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«PROGRAM OVERVIEW The Adventure Recreation and Parks Technician (Co-op) - Accelerated program is similar to the two year program, given the ...»

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Adventure Recreation and Parks   Section B.100   


Technician (Accelerated)

Ontario College Diploma (12 months ) (5218)

705.759.6700  :  1.800.461.2260  :  www.saultcollege.ca  :  Sault Ste. Marie, ON, Canada


The Adventure Recreation and Parks Technician (Co-op) - Accelerated program is similar to the two year

program, given the opportunity to complete the program in one calendar year.

If you are looking for a fun and exciting career in the outdoors and are interested in learning a variety of recreational and wilderness-based skills, then this program is for you!



Ontario Secondary School diploma with Grade 12 English (C) ENG4C or mature student status.


As a graduate of the program, you are qualified and trained to work in the public and private sectors, including Parks Canada, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, conservation authorities, municipal parks departments, and private park owners. Examples of employment found within these park agencies include Park Warden, Park Interpreter, Resources Technician, and Park Superintendent.

TheAdventure recreation field opportunities include employment prospects with adventure travel and ecotourism companies, either as a guide or business owner. Graduates may become recreational instructors at outdoor centres and children`s camps, teaching a variety of skills such as canoeing and kayaking. Opportunities such as snowboard/ski instructors in winter or wilderness outfitters and/or retailers may also be available.


**This offering is currently suspended. Please contact the Registrar`s Office for further information.** This is a co-operative education program. Students are required to complete at least one co-op work placement (CWF100) in order to graduate. Work placement and career development skills are taught as one module in the Natural Resources Career Management course in Semester 3.

*NOTE: Following completion of this program, you will have one calendar year to complete the co-op placement.


Program Coordinators Brian Anstess and Ryan Namespetra at:

Brian.Anstess@saultcollege.ca 705-759-2554 Ext: 2461

Ryan.Namespetra@saultcollege.ca 705-759-2554 Ext:


SEMESTER 1 NRT225-4 Wilderness Survival Skills NRT226-2 Natural Resources Entrepreneurship NRT231-3 Planning Recreational Events NRT233-3 Adventure Ecotourism NRT240-2 Natural Resources Law NRT235-2 Sustainable Resource Management Note: Semester 1 - July-August (8 weeks) SEMESTER 2 CMM115-3 Communications I NET100-3 Fish and Wildlife Studies I NRT101-3 Trees and Shrubs I NRT111-4 Park Operations NRT123-3 Outdoor Navigation NRT130-3 Adventure Recreation I NRT131-2 Fall Field Camp - First Year NRT141-3 Science and Nature GEN100-3 Global Citizenship Note: Semester 2 - September to December (15 weeks) SEMESTER 3 MTH125-3 Business Mathematics NET105-3 Fish and Wildlife Studies II NET107-3 Outdoor Equipment Certifications NRT109-3 Ecology NRT116-2 Natural Resources Career Management NRT133-3 Trees and Shrubs II NRT134-3 Adventure Recreation II NRT145-3 Horticulture Groundskeeper

Select one of the following:

GAS103: What in the World is Going On?

GAS109: Music and Pop Culture GAS116: Your Two Cents GEN110: Student Selected General Education HDG122: Personal and Academic Success Strategies SSC102: Introduction to Aboriginal Peoples of Canada


Semester 3 - January to April (15 weeks) *Students must choose one of the identified Student Selected General Education courses.

SEMESTER 4 CWF100-3 Co-op Work Placement I Note: CWF100-3 - Following completion of this program, you will have one calendar year to complete the co-op work placement.

