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«External Desktop ® ™ My Book Live User Manual WD® Service and Support Should you encounter any problem, please give us an opportunity to address ...»

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External Desktop

® ™

My Book Live

User Manual

WD® Service and Support

Should you encounter any problem, please give us an opportunity to address it before

returning this product. Most technical support questions can be answered through our

knowledge base or e-mail support service at http://support.wdc.com. If the answer is

not available or if you prefer, please contact WD at the best telephone number shown


Your product includes 30 days of free telephone support during the warranty period.

This 30-day period starts on the date of your first telephone contact with WD Technical Support. E-mail support is free for the entire warranty period and our extensive knowledge base is available 24/7. To help us keep you informed of new features and services, remember to register your product online at http://register.wdc.com.

Accessing Online Support Visit our product support website at http://support.wdc.com and choose from these


• Downloads - Download drivers, software, and updates for your WD product.

• Registration - Register your WD product to get the latest updates and special offers.

• Warranty & RMA Services - Get Warranty, Product Replacement (RMA), RMA Status, and Data Recovery Information.

• Knowledge Base - Search by keyword, phrase, or answer ID.

• Installation - Get online installation help for your WD product or software.

Contacting WD Technical Support When contacting WD for support, have your WD product serial number, system hardware, and system software versions available.

North America Asia Pacific

800.ASK.4WDC 1 800 42 9861 English Australia (800.275.4932) 800 820 6682/+65 62430496 China 800.832.4778 +800 6008 6008 Spanish Hong Kong 1 800 11 9393 (MNTL)/1 800 200 5789 (Reliance) India 011 26384700 (Pilot Line) Europe (toll free)* 00800 ASK4 WDEU +803 852 9439 Indonesia (00800 27549338) 00 531 650442 Japan Korea Europe +31 880062100 +800 6008 6008/1 800 88 1908/+65 62430496 Malaysia Middle East +31 880062100 1 800 1441 0159 Philippines A

–  –  –

* Toll free number available in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

–  –  –

1 Important User Information Important Safety Instructions Recording Your WD Product Information Important Safety Instructions This device is designed and manufactured to assure personal safety. Improper use can result in electric shock or fire hazard. The safeguards incorporated into this unit will protect you if you observe the following procedures for installation, use, and servicing.

Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product.

Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning. Do not use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners. Use a damp cloth for cleaning.

Do not use this product near any liquids.

Do not place this product on an unstable surface. The product may fall, causing serious damage to the product.

Do not drop the product.

Do not block the slots and openings on the back or bottom side of the chassis; to ensure proper ventilation and reliable operation of the product and to protect it from overheating, these openings must not be blocked or covered. Making sure the drive is standing upright also helps prevent overheating.

Operate this product only from the type of power indicated on the marking label. If you are not sure of the type of power available, consult your dealer or local power company.

Do not allow anything to rest on the power cord. Do not locate this product where persons will walk on the cord.

If an extension cord is used with this product, make sure that the total ampere rating of the equipment plugged into the extension cord does not exceed the extension cord ampere rating. Also, make sure that the total rating of all products plugged into the wall outlet does not exceed the fuse rating.

Never push objects of any kind into this product through the chassis slots as they may touch dangerous voltage points or short out parts that could result in a fire or electric shock.

Unplug this product from the wall outlet and refer servicing to qualified service

personnel under the following conditions:

- When the power cord or plug is damaged or frayed.

- If liquid has been spilled on the product.

- If the product has been exposed to rain or water.




- If the product does not operate normally when the operating instructions are followed. Adjust only those controls that are covered by the operating instructions since improper adjustment may result in damage and require extensive work by a qualified technician to the product to normal condition.

- If the product has been dropped or the chassis has been damaged.

- If the product exhibits a distinct change in performance, contact WD Customer Support at http://support.wdc.com.

Recording Your WD Product Information In the following table, write the serial number and model number of your new WD product found on the label on the bottom of the device. Also, write the purchase date and other notes such as your operating system and version. This information is necessary for setup and technical support.

Serial Number:

Model Number:

Purchase Date:

System and Software Notes:

–  –  –

2 Product Overview About the Drive Features Package Contents System Requirements Pre-Installation Instructions Handling Precautions Specifications System View About the Drive Welcome to your My Book Live home network drive, a high-speed network-attached storage system with a space-saving footprint. This system is equipped with a WD drive using WD GreenPower Technology™ for efficient cooling and power saving. The high-speed interface delivers high performance for small offices or home users and is ideal for backing up and sharing files over your network. Through the My Book Live, you can also stream media content to a variety of media players.

Simplify your digital life by consolidating your movies, music, photos, and files in one location that everyone on your network can share, whether they are using a Mac® or PC. Back up all your Macs and PCs to one safe place, access files securely over the Internet, stream movies to your entertainment center, and show off all your photos with your Apple iPhone®, iPod touch®, or iPad™.

This user manual provides step-by-step installation instructions and other important information regarding your WD product. Translated versions and updates to this user manual can be downloaded from http://products.wdc.com/updates. For more information and news about this product, visit our website at http://www.wdc.com/.

Features Simplify your digital life—Store your entire family's movies, music, photos, and important files in one safe place. Reduce the clutter of all those USB keys, CDs, and DVDs.

