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«PRESIDENT’S REPORT – Penelope Melis INTRODUCTION OF COMMITTEE The committee is made up of volunteers from amongst our members, who invest their ...»


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23/02/2012 at 7:30pm



The committee is made up of volunteers from amongst our members, who invest their

own time to keep the playgroup running smoothly. The Committee last year was

amazing and supported each other throughout the year. We managed to accomplish all

the aims we had outline at the beginning of the year and even with 2 positions vacant, 2 pregnancies and 1 committee member moving away, charged on and were highly successful. Thank you so much to each one of you for your time and effort last year, it is much appreciated.

The committee last year was made up of:

Vice President – Corinna Maurer who moved to KL in November and was replaced by Jodi Mansfield. Thank you to Jodi, who has agreed to continue on in the position for this year.

Treasurer – Amy McDonald who has done a sterling job this year and has been so reliable and a huge support. Amy has also agreed to continue in her position this year, which is fantastic.

Secretary – Kati Murray who has been the secretary for 2 years now and had her 3rd child this year. She took on her session’s coordinator role alongside her committee role and was able to be totally effective in both. She won’t be joining us on the committee this year but has agreed to continue in her coordinator role.

Enrolments – Nicole Gallin has been willing to go the extra mile to help us implement the new enrolments system. She has put up with countless emails and questions from members, new enquiries and much badgering from myself. Thank you so much and congratulations on a job well done. She won’t be joining us again this year but has agreed to stand as her session’s coordinator until one is found.

Maintenance – Cathryn Morse a new member to playgroup this year has taken the role on whole-heartedly and been so reliable. She had her 2nd baby this year but has agreed to continue on in her role, which I’m very excited about.

Stocktake/Toy Purchasing – Lauren Evans has worked quietly behind the scenes purchasing, tidying, labelling and sorting. She has done a superb job and we are so grateful to her for the time and effort she’s placed into getting us organised. Her children have moved on from playgroup so she won’t be joining us this year.

Supplies – Victoria Smith has been on the committee for 3 years. Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into playgroup over the years. Your wisdom and constant input in decisions made at committee meetings has been a huge help.

Thank you also to our session coordinators: Sonia White, Kate Atkinson, Alison Low, Kira Loo, Stephanie Clements, Natalie Connelly, Kati Murray, Federica Pagliaricci, Shenton Park Playgroup Inc. | 240 Onslow Road| PO Box 7177 | Shenton Park 6008 | www.shentonparkplaygr

–  –  –

Shannon Meyerkort and Catherine Juniper for your contribution to the smooth running of playgroup throughout the year.

2011 ACHIEVEMENTS Communication Our new website was created and launched in March of 2011. We purchased the domain name shentonparkplaygroup.com through Weebly, an online website creation company. The website has proven to be an invaluable tool to help us advertise, monitor interest, store organisation information, display updates, manage appointments and coordinate enrolments.

Along with the domain we received 10 shentonparkplaygroup.com email addresses, which are used for the 10-committee roles. Stats show that on the 22nd Jan 2012 during enrolments the website was visited by 180 unique visitors - proving it to be a very valuable tool.

The facebook page was created, however interest by members seems slow and so is only used for community updates.

A new logo was introduced this year and has been added to the website and is used in all external correspondence. We are also seeking council approval for new signs with our logo and website to be displayed on Onslow Road, Herbert Street and in the laneway.

Front Garden The garden was planted at a clean & tidy session during the year. It is starting to get established. Some plants have died in the heat, but the ones that will survive, have. The area is being utilised by some sessions, my session use it for quiet activities and find it a nice cool spot. We use the area for painting, reading, doing puzzles and playing musical instruments. If you put down the picnic rug, take out the beanbags and put out some activities the children love it. We are looking at putting in some bench seating out there this year.

–  –  –

Christmas Party Our 2011 Christmas Party was held on Saturday 3rd December. From 10:30 – 12:30pm at Lake Jualbup. Approximately 90 Adults & 80 children attended it.

The Swan Valley Cuddly Farm & sKYLArk face painting/balloon artistry (paid for by SPPG) kept the children entertained along with a play dough table, water/ sand play area, some of our larger toys and an Arts and craft table with Christmas decoration cut outs and glitter. Refreshments were available from Mr. Mocha coffee van & a food table provided by our sessions.

We had lots of positive feedback from members and many requests to follow a similar format for 2012.

Indoor Store room A new storage system was installed. This has allowed us to keep the storeroom more organised and clean. The door swings were also changed on both doors to allow for easier access to the new system.

Supplies A new paper towel dispenser was installed in the toilet and is now replenished when required. The kitchen cupboards were cleaned, sorted and replenished with new kitchen utensils, plates and cutlery.