NRT211-3 Protecting Park Values NRT212-3 Park Interpretation NRT230-3 Computer Applications in Adventure Recreation NRT232-2 Fall Camp - Parks and Adventure Recreation - Second Year NRT234-3 Adventure Recreation and Parks Leadership NRT238-3 Physical Geology NRT256-3 Ecosystem Classification NRT260-4 Trail Construction and Facility Maintenance


Note: Semester 4 - May - June (Accelerated 8 weeks) Course Descriptions Semester 1 Wilderness Survival Skills (NRT225) (4 credits) Students will learn the important necessary skills required to professionally conduct extended backcountry trips for guiding in the adventure tourism industry. Topics will include: client expectations and professionalism, specialized training and certification (hard skills), trip planning and preparation, outdoor clothing and gear selection, outdoor cooking and nutrition, leave no trace camping, wilderness safety, liability and risk management, wilderness survival, outdoor leadership, and wilderness communication.

Case examples of high profile adventure travel companies will be explored.

Natural Resources Entrepreneurship (NRT226) (2 credits) An introduction to operating a small business in the rapidly expanding private sector of natural resources.

Case studies will be used to demonstrate the operation of local natural resource businesses. Major topics covered in the course are self-evaluation, needs assessment, market analysis, financial assistance programs, components of a small business plan, types of small businesses and management styles.

Planning Recreational Events (NRT231) (3 credits) Recreation planning will be examined on two levels; the planning of recreation uses on public lands and private resorts, and the planning of special events. Through case studies, students will discuss: ways to integrate land uses, anticipate and reconcile use conflicts, funding and staffing constraints, impact monitoring techniques, managements planning, etc. Recreational event planning processes will be introduced using case studies. Students will plan and implement a community event.

Adventure Ecotourism (NRT233) (3 credits) This introductory course provides students with an overview of the variety and scope of adventure ecotourism opportunities in Canada. Students will be given the chance to research the local natural and human history of the Algoma region, and apply their knowledge when conducting day-long guided adventure ecotours in the field. Logistical and safety issues will be experienced and considered in the design of these educational tours. This course directly ties into other courses such as Adventure Recreation one and two as students will be using techniques learned in those classes and will be responsible for designing and executing the full scope of their Adventure Ecotour.

Natural Resources Law (NRT240) (2 credits) This course will acquaint natural resource students with pertinent issues in the Canadian and Ontario justice systems and enforcement procedures. Students will be required to have a working knowledge of the content and significance of legislation related to natural resource use. A section will be devoted to aboriginal rights related to natural resources. Compliance monitoring and enforcement protocols will be emphasized.

Sustainable Resource Management (NRT235) (2 credits) This course will explain the principles and practices involved in carrying out sustainable resource management. The full range of values provided by forests will be described and methods of protecting, maintaining or enhancing those values will be presented. Forest, wildlife or recreation management practices, which integrate the management of all forest values, will be introduced.

Semester 2

Communications I (CMM115) (3 credits) The focus of this course is paragraph writing. Students will produce effective, college-level expository/response paragraphs by developing analytical skills to select and properly integrate electronic and other research materials. Writing components such as grammar, sentence structure, paragraph development, editing, and referencing are included.

Fish and Wildlife Studies I (NET100) (3 credits) Students will learn to identify aquatic invertebrate groups, terrestrial insects, and common Ontario herptiles and bird species.  Field surveys will be conducted to assess habitat and relative population abundance with the emphasis on recording, analyzing and presenting field data.

Trees and Shrubs I (NRT101) (3 credits) This course will provide a systematic study of structural characteristics of trees and shrubs, the identification of Canadian species by leaf features, their relationships to one another and recognition of their dynamic role in forest ecology. Coniferous species will be studied in considerable detail including twig, bark and growth characteristics.

Park Operations (NRT111) (4 credits) As one of the core background courses in the Parks & Outdoor Recreation program, students will be introduced to a number of major park systems where employment opportunities are found. All lectures provide a systematic review of the agencies that manage parks and protected areas in Canada. In addition, the labs focus on preparing students for seasonal and full-time employment through coverage of traditional park positions. Park management objectives and current issues in parks will also be discussed, and studied through practical exercises such as the Park Investigative Report. There will be field trips scheduled throughout the term.

