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AutoCAD Civil 3D Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension

User’s Guide

April 2010

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Published By: Autodesk, Inc.

111 Mclnnis Parkway San Rafael, CA 94903, USA Contents

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Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension is a full-featured application you can use for hydrologic and hydraulic analysis of both simple and complex storm sewer networks. Use this tool to determine the hydraulic grade line in an existing system or to plan and design a new system.

Use Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension to model and design storm sewer networks using traditional methods. Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension can design and model a network of up to 250 storm sewer lines.

A storm sewer network is made up of lines. A line represents a length of pipe that has a junction at the upstream end.

Junctions can be manholes, inlets, j-boxes, or other structures where losses or gains occur. You can have more than one line enter a junction, but only one line can exit the junction. You also have the option to specify multi-barrels for any line.

You create the storm sewer system in Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension by specifying the required data, one line at a time, starting at the downstream end. Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension is menu driven, so you can perform tasks and maintain a working model of your system by adding lines as necessary. You do not need to enter all the anticipated lines initially.

The general process for modeling a storm sewer system includes these tasks:

Setting or verifying the Design Codes to determine the design constraints.

■ Adding the lines.

■ Computing the storm sewer system and creating and printing reports.

■ IMPORTANT If you plan to use the Rational Method, first set up your rainfall data file. For more information, see IDF Curve Setup on page 16. To get started, you can use the sample set of IDF (intensity-duration-frequency) curves that ships with the program. For sample file locations, see Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension Files and File Locations on page 2.

Using Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension, you can model more than one system at a time because you can specify any number of outfall lines.

Use this manual to learn the process of designing storm sewer systems with the Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension. The Help has a summary of modeling guidelines, as well as a detailed explanation of the main application window and options for data input.

Help and Documentation Use the Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension User’s Guide and the online help to learn how to use the application.

–  –  –

You can also open the online help from the application. Press F1 or click the Help button in any dialog box.

Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension Files and File Locations

Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension has the following different file types:

–  –  –

You get an error message during the install or uninstall of the software if this.ini file cannot be found by Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension.

Hydraflow Storm Sewers Support and Sample Files

The following Storm Sewers support and sample files are installed with the product:

–  –  –

2 | Chapter 1 Getting Started

These files are installed to the following locations:

Microsoft Vista C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Autodesk\C3D2011\enu\HHApps\StormSewers C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD Civil 3D 2011\UserDataCache\HHApps\StormSewers Microsoft XP C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD Civil 3D\UserDataCache\HHApps C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Autodesk\C3D2011\enu\HHApps

Sample.IDF curve files are installed to the following locations:

Microsoft Vista C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\C3D2011\enu\HHApps\IDF Microsoft XP C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\C3D2011\enu\HHApps\IDF Upgrading From Previous Versions You can migrate previous versions of project files with a.stm extension as far back as version 7.0. When you save a file with a Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension format, the file cannot be reopened in a previous version.

There is no backward compatibility.

To open your previous version *.IDF file, on the toolbar, click the IDF button. In the Rainfall IDF dialog box, click Open and browse to the IDF file.

NOTE In Civil 3D 2010, you can import.stm files that were created or saved from older versions of the Storm Sewers Extension; for example, the Storm Sewers Extension for AutoCAD Civil 3D 2009 or earlier. You can also successfully open.stm files that were created or saved from 2009, or earlier, versions of the Storm Sewers Extension in the Storm Sewers Extension version 2010. However, in the Storm Sewers Extension for Civil 3D 2009, or earlier versions of the Storm Sewers Extension, you cannot open.stm files that were saved in the Storm Sewers Extension for Civil 3D 2010, or that were exported from Civil 3D 2010.

It is also important to note that when importing.stm files that were saved prior to version 2010, they may contain hydraulic grade line (HGL) values, however, they will not contain some of the other hydraulic properties, as listed below. The following values are calculated in the Storm Sewers Extension version 2010, but are not found in older

versions of.stm files (prior to 2010):


–  –  –

NOTE Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension is compatible with previous version project files from version 7.0 forward, however when you save a project in this version you cannot open it in a previous version. Project files are not backward compatible. To load an IDF curve from a previous version, open the old version *.IDF file

–  –  –

Working in SI Units Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension is designed to operate in either U.S. Customary or SI units. All input data is entered in the current units setting. At any time, you can switch the current units setting. Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension automatically performs a data conversion.

