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«Operating Instructions Mobile Rope Measurement MSM 12 Copyright © Copyright 2010 by Henning GmbH, Loher Str. 4 + 30, D-58332 Schwelm Warranty This ...»

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Mobile Rope Load Meter

MSM 12

Operating Instructions

Mobile Rope Measurement MSM 12


© Copyright 2010 by Henning GmbH, Loher Str. 4 + 30, D-58332 Schwelm


This description has been drawn up by Henning GmbH to the best of their knowledge. All technical statements have been carefully established and checked. They

correspond to the state of the art. Changes and errors excepted.

Our application engineering advice – spoken and written – shall support your own

work. It is regarded as an indication without obligation – also with regard to possible third party industrial property rights – and does not release you from your own obligation to carry out appropriate testing of the products regarding their suitability for the intended application.

Product descriptions do not contain statements about the liability for possible damages. However, should a liability be involved, it would be limited for all damages to the value of the goods supplied and used.

Suggestions and comments are welcomed.

Address Henning GmbH Loher Str. 4 + 30 58332 Schwelm Deutschland Phone: 02336 / 9 29 8 – 0 FAX: 02336 / 9 29 8 – 10 email: info@henning-gmbh.de URL : http://www.henning-gmbh.de/ Service-Hotline: 02336 / 9 29 8 - 32 Any kind of duplication, in part or in whole, is only permitted with the written approval of Henning GmbH.

Technical changes excepted!

 Henning GmbH Page 2 3.0 / 11.2010 Mobile Rope Measurement MSM 12


1 Scope of delivery

2 Power supply

3 Control elements

4 Preparations

5 Connecting the MSM12 to the computer

6 Rope load sensors LSM

6.1 Mode of operation

6.2 Connections

6.3 Handling

7 Operation

7.1 Installation of the rope load sensors LSM

7.2 Switching-on

7.3 Main display

7.4 Menu

7.4.1 Save current rope loads

7.4.2 Configuration

7.4.3 Rope load wizard

8 Carrying-out of measurements

8.1 Installation position of the sensors in the rope

8.1.1 General conditions

8.2 Rope adjustment

8.3 Weight measurement

9 Option: Bluetooth connection

9.1 Installation of the Bluetooth adapter

9.2 Bluetooth pairing

10 Technical Data

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List of figures Figure 1: Main display

Figure 2: Menu structure

Figure 3: Saving of the rope loads

Figure 4: Assignment of the measurement ID

Figure 5: Configuration menu

Figure 6: Selection of the language

Figure 7: Selection of the sensor type

Figure 8: Suspension ratio setting

Figure 9: Set date /time

Figure 10: Delete storage

Figure 11: Set tolerance

Figure 12: Display unit setting

Figure 13: Rope load wizard

Figure 14: Storage of the rope load setting

1 Scope of delivery 1 x Mobile rope load meter MSM12 1 x External aerial (optional) (Part no.: 45 000 404) 1 x Bluetooth USB adapter class 1 (optional) (including driver and documentation CD) (Part no.: 45 000 403) 1 x USB-A-B cable 1.8 m (Part no.: 450 000 531) 4 x Mobile rope sensor LSM 2 Power supply For the operation of the mobile rope load meter MSM12 you also require 4 alkali-manganese round cells type LR6, AA.

These are not included in the scope of delivery. Instead of the LR6 round cells you can also insert NiMH rechargeable batteries with a capacity of minimum 2,000 mAh.

–  –  –

4 Preparations Open the battery chamber on the back of the MSM12. Insert the batteries as shown on the illustration opposite. Take care that the batteries have the correct polarity. Improperly inserted batteries may damage the device! If it is intended to store the MSM12 for a long time, the batteries must be removed in order to protect the device.

MSM12 with Bluetooth option:

Screw the factory-supplied aerial to the aerial connection. The aerial has a link by which it can be moved into a favourable transmission position. Generally it is favourable to place the aerial in an upright position. For transport and storage the aerial can be unscrewed.