Outdoor Navigation (NRT123) (3 credits) Students will gain skills in orienteering and navigating in forested areas using a magnetic hand compass, topographic maps (OBM, NTS), OMNR standard aerial photographs and global positioning systems (GPS).

Students will use a navigational protractor, metric scale, and digital planimeter in the planning and presentation of field exercises. Pacing and distance measurement devices (50 m rope, 30 m tape, Hip-Chain) will be used to measure distances in a team environment. Calculations of distance, area and pacing factors will be covered.

Adventure Recreation I (NRT130) (3 credits) Providing a foundation in Canoeing, Kayaking, Hiking and Biking this course will bring students on an exploration of nature through human power. With a strong emphasis on safety students will learn how equipment works, how to maintain it and proper transportation techniques to venues. Utilizing world class trails, routes and the awe inspiring Lake Superior students will increase their fitness and learn efficiency techniques of cycling, paddling and hiking.

Fall Field Camp - First Year (NRT131) (2 credits) A one week period in the fall will provide the new student with practical outdoor natural resource related skills including watercraft handling, compassing, tree identification and hand tool and power tool maintenance use.

Science and Nature (NRT141) (3 credits) This course examines six topics of science that are fundamental to an understanding of the role of research and the relationship of biology and chemical interaction to natural resource management. Topics include the Science and the Scientific Method, Systems in Nature, The Species in an Evolutionary Context, The Cell as the Fundamental Unit of Life, Water as a Medium for Life, and Chemical Interactions in the Environment.

Global Citizenship (GEN100) (3 credits) The world we are living in is one in which local, national and international issues are interwoven, and the need for us to understand the impact these issues can have on our lives has never been greater!  Using a socio-cultural, political and environmental lens, students will view how the world is changing and how to become active agents of change from the local to international level. Important issues such as social injustice, poverty, environmental protection, resource scarcity, sustainability, and health will be addressed.  Global citizenship is an opportunity to `Be the Change`.  This course meets the Civic Life and Social and Cultural Understanding General Education themes.

Semester 3

Business Mathematics (MTH125) (3 credits) Students will study business math concepts such as statistics, graphing, percentage applications, currency exchange, simple and compound interest, annuities, income/expense statements, balance sheets and cash flow. Students will use these concepts in applications using spreadsheet software.

Fish and Wildlife Studies II (NET105) (3 credits) Students will learn to identify, discuss life cycles and interpretive value of selected freshwater fishes and mammals..  Common wildlife species will be identified by their tracks & signs, scat, fur and skull. Field surveys will be conducted to assess wildlife habitat.

Outdoor Equipment Certifications (NET107) (3 credits) Students will demonstrate the proper mixing of fuel, retrieve and maintain field equipment, demonstrate safe trailer operation and successfully complete the Canada Safety Council ATV Safe Rider course, and the Sault College Chainsaw and Brush saw courses.

Ecology (NRT109) (3 credits) This is an introductory course to provide students with an understanding of ecology as it relates to people who work with renewable resources. The course covers a wide range of topics that examine the interactions between plants and animals and their physical environment. A combination of lectures, labs and field surveys provide insight into the structure and function of ecosystems in general; but emphasize forest and freshwater aquatic ecosystems in Canada.

Natural Resources Career Management (NRT116) (2 credits) This course will provide the student with the skills, tools and knowledge necessary to develop and manage their careers in the Natural Resources Field. This course will include researching Natural Resources employers, how and when to apply to Natural Resources employers, trends in Natural Resources employment areas, what Natural Resources employers like and don`t like in a resume, interview tips for Natural Resources employment, how to network for employment in Natural Resources, planning your career in Natural Resources, teamwork and interpersonal skills used in Natural Resources, the importance of attitude in career development and the preparation of the student for the CWF100 Co-op Work Term Placement.

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