Clean & Tidy We held 4 Clean & tidy sessions in 2011 with the hopes that more members would get involved, however only 45 members attended, leaving 52 unclaimed bonds. For 2012 we’ve done away with the bond structure and included a $30 cleaning fee in the membership. We however will offer the option for 45 members to take part in a 1 x hour toy clean or stock take during the year whereby they can receive a $30 refund. Thank you to the sub committee from the Friday Am session who assisted with the clean & tidy sessions when Fiona Camari their committee rep moved away last year.


We didn’t have a fundraising rep this year and so decided to focus only on the Entertainment Book and the PGWA raffle. We did fairly well in both these endeavours, however, both required a large amount of administration. The committee agreed to rather include a $30 fundraising fee in the membership fee for 2012, which means we don’t need to do any further fundraising this year.

–  –  –

Possible purchases/maintenance – from budget surplus and savings  ­ Kitchen cupboards refurb (possibly some left over from maintenance budget)  ­ Outdoor benches for front garden  ­ Coffee machine (to be reviewed)

–  –  –

The total spend on Toys this year was $1820.06

The following was purchased:

Indoor/outdoor beanbags for the purpose of enabling adults and children to read • together in comfort.

A larger new dolls house and furniture to replace the existing tired one.

• Replacements for the outdoor kitchen, and shopping trolleys.

• A new clock with large numbers now means the clock is visible from outdoors.

• Two ball nets for the outdoor balls •

Art and craft

Art & Craft consumables were restocked twice. These consumables are expensive but very important for children’s creativity and exploration. Members have been requested to monitor children while the art and craft is being used so as to avoid excessive wastage.

Storage Storage boxes were purchased and relabelled for the indoor toys (this has helped to tidy the shelves and make the area look more uniform) The outdoor toy storeroom is very full and so the layout was modified to try to improve access. Laminated photographic labels were created to depict this new placement and now facilitate ease of setup and pack up.

Members have been reminded to replace items in their correct positions, so as to maintain this new system.

Stocktake In June 2011 the Monday morning session and myself completed the annual stocktake.

(This took a few hours and was a good activity for members to be involved in as it enabled our session to see all of the toys and activities that the playgroup has on offer.

We found many toys our group didn’t know we had. Many of the toys required relabeling and re-sorting into correct boxes. On the whole we found our toys were generally in a good condition considering the amount of use they receive.

Fundraising for Toys I arranged for two Learning Ladder parties to be held at the Monday Am and Wednesday Am sessions. Proceeds raised from these parties amounted to nearly $100 worth of new toys and educational toys and puzzles for the playgroup.

Facility Use Guidelines These guidelines were introduced to try to help keep our toys and facilities in good condition. They refer to the following areas: Food consumption, Craft activities, Toys and Toilet Training. Though care has been taken to purchase good quality toys, it is up to the members and children to look after the toys and treat them with respect.

–  –  –

The total enrolments for 2011(111 families & 158 children) were slightly higher than 2010 (102 families with 142 kids) The current 2012 enrolments (91 families and 153 kids), means we already have more kids than we did this time last year and enrolments are still coming in.

2012 Enrolment Process The enrolment process worked very well. If we ‘d received all enrolments at once (rather than staggered over 3 weeks), existing members would have likely missed out on their current session times and this would have amounted in more admin. Staggering the enrolments has been beneficial and my recommendation is that the same process should be duplicated next year.

The actual enrolment process of using the website is vastly superior to the old paper system and the only suggested change for next year is to remove the ’Session Appointment Form’ from the website for the duration of the enrolment weeks as this caused some confusion.

Advertising Advertising for the enrolment process was sufficient (emails, website and flyers at play group) and the few members who ‘missed out’ were minor compared to the majority of members who enrolled as per the advertised process.

–  –  –

The maintenance for the playgroup was fairly busy during 2011, ensuring that the safety of our children is our main priority. We have maintained a good relationship with Subiaco Council, who provide a prompt service to us - fixing the carpark wall, fitting security lights, removing bricks and other debris. We have also employed a gardening service to maintain the outdoor area on a regular basis.

–  –  –

The responsibility to fill the final committee position lies with the Wed Am or Thurs Am session, however they have not as yet been able to find a candidate. This will remain their responsibility to fill.


Resolution was passed that the Committee members are not required to pay membership fees or PGWA insurance.


2 additional new swings & replacement of old ropes on existing swings • Additional bench seating to both courtyards • Table & seats for children in main courtyard • Rail to the end of the play equipment – committee awaiting audit from • Playsafe.

Query about overload on Monday Am session & Tuesday Am session with • 2 committee reps from each. Reps within these sessions are happy to stand on the committee if no-one else wants to fill their positions (Vice President & Cleanliness) PM would prefer to have committee members like these who really want to be there rather than ones that have been coerced.

Shenton Park Playgroup Inc. | 240 Onslow Road| PO Box 7177 | Shenton Park 6008 | www.shentonparkplaygroup.com

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