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«Pursuant to A.R.S. Section 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the PHOENIX CITY COUNCIL PARKS, ARTS, TRANSPARENCY AND EDUCATION ...»

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Pursuant to A.R.S. Section 38-431.02, notice is hereby given to the members of the


SUBCOMMITTEE and to the general public, that the PHOENIX CITY COUNCIL PARKS, ARTS, TRANSPARENCY AND EDUCATION SUBCOMMITTEE will hold a meeting open to the public on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 at 9:30 a.m. located at Phoenix City Hall, 1st Floor Atrium, Assembly Rooms A, B, & C, 200 West Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona.

One or more Subcommittee members may participate via teleconference.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows (items may be discussed in a different

sequence than posted):

1. Call to Order Laura Pastor, Chair

2. Review and Approval of the September 22, 2015 Parks, Arts, Transparency and Education Subcommittee Meeting Minutes Page 5 Items 3 – 7 are for Information Only. No presentation is planned; however staff will be available to answer questions.

3. Review of Parks and Recreation Board Agenda Inger Erickson, This report provides the Parks, Arts, Transparency and Parks and Education Subcommittee with information on agenda items Recreation heard by the Parks and Recreation Board on September 24, 2015, as well as tentative future agenda items.

This item is for Information Only. Page 15

4. Hance Park ADOT Construction Update Inger Erickson, This report provides information to the Parks, Arts, Parks and Transparency, and Education Subcommittee on the status of Recreation the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) repair project at Margaret T. Hance Park (Hance Park).

This item is for Information Only. Page 19

5. Kids Café at the Library Rita Hamilton, The purpose of this report is to provide information to the Phoenix Public Parks, Arts, Transparency and Education Subcommittee on Library Kids Café, a partnership between St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance and Phoenix Public Library.

This item is for Information Only. Page 21 Head Start Monthly Report – July and August 2015 6. Moises Gallegos, This report provides the Parks, Arts, Transparency and Human Services Education Subcommittee, which serves as the City of Phoenix Head Start Governing Board,

–  –  –

For further information, please call Rita Marko, Management Assistant, City Manager’s Office, at 602-262-7684 or Genevieve Siri at 602-495-7320. 7-1-1 Friendly Persons paid to lobby on behalf of persons or organizations other than themselves shall register with the City Clerk prior to lobbying or within five business days thereafter, and must register annually to continue lobbying. If you have any questions about registration or whether or not you must register, please contact the City Clerk’s Office at 602-262-6811.

For reasonable accommodations, call Rita Marko at 602-262-7684 or Genevieve Siri at 602-495-7320 as early as possible to coordinate needed arrangements. 7-1-1 Friendly Subcommittee Members Councilwoman Laura Pastor, Chair Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela Councilman Michael Nowakowski Councilman Jim Waring

–  –  –

Phoenix City Hall Assembly Rooms A, B, & C 200 West Washington St., 1st Floor Phoenix, AZ 85003 City Council Members Present Chairwoman Laura Pastor Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela Councilman Michael Nowakowski Councilman Jim Waring

–  –  –

1. CALL TO ORDER Chairwoman Laura Pastor called the meeting to order at 10:03 a.m. with Councilman Jim Waring and Councilman Michael Nowakowski in attendance. Vice Mayor Daniel Valenzuela joined the meeting by phone and later arrived in person at 10:30 a.m.



Councilman Waring motioned to approve the minutes. Councilman Nowakowski seconded the motion which passed 4:0.




Items 3 – 5 were for information only. No presentations took place; however, staff was available to answer questions. There were no questions.

6. REQUEST TO APPLY FOR STATE GRANTS-IN-AID 2016 FUNDS Item 6 was for Consent Action. No presentation was planned; however staff was available to answer questions. There were no questions. Councilman Nowakowski motioned to approve the item. Councilman Waring seconded the motion which passed 4:0.


Youth and Education Manager Tim Valencia presented an update on the Read On Phoenix AARP Experience Corps Program outcomes for the school year 2014-15. He asked for approval to enter into intergovernmental agreements with additional school districts to expand the program. He stated the report also requested the Subcommittee’s recommendation to apply for additional grant funds.

He also made a PowerPoint presentation, which addressed the following: Performance Outcomes; Average Word per Minute Rates by 2014-15 Benchmark; and Funding Opportunity. Mr. Valencia commended the Library Department for their partnership.

Councilman Nowakowski commended staff on working with City and community partners. He stated the program will help address social issues in the community. He commended the Head Start and Early Head Start programs as well.

Vice Mayor Valenzuela stated he was honored to kick off the program a few years ago with Mayor Stanton and to volunteer to read to children. He commended staff and the program for making a positive impact on education.

Greta Rogers spoke in support of the program. In response to questions from Ms.

Rogers, Mr. Valencia replied there are 182 volunteers, about a third of the children are bilingual, and the program is grant funded by the Virginia G. Piper Charitable Trust at $135,000.

Councilman Nowakowski motioned to approve the item. Vice Mayor Valenzuela seconded the motion which passed 4:0.


(IDA) Deputy City Manager Paul Blue introduced the item and Phoenix IDA Executive Director John Salgado. Mr. Blue said the presentation would cover background on the IDA, their activity to date, and their proposed strategy for the current fiscal year.

Mr. Salgado made a PowerPoint presentation, which addressed the following:

Mission Statement, Bond Issuances 2009-15, Community Impact Fund 2013-15, Community Development Fund 2013-15, 2016 Public Finance Plan, Residential Mortgage Programs, Community Impact Fund (Currently), Community Development Fund (Currently).

