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«AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network Camera About this document This manual is intended for administrators and users of AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network ...»

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AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network Camera

About this document

This manual is intended for administrators and users of AXIS P3344

Fixed Dome Network Camera, and is applicable to firmware 5.40 and

later. It includes instructions for using and managing the product on

your network. Previous experience of networking will be of use when

using this product. Some knowledge of UNIX or Linux-based systems

may also be beneficial, for developing shell scripts and applications.

Later versions of this document will be posted to the Axis website, as required. See also the product’s online help, available via the web-based interface.

Liability Every care has been taken in the preparation of this manual. Please inform your local Axis office of any inaccuracies or omissions. Axis Communications AB cannot be held responsible for any technical or typographical errors and reserves the right to make changes to the product and manuals without prior notice. Axis Communications AB makes no warranty of any kind with regard to the material contained within this document, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Axis Communications AB shall not be liable nor responsible for incidental or consequential damages in connection with the furnishing, performance or use of this material.

Intellectual Property Rights Axis AB has intellectual property rights relating to technology embodied in the product described in this document. In particular, and without limitation, these intellectual property rights may include one or more of the patents listed at http://www.axis.com/patent.htm and one or more additional patents or pending patent applications in the US and other countries.

This product contains licensed third-party software. See the menu item “About” in the product’s user interface for more information.

This product contains source code copyright Apple Computer, Inc., under the terms of Apple Public Source License 2.0 (see http://www.opensource.apple.com/apsl). The source code is available from http://developer.apple.com/darwin/projects/bonjour/ Equipment Modifications This equipment must be installed and used in strict accordance with the instructions given in the user documentation. This equipment contains no user-serviceable components. Unauthorized equipment changes or modifications will invalidate all applicable regulatory certifications and approvals.

Trademark Acknowledgments Apple, Boa, Bonjour, Ethernet, Internet Explorer, Linux, Microsoft, Mozilla, Real, SMPTE, QuickTime, UNIX, Windows, Windows Vista and WWW are registered trademarks of the respective holders. Java and all Java-based trademarks and logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of Oracle and/or its affiliates. UPnPTM is a certification mark of the UPnPTM Implementers Corporation.

Support Should you require any technical assistance, please contact your Axis reseller. If your questions cannot be answered immediately, your reseller will forward your queries through the appropriate channels to

ensure a rapid response. If you are connected to the Internet, you can:

• download user documentation and software updates • find answers to resolved problems in the FAQ database. Search by product, category, or phrase

• report problems to Axis support staff by logging in to your private support area

• chat with Axis support staff (selected countries only)

• visit Axis Support at www.axis.com/techsup/ AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network Camera Table of Contents

–  –  –

Connectors Network connector - RJ-45 Ethernet connector. Supports Power over Ethernet (PoE).

Caution To protect the product against power surges, a shielded network cable (STP) must be used between the product and the network switch. Ensure that the network switch is properly grounded.

Audio in (pink) - 3.5 mm input for a mono microphone, or a line-in mono signal (left channel is used from a stereo signal).

Audio out (green) - 3.5 mm output for audio (line level) that can be connected to a public address (PA) system or an active speaker with a built-in amplifier. A stereo connector must be used for the audio out.

SD card slot - A standard or high-capacity SD card (not included) can be used for local recording with removable storage. For instructions on how to insert and remove an SD card, please refer to the Installation Guide.

–  –  –

I/O terminal connector - Use in applications for e.g. motion detection, event triggering, time lapse recording and alarm notifications.

In addition to an auxiliary power and a GND pin, the I/O terminal connector provides the interface to:

Digital output — For connecting external devices such as relays and LEDs. Connected devices can be activated by • the VAPIX® Application Programming Interface, output buttons on the Live View page or by an Action Rule. The output will show as active (shown under System Options Ports & Devices) if the alarm device is activated.

–  –  –

AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network Camera Accessing the product Accessing the product To install the Axis product, refer to the Installation Guide supplied with the product.

The product can be used with most operating systems and browsers. The recommended browsers are Internet Explorer with Windows, Safari with Macintosh and Firefox with other operating systems. See Technical Specifications, on page 53.


• To view streaming video in Internet Explorer, allow installation of AXIS Media Control (AMC) when prompted.

• QuickTimeTM is also supported for viewing H.264 streams and for audio.

• If your computer restricts the use of additional software components, the product can be configured to use a Java applet for viewing Motion JPEG.

• The Axis product includes (1) H.264 decoder license for viewing video streams and (1) AAC audio license. These licenses are automatically installed with AMC. The administrator can disable the installation of the decoders, to prevent installation of unlicensed copies.

Access from a browser

1. Start a browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari).

2. Enter the IP address or host name of the Axis product in the browser’s Location/Address field. To access the product from a Macintosh computer (Mac OS X), click on the Bonjour tab and select the product from the drop-down list.

If you do not know the IP address, use AXIS IP Utility to locate the product on the network. For more information on how to discover and assign an IP address, refer to the Installation Guide.

3. Enter your user name and password. If this is the first time the product is accessed, the root password must first be configured; for instructions see Set the root password, on page 9.

