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«RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS & BEAUTY REGIMEN This information has been updated March 2012 RECOMMENDED PRODUCTS: Below is a list of products and beauty ...»

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This information has been updated March 2012


Below is a list of products and beauty treatments for men, women and teens

that I personally use and recommend to all models and talent I am working

with. Most of the products listed here are inexpensive and will help you appear

more polished for the industry. They can be found at Sally Beauty Supply,

Walmart or a local drug store. Please see the various notes and techniques below on how to use the products on this list.

• TRESemmé Deep Cleansing Shampoo: $5/32 oz. bottle.

• TRESemmé Balsam Conditioner: $12/gallon.

• White vinegar for deep cleanse to rinse hair: $2/gallon.

• Infusium 23 Leave In Treatment for hair: $10/32 oz. bottle.

• Hellmann's Real Mayo for deep conditioning: $3/jar.

• Stresstabs Advanced with Zinc (men) Stresstabs Energy with Iron (women) to nourish and speed hair growth: $10/bottle.

• GNC's Ultra Nourish-Hair to nourish and speed hair growth: $15/bottle.

• Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque to deep cleanse face: $5/12 oz.


• Clinique Extra Strength Face Soap for men (females should also use this): $12/bar.

• Round facial scrub brush (natural Boar Hair): $4-10/brush.

• Olay ProX facial brush (battery operated): $26/kit.

• Rubbing Alcohol: $0.75/bottle.

• Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Day Cream by Shiseido (Department store cosmetic counter): $52/tub.

• Tweezerman Tweezers: $22/set.


I work with hundreds of models/talent each year and a prominent setback I notice with many new faces is skin and hair that are in poor condition. I believe the biggest reason for skin breakouts is poor hygiene and inadequate maintenance is a leading cause of damage to your hair. As you know everyone is not blessed with amazing skin and hair and some have to work harder at this then others. I have put together some beauty tips to help with these issues and it would be advantageous to consider trying the products and notes included on this page. They work best when used daily as a system especially when repair and care is needed. I receive an abundance of thank you letters from models and talent expressing how helpful my commonsense approach is to skin and hair when brought to their attention. This is your time to shine so work really hard for this!

Female Makeup Suggestions: Wear minimal or no makeup (especially • foundation) day to day to preserve your skin. Try skipping it for work or school. If you must wear something, try darkening just your brows with shadow or clear gel, adding mascara and minimal eye shadow for a more simple look for day. When having a breakout many instinctively want to cover up. Usually this actually leads to a bigger breakout and causes greater attention to what you were trying to conceal in the first place (even if yourfriends don't tell you!). Never fall asleep with your makeup on because this is a leading cause for breakouts.

• Females/Males Moisturizing vs. Breakouts: If your skin is breaking out, never moisturize during the day (females: especially under makeup) unless you are staying home. Think about this, as you go about your day's activities, heavy moisturizers can act like a magnet attracting micro-pieces of dirt/dust and grime from the air to your skin and pores. If you are dry or flakey, I recommend using a heavy moisturizer before bed after your face has been cleansed, masked, and toned. Sometimes being dry from cleansing is beneficial to help clear up pimples and reduce excessively oily skin. My favorite nightly moisturizer is Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Day Cream by Shiseido. It can be pricey, so an affordable comparison is Olay moisturizer.

Occasionally I also do sleep with extra light virgin olive oil on my face for deeper moisture when needed. Now that's Italian!

• Females/Males Hygiene vs. Breakouts: If your skin is breaking out, it is best to shower before bed rather than waiting until morning.

Sleeping with the day's dirt on you will only add to your skin problems. Moreover, because even clean hair contains oil, do not forget to change your pillow case day to day. Think about this, at night when you sleep you alternate your hair or face to your pillow.

The dirt and oils from your hair deposits to the pillow and ends up on your face. This is a perfect example of why it is important to shower and clean your body and hair before bed if you are having breakouts.

Even if you pull your hair back when you sleep, oil is still being carried from your hair to your pillow and back to your face and skin.

