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«For technical support call 1-800-936-6899. Getting Started with GeneticsPortal for Pierce Genetics: A Conceptual Approach, Fourth Edition Table of ...»

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GeneticsPortal Instructor User Guide

Genetics: A Conceptual Approach

Fourth Edition


For technical support call 1-800-936-6899.

Getting Started with GeneticsPortal

for Pierce

Genetics: A Conceptual Approach, Fourth Edition

Table of Contents


Online Help

System Requirements

Adopting GeneticsPortal

Directing Your Students to Access GeneticsPortal

Logging in to the Course

The GeneticsPortal Home Page

Customizing Your Home Page and Course Environment

Adding a Course Description

Adding Contact Information, Syllabus and Profile

Customizing Your Home Page Layout

Setting the Time Zone

Tab Setup

Quizzes and Assignments

Using the Calendar

Creating and Assigning Quizzes

Adding and Assigning Your Own Resources

Diagnostic Quizzes and Personalized Study Plans

Instructor and Student Resources

The GeneticsPortal eBook

Customizing Your eBook with Notes

Rearranging eBook Chapters and Sections

Student and Instructor Resources


Gradebook Export

Course Mail

For technical support call 1-800-936-6899.

Overview Welcome to GeneticsPortal for Benjamin A. Pierce’s Genetics: A Conceptual Approach, fourth edition. GeneticsPortal combines an array of instructor and student content with numerous assessment and course management tools. In this guide, we have outlined steps you can use to set up your course and get started quickly.

This guide is designed to get you into the course software, introduce you to the main features, and leave you comfortable enough to begin working in GeneticsPortal on your own. After reading

this guide, you will be able to:

–  –  –

 Create and assign additional resources Online Help For more details on using the many GeneticsPortal features and tools, click the Help (?) button in the lower-left corner of the GeneticsPortal window. (Note: this online help system is available after you’ve logged in to GeneticsPortal.) Want live help and training? Visit us at http://bfwtraining.webex.com/ to sign up for a live, Web-based training session. Sessions take about an hour and a trainer walks you through all of the tools and options below.

–  –  –

System Requirements

The following Web browsers are formally supported and tested for use with GeneticsPortal:

 Windows: Internet Explorer version 6 or 7 and Firefox version 1.0 and above.

 Mac OS X: Firefox version 1.5 and above.

In addition, some GeneticsPortal resources require Adobe Shockwave Player, Adobe Flash Player, Apple QuickTime (5.0 or above), Java, or Adobe Acrobat (version 6 or above). The latest versions of these plug-ins can be downloaded free of charge from Adobe, Sun, or Apple Web sites.

To see which plug-ins you have installed and to find installers, go to the online help system and select the System Check link from the System Requirements section or go directly to http://courses.bfwpub.com/syscheck/.

Note: To view some features of the Portal, you may need to turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker, and any pop-up blocker(s) in third-party toolbar(s) you may have added to your browser, such as the Google or Yahoo toolbar.

Adopting GeneticsPortal If you don’t yet have access to your own GeneticsPortal course, take the following steps to begin your course

activation process:

1. Go to the GeneticsPortal login page at http://courses.bfwpub.com /pierce4e.

2. Click the ADOPT GeneticsPortal link. A form will pop up. Fill in all the requested information.

3. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen

4. Once you have completed these steps, the course will be delivered to you (via e-mail) within 48 hours. You will receive all of the necessary information and instructions by e-mail.

For technical support call 1-800-936-6899.

Directing Your Students to Access GeneticsPortal Once you’ve set up your course, you will need to make sure your students know how to register

and access your course. To get access to GeneticsPortal, your students have two options:

1. They can purchase access to GeneticsPortal through the campus bookstore (either packaged with a printed textbook or by itself).

2. They can purchase access to GeneticsPortal directly from our web site.

We can provide you with an electronic handout/syllabus insert and PowerPoint slides to help explain the registration process to your students. We’ve also included the directions below for both options.

Option One: Registration with an Activation Code

1. Students should go to http://courses.bfwpub.com/pierce4e and select the REGISTER an Activation Code link. The following registration screen will appear.

2. Students must enter their Activation Code, name, and e-mail address. The e-mail address will serve as the username for GeneticsPortal.

3. Students then create a password. The password must be at least 4 characters long and should be something memorable.

4. Students may optionally supply a password hint.

5. After confirming their e-mail address, students must select their school location (state/province) from the drop-down menu at the bottom of the screen. A new drop-down menu will then appear where students can choose their institution; then a course/instructor dropdown menu will appear where they can select your course.

6. Students must then click NEXT at the bottom of this screen, confirm the information on the following screen, and click CREATE ACCOUNT to complete the registration process.

–  –  –

Option Two: Student Purchases Access Directly Via the Site

1. Students should go to http://courses.bfwpub.com/pierce4e, select PURCHASE access to GeneticsPortal and select their state/province from the drop-down menu. Students will then be prompted to select their institution and your course from additional drop-down menus.

2. Students must enter an e-mail address and password, as described in the Activation Code instructions.

3. Students must then enter payment information including their name (as it appears on the credit card); card number, expiration date, and billing address, then click NEXT. After confirming their information, they should click PLACE YOUR ORDER.

