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«Cumulative Impact: 165; Impact only 2008: 48 H-Index: 13 Total citations: 660 1.1 Scientific papers, Original papers 1.1.1 Peer reviewed Top 20% ...»

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Publications A.o. Univ. Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Wagner

Cumulative Impact: 165; Impact only 2008: 48

H-Index: 13

Total citations: 660

1.1 Scientific papers, Original papers

1.1.1 Peer reviewed

Top 20% (within the highest 20% of the category nutrition & dietetics, food science & technology,

Toxicology, Biochemistry and Sport sciences based on ISI in the respective year of publication)

1. Elmadfa I., Wagner K-H. (1997): Vitamin E and stability of plant oils. Fett/Lipid 99:234-238;

IF=1.218 (Impact factor of the year of publication)

2. Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I. (2000): Effects of Tocopherols and their Mixtures on the Oxidative Stability of Olive Oil and Linseed Oil under Heating. Europ. J. Lipid Sci. Technol. 102:624-629;


3. Bramley P.M., Elmadfa I., Kafatos A., Kelly F.J., Manios Y., Roxborough H.E., Schuch W., Sheehy P.J.A., Wagner K-H. (2000): Vitamin E. J. Sci. Food Agric. 80:913-938; IF=1.410

4. Wagner K-H., Wotruba F., Elmadfa I. (2001): Antioxidative Potential of Tocotrienols and Tocopherols in coconut fat considering oxidation temperature. Europ. J. Lipid Sci. Technol.

103:746-751; IF=1.218

5. König D., Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I., Berg A. (2001): Exercise and oxidative stress: Significance of antioxidants with special reference to inflammatory, muscular and systemic stress markers.

Exerc. Immunol. Rev. 7:108-133; IF=3.467 (The Top journal in Sport Science)

6. Wagner K-H., Derkits S., Herr M., Schuh W., Elmadfa I. (2002): Antioxidative potential of melanoidins isolated from a roasted Glucose-Glycine Model. Food Chem. 78: 375-382;


7. Isnardy B., Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I. (2003): Effects of alpha- gamma- and delta-tocopherols on the autoxidation of rapeseed oil triglycerides in a system containing low oxygen. J. Agric.

Food Chem., 51:7775-7780; IF=2.102

8. Glösl S., Wagner K-H., Draxler A., Kaniak M., Lichtenecker S., Sonnleitner A., Somoza V., Erbersdobler H., Elmadfa I (2004): Genotoxicity and mutagenicity of melanoidins isolated from a roasted glucose-glycine model in human lymphocyte cultures, intestinal caco-2 cells and in the salmonella typhimurium strains TA 98 and TA 102 applying the Ames test. Food Chem. Toxicol.

42:1487-1495; IF=2.341

9. Wagner K-H., Isnardy B., Elmadfa I. (2004): Effects of alpha- gamma- and delta-tocopherols on the autoxidation of a 10% rapeseed oil triglyceride-in-water emulsion. Eur. J. Lipid Sci.

Technol. 106:44-51; IF=1.232

10. Al-Saghir S., Thurner K., Wagner K-H., Frisch G., Luf W, Razzazi E., Elmadfa I. (2004): The Effects of Different Cooking Procedures on Lipid Quality and Cholesterol Oxidation of Salmon Fish (Salmo Salar). J. Agric. Food Chem. 52:5290-5296; IF=2.237

11. Ramel A., Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I. (2004): Plasma antioxidants and lipid oxidation after submaximal resistance exercise in men. Europ J Nutr. 43:2-6; IF=2.257

12. Al-Saghir S., Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I. (2005): Lipid oxidation of beef fillets during braising with different cooking oils. Meat Sci., in press; IF=1.656

13. Kornsteiner M., Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I. (2006): alpha-, gamma- and delta-Tocopherols and total phenolics in ten different nut types. Food Chem. 98:381-387; IF=2.433

14. Vardavas C.I., Majchrzak D., Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I., Kafatos A (2006): The antioxidant and phylloquinone content of wildly grown greens in Crete. Food Chemistry. 99:813-821; IF=2.433

15. Vardavas C.I., Majchrzak D., Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I., Kafatos A. (2006): Lipid concentrations of wild edible greens in Crete. Food Chemistry. 99:822-834; IF=2.433

16. Wagner K-H., Reichhold S., Koschutnig K., Cheriot S., Billaud C. (2007): The potential antimutagenic and antioxidant effects of Maillard reaction products used as “natural antibrowning” agents. Mol. Nutr. Food Res., 51:496-504, IF= 3.439

17. Bulmer A.C., Ried K., Coombes JS, Blanchfield JT, Toth I., Wagner K-H. (2007): The potential antimutagenic and antioxidant effects of bile pigments in the Ames Salmonella test. Mut. Res.

Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis 629:122-132; IF=2.122

18. Bulmer A.C., Ried K., Wagner K-H. (2008): Antimutagenic effects of bile pigments. Mut. Res.

Rev., 658:28-41, IF=7.579

19. Knasmuller S., Gerner C., Mikulits W., Wagner K-H. (2008): Use of conventional and OMICS based m ethods for health claims of dietary antioxidants: a critical overview. British J.

Nutr.; in press IF=2.967 (invited review)

20. Summa C., McCourt J., Cämmerer B., Fiala A., Probst M, Kun S., Anklam E., Wagner K-H.

(2008): Radical scavenging activity, anti-bacterial and mutagenic effects of Cocoa bean Maillard Reaction products with degree of roasting. Mol. Nutr. Food Res., 52:342-351, IF=3.439

21. Knasmüller S., Stidl R., Sontag G., Wagner K-H. (2008): Investigations concerning the long term effects of dietary factors on human health: current topics, methods and new concepts.

Food Chem. Toxicol., 46:1211-1212, IF=2.393

22. Wagner K-H., Plasser E., Proell C, Kanzler (2008): Comprehensive studies on Trans Fatty Acid content in Foods of Austria as model for Central Europe: Fast Food, Convenience Products and Margarines., Food Chem., 108:1054-1060 IF=3.052

23. König D., Neubauer O, Nics L, Kern N, Berg A., Bisse E., Wagner K-H., (2007): Biomarkers of exercise-induced myocardial stress in relation to inflammatory and oxidative stress.,Exerc.

Immunol. Rev. 13:15-36; IF=4.438

24. Cheriot S., Billaud C., Pöchtrager S., Wagner K-H. (2008): A comparative study between antioxidant and mutagenic properties of cysteine-glucose derived Maillard reaction products and neoformed products from heated cysteine and hydroxymethylfurfural. Food Chem., in press; IF=3.052

25. Wagner K-H. : An Update in Research on Gamma-Tocopherol. Current Topics in Nutraceutical Research, invited review, submitted

26. Neubauer O, König D, Nics L, Kern N, Wagner K-H., (2008): Oxidative Balance after an Ironman Triathlon: Relevance of Training Status. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 40:2119-2128; IF=2.909

27. Neubauer O, König D, Nics L, Wagner K-H., (2008): Recovery after an Ironman Triathlon:

Sustained Inflammatory Responses and Muscular Stress Author list. Europ.J. Appl. Physiol, 104:417-426; IF=1.752

28. Reichhold S., Neubauer O, Ehrlich V, Knasmüller S, Wagner K-H., (2008): An IronmanTriathlon does not increases frequency of Micronuclei. Cancer Epidem Biomar., 17:1913-1919;


29. Ehrlich V., Hoelzl C., Ferk F., Bichler J., Valic E., Schaffer A., Schulte-Herann R., Fenech M., Wagner K-H, Knasmüller S. Inhalative exposure to vanadium pentoxide causes DNA dmage in workers: results of a multiple endpoint study. Environm. Health Perspect. 116:1689-1693;


30. Gridling M., Kopp B., Wagner K-H., Krupitza G. (2008): In vitro anticancer activity of two ethnopharmacological healing plants from Guatemala Pluchea odorata and Phlebodium decumanum.

Int J. Oncol. 34:1117-1128; IF=3.398

31. Neubauer O., König D., Wagner K-H. (2008): Exercise induced DNA damage:Is there a relationship with inflammatory responses? Exerc. Immunol. Rev. 14:51-72; IF=4.438

32. Koschutnig K., Kemmo S., Lampi A.-M., Piironen V., Fritz, C., Wagner K-H. (2009):

Separation and Isolation of β-sitosterol oxides and their mutagenic potential in the Salmonella microsome assay. Food Chem., 118: ; IF=3.052

33. Koschutnig K., Kemmo S., Lampi A.-M., Piironen V., Fritz, C., Wagner K-H. (2009): Cytotoxic and apoptotic effects of single and mixed oxides of ß-sitosterol on HepG2-cells. Tox. In vitro, 23:755-762; IF=2.139

34. Reichhold S., Neubauer O., Bulmer A., Knasmüller S., Wagner K-H. (2009): Endurance exercise and DNA stability: Is there a link to duration and intensity. Mut. Res. Rev., 682: 28-38, IF=5.917

35. Smoliner C., Norman K., Hartig W., Wagner K-H., Lochs H., Pirlich M. (2009): Is depression an ignored risk factor for impairment of nutritional status and quality of life in the elderly? British J.

