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«Summary of Activities Archivist, teacher, writer, lecturer and filmmaker Associate Professor, Department of Film & Digital Media, University of ...»

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Rick Prelinger

P.O. Box 590622

San Francisco, CA 94159-0622


Department of Film and Digital Media

UC Santa Cruz

1156 High Street

Santa Cruz, CA 95064


Prelinger Library: http://www.prelingerlibrary.org

Personal & corporate website: http://www.prelinger.com

Blog: http://www.blackoystercatcher.blogspot.com

Online film archives: http://www.archive.org/details/prelinger

Linger, an iOS app providing access to online film archives: http://www.lingerapp.net UCSC webpage: http://film.ucsc.edu/faculty/rick_prelinger Summary of Activities Archivist, teacher, writer, lecturer and filmmaker Associate Professor, Department of Film & Digital Media, University of California, Santa Cruz Founder, Prelinger Associates, Inc., commonly known as Prelinger Archives Co-founder (with Megan Shaw Prelinger) of Prelinger Library, an appropriation-friendly research library open to the public on a regular schedule in San Francisco Film, Video and Digital Media Production CITY (feature-length, projected completion 2016). Producer/Editor.

Research in progress for documentary film counterposing the lived experience of 20th-century U.S. city dwellers with theoretical and sociological discourses regarding urban life from the same period. Initial research funded by UC Santa Cruz Academic Senate Committee on Research and Arts Research Center.

LOST LANDSCAPES OF LOS ANGELES (2015, ca. 80 min.). Producer/Editor/Presenter. Commissioned for screening at REDCAT Theater, Los Angeles, November 2015.

YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW IN DETROIT (2014, 70 min. and 2015, 71 min.). Producer/Editor/Presenter.

Compilation of archival footage (principally home movies and promotional films) meditating on the past and future of Detroit and its communities, building on previous compilation/event known as Lost Landscapes of Detroit. Premiered (2014 version) at Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, as part of the Detroit Free Press Freep Film Festival, March 2014. Screened at Traverse City Film Festival, July 2014; Other Cinema, San Francisco, October 2014. 2015 version premiered at Traverse City Film Festival, July 2015.

LOST LANDSCAPES OF OAKLAND (2014, 68 min.). Producer/Editor/Presenter. Archival compilation meditating on the past and future of the city of Oakland. Commissioned by and premiered at Oakland Museum of California, February 2014. Screened at Internet Archive, April 2014; Oakland Underground Film Festival, September 2014; Oakland (California) Book Festival, Oakland City Hall Council Chamber, May 2015.

Film, Video and Digital Media Production (continued) NO MORE ROAD TRIPS? (2013, 80 min.). Director/Producer. Feature-length interactive film-based event incorporating unscripted audience participation. A project of Creative Capital. Capsule description online at http://creative-capital.org/projects/view/742; filmmaker's statement at http://nomoreroadtrips.com.

Previewed as work-in-progress at South by Southwest, Austin, March 2013, and at San Francisco International Film Festival, May 2013. Shown at New York Film Festival, September 2013; National Film & Sound Archive (Canberra, Australia) August 2013; Dartmouth College, October 2013; International Film Festival Rotterdam, January 2014; Concordia University, February 2014; Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, March 2014; Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Durham, N.C., April 2014;

Internet Archive, San Francisco, May 2014; San Francisco DocFest, June 2014; Portland (Oregon) Art Museum, June 2014; Hardesty Arts Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma, October 2014; Anchorage International Film Festival, December 2014; University of Wisconsin, February 2015; Freep Film Festival, Detroit Institute of Arts and Cinema Detroit, Detroit, Mich., March 2015; North Carolina State University, April 2015;

University of Massachusetts, Boston (April 2015); ScreenTalk Series, Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival, Birmingham, Alabama, May 2015 (with soundtrack composed for the occasion); Traverse City Film Festival, Traverse City, Mich. (July 2015); Los Angeles FilmForum, Downtown Independent Theater (November 2015).

Viewing copy available by request THE LIVES OF ENERGY (2010, 70 min.). Director/Producer/Editor. Archival collage film broadly conceived around energy, commissioned by AV Festival (Newcastle, UK). Screened at AV Festival; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis; 2010 01SJ Biennial (San Jose, Calif.); Other Cinema (San Francisco); Portland (Oregon) Art Museum; Wexner Center for the Arts (Columbus); University of Oklahoma; The BikeShed Theatre (Exeter, UK, September 2015).

LOST LANDSCAPES OF DETROIT (2010-12, 3 annual episodes, each 65-75 min.). Producer/Editor/Presenter.