–  –  –

Cost codes must be updated because the Cost module requires that the Initial Depth and Increment be set with a whole number and the conversion process creates fractions.

Verify that the values in the Design Codes have not changed.

–  –  –

Data Conversion Considerations Usually, existing data is converted using standard English - to - metric conversion factors. Pipe sizes are approximated. For example, converting a pipe size from 18 inches to SI renders 18 x 25.4 in/mm = 457.2 mm. The equivalent metric size for an 18-inch pipe is 460 mm.

IMPORTANT The rounded conversion of pipes affects the calculation results. Because the cross-sectional area of the pipes are not exactly identical, there is a slight change in velocity and hydraulic grade line (HGL).

4 | Chapter 1 Getting Started Some Restrictions Apply In the Design Codes, if you select Check For Inlet Control, only the Standard Orifice Equation option can be used when working in SI units.

When you save project files, the file is saved in the current units. To retrieve these files, you are prompted to change current unit settings to match the units in the incoming file. For best results, do not to switch back and forth between SI and U.S. Customary units.

Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension Main Application Window The Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension main application window has pull-down menus, a toolbar at the top of the window, and a toolbox to the side. You enter data using both spreadsheets and dialog boxes. To fill in data fields, you enter the text or number and press the Tab key, not Enter. Pressing Enter is the same as clicking OK and pressing Esc is the same as clicking Cancel. Use the Tab key to move the focus to the next item. To go back to a previous item, press Shift-Tab.

As you enter lines, they are automatically numbered in the order of input. The first line you input is line number 1 and the second line input is number 2, and so on. This does not necessarily mean that line X flows into line X-1. Part of the input data for each line is the downstream line number. This indicates to Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension the line that line X flows into. If you need to label your lines in a certain order, you have the option to assign Line IDs and Inlet IDs.

The main application window offers flexibility for data input and viewing with the four tabs Plan, Pipes, Inlets, and Results. The display tab you choose is determined by the task you are working on. For example, when you are adding lines to your system, you can use the Plan view to graphically draw your system, but if you prefer entering line data in a spreadsheet, you can use the Pipes or Inlets tab. Another option is to enter the Line data in the Add/Edit dialog box.

After you enter the storm sewer system data, you can use menu options to edit data and compute results.

You can choose from four options to compute results, depending on the necessary level of accuracy and whether you are modeling an existing system or designing a new system. The results always shows the

following details:

–  –  –

The bottom panel of the main application window is a status bar that displays the progress bar, project file name, and the N, E coordinates.

Modeling Overview You begin design on your storm sewer system by specifying the required data, one line at a time, starting at the downstream end. The program calculates the accumulated data, such as drainage areas and time of concentration (Tc). A small amount of required data for each line returns a high level of detail. You can perform the tasks using the menu options and save and reopen project files at any time.

Modeling Existing Storm Sewer Systems Using Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension, you can model existing systems by describing the invert elevations, length, and size for an individual line. Enter anticipated flows for each line using either the Rational Method, Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension Main Application Window | 5 or the direct entry of known flow rates (Qs), or a combination of both. Using the automatic capacity calculation feature, you compare the actual conditions with the full flow capacity for the storm sewer system.

This comparison determines weak links in the storm sewer system. You can then use the design options in the Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension to correct deficiencies in the system.

Designing New Storm Sewer Systems Designing a new system is similar to modeling an existing system. For each line, you omit the invert elevations and pipe size. When these blank values are encountered during the calculations, Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension automatically designs the invert elevation and pipe size based on the Design Codes you have specified. Design Codes include, minimum/maximum pipe sizes and slopes, design velocity, pipe crown alignment, and minimum depth of cover. For the design flows, you can enter anticipated flows using either the Rational Method, or the direct entry of known Qs, or a combination of both.

You can enter known values for any lines in your system. For example, you can enter an existing invert elevation for a line and omit the pipe size, or enter the pipe size and omit the invert elevation. Hydraflow Storm Sewers Extension calculates missing parameters based on the Design Codes.

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