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Rapid Interactive Structural Analysis – 3-Dimensional

Version 10.0- General Reference

26632 Towne Centre Drive, Suite 210

Foothill Ranch, California 92610

(949) 951-5815

(949) 951-5848 (FAX)


Copyright 2012 by RISA Technologies, LLC All rights reserved. No portion of the contents of this

publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any means without the express written permission of

RISA Technologies, LLC.

We have done our best to insure that the material found in this publication is both useful and accurate.

However, please be aware that errors may exist in this publication, and that RISA Technologies, LLC makes no guarantees concerning accuracy of the information found here or in the use to which it may be put.

Table of Contents Table of Contents Phi Factors

Before You Begin


Hardware Requirements

Program Limits

License Agreement



Concrete Spans

Application Interface

Main Menu

Shortcut Menu


Dynamic View Controls

Shortcut Keys and Hot Keys

Status Bar



Limitations – Aus / NZ Codes

Aluminum - Databases

Aluminum Shape Types

Limitations - Euro

Aluminum - Design

Design Parameters

Aluminum Design Results

Aluminum Detail Report

Assumptions and Limitations

Special Messages

Column Results

Boundary Conditions

Creating and Modifying

Boundary Conditions Spreadsheet................ 27  Beam Detail Reports

Boundary Condition Options

Footings at Boundary Conditions

Boundary Conditions at Wall Panels.............. 30  1. Completing the Model

2. Defining Connection Rules

Cold Formed Steel - Databases

Custom vs. Manufacturer Shapes.................. 31  3. Assigning Connection Rules

Cold Formed Shape Types

4. Assigning Load Combinations

Cold Formed Steel - Design

Design Parameters

General Reference Manual I Table of Contents

6. Connection Results Viewing

Connection Results Browser

Viewing Results Graphically

Other Considerations

Work Vectors

Customizing RISA-3D

Save as Defaults


Mode Shape Results

Member Design Optimization

Member Design Lists

Member Design Rules – Size / U.C................ 89  Dynamic Analysis - Response Spectra.........123  Member Design Rules – Concrete Rebar...... 90  Response Spectra

Design Rules - Diaphragms

Member Optimization Procedure

Optimization Results

Modal Combination Option


Rigid Diaphragms

Semi-Rigid Diaphragms

Flexible Diaphragms

Diaphragms Spreadsheet

Diaphragm Modeling Tips

Adding and Editing Spectra

Diaphragms - Analysis and Results.............. 101  Analysis / Loading

Diaphragm Results - Detail Reports............... 101  Single Spectra Plot

Deflection Calculations

Diaphragm Key Plan

Diaphragm Design Limitations

Importing and Exporting Files


Drift Results

DXF Files

Importing DXF Files

Exporting DXF Files

Merge After Importing a DXF File

DXF Element Numbers

DXF File Format

Grid Member Generation

Dynamic Analysis - Eigensolution................. 117  Required Number of Modes

Dynamic Mass

–  –  –

Circular Disk Generation

Rectangular Tank Generation

General Truss Generation

Inverting Selections

Global Parameters







Context Sensitive Help

Graphic Display

Multiple Windows

Controlling the Model View

Depth Effect

Viewing Part of the Model

Saving and Retrieving Model Views............... 163  Hot Rolled Steel - Design

Design Parameters Spreadsheet

Graphic Display - Plot Options







Deflection Diagrams


Limitations - Canadian

Graphic Editing

Drawing and Modification Features................ 176  Limitations - British

Undo Operations

Redo Operations

Project Grid

Drawing Grid

Snap Points

Copying Model Elements

Moving and Rotating Model Elements........... 189  Hot Rolled Steel - Design Results..................224  Scaling Elements

Merging Model Elements

Deleting Elements

General Reference Manual III Table of Contents EuroCode Code Check Results

Indian Code Check Results


Joint Coordinates Spreadsheet

Joint Information Dialog

Point Load Directions

Joints - Results

Joint Deflections Results

Joint Reaction Results

Distributed Loads Spreadsheet

Joints - Slaving Joints

Distributed Load Directions


Self Weight (Gravity Load)

Drawing Loads

Modifying Loads

Deleting Loads

Moving Loads Results

Loads - Basic Load Cases

Basic Load Case Spreadsheet

Copying Basic Load Cases

Deleting Basic Load Cases

Load Categories

Prestressing with Thermal Loads

Loads - Load Combinations

Load Combinations Spreadsheet

Load Combinations with RSA Results........... 245  Drawing Plate Surface Loads

Load Combinations with Moving Loads......... 246  Drawing Wall Panel Surface Loads................278  Nesting Load Combinations

Transient Load Combinations

P-Delta Load Combinations

Timber Design Load Duration Factor............. 248  Load Generation - Notional Loads.................284  Footing Design Combinations

Generating Building Code Combinations....... 249  Notional Load Generation Dialog

Notional Load Results

Loads - Joint Load / Displacement................ 255  Drawing Joint Loads

Joint Load Spreadsheet

Joint Mass

Seismic Load Results

Loads - Area Loads

Drawing Area Loads

Area Loads Spreadsheet

Area Load Direction

–  –  –

Before You Begin Welcome to the RISA-3D General Reference manual. Please read this topic prior to installing the program and pay particular attention to the License Agreement. If you agree to the terms of the license then read the Installation section and install the program. If you are a first time user of RISA-3D you should turn your attention to the User's Guide (a separate document) which is designed to get you up and running as fast as possible while still exposing you to the important features of the software.