Compilation of archival footage, principally home movies, meditating on the past and future of the city of Detroit. Screened at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD) as a live, participatory cinema event, February 2010; Home Movie Summit, Library of Congress National Audiovisual Conservation Center, Culpeper, Va., September 2010; CounterPulse, San Francisco (2011); Internet Archive, San Francisco (2011 and 2012); Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, Durham, N.C. (2011); MOCAD (November 2011); Salt & Cedar Letterpress Gallery, Detroit (September 2012). Viewable online at http://www.archive.org/details/LostLandscapesOfDetroit2010 (episode 1);

http://www.archive.org/details/LostLandscapesOfDetroit22011_337 (episode 2) http://archive.org/details/LostLandscapesOfDetroitYear32012 (episode 3) LOST LANDSCAPES OF SAN FRANCISCO (2006-2015, ten iterations, each 70-75 min.).


Compilation of archival footage meditating on the past and future of San Francisco and presented as a live, participatory cinema event. Screened at CounterPulse, San Francisco (2006 and 2007); Cowell Theatre, San Francisco (2008); Exploratorium, San Francisco (2009); Herbst Theatre, San Francisco (2009, 2010 and 2011); Internet Archive, San Francisco (2011); Castro Theatre, San Francisco (2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015); Internet Archive, San Francisco (2012, 2013 [twice], 2014 and 2015); Contemporary Jewish Museum (2012); Sebastopol (Calif.) Documentary Film Festival (2013 and 2014); Concordia University, Montréal (2014); Officers' Club, Presidio of San Francisco (2015 and 2016).

Episodes 3-9 are viewable online at: http://fora.tv/search_video?q=prelinger

Rick Prelinger: Page 2Film, Video and Digital Media Production (continued)

PANORAMA EPHEMERA (2004, 89:35 min.). Director/Producer/Editor. Feature-length archival film on the conflicted landscapes of 20th-century America. Screened at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; Dallas Video Festival; San Francisco Cinematheque; Anthology Film Archives, New York; Charles Mansion, Lexington, Kentucky; New York Center for Architecture; New Zealand Film Archive, Wellington;

Virginia Film Society, Charlottesville; Other Cinema, San Francisco; International Film Festival Rotterdam; True/False Film Festival, Columbia, Missouri; Adelaide Film Festival, Australia; Antwerp Film Museum; Directors Lounge, Berlin; REDCAT Theater, Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles; Harvard Film Archive; Chicago Filmmakers; Provisions Library, Washington, D.C.; University of Southern California, Zemeckis Center for Digital Arts, Creative Commons launch, Torino; Association Contrasts, Nancy, France; Leeds Film Festival, U.K.; Hillside Club, Berkeley; Northwest Film and Video Center, Portland, Ore.; California College of Arts, San Francisco; Arteleku, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain;

Illuminated Corridor, San Francisco; de Balie, Amsterdam; Big Sky Documentary Festival, Missoula;

Spectacle, Brooklyn; and elsewhere. Available for free download at http://www.archive.org/details/panorama_ephemera2004. Included in Andrea Grover's anthology entitled At Your Service: Escaping the Progress Trap in Art Lies 57, 2009.

Panorama Ephemera was presented with new musical score composed by CiCLOP (Cincinnati Composers Laptop Orchestra Project) at Cincinnati Fringe Festival, May-June 2013; with an improvised musical score at Illuminated Corridor, San Francisco, October 2007; and with an improvised musical score in Philadelphia, Pa., in 2010. A concept album by Lothar and Matthew named Panorama after the film presents 34 tracks sampled heavily from the film: http://www.wrongrecords.ca/panorama.html.

EVERYONE WINS IN VEGAS (1999) Writer/Editor. Short film on Las Vegas, Nevada, as pictured in the American cinema. Shown at the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) 1999 conference, Las Vegas, Nevada.

MUSEUM OF FILM ARCHAEOLOGY (1998-99 and 1999-2000) Host/Writer. Produced by Telecom Staff, Inc. (Tokyo) for Digital Media Entertainment (a division of Sony) and broadcast on VAIO-TV, Japan. 20-episode series on U.S. history and culture, centered on archival film and its contextualization. Series began airing December 1998 and ran two seasons.

NICKELLENIUM (1999) Conceptualist/Writer. 24-hour television special, aired Dec. 31, 1999-January 1, 2000, on kids’ visions of the future. Produced by Schaffer Productions (New York) for Nickelodeon.

OUR SECRET CENTURY (CD-ROM, 12 discs, each approx. 100-110 minutes of moving image material).

Curator, Writer, Editor and Performer. Anthology of films, film segments, text, still images and artifacts depicting key trends and developments of the 20th century. Published by The Voyager Company (New York, N.Y.).

