraphs):

 The Admin: the figure that is capable of doing any activity on CASK;

 Managers: these are the project Partners and possibly also other relevant stakeholders. They will have the possibility to upload documents and label information.

 Users: ”normal” users are logged in visitors, that will have the possibility to see any information, search, provide its preferences through the “favourite” method, and upload documents, but only in a specific folder, named “to be validated”.

Funct. System #2-Labelling bookmarks The system allows the Managers to mark the retrieved results with specific labels defined by studying ACARE enablers, the R&I Framework and the D2D model defined in WP2. The labelling will allow the users to perform more advanced searches, thanks to these “virtual” categories, that will be used for clustering, grouping and filtering the search results.

Funct. System #3-URLs crawling and indexing Starting from a pre-defined set of URLs, the system will crawl the public Web sites, referenced directly or linked from these URLs, and will start to index relevant pages. Such pages will be the one on which users will perform searches when searching on the Web (user funct. #3).

2.5 Private Area

The private area is for internal use (only for the Project Partners, and as mentioned above not part of CASK) in order to support communication and project management, share documents, store project deliverables, etc. The Beneficiaries can access this area by using the LOGIN link.

Any authorised person can access the Private Page. The Administrator (the project Coordinator) can provide the authorization, create folders and define the access / permission level for each folder.

It is possible, for example, to allow the access to the Project Officer and/or to people external to the consortium, so that they can access only one or more folders, for example the ones including the public deliverables or information useful for dissemination.

–  –  –

The web site has been developed using an open source Content Management System (Wordpress), that allows an easy update of the site contents. The programming language used for the site development is PHP. The public web site has to be considered as a mean of dissemination of the project results and, as such, it will be promoted by all partners, that will link the project web site from their organizations’ portals.

3.2 CASK The CASK system will be composed by a sophisticated architecture, as it needs to provide access to a huge amount of data (9 millions of patents, 18 millions of papers) as well as to provide all the described functionalities, with the required level of security and reliability.

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