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«This symbol on the product ensures that the device complies with European legislation, Directive 89/336/EEC, 73/23/EEC, 93/68/EEC, which covers the ...»

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Disconnect power before To ensure reliable operation and to prevent overheating,

servicing. provide adequate ventilation for this modem and keep it

away from heat sources. Do not locate near heat registers

or other heat-producing equipment. Provide for free air

This device is intended for flow around the Wireless Voice Gateway and its power indoor operation only. supply.

Telephone jacks Line 1 and Line 2 must not be connected to outside wiring.

This symbol on the product ensures that the device complies with European legislation, Directive 89/336/EEC, 73/23/EEC, 93/68/EEC, which covers the EMC (electromagnetic compatibility), and safety aspects of marking.

This symbol means that your inoperative electronic appliance must be collected separately and not mixed with the household waste. The European Union has implemented a specific collection and recycling system for which producers' are responsible.

This appliance has been designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components that can be recycled and reused. Electrical and electronic appliances are liable to contain parts that are necessary in order for the system to work properly but which can become a health and environmental hazard if they are not handled or disposed of in the proper way. Consequently, please do not throw out your inoperative appliance with the household waste.

If you are the owner of the appliance, you must deposit it at the appropriate local collection point or leave it with the vendor when buying a new appliance.

- If you are a professional user, please follow your supplier's instructions.

- If the appliance is rented to you or left in your care, please contact your service provider.

Help us protect the environment in which we live!

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This reminder is provided to call your attention to Article 820-40 of the National Electrical Code (Section 54 of the Canadian Electrical Code, Part 1) which provides guidelines for proper grounding and, in particular, specifies that the cable ground shall be connected to the grounding system of the building as close to the point of cable entry as practical.

Operating Information Operating Temperature: 0˚ - 40˚ C (32˚ - 104˚ F) Storage Temperature: -20˚ to 70˚ C (-4˚ – 157˚ F)

If you purchased this product at a retail outlet, please read the following:

Product Information Keep your sales receipt to obtain warranty parts and service and for proof of purchase. Attach it here and record the serial and model numbers in case you need them. The numbers are located on the back of the product.

Model No. ____________________________Serial No ________________________________

Purchase Date: ________________________Dealer/Address/Phone: _________________________

–  –  –

It is important that you read this booklet completely, especially the safety instructions below. If you have any doubts about the installation, operation or safety of decoder, please contact your supplier.

To avoid the risk of electric shock Disconnect the Cable Modem from the mains supply before you connect the Cable Modem to (or • disconnect it from) any other equipment. Remember that contact with 110 ~ 240 Volt AC mains can be lethal or cause severe electric shock.

Never remove the Cable Modem’s cover. Should the Cable Modem fail, contact the Customer Service • to arrange repair or service.

Never allow anyone to push anything into holes, slots or any other opening in the case • Do not block the Cable Modem’s ventilation slots; never stand it on soft furnishings or carpets • Do not put anything on the Cable Modem which might spill or drip into it (eg. Lighted candles or • containers of liquids). Do not expose the Cable Modem to dripping or splashing. If an object or liquid enters inside the Cable Modem, unplug it immediately and contact the Customer Service.

Do not store the Cable Modem in excessively hot, cold or damp conditions. The Cable Modem is • intended to operate at an ambient temperature of less than 40 degrees Celsius and a maximum humidity level of 75%. In case of a storm, it is recommended that you unplug the Cable Modem from the mains and from the R/F Network.

Leave the mains socket accessible so that you can unplug the set quickly • Connecting to the mains supply This Cable Modem is designed to operate at 110 ~ 240 VAC.

• If you are in any doubt about the mains lead, the plug or connection, please consult the Customer • Service.

Only the power adapter supplied with the decoder has to be used • Ensuring optimum performance Leave 7cm to 10cm around the Cable Modem to ensure that proper ventilation gets to the Cable • Modem.

Do not store your Cable Modem on its side (if not allowed) • To clean the Cable Modem, use a dry, clean soft cloth with no cleaning solvent or abrasive products.

• Clean the ventilation openings regularly.

–  –  –

This symbol on your set guarantees that your product complies with the European Directives 1999/5/ECand 2009/125/EC on Safety, Telecom, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Energy related Products.

Page 4 / 83 Chapter 1: Connections and Setup

Turning on the Wireless Voice Gateway


Wireless Voice Gateway Features

What’s on the CD-ROM

Computer Requirements

Wireless Voice Gateway Overview

Front Panel

Rear Panel

Wall Mounting

Relationship among the Devices

What the Modem Does

What the Modem Needs to Do Its Job

Contact Your Local Cable Company

Connecting the Wireless Voice Gateway to a Single Computer

Attaching the Cable TV Wire to the Wireless Voice Gateway

Installation procedure for connecting to the Ethernet interface

Telephone or Fax Connection

Chapter 2: WEB Configuration

Accessing the Web Configuration

Outline of Web Manager

Status – Status Web Page Group

1. System

2. Connection/Basic

3. Connection/Upstream

4. Connection/Downstream

5. MTA/Status

6. Diagnostics/Ping

7. Diagnostics/Trace Route

Basic – Basic Web Page Group

1. Internet

–  –  –

1. Options

2. IP Filters

3. MAC Filters

4. Port Filters

5. Forwarding

6. Port Triggers

7. DMZ Host

8. Firewall

Parental Control – Parental Control Web Page Group

1. Device Rules

2. Basic Setup

3. WEB Site Filters

4. TOD Filters

Wireless – Wireless Web Page Group

1. 2.4 GHz\Radio

2. 2.4 GHz\Security

3. 2.4 GHz\Advanced

4. 2.4 GHz\Access Control

5. 2.4 GHz\WPS

6. 5 GHz\Radio

7. 5 GHz\Security

8. 5 GHz\Advanced

9. 5 GHz\Access Control

10. 5 GHz\WPS

USB – USB Web Page Group

1. USB Basic

2. Approuved Devices

3. Storage Basic

4. Storage Advanced

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System – System Web Page Group