The 12 discs include 100 complete films and over 100 supplemental sequences:

The Rainbow is Yours (post-World War II design and consumerism) Capitalist Realism (portrayal of workers in the Depression) The Behavior Offensive (post-World War II social guidance movement) Menace and Jeopardy (social and individual risk as depicted in safety films) The Uncharted Landscape (landscape as the silent character in this century) Teenage Transgression (juvenile delinquency and misbehavior) Gender Role Call (comparison of mens' and women's preferred paths) Nuts and Bolts (changing image of technology throughout century) (completed, but unreleased) Free to Obey: Control and Conformity (social control and repression) (completed, but unreleased) Make Mine Freedom (patriotism as equated with capitalism and construction of enemies) Busy Bodies (sexuality: education, mis-education and censorship) Tireless Marketers (pervasive role of advertising, selling and marketing in American society) BIG LIFE (1996) Guest Commentator. CBC Newsworld (Canada), Fall 1996 and Spring 1997. Wrote and hosted 12 guest video segments for weekly cultural affairs program hosted by Daniel Richler.

–  –  –

SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATER (3 CD-ROMs, 1993-94) Co-Producer. Three CD-ROMs (It's All Relative, Dating and Mating and Sports) produced by HBO Downtown Productions, Time Warner Interactive Group and Comedy Central, containing standup comedy clips.

EPHEMERAL FILMS 1931-1960 (1993) CD-ROM, 115 minutes (38 film segments with program notes). Content Producer, Writer and Curator.

Revision of To New Horizons and You Can't Get There From Here. Published by The Voyager Company (New York, N.Y.)


Videodisc, 60 minutes. Co-Producer. In collaboration with Keller A. Easterling. Documents the history of suburbia and suburban planning in the United States, incorporating motion picture clips, still photographs, maps and plans, commentary, two audio tracks and descriptive booklet.

Published by The Voyager Company (New York, N.Y.). A DVD version produced by Keller Easterling in association with Tal Schori was released in 2013 and is available at amazon.com.

"MONEY" (1991) Videotape, 9 minutes. Producer. Keynote presentation for American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) annual meeting, Chicago, Ill.

FOOTAGE 91: NORTH AMERICAN FILM & VIDEO SOURCES (CD-ROM version, 1991) Co-Publisher (with Highlighted Data, Inc., Arlington, Virginia). CD-ROM containing 36 HyperCard stacks describing holdings of moving image archives, distributors and stock footage houses; machine-readable conversions of reference works; and new HyperCard cumulated edition of Footage 89 and Footage 91.

IVAN BESSE'S BRITTON: 1938-39 (1991) Co-Producer (with Jan Coleman) and Editor. Two-hour compilation of amateur films originally shot to document people, places and activities in a South Dakota town.

Produced to benefit the Prayer Rock Museum, Britton, S.D.

A.V. SQUAD (1990) Co-Writer and Host. Half-hour pilot produced for The Comedy Channel (HBO) at HBO Studio Productions, New York City.

COMEDY CHANNEL/COMEDY CENTRAL ARCHIVAL CLIPS (1989-1991) Executive Producer. Over 200 comedy segments and original music video clips produced with archival footage for air on The Comedy Channel and Comedy Central.

BUZZ (1989-90) Segment Producer/Director (in collaboration with Kathryn High). Three segments ("Cryonics," "Hackers" and "Virtual Reality") for an international TV magazine aired on MTV (U.S.); Channel Four (U.K.) and elsewhere around the world.

TO NEW HORIZONS: EPHEMERAL FILMS 1931-1945 (1987, revised 1994) Laserdisc, videotape and CD-ROM, 60 min. Director and Co-Producer (in collaboration with Robert Stein). Collection of 19 films and film excerpts from the archives of Prelinger Associates, Inc.

Published by The Voyager Company. 1989 Video Review Award nominee.

YOU CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE: EPHEMERAL FILMS 1946-1960 (1987, revised 1994) Laserdisc, videotape and CD-ROM, 60 min. Director and Co-Producer (in collaboration with Robert Stein). Collection of 19 films and film excerpts from the archives of Prelinger Associates, Inc.

Published by The Voyager Company.

–  –  –

HEAVEN (1987) Archival Film Consultant. Documentary feature film directed by Diane Keaton.

Produced by Perpetual Productions for RCA Video Productions. Distributed by Pacific Arts Video.

HEAVY PETTING (1982-89) Director of Research. Documentary feature produced and directed by Pierce Rafferty and Obie Benz.

Distributed by Skouras Pictures.

Employment (Non-Profit) Internet Archive, San Francisco (January 2005-present). Board President/Advisor/Facilitator. In addition to governance, responsibilities included initiating and managing high-level library partnerships and managing relationships with primary funders for large-scale mass library digitization project; also facilitator of moving image archives partnerships and archival film digitization project.

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