Nutr., 102:1663-1667; IF=2.339

36. Wagner K-H., Reichhold S., Meisel M., Hoelzl C., Knasmüller S., Neubauer O. (2009): Welltrained, healthy triathletes experience no adverse health risks regarding oxidative stress and DNA damage by participating in an ultra-endurance event? Toxicology, in press, IF=2.836

37. Bisht K., Wagner K-H., Bulmer A., (2009): Curcumin, resveratrol and flavonoidsas antiinflammatory, cyto- and DNA protective dietary compounds. Toxicology, in press IF=2.836

Pending Manuscripts:

38. Kanzler S., Manschein M., Gruber A., Wagner K-H. (2008): The nutrient composition of Europena Read Meals: Protein, Fat, Carbohydrates and Energy. Food Chem., submitted;


39. Wagner K-H.,Plasser E., Brath H., Muellner, E(2008): Effects of plant oil intervention on adponectin levels in Type 2 diabetics, Diabetes; in prep IF=8.261

40. Müllner E., Brath H., Plasser E., Wagner K-H., (2008): Effects of plant oil intervention on lipid and glucose metabolism in Type 2 diabetics, Diabetes Care; in prep IF= 7.851

41. Wagner K-H., Reichhold S., Neubauer O. (2009): No long lasting DNA damage in response to an Ironman Triathlon. New. Engl. J. Med. Submitted, IF=50.017

42. Wagner K-H., Haas, K., Elmadfa I., Windischhofer K. (2009): Intake of trans fatty acids in apprentices – a high risk group due to their negative lifestyle. British J. Nutr.; submitted IF=2.967 Top 50% (within 50% of the category nutrition & dietetics, food science & technology, sport sciences or biochemistry& molecular biology)

43. Wagner K-H., Auer E., Elmadfa I. (2000): Content of trans fatty acids in margarines, plant oils, fried products and chocolate spreads in Austria. Eur. Food Res. Technol. 210:237-241;


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46. Olafsdottir A.S., Wagner K-H., Thorsdottir I, Elmadfa I. (2001): Fat soluble vitamins in the maternal diet, influence of cod liver oil supplementation and impact of the maternal diet on the human milk composition. Ann. Nutr. Metabol., 45:265-272; IF=1.076

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Effects of Beta-Carotene Supplementation on Biological Markers of Lipid Peroxidation in Healthy Adult Subjects. Int. J. Vitam. Nutr. Res. 47:147-152; IF=1.071

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54. Wagner K-H., Jürß A., Zarembach B., Elmadfa I. (2004): Impact of antiseptics on radial metabolism, antioxidant status and DNA damage in blood cells: povidone-iodine versus octenidine dihydrochloride. Toxicol. in vitro. 18:411-418; IF=1.464

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57. Summa C., Cordeiro Raposo F., McCourt J., LoScalzo R.,Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I., Anklam E.

(2006): Effect of roasting on the radical scavenging activity of cocoa beans. Eur. Food Res.

Technol., 222:368-375; IF=1.087

58. Olafsdottir A.S., Thorsdottir I., Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I. (2006): Polyunsaturated fatty acids in the diet and breast milk of lactating Icelandic women with traditional fish and cod-liver oil consumption. Ann. Nutr. Met.; 50:270-276; IF=1.564

59. Majchrzak D., Singer I., Männer M., Rust P., Genser D., Wagner K-H., Elmadfa I. (2006): BVitamin Status and concentrations of homocysteine in Austrian omnivores, vegetarians and vegans. Ann. Nutr. Met. 50:485-491; IF=1.564

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Selected quality parameters of salmon and meat when fried with or without added fat. Int. J.

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65. Wagner K-H., Bulmer A. (2008): Antioxidative and antimutagenic effects of bile pigments – novel in vitro and in vivo data. Ann. Nutr. Metabol., 52:. IF=1.616

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