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«1. If the TMS application goes down during my commit, what should I do? TMS and the VCC are two different systems. Do not log out of the VCC if TMS ...»

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Technical & System Questions

1. If the TMS application goes down during my commit, what should I do?

TMS and the VCC are two different systems. Do not log out of the VCC if TMS goes down during

your commit unless instructed by an ASR; logging in and out of the VCC causes missed commits.

You will be notified in the Pizza Chat room if TMS is down.

You can access Windows Task Manager via Ctrl+Alt+Delete and close the application. Relaunch the

application via your desktop icon. Sometimes it will open back to the order you were on, if you transferred the customer, cancel out of that order and get ready for the next. You always want to be on the “Please wait here on this screen.” If TMS is not down and you are experiencing technical issues, please do not commit to future blocks until you have resolved the TMS application issues on your system.

2. What should I do if there are buttons missing from TMS? Or if the TMS Application is taking up my whole screen?

The screen resolution has to be set at 1024x768 in order to view all of the necessary buttons on TMS

CallCenter. Follow the steps below to change your screen resolution:

Right click on your desktop and click on Properties On the Properties Panel, open the Settings tab Under Screen Resolution, update to 1024 by 768 pixels; then click Apply Click OK

3. What does ‘No Screen to Pop’ in the VCC mean while I am taking Pizza Hut calls?

Some programs receive a screen which outlines the script they should use on each call; this comes through as a script pop. However, TMS does not provide a script, so the message ‘No Screen to Pop’ will appear.

4. Should I press the Answer Call button on TMS first?

You will click the Caller ID button to prepare to take calls. Please make sure you are on the “Wait here on this Screen” for calls to come into your business. The TMS Application should populate the customer screen and information by third ring. (Please answer by third ring so that your phone panel is not paused.) Please do NOT hit Answer Call button as it will force a no web for the TMS Application.

5. What should I do if the screen does not pop or the screen is going back to the greeting instead of the wait here on this screen after completing an order or a call?

You must wait for the screen to pop. DO NOT press Answer Call button. It can take from 1 to 3 rings before it pops the customer’s information in the TMS Application. Answer phone and allow TMS to catch up. If your screen goes back to Greeting screen instead of the “Wait here on this Screen”, Please disposition screen immediately so your phone panel does not pause your business and you are on the “Wait here on this Screen”..

6. I cannot get into TMS. I have tried my password, rebooted my computer, and checked to make sure I have the right password written down.

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Transfer Questions

1. How do I transfer a Pizza Hut customer?

1. Make sure you have entered or verified customer information.

2. Make sure you have Locked in a store location. (Choose a store for customer.)

3. On the Phone Panel in the VCC, click the Conference button.

4. Select the Store Transfer or Spanish Speaking Representative.

5. Choose Start conference at bottom of phone panel.

6. You should hear ringing.

7. Click Leave Conference.

8. Click Cancel Order. Disposition call in the TMS Application.

9. Hang up your phone (Agent should always be on the Wait here on this screen for Next Call.)

1. Who am I transferring the customer to; the store or customer service?

When transferring a call it may be transferred to either the store or customer service; there is no way for you to tell where the call will end up. Please do not tell the customer where you are transferring them since it could go to either. Please use the following verbiage when transferring a call, “I’ll be happy to transfer you to someone who can better assist you, one moment please…”

2. When the customer asks to be transferred to a store directly, am I able to do so?

No, because when transferred we are unable to tell exactly where the call will be connected to (the store or the Customer Service center).

3. How do I transfer a Spanish speaking customer?

Please follow the steps below for all Spanish speaking customers that need to be transferred:

1. Make sure you have entered or verified customer information.

2. Make sure you have Locked in a store location. (Choose a store for customer.)

3. On the Phone Panel in the VCC, click the Conference button.

4. Select the Store Transfer or Spanish Speaking Representative.

5. Choose Start conference at bottom of phone panel.

6. You should hear ringing.

7. Click Leave Conference.

8. Click Cancel Order. Disposition call in the TMS Application.

9. Hang up your phone (Agent should always be on the Wait here on this screen for Next Call.) Before transferring a Spanish speaking caller, the client would like you to use the following phrase: "no hablo espanol, un momento por favor;" which means "I don't speak Spanish, one moment please."

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Policy & Procedure Questions

1. Can I check a customer’s order status?

You are able to check on an order that was placed on the same day they are calling or look up previous orders by accessing the Check Order Status button. The status of the order will be displayed. Online orders may not be viewed by this feature – Please transfer. Just because you do not see an order does not mean an order was not placed. Please transfer to someone who can better assist customer.

2. If an order is not displayed in the Customer: Order Status screen, does that mean it has already been delivered?

No, it does not mean that it has been delivered. Please transfer the call.

3. There are several status messages that can display on the Customer Order Status window. What do these mean?

No orders found for today- If the customer placed an order and you are unable to locate it in TMS, transfer the call.

Order is currently in production- The order is being made Status check in progress- The query hasn’t returned any results as of yet Order Canceled at hh:mm- The order was canceled – Do NOT notify customer of cancellation.

Order cashed out at hh:mm- The order was cashed out – This may mean there is an error, Please Transfer to someone who can better assist them.

Order dispatched at hh:mm- The order was dispatched for delivery **If no orders are found in the TMS Application – Please do NOT inform customer you do not see their order. Transfer to someone who can better assist them.

