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table of contents

Mission Statement..........................1

What is New Gulph Children’s Center?...........2

General Information: Hours, Fees, Calendar, etc.....6

Educational Philosophy......................8

Staffing................................ 11

Curriculum and Program.....................14

Making the Transition to Preschool..............19

Preschool Program.........................20 Preschool Summer Camp Program..............28 Registration............................. 30 Financial Policies......................... 33 Health, Illness, and Medication............... 37 Eating and Sleeping.......................40 Clothing and Laundry......................41 Safety and Order.........................42 Personal Boxes, Birthdays, and Research........ 43 Parental Involvement....................... 44 Fundraising.............................46 Facility Maintenance...................... 47 Addendum A.Current Fees B.Current-Year Schedule C.Director of Families, Staff, and Board of Directors welcome to New Gulph Children’s Center New Gulph Children’s Center is a nonprofit, parent-directed day care center and preschool. Our Director, Nancy Klein, the teachers and Board members extend a hearty welcome to you. We are pleased that you have joined us and look forward to getting to know you. We think you will find, as we have, that New Gulph is a special place, a warm and caring environment in which our children learn, grow, and have lots of fun.

New Gulph is marking its fourth decade of operation. In thinking about what is most special about New Gulph, it is not what is new, like our state-of-the art playground, but what has remained the same in the forty plus years since the first parents entrusted their children to our care. At that time, parents wanted a place that would nurture and stimulate their children. They wanted a place where their children would feel comfortable, safe and loved. They wanted a place where their children could explore, grow and learn and so they would be able to go off to work having nothing but fond thoughts of their child, knowing they are happy and stimulated and in a warm, loving and safe environment.

The same ideals of nurturing children in a loving environment and preparing the whole child—physically, academically, socially and emotionally, for not only kindergarten, but also a life-long love of learning—continue to be the focus of New Gulph. Over time, a strong New Gulph community has emerged that extends beyond semesters, classrooms, school districts, and even colleges.

We Want You to Feel Comfortable The first few weeks and months at New Gulph are busy ones, with lots of information and experiences to assimilate for parent and child alike. We hope that this handbook helps to orient you to our program and answers most of your questions. In addition, our Director, teachers, and Board members are always available to help you to feel comfortable in your association with New Gulph. Please do not hesitate to ask for reassurance, perspective, advice, or just an ear to listen.

i Parent-Teacher Interaction Encouraged Teachers, friends, and family will affect your child’s experience at New Gulph. As a team, we can work together to provide your child, and all our children, with a stimulating environment for physical, social, intellectual, and emotional development and early learning.

Our parent-teacher team works because we maintain open lines of communication. Your child’s teacher, our Director, and other staff members are available at all times for consultation about your child’s adjustment and progress.

Parents are encouraged to ask the teachers or our Director for assistance in handling a particular problem or situation and for advice on maintaining consistency between home and New Gulph in dealing with particular issues.

In addition to this ongoing, informal consultation, parent-teacher conferences are scheduled for children enrolled in the Preschool each year, in the spring.

Part of your responsibility as a member of this team is to understand the policies and procedures under which New Gulph operates. This handbook was written by and for New Gulph parents to explain those policies and procedures. Keep it handy for future reference as specific situations arise. And, please, bring to our Director or the Board any suggestions you have as to new ways we can work together to provide the best care and early learning experiences for our children. Welcome!

ii mission statement

New Gulph Children’s Center is a nonprofit, parent directed day care and preschool providing exemplary and innovative care and early learning experiences for infants and young children. The Board of Directors, in partnership with New Gulph’s Director and teachers are

committed to:

• Child care and curriculum that fosters each individual child’s social, emotional, and physical and intellectual development

• Long term career opportunities for early childhood professionals

• Fiscal responsibility to New Gulph, teachers, and parents

• Teamwork that includes communication and respect among the Director, teachers, parents, and children what is New Gulph Children’s Center?

New Gulph Children’s Center is a non-profit, parent-directed day care center. New Gulph is owned and operated by New Gulph Children’s Center, Inc., a nonprofit educational corporation that consists of all parents with children enrolled at New Gulph. There are no dues associated with membership in the corporation and membership imposes no duties. Membership entitles you to vote for members of the Board of Directors. The members of the corporation (all NG parents) gather at a corporation meeting usually held in conjunction with the annual family picnic. Parents have the opportunity to review the Center's activities;

future plans and elect additional members for the Board of Directors. We encourage a representative from each family to attend the corporation meeting, A copy of the corporation’s by-laws is available upon request.

A History of Serving Children Members of the Bryn Mawr College and Haverford College communities founded New Gulph in 1971 to serve children of working and studying parents. The Center is, and always has been, independent of those institutions or any other.

New Gulph was named for the location of its first facility, on New Gulph Road in Bryn Mawr, PA. New Gulph accepted infants and toddlers into our program at a time when virtually no other childcare center offered care for children less than three years of age. Our program is patterned on a family day care home model and functions as a large, extended family. Children are enrolled in one of two programs -- an Infant/Toddler Program designed for children ages 6 weeks through 2 years and an exciting Preschool program for 3 and 4 year olds or until they are ready for kindergarten enrollment.