1. Password

2. Backup and Recovery\Backup

3. Backup and Recovery\Restore

4. Backup and Recovery\Factory Default

5. Log\Syslog

6. Log\Local Log

Chapter 3: Networking


Type of Communication

Cable Modem (CM) Section

Networking Section

Three Networking Modes

Cable Modem (CM) Mode

Residential Gateway (RG) Mode

Chapter 4: Additional Information

Frequently Asked Questions

General Troubleshooting

Service Information


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Turning on the Wireless Voice Gateway After installing the Wireless Voice Gateway and turn it on for the first time (and each time the modem is reconnected to the power), it goes through several steps before it can be used. Each of these steps is represented by a different pattern of flashing lights on the front of the modem.

If there is no lighted LEDs on the front panel, check the power adapter plug-in the power jack and connect to CM correctly.

Note: All indicators flash once before the initialization sequence.

If both DS and US LEDs are flashing, it means the Wireless Voice Gateway is automatically updating its system software. Please wait for the lights to stop flashing. Do not remove the power supply or reset the Wireless Voice Gateway during this process.

Introduction Wireless Voice Gateway Features Full Band Capture Front End Lowers Power with Advanced Power Management Advanced Processor architecture.

Cable Europe Labs Euro-DOCSIS 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0 Standard certified.

Euro-PacketCable 1.0/1.5 Standard certified.

Support Multiple Provisioning mode.

Standard RJ-45 connector for 10/100/1000BaseT Ethernet with auto-negotiation and MDIX functions.

RJ-11 Foreign Exchange Station (FXS) port for IP telephony.

Support simultaneous voice and data communications.

Echo Cancellation.

Voice Active Detection (VAD).

DTMF detection and generation.

Comfort Noise Generation (CNG).

Support V.90 fax and modem services.

SNMP network management support.

802.11a/b/g/n are supported, 20/40 MHz bandwidth.

Support Web pages and private DHCP server for status monitoring.

–  –  –

* Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

** Macintosh and the Mac OS are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc.

Wireless Voice Gateway Overview Front Panel

–  –  –

Online - Displays the status of your cable connection. The light is off when no cable connection is detected and fully lit when the modem has established a connection with the network and data can be transferred.

–  –  –

WPS button: Wi-Fi Protected SetupTM. This button can be used to:

Secure the connection with another device (PC for example) using WPS protocol. A long press (press 2 more seconds) on the button allows you to enable the association of the modem with a PC or other equipment.

After link establish. A short press on the button, switch on/off Wi-Fi.

–  –  –

Fig. 1-5 Connection overview What the Modem Does The Wireless Voice Gateway provides high-speed Internet access as well as cost-effective, toll-quality telephone voice and fax/modem services over residential, commercial, and education subscribers on public and private networks via an existing CATV infrastructure. It can inter-operate with the PacketCable compliant head-end equipment and provide the IP-based voice communications. The IP traffic can transfer between the Wireless Voice Gateway and DOCSIS/Euro-DOCSIS compliant head-end equipment. The data security secures upstream and downstream communications.

What the Modem Needs to Do Its Job The Right Cable Company: Make sure your local cable company provides data services that use cable TV industry-standard DOCSIS/Euro-DOCSIS compliant and PacketCable/EuroPacketCable compliant technology.

The Internet/Telephony Service Provider (ISP/TSP): Your cable company provides you access to an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and Telephony Service Provider (TSP). The ISP is your gateway to the Internet and provides you with a pipeline to access Internet content on the World Wide Web (WWW). The TSP provides you with telephony access to other modems or other telephony services over the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).

Check with your cable company to make sure you have everything you need to begin; they’ll know if you need to install special software or re-configure your computer to make your cable internet service work for you.

Page 14 / 83 Contact Your Local Cable Company You will need to contact your cable company to establish an Internet account before you can use your gateway. You should have the following information ready (which you will find on the sticker on the


• The serial number

• The model number

• The Cable Modem (CM) Media Access Control (MAC) address

• The Terminal Adapter (EMTA) MAC address

• Security information: Service Set Identifier (SSID), Encryption key / passphrase (WPA2-PSK by default), channel number. Default values are indicated underneath the modem on the sticker.

Please check the following with the cable company The cable service to your home supports DOCSIS/Euro-DOCSIS compliant two-way modem access.

Your internet account has been set up. (The Media Terminal Adapter will provide data service if the cable account is set up but no telephony service is available.) You have a cable outlet near your PC and it is ready for Cable Modem service.

Note: It is important to supply power to the modem at all times. Keeping your modem plugged in will keep it connected to the Internet. This means that it will always be ready whenever you need.

Important Information Your cable company should always be consulted before installing a new cable outlet. Do not attempt any rewiring without contacting your cable company first.

Please verify the following on the Wireless Voice Gateway The Power LED should be lighted when plug-in the power supply.

Connecting the Wireless Voice Gateway to a Single Computer This section of the manual explains how to connect your Wireless Voice Gateway to the Ethernet port on your computer and install the necessary software. Please refer to Figure 1-5 to help you connect your Digital Cable Modem for the best possible connection.

–  –  –

Page 16 / 83 Installation procedure for connecting to the Ethernet interface Follow these steps for proper installation.

Plug the coaxial cable to the cable wall outlet and the other end to the modem’s cable connector.

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