Easy to set up, easy to find on your network—Setup is a snap. In just a few minutes, you're up and running. Mac, Windows® Vista®, and Windows 7 computers will automatically find your My Book Live drive in seconds. If you're running Windows XP, our simple discovery software makes it easy to set up the drive.

Share your media collection on your wireless network—Plug the drive into your network router and everyone can wirelessly access the data from any Windows or Mac computer on your home network.




Automatic backup with WD SmartWare™ for Windows—Back up the data on all your home computers to a single, reliable place. Every time you save something, it's instantly backed up. You can even back up Windows computers wirelessly over your WiFi network. Restore lost, damaged or older files to their original location with just a few clicks.

Compatible with Apple® Time Machine™ —Mac computer users can utilize all the features of Apple Time Machine backup software to protect their data. Back up all your Macs wirelessly to one location over your WiFi network.

Secure remote access—Access your files over the Internet from anywhere, using WD's MioNet® remote access technology. It's easy to securely access and share photos and documents with friends and family while you’re on the go.

Play your music on any computer in your home—The drive includes iTunes® server support so you can centralize your music and video collection and stream to a Mac or PC.

Show off your photos with your iPhone—Use your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad to get quick access to all the photos stored on your home network drive. Download the free WD Photos photo viewer app and show off your entire photo collection without taking up tons of space on your Apple device.

Stream digital media anywhere in your home—Watch your daughter's birthday party video or show off your vacation sideshow on your TV. The built-in media server streams music, photos and movies to any DLNA-certified multimedia device such as a WD TV® Live™ HD media player, Blu-ray Disc™ player, Xbox 360®, or PlayStation®

3. DLNA 1.5 & UPnP certified.

Leading-edge performance—Designed around the most recent advances in Ethernet chip technology, this product delivers read speeds up to 100 MBps. That's 4 times faster than most consumer network drives in this category today.

Easily customize drive settings—Use the simple My Book Live Dashboard software to define device and network settings, set up users, create public and private shares, and enable remote access, iTunes, WD Photos, and TwonkyMedia™ server.

–  –  –

Note: Compatibility may vary depending on your computer’s hardware configuration and operating system.

For highest performance and reliability, install the latest updates and service

pack (SP):

For Windows, go to the Start or menu and select Windows Update.

For a Mac, go to the Apple menu and select Software Update.

Web Browsers Internet Explorer 7.0 and later on Windows platforms supported by this product Safari 4.0 and later on Mac platforms supported by this product Firefox 3.6 and later on supported Windows and Mac platforms Local Network Router/switch or direct connect (Gigabit recommended to maximize performance.) Wide Area Network Broadband Internet connection for remote access using MioNet and WD Photos.

–  –  –

Pre-Installation Instructions Before unpacking and installing the system, select a suitable site for the system for

maximum efficiency. Place the device in a site that is:

Near a grounded power outlet Clean and dust free On a stable surface free from vibration Well-ventilated, with nothing blocking or covering the slots and openings on the back or bottom side of the unit, and away from sources of heat Secluded from electromagnetic fields from electrical devices such as air conditioners, radio, TV transmitters Handling Precautions WD products are precision instruments and must be handled with care during unpacking and installation. Drives may be damaged by rough handling, shock, or vibration. Be aware of the following precautions when unpacking and installing your

external storage product:

Do not drop or jolt the drive.

Do not move the drive while it is powered on.

Do not use this product as a portable drive.

–  –  –

Kensington For drive security, the device is equipped with a security slot that security slot supports a standard Kensington security cable.

Visit http://www.kensington.com/ for more information.

–  –  –

Connecting the Drive to Your Network Getting Started Using the CD (Mac and Windows) Getting Started Without the CD (Windows 7/Vista & Mac) What Can I Do Now?

Connecting the Drive to Your Network It is easy to set up the My Book Live drive -- all you have to do is connect it to your home or small office network. LEDs on the front and the back of the drive let you know whether the connections are functioning properly.

Note: For information about safely shutting down and disconnecting the drive, see “Shutting Down” on page 44 or “Reboot/Shutdown” on page 67.

Physically Connecting the Drive

–  –  –

2. Connect the other end of the Ethernet cable directly into a router or network switch port.

3. Connect the end of the adapter into the power supply socket located on the back of the drive.

4. Plug the power adapter into a power outlet. The unit powers up automatically.

–  –  –

Checking Back Panel (Network) LEDs The following table describes the network state and activity LEDs.

Note: Looking at the port, with the LEDs on the bottom, the LED on the top is the Activity LED, and the one on the bottom is the Link LED.

–  –  –

Getting Started Using the CD (Mac and Windows) For Windows and Mac OS X, after physically connecting the drive, insert the product CD to discover the drive and get started using it.

Using Windows XP If AutoRun (AutoPlay) is enabled, the My Book Live Welcome screen displays.

If you are asked whether you want to run the setup file, double-click Setup.exe.

If AutoRun (AutoPlay) is disabled, click Start Computer and locate the WD My Book Live CD drive under Devices with Removable Storage. Doubleclick the CD, and then double-click Setup.exe to display the My Book Live Welcome screen.

Using Windows Vista/Windows 7

1. Click Start or Computer and locate the My Book Live CD drive under Devices with Removable Storage.

2. Double-click the CD, and then double-click Setup.exe to display the My Book Live Welcome screen.

–  –  –

My Book Live Welcome Screen Discovering and Connecting to Your Drive

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