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«WPI Recreation Center: Construction Management and Alternative Design Analysis A Major Qualifying Project Submitted to the faculty of Worcester ...»

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LDA - 1102

WPI Recreation Center:

Construction Management and Alternative Design Analysis

A Major Qualifying Project

Submitted to the faculty of Worcester Polytechnic Institute

In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the

Degree of Bachelor of Science

Submitted By:

Kristopher Fournier

Stephanie Munion

Joel Stella

Sponsoring Agency:

Gilbane Building Company

Submitted To:

Project Advisors: Guillermo Salazar Leonard Albano Date: March 14, 2011 Abstract This project provided an alternative design for the structural supports of the fourth floor of the new WPI Recreation and Sports Center. Using the information developed, a comparative analysis of the alternative design versus the current design was completed based on cost, feasibility, and dynamic response. Also, with information provided by Gilbane Building Co. and Cannon Design, two 4-D models of the project were completed. These models provided a platform to track and compare construction progress. In addition to the models, an earned value analysis was completed to further track construction progress and costs.

i Acknowledgements We would like to thank all the parties involved in the development and construction of the new WPI Recreation Center. Without all of you, our project would not have been possible. We would also like to thank the WPI representatives to the project for giving us insight and information

that we could not have obtained elsewhere. Special thanks go to:

Gilbane Building Co. - Provided schedules and information related to the Rec. Center Neil Benner Melissa Hinton Justin Gonsalves Cannon Design - Provided a 3-D Revit model of the completed structure Lynne Deninger Dominic Vecchione Cardinal Construction - Provided insight into the construction process Brent Arthaud Representatives from WPI Jeffrey Solomon Dana Harmon Janet Richardson Alfredo DiMauro Sean O’Connor Shawn McAvey Leonard Albano Guillermo Salazar ii Authorship Page The work distribution for this project was evenly divided. Stephanie Munion was responsible for the project management sections of the report and the Earned Value Analysis, Chapter 2.1, portions of Chapter 3, and Chapters 5.2 and 5.4. Kristopher Fournier was responsible for the BIM modeling and analysis, Chapter 2.2, portions of Chapter 3, and Chapter

5.1. Joel Stella was responsible for the Structural Analysis, Chapter 2.3, Chapter 4, and Chapter

5.3. The other portions of the report were developed in a collaborative fashion by all members of the group.

–  –  –

construction of the Recreation Center through the proposed schedule as well as the actual progress and by creating an alternative design to the support system for the fourth floor gymnasium. A 4-D model was created in order to compare and contrast the proposed construction schedule versus the actual construction progress and to perform a cost analysis. The alternative design explored the effects of an increased vibration frequency for both the current support system as well as an alternative support system for the 4th floor gymnasium. The alternative system was incorporated into the design to replace the precast arches in the current design. Then, a cost analysis encompassing material expenses was presented to compare and contrast the two designs. In keeping with the requirements set forth by the ASCE, the following six realistic constraints were addressed during completion of this project: economic, manufacturability, ethical, health and safety, social, and sustainability.

The first constraint addressed was the economic impact that the project will have. Cost estimates were completed during each month of construction, and proposed and actual versions of the schedule were compared through the use of BIM. The prices of materials as well as any delays due to scheduling were examined and used to create an Earned Value Analysis for the project. In the alternative design, the material and labor and equipment costs for both the current and alternative support systems were compared to determine the more cost effective strategy.

The next constraint examined was the manufacturability of the project. The dynamic response of the current concrete arch system was determined for two different forcing frequencies. An alternative design was then created to try and find a more cost effective approach to supporting the 4th floor gymnasium while still adhering to the dynamic response of

–  –  –

are nine precast arches supporting the fourth floor gymnasium and to replace those with an alternative could be difficult. Fortunately, to replace the arches with a truss system using the same spacing and footings for the arches would be adequate and easily installed.

Ethical considerations needed to be addressed, and were during all portions of the project.

When completing the alternative design, all established standards of practice for construction were considered based on those used by Cannon Design that were listed in the drawings.

The next constraint was the health and safety of the project. During any construction project, health and safety for the workers, pedestrians, and future inhabitants is always a primary concern. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards, contractor safety, and building code provisions are a few of the methods used to ensure the safety of everyone involved in a project, from start to finish and occupancy. Gilbane Building Co., the construction firm, accounted for these health and safety standards on the site and in our design we followed the same Massachusetts building codes that were followed in the current design of the building.

The social impact of the project on campus life and the local environment was examined through attendance at the Owner’s Meetings. These meetings discussed topics related to campus operation, including student safety and events that were displaced due to construction, as well as public relations opportunities, such as having Santa take pictures in the mock-up on the Quad.

Some important impacts that needed to be considered were how the quad would be affected and public safety surrounding the site. Students spend much of their leisure time on the Quad and now that there is a building overlooking a large opening that was once there, students may have been displaced. Attendance at the Owner’s Meetings provided insight into how the parties

–  –  –

both the WPI and Worcester communities.