5 Connecting the MSM12 to the computer The free of charge operating software for the MSM12 can be downloaded on our Homepage www.henning-gmbh.de.

The drivers for the USB interface are installed together with the software, i. e., when connecting the computer to the MSM12 using an USB-A-B cable the drivers are

–  –  –

automatically installed by Windows XP. Otherwise, Windows will prompt you to indicate the storage location of the drivers. The drivers are found on the program directory.


–  –  –

6.1 Mode of operation The rope sensor is based on a patented measuring procedure which, for the first time, permits the carrying out of absolute weight measurements without calibration in the rope. Inside the sensor there is a strain gauge the signals of which are conditioned by the integrated electronics and are passed via the USB plug of the sensor to the rope load evaluation unit MSM12.

Each rope sensor LSM is individually calibrated.

6.2 Connections The LSM is provided with a 0.8 m cable for connection to the MSM12. The cable is equipped with a USB-A connector. The sensor has no further connection options.

6.3 Handling Please, take care that the LSM connector is free of dust, liquids etc. so that the contact is not impaired.

In order to use the sensor in a rope, please proceed as follows:

1. Bring the clamping lever into the open position and insert the sensor into the rope. If this is not possible, open the set screw by several turns. Now tighten the set screw so far until the marking of the LSM corresponds to the desired rope diameter on the type label.

2. Now close the clamping lever and take care that the rope is still running in the groove of the sensor.

–  –  –

After installing the sensor you can check the right clamping force with the adjustment indicator. The clamping force is correct, if the edge of the silver cylinder is aligned to the middle of the green o-ring. The width of the green o-ring determines the setting tolerance. If the edge of the cylinder is not aligned to the o-ring, you have to re-adjust the rope diameter.

–  –  –

7 Operation The handling of the mobile rope load meter MSM12 is described below. For operation of the MSM12 using the optional software refer to the software operating instructions.

7.1 Installation of the rope load sensors LSM In each LSM rope a rope load sensor must be installed as described in chapter 6.

Take care that you assign the connections of the rope sensors at the MSM12 in continuous and ascending order, starting with connection 1. For the use of the rope load wizard it is important that you do not skip any connections.

7.2 Switching-on In order to switch on the MSM12 mobile rope load meter please press the on/off switch for minimum 3 seconds. The display now shows the Henning logo. After a short time the display switches to the main display. The MSM12 is now ready for operation.

To switch off please press the on/off switch for minimum 3 seconds again. The device switches off, the display lighting is extinguished. If the inserted batteries are rundown, the MSM12 switches off automatically. The approaching switch-off is indicated 30 seconds in advance by a flashing weight display.

In order to avoid a damage of the MSM12 spent batteries should be replaced as soon as possible by new ones. In order to guarantee the data storage of the real-time clock of the MSM12 it should not be left more than 20 minutes without voltage supply. In the switched-off condition the run-down batteries supply the clock with voltage for one week. The loads and adjustment records are stored in non-volatile memory in the MSM12 and are maintained up to ten years without having to insert batteries.

7.3 Main display Figure 1 shows the main display of the mobile rope load meter MSM12. In the upper two lines of the main display the status bar indicator and the indication of the individual weight of each rope under the corresponding sensor number are displayed. Below, in the centre, the total weight resulting from the individual weights is indicated. At the right side and below the total weight three menu buttons SAVE, CONFIG and ADJUST are to be found which will be described in detail below. In the lower lefthand corner the time and date are displayed.

–  –  –

Figure 1: Main display Die The individual weight display shows the measured load of each connected rope load sensor. If no sensor is connected to the relevant measuring channel or if the relevant rope load sensor is defective, Err1 is displayed. If the connected rope load sensor is overloaded, Err2 is displayed.

The suspension ratio of the elevator can be selected by the user. The displayed total weight is calculated by this factor. The individual weight display hereby remains unaffected.