4. Should I clear the phone number and retype it for every call?

No, only clear the number when it is incorrect. Be sure to update a customer’s phone number if it has changed.

5. Is it necessary to verify the customer’s name on all orders?

Yes. However it is only necessary to ask for the customer’s LAST name- please confirm their spelling when necessary. For existing customers it is only necessary to verify the customer’s last name; it is not necessary to read it back to the customer once he/she tells you their last name.

6. What information needs to be verified for the customer’s address?

As with LAST names, the customer should provide you their information - do NOT read their address

to them. Please follow the guidelines below when verifying the customer’s address:

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7. What information should be verified on the customer’s order?

The customer's entire order should be repeated back to them to ensure that the order is correct. It is also necessary to give the total for the order. It is not necessary to give individual item prices only the order total.

8. What information should I confirm about the carryout location the customer will be picking up their order from?

Please confirm the carryout locations’ complete address, city, and state with landmarks to ensure that the correct carryout location has been selected. Example: 1235 HWY 50 Brooksville, FL Located by the Auto Zone and Sweetbay.

9. What do we do if we cannot get delivery for the customer and they say they have had delivery before?

Please verify the customers’ information has been entered accurately in the TMS application. Always offer carryout as first option. Then offer to transfer the call.

10. If a customer is having a hard time making up their mind on an order; how long should I wait on the phone for them?

There isn’t a set time limit. Please attempt to handle these types of calls as best you can. You can always use probing questions: How Many are you feeding?, What were you looking to order? You may be able to provide a Meal Deal to assist customer. Take control of call by bringing that customer back to you instead of speaking with people at household.

11. Are there specific items that should be offered to the customer as add-ons?

It is important that specific items are offered to the customer to increase the size of the order. When the customer is ordering pizza – ALWAYS suggest wings on every order. Then suggest items that make the most sense for the customer- suggest breadsticks, drinks or dessert. When the customer is ordering from a WingStreet location - offer a Wing Street item (WingStreet Wings, Wing Street Taters, WingStreet Cheesesticks, Wing Street Apple Pies, etc). Please see the Average Order Value Tips sheet on the dashboard.

Avoid using the phrase "Would you like anything else today?" instead use phrases like “Would you like any cold and refreshing drinks to go with your pizza tonight?" or “Would you like any hot WingStreet Wings with a choice of your favorite sauce? My favorite is honey bbq.” The more specific the upsell the greater the chance is that the customer will purchase the item.

Getting the customer to think about their specific needs will SELL THE ITEM. Don't forget to use enticing words (i.e. hot, refreshing, delicious, etc). Enticing words cater to the customer's senses and create desire in the customer!

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13. Should I repeat credit card information for verification?

No, for security reasons please do not repeat the credit card information back to the customer.

Please do verify and gather name as it appears on credit card.

14. What do I do with an order when the system does not allow check as a payment method?

The check payment option will not display if the customer is unable to pay by check. Please ask the customer for a different form of payment.

15. What time do I quote to the customer as the time that they should expect their order?

Please quote the time listed on the Greeting: Occasion screen. If the delivery time is not displayed, click the ‘Get Delivery Time’ button to refresh. The client expects delivery or pick up times to be quoted by the actual time displayed in the application as well as the number of minutes. For example, please say, "Your expected delivery time will be about 45 minutes so about 6:45.” There may be delivery timeframes that exceed 90 minutes due to inclement weather. Do not attempt to locate another delivery store because there is only 1. Delivery areas do not overlap. If the customer is concerned about the delivery timeframe offer carry-out as an alternate option. If astericks are are on carry out time please proceed with the order and the time should be updated by the time you need to offer a carryout time for customer. If the order time does not update by end of order please provide estimated time. Carryout approximately 15-20 minutes and then provide actual time rounded to nearest 5 minute interval. Delivery is approximately 45 minutes to an hour and then provide actual time rounded to nearest 5 minute interval.

16. If my customer wants to sign up for the VIP membership, how do I order it?

At this time, Pizza Hut no longer offers enrollment (or re-enrollment if applicable) into the “VIP Program". We will still honor VIP member coupons; however, a price adjustment will need to be completed in order for the customer to receive the correct pricing.

17. What information do I need to get from the customer for carryout orders?

On carryout orders you only need to obtain the customer's phone number, last name, zip code and the location in which they would like to pick up their order. You do not need to gather the customer's address information. If you are adding a carryout customer, you may pick the "Other" dwelling type so that you do not have to type in the address information.

18. Can I place my own orders for Pizza Hut in the application?

No, do not place orders for yourself in the TMS Application.

19. Am I able to place a dine-in order for a customer?

Yes, if a customer calls in to place an order for dine-in and wants the order ready when they get there; place the order as carryout and type "DINE IN ORDER" in the Special instructions field.

20. What is the minimum delivery charge and restrictions on minimum delivery charges?

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21. How do I obtain the order total before processing the order?

As items are ordered, they appear in the window on the right-hand side of the screen in the Running Order window. The Running Order window appears on the Greeting, Customer and Summary screens. Items to which coupons or meal deals have been applied are indicated in red. When entering items, the total is not always automatically updated. To view the total at any time during the order process, click ‘Click Here to Price Order’ under the Running Order Window. You may also go to the Summary page and you can locate the total of iems ordered at the bottom of TMS.

22. If the customer redeems a gift card and wants to use a check, but the check button is grayed out;

what should I do?

If the customer wishes to use a check as their secondary form of payment and the check field is not highlighted then the customer will have to use cash or credit.

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