4. The product’s Live View page appears in your browser.

Note The layout of the Live View page may have been customized to meet specific requirements. Consequently, some of the examples and functions featured here may differ from those displayed in your own Live View page.

AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network Camera Accessing the product Access from the Internet Once connected, the Axis product is accessible on your local network (LAN). To access the product from the Internet you must configure your network router to allow incoming data traffic to the product. To do this, enable the NAT-traversal feature, which will attempt to automatically configure the router to allow access to the product. This is enabled from Setup System Options Network TCP/IP Advanced.

For more information, please see NAT traversal (port mapping) for IPv4, on page 41. See also AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service at www.axiscam.net For Technical notes on this and other topics, visit the Axis Support web at www.axis.com\techsup Set the root password To gain access to the Axis product, you must set the password for the default administrator user root. This is done in the Configure Root Password dialog, which appears when the product is accessed for the first time.

To prevent network eavesdropping, the root password can be set via an encrypted HTTPS connection, which requires an HTTPS certificate. HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over SSL) is a protocol used to encrypt traffic between web browsers and servers. The HTTPS certificate ensures encrypted exchange of information.

To set the password via a standard HTTP connection, enter it directly in the first dialog.

To set the password via an encrypted HTTPS connection, follow these steps:

1. Click Create self-signed certificate.

2. Provide the requested information and click OK. The certificate is created and the password can now be set securely. All traffic to and from the product is encrypted from this point on.

3. Enter a password and then re-enter to confirm the spelling. Click OK. The password has now been configured.

AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network Camera Accessing the product Note

• The default administrator user name root is permanent and cannot be deleted.

• If the password for root is lost, the product must be reset to the factory default settings. See Reset to factory default settings, on page 47.

The Live View page If the Axis product has been customized to meet specific requirements, not all the items described below will appear in the Live View page. The following provides an overview of each available button.

–  –  –

The Stream Profile drop-down list allows you to select a customized or pre-programmed stream profile. Stream profiles are configured under Video & Audio Stream Profiles. See Stream Profiles, on page 18.

Click Pulse to activate the output for a defined period of time, such as switching on an external light for 20 seconds.

–  –  –

AXIS Media Control viewer toolbar The AXIS Media Control viewer toolbar is available in Internet Explorer only. See AXIS Media Control (AMC), on page 13 for more

information. The toolbar displays the following buttons:

The Play button connects to the Axis product and starts playing a media stream.

–  –  –

The Snapshot button takes a snapshot of the video image. The location where the image is saved can be specified in the AMC Control Panel.

Click the View Full Screen button and the video image will fill the entire screen. Press ESC (Escape) on the computer keyboard to cancel full screen view.

The Record button is used to record the current video stream. The location where the recording is saved can be specified in the AMC Control Panel.

AMC Audio controls AMC audio buttons control the speakers and microphone connected to the client computer. The buttons are only visible when audio is enabled.

–  –  –

Microphone button – Click to mute or unmute the microphone. In Simplex - Network Camera speaker only mode, click this button to stop sending audio to the product.

–  –  –

PTZ Controls The Live View page also displays Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) controls. The administrator can enable/disable controls for specified users under System Options Security Users.

Note These controls are available if digital PTZ is enabled in the selected view area, see View Area, on page 20.

The PTZ controls can be disabled under PTZ Advanced Controls, see Controls, on page 27.

AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network Camera Media streams Media streams The Axis product provides several audio and video stream formats. Your requirements and the properties of your network will determine the type you use.

The Live View page in the product provides access to H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams, audio streams and to the list of available stream profiles. Other applications and clients can access video and audio streams directly, without going via the Live View page.

How to stream H.264 The video compression standard H.264 makes good use of bandwidth, and can provide high quality video streams at less than 1 Mbit/s.

Deciding which combination of protocols and methods to use depends on your viewing requirements, and on the properties of

your network. The available options in AXIS Media Control are:

–  –  –

AXIS Media Control negotiates with the Axis product to determine the transport protocol to use. The order of priority, listed in the AMC Control Panel, can be changed and the options disabled, to suit specific requirements.

Note H.264 is licensed technology. The Axis product includes one H.264 viewing client license. Installing additional unlicensed copies of the client is prohibited. To purchase additional licenses, contact your Axis reseller.

MJPEG This format uses standard JPEG still images for the video stream. These images are then displayed and updated at a rate sufficient to create a stream that shows constantly updated motion.

The Motion JPEG stream uses considerable amounts of bandwidth, but provides excellent image quality and access to every image contained in the stream. The recommended method of accessing Motion JPEG live video from the Axis product is to use the AXIS Media Control in Internet Explorer in Windows.

AXIS Media Control (AMC) AXIS Media Control (AMC) in Internet Explorer in Windows is the recommended method of accessing live video from the Axis product.

AXIS P3344 Fixed Dome Network Camera Media streams The AMC Control Panel can be used to configure various video and audio settings. Please see the AXIS Media Control User’s Manual for more information.

The AMC Control Panel is automatically installed on first use, after which it can be configured. Open the AMC Control Panel from:

• Windows Control Panel (from the Start menu) Alternatively, right-click the video image in Internet Explorer and click Settings.

• Alternative methods of accessing the video stream

You can also access video and images from the Axis product in the following ways:

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