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«2012-1-FR1-LEO05-34213 AGE IN TANDEM (2012-1-FR1-LEO05-34213) Projektinformation Titel: AGE ...»




AGE IN TANDEM (2012-1-FR1-LEO05-34213)



Projektnummer: 2012-1-FR1-LEO05-34213

Jahr: 2012

Projekttyp: Innovationstransfer

Status: bewilligt

Land: FR-Frankreich

Marketing Text: Kompetenzorientiertes Instrument zur Weiterbildung und Beratung älterer Beschäftigter

Zusammenfassung: Higher participation of older workers in employment is an important factor that contributes to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, and to achieving the Europe 2020 headline target of aiming to raise the employment rate for women and men to 75%. Thus it is important to tackle age discrimination regarding employment and occupation, given that ageism is an important exclusion factor for older workers on labour markets. At the same time, investments should be made in life-long learning initiatives, adapted to labour market needs.

Following these needs and challenges, the main objective of the project proposal AGE IN TANDEM is the involvement of a transnational partnership with the goal to adapt and transfer the good practice realised in a previous Article 6 – Innovative Action project (TALENTAGED Project). In order to do so, the consortium will analyse the situation of retention and re employment of the ageing workforce, by acting through local work-teams composed by a training / guidance structure leading and testing the process and by a number of firms available to test the methodology. Each partner, is asked to deepen the adatptation of the methodology in its country (Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany and Romania), by focusing on local final beneficiaries for which stronger intervention is needed (mature workers hit by the crisis). In order to do so, specific parts or components of the methodology can be empowered by each partner, following the results of the local analysis and starting from the great experience of the consortium in the field of quality ageing, employment of mature workers and life long learning. The AGE IN TANDEM project will be based on: a) a situation analysis focused on the local existing professional training & guidance systems for mature workers (through interviews, desk analysis and focus groups) and on the local situation concerning the occupability of mature workers; b) an

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Projektdateien Age In Tandem - Report of evaluation.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Age%20In%20Tandem%20-%20Report%20of%20evaluation.pdf Final evaluation report of the project brochure-age-in-tandem-cz.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/brochure-age-in-tandem-cz.pdf Brochure Age in tandem - Czech brochure-age-in-tandem-de.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/brochure-age-in-tandem-de.pdf Brochure Age in tandem - German brochure-age-in-tandem-en.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/brochure-age-in-tandem-en.pdf Brochure Age in tandem - English brochure-age-in-tandem-fr.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/brochure-age-in-tandem-fr.pdf Brochure Age in tandem - French brochure-age-in-tandem-hrv.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/brochure-age-in-tandem-hrv.pdf Brochure Age in tandem - Croatian brochure-age-in-tandem-it.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/brochure-age-in-tandem-it.pdf Brochure Age in tandem - Italian brochure-age-in-tandem-pt.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/brochure-age-in-tandem-pt.pdf Brochure Age in tandem - Portuguese brochure-age-in-tandem-slo.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/brochure-age-in-tandem-slo.pdf Brochure Age in tandem - Slovenian Comparison of national situation.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Comparison%20of%20national%20situation.pdf Dossier of evidence and report for validation of skills.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Dossier%20of%20evidence%20and%20report%20for%20validation%20of%20skills.pdf Dossier of evidence and report for validation of skills

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Projektdateien Evaluation plan and toolkit.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Evaluation%20plan%20and%20toolkit.pdf Evaluation plan and toolkit invitation-conférence-finale-en.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/invitation-conf%C3%A9rence-finale-en.pdf Final Conference invitation - English invitation-conférence-finale-fr.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/invitation-conf%C3%A9rence-finale-fr.pdf Final Conference invitation - French parcours de formation-allemand.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/parcours%20de%20formation-allemand.pdf Training path for operators - German parcours de formation-croate.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/parcours%20de%20formation-croate.pdf Training path for operators - Croatian parcours de formation-en.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/parcours%20de%20formation-en.pdf Training path for operators - Anglais parcours de formation-fr.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/parcours%20de%20formation-fr.pdf Training path for operators - French parcours de formation-italien.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/parcours%20de%20formation-italien.pdf Training path for operators - Italian parcours de formation-portugais.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/parcours%20de%20formation-portugais.pdf Training path for operators - Portuguese parcours de formation-tcheque.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/parcours%20de%20formation-tcheque.pdf Training path for operators - Czech roll-up-ageintandem.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/roll-up-ageintandem.pdf Roll-up Age in Tandem