The final constraint analyzed was the sustainability of such an expensive and large-scale project on the WPI campus. Who endorses, pays for, and approves the altering of the campus had to be taken into account and also who would be taking care of this building’s day to day operations. Finding out information through the Owner’s Meetings about how the financiers and the trustees feel about the progress of the project and whether the project was worth the price that will have to be paid were all important realistic considerations. Attendance at the Owner’s Meetings emphasized that WPI is aware of the lasting effects that the decisions made during the construction of this project will have on the community, especially those decisions that affect sustainability.

vi Table of Contents



Authorship Page

Capstone Design Statement

Table of Contents

List of Tables

List of Figures

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Background

2.1 Project Management

2.1.1 Contractual Agreements

2.1.2 Project Financing

2.1.3 Project Schedule

2.1.4 Earned Value Analysis

2.1.5 WPI Recreation Center

2.2 Building Information Modeling

2.2.1 History

2.2.2 Modeling

2.3 Structural Design

2.3.1 Current Design

2.3.2 Effects of Vibration on Buildings

2.3.3 Alternative Design

3.0 Building Information Modeling and Project Management

3.1 Project Schedule

Planned Schedule

Actual Schedule

3.2 4-D Models

3.3 Earned Value Analysis

3.4 Quantities


3.5 Monitoring Project Performance

4.0 Structural Design and Dynamic Performance

4.1 Examining the Current Design

4.2 Alternative Design

4.3 Cost Comparison

5.0 Conclusions

5.1 Building Information Modeling and Project Management

5.2 Earned Value Analysis

5.3 Structural Analysis

5.4 Owner’s Meetings


Appendix A: Proposal

Appendix B – Attendance at WPI Recreation Center Owner’s Meetings

Owner’s Meeting Agenda

Appendix C – Primavera File

Appendix D – EVA: Cost

Projected – BCWS



Actual – BCWP



Appendix E – EVA: Schedule Variance & Schedule Performance Index

Appendix F- Design Calculations

Appendix G – Phasing

Developing a Phase

Adding Element to a Phase

Quantity Takeoffs

Proposed Phases

Actual Phases

Appendix H: Design Constants and Calculations

viii List of Tables Table 1: Unit Cost Concrete

Table 2: Unit Cost Steel

Table 3: Concrete Earned Value Analysis: Scheduled Variance and Schedule Performance Index

Table 4: Steel Earned Value Analysis: Scheduled Variance and Schedule Performance Index.. 36 Table 5: Progress Assessment by Phase and Bid Package

Table 6: Design Criterion for Current Design

Table 7: Dynamic Response for Current Design for 6 Hz and 9 Hz Forcing Frequencies........... 52 Table 8: Design Criterion for Alternative Design

Table 9: Dynamic Response for Alternative Design

Table 10: Dynamic Response Results

Table 11: Material Cost Comparison

ix List of Figures Figure 1: Design/Bid/Build Arrangement

Figure 2: Design/Build Contractual Arrangement

Figure 3: Construction Manager Contractual Arrangement

Figure 4: Example of a Gantt chart

Figure 5: Example of a Critical Path Method

Figure 6: Sample CPI and SPI Graph

Figure 7: Work Breakdown Structure of WPI Recreation Center

Figure 8: Activities and Gantt Chart from Primavera Software

Figure 9: CPM Diagram from Primavera Software

Figure 10- DMF vs. Frequency Ratio (Paz, 1985)

Figure 11: Screen shot from Primavera Software

Figure 12: Revit Software Phasing Flow Chart

Figure 13: Instance Properties

Figure 14: Revit Quantity Take Off Procedure

Figure 15: Phase 1 Comparison

Figure 16: Phase 2 Comparison

Figure 17: Phase 3 Comparison

Figure 18: Phase 4 Comparison

Figure 19: Phase 5 Comparison

Figure 20: Phase 6 Comparison

Figure 21: Projected Phase 7

Figure 22: Projected Phase 8

Figure 23: Risa-2D Precast Arch Model

Figure 24: Risa-2D Truss Model

–  –  –

being created to help simplify and expand the flow of information to simplify the design and construction of large-scale projects. These technologies can be used to create and manipulate three-dimensional models and schedules quickly and efficiently to help keep with the increased pace of these projects. At the center of these advances is the notion that projects can become easier to manage as well as more informative to those looking in. The visual representation of a building being created through the use of 3-D modeling gives the parties involved a way of seeing the project without being on site. The combination of this model with the construction schedule enables advanced and simpler tracking of the progress of the project throughout the construction process. The integration of owners, architects, and engineers through new technologies facilitates the resolution of the many difficulties involved in a project from start to finish and ideally creates the best result for all parties.

Of the many tasks faced by project managers during the construction of a building, cost analysis and updated scheduling are necessary to ensure the project’s completion on time and within budget. Using tools such as earned value analysis, a project manager can monitor the development of the project, as well as identify weaknesses in the current situation. Armed with this the Project Manager can identify the best contractors to complete the work and provide the owner with up-to-date budget reports..

Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) began construction on a new Recreation Center in May of 2010. The project, being managed by Gilbane Building Co., is scheduled for completion in August of 2012. This new Recreation Center will provide WPI with a competition length swimming pool, racquet ball and squash courts, 14,000 square feet of fitness space, a four-court gymnasium, indoor rowing tanks, and an extended three-lane track (WPI Sports and Recreation).

The new Recreation Center is the focus of this project because it provides a real world laboratory to study the use of BIM, EVA, and scheduling coordination as the design changes.

Given a 3-D model of the completed construction, two different four-dimensional models were developed to contrast the projected and actual progress of the project. In addition to studying the construction schedule for the Recreation Center, an earned value analysis was performed to compare the value of the work completed in each projected phase versus the amount of work completed in the actual phases. An alternative design of the gymnasium, located on the structure’s fourth floor, was created to explore the differences in frequency and provide a better understanding of structural dynamics.

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