My suggestion to help with problematic skin is to purchase a weeks worth of inexpensive white pillow cases and grab a fresh one every day or so before bed.

• Females/Males Tweezing Brows: The best way to maintain shape to your brows is to tweeze them yourself. I am not a fan of waxing and risk someone destroying their shape and burning your skin. If you are lucky enough to have access to a salon that does threading, this is also a great alternative to tweezing. It's a great technique and an inexpensive professional service. The optimum female brow shape is never too thin or thick, just do a timeless shape and go for an Audrey Hepburn or Jennifer Lopez brow with a strong arch and tapered grooming. An acceptable male brow shape is groomed in the center between the brows and never too feminine. Males should not have better brows than Greta Garbo (haha). They should never have too much arch and never tweeze a perfect line at the brow's edge. It is better to diffuse and indiscreetly thin the hair back by tweezing every other hair as opposed to a neat clean line. This will create a more masculine, but groomed brow. Females should use an eyebrow pencil and draw or trace a template of an eyebrow shape that is desired.

Pluck the hairs that are outside the shape or your makeshift template.

Males and females should not forget to trim the length of the brow hair with a comb and scissors to prevent them from looking bushy (like a barber would trim hair). If tweezing is painful try using ice or Anbesol to numb your skin before starting. If you maintain your brows daily during you're morning routine, there is less hair to pluck and therefore, less pain.

BEAUTY REGIMENS: • All regimens below are for males/females and teens.

Facial Cleansing:

I recommend using the steps below like a system to clean your skin. Even if you do not have issues with breakouts currently, the information below is a great way to simply maintain healthier skin. Taking the time to be thorough and consistent with the regime will help accelerate the healing process when you need it and continue success of a healthy appearance going forward.

1. Wash your face twice daily with Clinique Extra Strength Face Soap for men (females should also use this). Clinique soap is available in other strengths, but I only recommend this version. Wash in the morning and night before bed. For deeper cleansing before you wash your face, apply a steaming hot compress to your skin to open your pores.

2. You should never wash your face with your fingers. You should use a firm wash cloth in the morning and a facial brush at night. I recommend a round facial brush made of boar's hair that usually is only a few dollars. However, if you have a few extra dollars, you should purchase the Olay ProX battery operated facial brush. I love this brush because it is one of the few that actually fully spins rather than vibrates and leaves your skin truly clean.

3. Use Queen Helene's Mint Julep Masque 1-3 times per week depending on the condition of your skin for general maintenance and to help with breakouts. You should use this mask after you wash your face. Rarely, some talent have asked why their skin slightly broke out after using the mask the first few times? I explained this was happening because it was drawing out the impurities in the skin-so do not stop using it! Generally after the first application you will see a noticeable difference and you will continue to see wonderful results if you use this product consistently. I have personally used the Clinique men's soap (noted above) and Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque for over thirty years and still swear by them!

4. Use diluted alcohol as a toner or astringent after you have cleansed your skin and used the mask. Take a 1/2 bottle of 70% rubbing alcohol and add an equal 1/2 of water to dilute. Toner is a final step after you wash and mask to close your pores. Do not use the rubbing alcohol straight from the bottle. The average astringent is approximately 30% alcohol, so the diluted alcohol solution creates a pure toner with no perfumes or coloring and is much less expensive.

Use a cotton ball to apply the alcohol and as an option, you can rinse off with cool water further closing your pores. As an additional suggestion, keep a travel sized bottle of the diluted alcohol in your purse or gym bag. During an active day stop by a bathroom, rinse with warm water and apply with a cotton ball wherever you are. It's a great way to help control breakouts and quickly cleanse when you are out and about. Notice the dirt the cotton ball before you throw it away. Occasionally some talent have asked is it safe to use diluted alcohol directly on their skin, and I remind them that each time you receive a shot from a doctor, the first thing they do to clean your skin before your shot is rub you with an alcohol pad.