Councilman Valenzuela arrived in person at 10:30. Councilman Valenzuela briefly left the meeting at 10:37 and returned at 10:41.

Mr. Blue stated staff was working hard to assure the City Council has clarity on the priorities the IDA is pursuing programmatically. He noted staff was asking the Subcommittee to approve the conceptual themes that the IDA Board could pursue, noting that individual projects would be presented to the City Council for approval. He noted that staff does not want the Council to be surprised when staff return for specific approval on individual projects or activities, and that staff are seeking direction before bringing those forward.

Councilman Nowakowski applauded all of the IDA’s work. He stated the City wants to help out those small businesses that were struggling during the economic downturn, providing seed money for those individuals. He added that with the need for healthcare, especially for individuals that are homeless or with a disability, grant monies are not really out there, and the IDA is providing some help for those individuals. He commended the support for education and the mortgage program for helping 6,200 families.

In response to Councilman Waring’s questions, Mr. Salgado said there are 45 IDAs in the state and many more nationally.

Vice Mayor Valenzuela thanked the Board for their commitment and commended staff’s work. He expressed his support for the IDA’s work. He asked City Attorney Brad Holm to provide clarification since he said some members of the Subcommittee may declare a conflict on some of the projects mentioned.

Mr. Blue invited Mr. Holm to the table. Mr. Blue said the Subcommittee members can declare where they may have conflicts, recognizing staff is asking for action that involves no specific projects at this time as the recommendation is for approval of a conceptual policy.

Mr. Holm said that the Subcommittee would be voting on the overall concept going forward, and in that sense, there isn't a direct conflict. He said in the past, the IDA has funded some projects for organizations where various Council members may have been involved as Board members. He noted that out of an abundance of caution staff wanted members to be aware of that fact. He added that there isn't a direct conflict today.

Vice Mayor Valenzuela replied that some of the plans have yet to be solidified and will be voted on in the future by Mayor and Council, but they're in this plan. He asked by supporting the item today, are we putting the cart before the horse on some of those plans?

Chair Pastor asked if the vote would include Attachments A through D in the packet.

Mr. Blue replied the plan is listed on pages 31 and 32 and that references the targeted activities in the areas of public finance and the residential mortgage program. He added that it is the Board's intention to increase funding in the Community Impact Fund and the Community Development Fund. He explained Attachments A through D are all historical documents that represent the activities the IDA has undertaken under its charter from the Phoenix City Council in the past. Mr. Blue explained staff is not asking for specific action on any individual projects in these areas. He said the Council has delegated that function to the IDA board.

Chair Pastor stated that, in summary, the members are being asked to vote on the big picture and approve the conceptual pillars.

Mr. Blue said the Chair was correct. He explained that, for example, in public finance, these items typically come back to the City Council under state law. He added the Council will see such projects as they come forward and, if there is concern about a conflict of interest, it should be addressed then. He said the items brought forward today are about the allocation of existing resources towards programmatic efforts. He stated staff was not requesting approval of specific projects. He noted the request today is conceptual, for the allocation of money, and giving direction to the IDA Board.

Chair Pastor cited a project on Page 40, Attachment D, and said she is on the Maricopa Community College Foundation Board. She said that she would have a conflict with that as a result, however, she said that the project has already been approved. She said members were being asked to vote on the plan and not the project. Mr. Blue concurred.

Councilman Waring asked if the members wanted to move on the motions as originally noted. Vice Mayor Valenzuela and Councilman Nowakowski concurred.

Vice Mayor Valenzuela moved to recommend City Council endorsement of the main elements of the Phoenix IDA's 2015-2016 plan except for the items related to Maricopa County Community Colleges, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center, and the West Fillmore property. Councilman Waring seconded the motion which passed 4:0.

In response to Vice Mayor Valenzuela’s question, Mr. Blue said if staff were to come back to the Council on specific issues related to the organizations mentioned, the Council would have an opportunity to declare conflict at a Formal Council meeting.

Ms. Rogers commended the work of Mr. Salgado.


Special Assistant to the City Manager Toni Maccarone and Chief Information Officer Debbie Cotton made a PowerPoint presentation which covered the following: Business Systems, Additional Options, and City Services Card Approximate Cost and Savings.

Ms. Maccarone described the research conducted throughout the summer. Ms. Cotton described the findings and the conclusion that there would need to be private sector involvement. She said an estimated $5 million cost is difficult in a tough budget year, Councilman Waring stated the $25,000 savings provided by a unified services card was too low a return for such a cost.

Councilman Nowakowski stated he thought that the City’s recent technology investments would improve coordination and data gathering. Ms. Cotton stated each department’s business requirements are unique, and she is not aware of a system that can collect and integrate all the unique data centrally. Councilman Nowakowski stated he see vendors at conferences, and believes there are programs out there to provide a unified approach. Ms. Cotton stated it would require creating such a system where it does not exist today. She said the vendor would have to understand the City’s unique requirements and tailor them to each system. She added research, analysis, programming and hardware acquisition would be needed.

Chair Pastor asked if a comparison was made between the current program and the data collected for the Park and Recreation Department versus the Library Department versus other departments.

Ms. Cotton stated the only common data is resident data such as name, address and phone number. She noted departments have very different business systems. Chair Pastor recommended issuing a Request for Information (RFI). Ms. Cotton stated staff would be willing to take such a course of action.

Vice Mayor Valenzuela said people would rather have a unified card. He asked for information on the point in the life cycle of City business systems.

Ms. Cotton provided the following: Parks and Recreation and Human Services Department’s $175,000-annual maintenance contract expires in November; and the Library’s $285,000-annual contract expires in December 2018.

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