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«Office of the Vice President and Provost University of Toronto 27 Kings College Circle Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A1 March 10, 2012 Degrees Doctor of ...»

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Office of the Vice President and Provost

University of Toronto

27 Kings College Circle

Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1A1

March 10, 2012


Doctor of Philosophy University of Toronto

1992 - 1995 Faculty of Social Work

Master of Social Work University of Toronto

1978 - 1980 Toronto, Canada

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Wilfrid Laurier University 1976 – 1978 Waterloo, Canada Awards and Honours 2011 Beverley Antle Award for Leadership Ontario Association of Social Workers 2009 Scientific Poster Award American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law 2005 Media Award (for the book In the Line of Fire) Tema Conter Memorial Trust 2004 Amicus Award (for contributions to forensic psychiatry) American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law 2003 – 2009 Sandra Rotman Chair Social Work Practice, University of Toronto 2003 Teacher of the Year Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto 2002 Teacher of the Year Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto 2001 Teacher of the Year Faculty of Social Work, University of Toronto 1|P age


Academic Appointments University of Toronto Office of the Vice-President and Provost 2009-2014 Vice-Provost, Academic Programs University of Toronto Faculty of Social Work 2006 - 2009 Dean, Faculty of Social Work 2004- Present Professor of Social Work 2000 - 2006 Director, Centre for Applied Social Research 2005 - 2006 Director, Research Institute for Evidence Based Social Work 2005 - 2010 Director, Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare 1999 – 2004 Associate Professor University of Toronto Faculty of Law 2005 - 2009 Director, JD/MSW Program 2002- Present Cross Appointed Member of Faculty University of Toronto Institute of Medical Sciences 1998 –Present Member Graduate Faculty Wilfrid Laurier University Faculty of Social Work Assistant Professor (Tenure awarded in 1999) 1995 – 1999 Coordinator, Research Resource Centre (98-99)

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Research Grants Awarded – External Agencies 2011-2014 Regehr, C., LeBlanc, V., Bogo, M., Paterson, J., D. Goodman The Relative Influence of Training and Experience on Social Workers’ Professional Judgment Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, $132 000

–  –  –

2008-2009 M. McGillion, A., Dubrowski, C. McCartney, R. Stremler, J. Watt-Watson, I. Silver, J. Stinson, J. Hunter, S. Nelson, J. Costello, G. Tait, C. Victor, L. Snell, J. Wiseman, T. Dao, C. Regehr, A. Robb, H. Carnahan & M. Leegaard.

Efficacy and Quality of Deteriorating Patient-Based Simulation versus Standardized Patient-Based Simulation for Improving Health Care Professionals’ 3|P age


–  –  –

2007-2010 Bogo, M., Regehr, C. & Regehr, G.

Evaluating Social Work Students' Practice Competence: Integrating Performance Assessment and Reflective Practice Dialogues.

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Standard Research Grant, $119 692 2006 LeBlanc V, Regehr C, Campeau T, Scott A, MacDonald R, Morrison L.

The Effects of Acute Stress on Paramedic Performance Foundation for Air Medical Research and Education, $10 347

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2006- 2010 Regehr, C., LeBlanc, V., Shlonsky, A. & Bogo, M.

Assessing Children’s Risk of Abuse: The Influence of Context and Worker Variables on Professional Judgment Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Standard Research Grant, $121 342

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2004 Regehr, C., Barber, J., Trocmé, N., Hart, S. & Tourigny, M.

An Evidence-Based Model for Risk Assessment in Child Welfare Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada Strategic Cluster Grants, $29 725 2004-2007 Barber, J., Goodman, D., Leslie, B., Mishna, F., O’Connor, B., Regehr, C., SimmonsPhysick, C., Spekkens, J., Stern, S. & Trocmé, N. (C. Regehr took over as PI in 2006) The Children’s Services Data Base Canada Foundation for Innovation, $745 260

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Books Authored Volumes Regehr, C. & Glancy, G. (2010) Mental Health Social Work in Canada. Toronto: Oxford University Press.

(Second edition forthcoming in 2013) Burgess, A., Regehr, C. & Roberts, A. (2010/2012) Victimology: Theory and Practice. Jones and Bartlett.

(Second edition – 2012) Regehr, C. & Kanani, K. (2006 / 2010) Essential Law for Social Work Practice in Canada. Toronto: Oxford University Press (Second edition – 2010) 10 | P a g e


Regehr, C. & Bober, T. (2005 / 2008) In the Line of Fire: Trauma in the Emergency Services. New York:

Oxford University Press. (Online version published - 2008) Edited Volumes Roberts, A. & Yeager, K. (2004) Evidence Based Practice Manual: Research and Outcome Measures in Health and Human Sciences. New York: Oxford University Press. Consulting editors: Corcoran, K., Regehr, C. & Solomon, P.

Publications in Refereed Journals

1. LeBlanc, V., Regehr, C., Shlonsky, A. & Bogo, M. (In press) Stress Responses and Decision Making in Child Protection Workers Faced with High Conflict Situations. Child Abuse and Neglect

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