5. Moisturize afterwards with one of the suggested moisturizers above or extra light virgin olive oil noted below.


For men and women with sensitive skin, the best way to shave and not breakout is to reduce friction from the razor blade. This is done in several steps by layering the shaving products on top of one another, over your skin, before shaving. The layering creates a thick barrier between the razor and your skin, thus reducing the chance of irritation. I also always suggest razors with a moisture strip to add glide to the procedure.

1. Apply hot compresses to lift your hair so you get a closer shave.

2. Use basic soap and suds-up the area you are shaving.

3. Apply Noxzema or another thick cleanser directly over the soap.

4. Apply a shaving gel over the Noxzema like Edge Shave Gel, not just shaving cream.

5. Shave, rinse and then cleanse the layers from the area you shaved.

6. It is important for men shaving their face to follow the facial cleansing steps above and then mask. Masking after you shave cleanses your skin in the most deepest way.

Vinegar Rinse for Cleansing Hair:

Use this treatment on your hair 1-2 times per week to remove build up from styling products and mineral deposits from water. Vinegar will deep cleanse the scalp and hair shaft. I suggest using red vinegar for brunettes and white vinegar for blondes. This is a great natural way to keep your highlights from becoming dull. This treatment will positively leave your hair feeling squeaky clean and avoid the need for expensive deep cleansing products! I do the same twice weekly on my own hair.

1. Shampoo hair. For a deep shampoo don't be afraid to occasionally try dish soap.

2. Lightly rinse shampoo and pour a 1/2 cup of vinegar over the hair.

3. Gently comb through the hair and let vinegar sit for about 3 minutes.

4. Thoroughly rinse hair and shampoo twice with suggested shampoo on the list or what you already have.

5. Use conditioner and/or leave in treatment Infusium23 as suggested from the list above.

Additional suggestion: If you are committed to this type of cleansing after trying it, you can simplify this process by taking an applicator bottle (from Sally Beauty Supply for $1.00) and filling 1/3 of the bottle with water, 1/3 of the bottle with shampoo, and 1/3 of the bottle with vinegar of your choice.

Cover tip and shake before use. Keep bottle in the shower next to your shampoo and apply to wet hair twice weekly.

Mayonnaise Treatment for Hair Conditioning:

This product is probably sitting in your fridge right now! No need to run to a salon and spend extra money for deep conditioning when this will work as good, if not better! Use this mayo treatment or mayo hot compress as often as you like to deep condition and moisturize dry, damaged hair. If your hair is in poor condition currently, use this treatment at least twice a week until you see desired results. After you achieve the results you're looking for, continue with an occasional treatment every few weeks to keep your hair looking healthy. Use only Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise, not Miracle Whip.

This should be done after you do a vinegar rinse.

1. Shampoo hair and light towel dry. Work spoonfuls of Hellmann's through damp hair.

3. Take a towel and run it under water that is as hot as you can tolerate to create your hot compress. Wring the towel out to remove excess water for moist heat.

5. Wrap/apply hot towel (or compress) around your hair/head for twenty seconds or until you feel it cool. This infuses the mayo to your hair shaft for conditioning.

6. Remove towel, reheat with hot water, wring and apply again. Do this about ten times. WET, WRING, WRAP, WET, WRING WRAP--can you say it fast (haha)?

7. You can either rinse and shampoo or leave the mayo in your hair for extra conditioning by wrapping a plastic cap, grocery store bag or Saran Wrap (to prevent your hair from drying) around your head while you watch TV or read a magazine for an hour or so.

8. Shampoo twice afterwards and apply Infusium23 leave in conditioner as suggested on the list above.

Additional Suggestion: If you are committed to this deep conditioning technique after trying it, you can simplify this application by taking clean, damp hair and applying Hellmann's Real Mayonnaise. Wrap a plastic cap, grocery store bag or Saran Wrap around your head (to prevent your hair from drying). Grab a blow dryer (or a portable hair dryer to sit under from Sally Beauty Supply) and apply heat outside of the plastic for about thirty minutes.

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