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Projektdateien Site web Age in Tandem.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Site%20web%20Age%20in%20Tandem.pdf Website Talentaged by Age-in-Tandem-allemand.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Talentaged%20by%20Age-in-Tandem-allemand.pdf Talentaged by Age in Tandem - German - Kompetenzorientiertes Instrument zur Weiterbildung und Beratung älterer Beschäftigter Talentaged by Age-in-Tandem-croate.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Talentaged%20by%20Age-in-Tandem-croate.pdf Talentaged by Age in Tandem - Croate - Nástroj pro trénink kompetencí a poradenství pracovník 50+ Talentaged by Age-in-tandem-English.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Talentaged%20by%20Age-in-tandem-English.pdf Talentaged by Age in Tandem - Competence-oriented tool for training and consulting for mature workers Talentaged by Age in Tandem-français.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Talentaged%20by%20Age%20in%20Tandem-fran%C3%A7ais.pdf Talentaged by Age in Tandem : méthode de formation et d'orientation pour les de 45 ans Talentaged by Age-in-Tandem-italien.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Talentaged%20by%20Age-in-Tandem-italien.pdf Talentaged by Age in Tandem - Italien - Percorsi di formazione e orientamento per l’empowerment professionale degli over 45 Talentaged by Age-in-Tandem-portugais.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Talentaged%20by%20Age-in-Tandem-portugais.pdf Talentaged by Age-in-Tandem-portugais - Método de Formação e de orientação para + 45 Talentaged by Age-in-Tandem-slovene.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Talentaged%20by%20Age-in-Tandem-slovene.pdf Talentaged by Age-in-Tandem-slovene - Model upravljanja kariere za krepitev delovne sposobnosti starejših Talentaged by Age-in-Tandem-tcheque.pdf http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/Talentaged%20by%20Age-in-Tandem-tcheque.pdf Talentaged by Age-in-Tandem-tcheque - Nástroj pro trénink kompetencí a poradenství pracovník 50+


http://www.adam-europe.eu/prj/9994/prj/TRANSFERT%20ET%20DISSEMINATION%20DU%20PROJET.pdf Transfer and dissemination of project

–  –  –

5 Invitation to the Final Conference 6 Age in Tandem Dissemination plan and record 7 Evaluation plan and toolkit 8 Comparison of national situations report 9 Training path for operators 10 Dossier of evidence and report for validation of skills 11 Analysis report of the Talentaged transfer 12 Local teams of trainers

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Marketing Text: Kompetenzorientiertes Instrument zur Weiterbildung und Beratung älterer Beschäftigter Beschreibung: Methodik für Mitarbeiter und Bewerber über 45 Jahren für die Weiterbeschäftigung und Umschulung zu unterstützen Zielgruppe: Trainers - Berufsberater - Unternehmens

–  –  –

Marketing Text: Age in Tandem brochure Beschreibung: The project leaflet presenting the project, its objectives, the results and the partnership.

Zielgruppe: Professionals working with elderly, employees and company representatives, elderly etc.

–  –  –

Marketing Text: Age in Tandem Website Beschreibung: The website of the project, containing information such as description, stakeholders, activities, objectives, testimonials, all the products and deliverables etc.

Zielgruppe: Professionals working with seniors and young seniors, potential employees and company representatives, elderly etc.

Resultat: Website Anwendungsbereich: Dissemination, information, communication Homepage: http://ageintandem.eu/index.php/en

–  –  –

Marketing Text: Project roll-up Beschreibung: Roll-up created for the presentation and identification of the project during the public meetings/conferences Zielgruppe: Conferences/meetings attendants

–  –  –

Marketing Text: Invitation to the Age in Tandem Final Conference Beschreibung: Invitation to the Age in Tandem Final Conference, held in Brussels

–  –  –

Marketing Text: Comparison of national situations report Beschreibung: Report comparing national situations regarding the employment of seniors

–  –  –

Marketing Text: The Talentaged Model - Training path for operators Beschreibung: The training path for operators lists all the activities present in the Talentaged by Age in

Tandem model, grouped by objectives, contents and tools.

Zielgruppe: Operators who can use the Talentaged by Age in Tandem model

–  –  –

Produkttyp: Verfahren zur Analyse und Prognose des Berufsbildungsbedarfes Marketing Text: Dossier of evidence and report for validation of skills

–  –  –

Marketing Text: Analysis report of the Talentaged transfer Beschreibung: The Talentaget methodology has been transfered to all the partnership countries and adapted to their local contexts. This document showh the particularities of the local contexts and the specific issues that have been raised. The complete report has been drafted in English, but each partner has access to a national language version of their own national context.

Zielgruppe: Partners, professionals in all the 8 countries of the project Resultat: Analysis of the local level transfer of the Talentaged methodology Anwendungsbereich: Training, adaptation of model

–  –  –

Marketing Text: Local teams of trainers Beschreibung: The list containing the Talentaged experts trained during the workshops for the local transfer of the project.

Zielgruppe: All professionals interested in using the Talentaged by Age in Tandem methodology

–  –  –

Zeitpunkt und Ort Thursday, November 20th, 2014 from 10 am to 12 pm at the Hotel des Colonies in Brussels.

Transnational Meeting in the Czech Republic

–  –  –

Beschreibung Transnational Meeting in the Czech Republic (Ostrava): presentation of partners’ adaptations and experimental paths carried out at local level; Workshop on intergenerational cooperation.

–  –  –

Öffentlich Öffentliche Veranstaltung

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