The User's Guide is designed to be read in two ways. If you are already familiar with structural modeling in general you can skip the supporting text and read only the underlined action items to quickly move through the tutorial. If you want more thorough explanations of the modeling process you may read all or some of the supporting text as you see fit.

After you have gone through the User's Guide, use this General Reference for detailed information on any topic. The topics are arranged in alphabetical order and are thoroughly indexed.

Overview RISA-3D is a general-purpose 3-dimensional analysis and design program. This program has been developed to make the definition, solution and modification of 3D structural models as fast and easy as possible. Analysis, up to and including calculation of maximum deflections and stresses, may be done on structures constructed of any material or combination of materials. Complete steel and wood design are also included in the program.

RISA-3D has full graphical modeling capability. You can draw your model on the screen and also perform extensive graphical editing simultaneously in multiple views. To modify your model data directly, RISA-3D employs a powerful, proprietary spreadsheet. All this combined with flexible data generation algorithms makes modeling very easy. Graphic display of the model along with applied loads, boundary conditions and much more, is always available. The model can be rapidly edited, solved, viewed, modified, re-solved, etc. The truly interactive nature of RISA-3D is its primary strength.

RISA-3D is also able to perform elaborate error checking as you define the model, and offers context sensitive help every step of the way.

RISA-3D is an interactive program as opposed to a batch mode program. With a batch mode program, you would edit a text file in one program (typically called a pre-processor), and then solve it with another program, and then view the solution results in yet another program (typically called a post-processor). With RISA-3D, all model editing, model solution, and results browsing is accomplished through the same interface and with the same program. The interactive approach offers several unique advantages over batch mode which include; the ability to do real time error checking of your model data, the ability to do rapid model editing, solution, editing, and re-solution without jumping from one program to another, and the need for the user to learn only one program interface.

You may access the features in RISA-3D by using the menu system, or the toolbars. The best way to learn RISA-3D is to go through the User's Guide. The advantage to this is that you are exposed to the tools RISA-3D provides AND the ways that you can take advantage of them.

Hardware Requirements Minimum

–  –  –


• The amount of space needed by RISA-3D to solve a particular structural model depends on the size of the model.

RISA-3D has been written such that it will use as much RAM as is available. If this isn't enough, RISA-3D will start using HD space until enough memory is obtained to solve the problem. Of course, if RISA-3D is required to use HD space, the solution will be much slower. So, the more memory you have available, the better. In general, 500 Megabytes (MB) of RAM is a good amount to solve most problems. However, if you will be regularly solving large problems, more memory will save you a lot of time in the long run. See Solving Large Models for more information.

Program Limits 100,000 Joints 32,000 Members 100,000 Plates 100,000 Solids 5,000 Section Sets 500 Materials 1,000 Custom Wood Species 500 Diaphragms 1,000 Basic Load Cases 200,000 Loads 500 Moving Loads 5,000 Load Combinations 500 Mode Shapes Demonstration Version: While you can open and solve a larger model, the largest model that can be saved to disk with the demonstration version is limited to 40 Joints, 40 Members, 40 Plates and 4 wall panels.

License Agreement END-USER LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR RISA Technologies, LLC® SOFTWARE The RISA-3D software product (SOFTWARE PRODUCT) includes computer software, the associated media, any printed materials, and any electronic documentation. By installing, copying or otherwise using the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement RISA Technologies, LLC is unwilling to license the SOFTWARE PRODUCT to you. In such event you must delete any installations and destroy any copies of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT and return the SOFTWARE PRODUCT to RISA Technologies, LLC within 60 days of purchase for a full refund.

2 RISA-3D v10 Before You Begin Copyright 2012 by RISA Technologies, LLC. All rights reserved. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is protected by United States copyright laws and various international treaties. All rights not specifically granted under this agreement are reserved by RISA TECHNOLOGIES.

1. SOFTWARE LICENSE. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed, not sold. All right, title and interest is and remains vested in RISA Technologies, LLC. You may not rent, lease, or lend the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. You are specifically granted a license to the use of this program on no more than one CPU at any given time. The Network Version of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT is licensed for simultaneous use on a certain maximum number of network stations that varies on a per license basis. As part of the license to use the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, the program user acknowledges the reading, understanding and acceptance of all terms of this agreement. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT may not be reviewed, compared or evaluated in any manner in any publication without expressed written consent of RISA Technologies, LLC. You may not disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer or modify in any way the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. If the SOFTWARE PRODUCT was purchased at a discounted price for educational purposes it may in no event be used for professional design purposes. The terms of this license agreement are binding in perpetuity.

2. DISCLAIMER. We intend that the information contained in the SOFTWARE PRODUCT be accurate and reliable, but it is entirely the responsibility of the program user to verify the accuracy and applicability of any results obtained from the SOFTWARE PRODUCT. The SOFTWARE PRODUCT is intended for use by professional engineers and architects who possess an understanding of structural mechanics. In no event will RISA Technologies, LLC or its officers be liable to anyone for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings or lost data. In no event will RISA Technologies, LLC or its officers be liable for incidental, special, punitive or consequential damages or professional malpractice arising out of or in connection with the usage of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT, even if RISA Technologies, LLC or its officers have been advised of or should be aware of the possibility of such damages. RISA TECHNOLOGIES' entire liability shall be limited to the purchase price of the SOFTWARE PRODUCT.

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