4. Students have placed their order and the system has confirmed payment, they will see a screen that says “Thank You,” and confirms their name, e-mail address, username, and password. Students will also receive a confirmation e-mail.

Note: Students won’t be able to change their e-mail address once they’ve registered, so they must choose an address that will be valid for the duration of the course.

Once they have completed this process, they go to http://courses.bfwpub.com/pierce4e, enter their e-mail address and password, and click LOG IN (see below).

Logging in to the Course Both you and your students should go to http://courses.bfwpub.com/pierce4e to login to the GeneticsPortal course. Supply your e-mail address and password and click LOG IN.

If you or your students have trouble with a log-in id or password, call 1-800-936-6899 or contact technical support via e-mail at techsupport@bfwpub.com.

–  –  –

The GeneticsPortal Home Page Once you’ve logged in, you will arrive on the home page. From here, you can access all the information, tools, and resources in GeneticsPortal. As the instructor, you can customize this home page to match the needs of your class, as described below. If you customize the home page and/or other aspects of the Portal, they will not exactly match the screenshots you see in this guide.

From the home page, you will be able to:

–  –  –

Note: If you or your students have a visual disability, click in the bottom-left corner to switch to a version of GeneticsPortal that is compliant with the 508 amendment to the American Rehabilitation Act. This version is compatible with screen-reader software.

Many parts of GeneticsPortal look different to your students than they do to you as an instructor. To view your course from a student’s perspective, click the view as button in the upper-left corner of the window. To subsequently return to your normal instructor-eye view of the course, click the view as button again.

For technical support call 1-800-936-6899.

Customizing Your Home Page and Course Environment GeneticsPortal offers a number of tools for customizing your course environment. For example, you can enter a course description to appear at the top of the home page, upload or link to your course syllabus, customize the “components” available on your home page (in addition, some components are themselves customizable), and set the time zone for your course. We’ll cover these customization options here. For more options, check the online help.

Adding a Course Description

To add a course description that will appear at the top of your home page:

1. From the home page, click Customize Your Portal in the top-left corner of the window.

2. Click the link for Course description.

3. Enter your course description. You can use the toolbar to format text, add links, and add pictures.

4. Click Submit Description.

Your new description will be displayed. If you see a mistake, follow the same steps outlined above to make edits.

–  –  –

Adding Contact Information, Syllabus and Profile The Course Info component on your home page allows you to enter details about your course.

Follow the steps below to set up your Course Info component.

1. From the home page, click the Edit icon for the Course Info component (see image below).

2. Supply or edit your course name, course/section code, your name, your contact information, and your office hours. You can enter as much or as little information as you wish.

3. If you’ve posted your syllabus on another website, you can enter a link to the syllabus in the Syllabus Link field or click the Upload button and follow the subsequent instructions to upload a syllabus document (e.g. a Word file) that your students can download.

4. Click the Update button back in the Course Info component when you’re done entering information.

When finished, your Course Info component display will be similar to the one shown to the right.

The Preferences button on your home page allows you to personalize your Profile. An instructor’s profile is available to students when they view the roster of course users. Follow the steps below to set your user profile.

1. From your home page, click the Preferences button on the bottom of your screen.

2. Select the link for Personal Information from the Preferences screen.

3. Supply your Nickname (if you have one), internet home page (if you have one), your contact phone number and a descriptive About Me paragraph. You can also add a photo if you like.

4. Click the Save button when finished.

–  –  –

Customizing Your Home Page Layout You can customize the “components” available to you and your students on your course home

page, depending on how you plan to use the Portal. Available home page components include:

 Class Reports: This component allows you to display class statistics in a graphical format. You can display activities for mail messages, logins, grade distribution, recent discussion posts and submissions.

 Course Info: This component contains information about your course, including your contact information and syllabus.

 Course Work: This component includes links to access your course roster, manage students’ grades and record attendance, access the calendar, and other course work-related functions.

Again, click the Edit button to change the available links.

 Communicate: Includes links to the course mail tool and other communication tools (blogs, discussion forums, chat rooms, etc.) you plan to use in your course. To edit the links that show in your Communicate component, click the light gray Edit button in the upper-right corner of the component.

 Announcements: Allows you to post class notices.

 QuickStart: A quick introduction to your students on how to use GeneticsPortal.

 Assignments: Lists assignments due in the next 7 days.

 And many more: There are more than 20 available components.

Try them out and see what you find useful for your course.

To add, delete, or change the arrangements of your home page components:

1. From your home page, select Customize Your Portal in the upper-left corner of the screen.

2. Select Home page layout from the Customize Your Portal page.

3. To add a component to your home page, select it in the list and click the Add Component button. The item’s position defaults to the bottom of Column 1.

4. Drag and drop component(s) to rearrange the display on the home page. The number of columns is controlled by your placement of the components.

5. To remove a component, click the small “ ” to the right of the component name in the layout.

6. Click the Save button when you’ve made your desired changes.

–  –  –

Setting the Time Zone The time zone function affects due dates, calendar dates, and other settings in the portal. By default, Portal courses are set to US Eastern Time. Follow the steps below to set the time zone for your course.

1. From your home page, select Customize Your Portal.

2. Select Time zone settings from the Customize Your Portal page.

3. Use the radio buttons to indicate your time zone.

4. Click the Submit button to complete the setting.

Tab Setup At the top of the portal window are named tabs that jump to significant pages of the online course.

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