The total weight is the sum of all individual rope loads measured, if necessary converted according to the suspension ratio. The output can be selected in different weight units (kilogram (tons) or English pounds (short tons or long tons).

The maximum individual rope load display shows the actual load and the measuring channel number of the sensor which is loaded with the highest weight in the rope set. The minimum individual rope load display shows the corresponding information for the rope with the lowest load.

The maximum deviation shows the absolute and percentage deviation of the rope with the greatest deviation from the mean value of all ropes. The example in figure 1 shows a total weight of 1,516 kg distributed among 6 ropes. This means that under ideal conditions each rope should carry 252 kg. However, the rope at measuring channel 6 carries 380 kg, i. e. 128 kg corresponding to 52 % more load. (rounding errors are possible) If the mobile rope load meter LSM-XL is used (diameter range 16 – 24 mm) the rope load meter must be switched over to this sensor type. The sensor type selected (XL) appears on the display. When using LSM1 and LSM2 sensors this switching is not required. In this case the display, where otherwise XL is indicated, remains blank.

–  –  –

The voltage display shows the instantaneous voltage of the battery or the accumulator.

7.4 Menu Figure 2 shows the menu structure of the mobile rope load meter MSM12.

–  –  –

Figure 2: Menu structure By pressing the CONFIG button you will reach the configuration menu. The rope load wizard is called by pressing the ADJUST button and in order to switch to the storage menu press the SAVE button.

–  –  –

7.4.1 Save current rope loads By pressing the "Save" button you can store the current individual rope loads and the total load in the internal memory of the meter.

Figure 3: Saving of the rope loads As soon as you use the "Yes" button the loads are stored in the meter. Using "No" you will leave this menu item without storage.

It is possible to link an ID with this measurement in order to easier find the measurement again. When pressing the button ID the display changes to the following view:

Figure 4: Assignment of the measurement ID Here, you can assign any ID of maximum 16 digits. Complete your input with "Enter".

When pressing "ESC" you will leave the ID input without taking over the designation already entered.

By means of the free of charge PC software the measurements can be read from the load meter and be added in the form of PDF files or printouts to the elevator documentation. (Download of the software under http://www.henning-gmbh.de).

–  –  –

7.4.2 Configuration The configuration menu is represented in Figure 5. If you want to leave this menu, press the ESC button.

Figure 5: Configuration menu Select language Under the menu item „Language“ you have the possibility to switch between the languages German and English.

Figure 6: Selection of the language The selected language is displayed in the upper text line. When pressing the Apply" button this language is adopted. With "ESC you will leave this function without changing the language.

The selected language is permanently adopted and also after a restart of the load meter it is preset.

–  –  –

In order to enable the load meter to work correctly with the different sensors, the user must select the sensor used.

In this configuration menu you may choose among the use of LSM1 or LSM2 sensors or the use of LSM XL sensors.

The selected sensor type is permanently stored and also after a restart of the load meter it is selected by default.

Figure 7: Selection of the sensor type Set suspension ratio Under this menu item you can enter the suspension ratio of the elevator at which you want to carry out measurements. The ratio is displayed on the main display; however, it is not permanently stored in the load meter. After a restart the load meter starts automatically with a suspension of 1 : 1.

By means of the suspension ratio entered the displayed total weight is calculated.

The suspension ratio has no influence on the individual rope loads.

–  –  –

Figure 8: Suspension ratio setting Set date / time Under this menu item you can set the internal real time clock of the mobile rope load meter MSM12. The current time and the date are stored together with each storage of the measured values, so that later you can recognize when these measurements have been carried out.

Figure 9: Set date /time

The new time or time and date are entered with the buttons 0 – 9. The digit position of the time or date which you can currently change is displayed by a flashing digit. By pressing the OK button the set data is adopted by the real-time clock. If you press the ESC button, you will leave this menu item without resetting the clock. After pressing the OK or ESC button you return to the configuration menu.

–  –  –

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