Parental Direction and Participation One of the features that makes New Gulph a special place for our children is parent control. New Gulph’s Board of Directors consists of several current parents, a former New Gulph student, a representative of our staff, the Center’s Director and a representative of the host facility, Radnor Monthly Meeting.

The Board of Directors in consultation with the Center’s full-time Director makes all policy, Human Resources and budget decisions for the Center.

Board Members also serve on one or more committees of their choice such as: Development, Marketing, Operations, Human Resources and Family Activities.

The Board meets monthly during the fall and spring with committee meetings scheduled as needed. All board meetings and committee meetings, other than certain human resources meetings, are open to any parent who wishes to attend. Please see the Director for the times and dates of the meetings and to review the minutes of past meetings.

Parents serving on the Board graciously share their talents while enjoying a feature that sets New Gulph apart from many other day care centers.

All parents are encouraged to participate in the running of the Center – from volunteering to be on the Board of Directors, to hosting Center events, to sharing skills, talents and backgrounds with the children. In the past, parents have demonstrated science experiments, presented cultural experiences and traditions, organized excursions and contributed their professional expertise.

A Facility Both Functional and Aesthetic New Gulph Children’s Center has made its home in the First Day School (Sunday School)/Fellowship Hall Building located on the spacious and beautiful grounds of the Radnor Monthly Meeting in Villanova, PA. since

1979. Though conveniently situated at a major crossroads, the facility is set apart and shielded from noise and traffic. The school building rests on top of a hill, its back to the parking lot. A high stonewall separates the building from the street; and its many windows overlook green, landscaped grounds. Both the indoor and outdoor areas substantially exceed state minimums for square footage per child.

The First Day School portion of the building houses our Preschool program while Fellowship Hall is where the Infant/Toddler program, the kitchen and the Center offices are located.

The First Day School section of the building was constructed in colonial days and served as the stable area for the Quaker Meeting House. It has been completely renovated over the years. In 1961, Fellowship Hall was built as an addition to the First Day School. The building’s physical plan is up-to-date with a regularly scheduled maintenance program and a long-term plan for appropriate capital improvements.

New Gulph has a long-term agreement with Radnor Monthly Meeting (RMM). The agreement reflects the terms and understandings on which RMM shares the use and occupancy of some of the buildings and grounds with New Gulph while New Gulph shares some of the costs and burdens of operating and preserving the facility. As predecessor agreements have done for some 30 years, this agreement is intended to benefit both RMM and NG, while providing financial profits to neither. Based on the history of the relationship between RMM and NG, the agreement is entered into in a spirit of friendship, cooperation, and mutual respect, and is interpreted and carried out in the same spirit.

New Gulph has no affiliation with Radnor Friends, however, the Meeting supports our efforts to provide quality childcare and we appreciate their input.

Licensing and Certification The Pennsylvania Department of Education and Department of Public Welfare license New Gulph. New Gulph maintains an environment that complies with and/or exceeds the standards set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Title 55, Public Welfare, Chapter 3270, Child Day Care Centers. The purpose of the standards is to protect the health, safety, and rights of children while in childcare and to promote the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of children. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania reviews New Gulph’s program and facility annually.

Enrollment Open to All New Gulph is open to any child and his or her family without discrimination in regard to race, color, national origin, limited English proficiency, ancestry, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, or disability.

general information Daily Program Hours 7:30 a.m. New Gulph opens 1:00 p.m. Children enrolled for A.M. session only depart 5:30 p.m. Center closes Attendance and Fee Calculation Minimum Attendance

Infant/toddler program:

5 mornings (5AMS)/week OR 3 full days (3 FDS)/week

–  –  –

Fee Calculation The tuition fee is calculated on a flat weekly rate depending on the number of morning and afternoon sessions enrolled per week. For further information, see “Fee Structure” on page 33 or turn to the current year fee schedule in the Addendum section of the handbook.

Staff-to-Child Ratio The ratio in the Infant/Toddler room is maintained at 1:4 which is in accordance with the state minimum requirements. The ratio in the Preschool is maintained at 1:7. (The state minimum for Preschool is 1:10).

–  –  –

New Gulph is open Monday through Friday all year except:

• Labor Day and the next day (Tuesday)

• Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday)

• One week (approximately) between Christmas and New Years

• Martin Luther King Holiday

• Presidents’ Day Holiday

• Good Friday and Easter Monday

• Memorial Day Holiday

• Independence Day Holiday

• The two weeks prior to Labor Day A calendar is issued each year with the exact dates New Gulph will be closed. The current year’s calendar is included in the Addendum section of this handbook.

educational philosophy - A Philosophy that Values Play New Gulph Children’s Center is devoted to fostering the early development of happy, healthy, well-rounded individuals while exploring and encouraging each child’s unique talents in a small, cozy, and personal environment. New Gulph has two programs: the Infant/Toddler program, which is patterned on a family day care model operating as a large extended family, and the Preschool program, an innovative multi-aged classroom with daily opportunities for age-appropriate instruction.

Children of different ages learn and play together in the same classroom with the same teachers for a two or three year period. With this approach, teachers can monitor each child’s development and provide appropriate guidance. In addition, consistency of the staff enables the children to develop strong bonds with their teachers. This arrangement also allows older children to serve as role models and to help their peers, while giving younger children the chance to learn from, and to interact with, their older peers. The program alternates self-directed peer play with teacher-directed activities in large and small groups.

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