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«A Doctoral Dissertation “Before The Beginning Began” Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for a Phd Degree in Missions presented to Dr. ...»

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Northwestern Theological Seminary

Department of Graduate Studies

A Doctoral Dissertation

“Before The Beginning Began”

Submitted in fulfillment

of the requirements for a

Phd Degree in Missions

presented to

Dr. Samuel Galloza

Department Head of Doctoral Graduate Studies


Laubhan J. Ehrlich

Student Number N 1838-1816

May 13, 2011

Table of Contents

Purpose of Dissertation iii

Acknowledgements iii Dedication iii Introduction iv


Viewed by Topics vii Topic One: Before the Beginning Began 07 Topic Two: The Day Star is created, good and evil created 11 Topic Three: Sons of God, males and females Created 17 Topic Four: Lucifer attempts an insurrection 26 Topic Five: Lucifer is imprisoned on the earth 27 Topic Six: God forms Adam to till the ground 30 Topic Seven: Adam is lonely. Two different helpmeets are given 34 Adam’s first help meets are animals Topic Eight: 35 Adams’ second help meet is a woman Topic Nine: 37 Topic Ten: The woman is deceived 39 Topic Eleven: God pronounced three curses and promises a Redeemer 44 Topic Twelve: The woman becomes a mother 49 Adam changes the woman’s name to Eve Topic Thirteen: 50 Topic Fourteen: The birth of Cain, Abel, Seth 51 Topic Fifteen: Cain murders Abel, sent into exile to the land of Nod 52 Topic Sixteen: God protects Cain from the sons of God 56 Topic Seventeen: Cain Marries a wife 58 Topic Eighteen: Sons of God and daughters of men produce giants 60 Topic Nineteen: More about giants 65 Topic Twenty: Enoch, the preacher of rig

–  –  –

Purpose of Dissertation The purpose of this dissertation is to expose false assumptions commonly accepted as bible truths and providing authoritative, academic theology to demystify them. The authoritative theology will correct many false assumptions and give explanation about the Creation and concluding with why Jesus proclaimed ―You Must Be Born Again.‖ 1 The authoritative theological corrections will be listed and numbered 1-30 as topics in the Abstract.


–  –  –

obtain a Doctor of Theology Degree and have been a valuable part of this process. I also wish to acknowledge and thank the Lord Jesus who has begun a good work in me and will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ. I give all the praise and glory to Him.

Dedication This dissertation is dedicated to Him, the I Am That I Am, to His only begotten Son Jesus, my Lord and Savior, to the Holy Spirit, my Comforter and Guide who leads and guides and keeps me pointed in the right direction.

–  –  –

things, to my 3 children who were dedicated to the Lord at a young age and to my grandchildren and their spouses who I trust will carry forward the gospel message of Jesus.

King James Bible: John 3:7

Ibid I Peter 1:23 I dedicate this dissertation to the Apostolic Faith Bible College in Baxter Springs, Kansas Movement, for instructing me in the truth from God‘s Word and to God who has chosen me to do a part of His work. Also, to my mentor in the faith, the late Dr.

Marcus Adair who practiced the great commission daily and set a standard for me to follow.

Other mentors to whom I dedicate this include teachers, men of the Word and friends who have inspired me through the years. They are Robert Girouard, Jacob Regeir, Jack Barker, Ben Barker, Doyle Wiles, Savoy Grimmer, Gail Shultz, Edna Shultz, Dr. Harold Bollinger, R.D. Wooster, Delilah Wooster, Eugene and Lucy Webster, Lowell and Thelma Long, Dr. Eldon Bollinger, George and Mabel Hindergardt, Howard Whitely, Royce and Roberta Grant, Earl and Bessie Morgan, Leon Smith, and Jack and Elizabeth Hopson.

Introduction This thesis based is upon the belief that in the beginning God was all alone and created everything without the help of anyone or anything. This is confirmed by what Isaiah 3 said under the anointing of the Holy Ghost.

–  –  –

King James Bible Isaiah 44:24 God began the creation with all the elements needed to make everything he was creating work in harmony. In His great plan he spoke the earth and all the needed elements to come into existence. He created Males and Females to rule the planet earth and replenish it. Because there was not a man to till the ground, He formed a creature from the dust of the ground, breathed into his nostrils and the man became a living soul. The man was all alone and lonely, to combat this loneliness God formed another creature from the rib of the man and the man names the creature ―woman‖ because she was taken from him. The woman was not formed to reproduce her kind Her purpose was to be a companion to the lonely Adam.

Consider that Adam and the woman were naked and not ashamed is because they had no knowledge of good and evil. God told them not to touch the tree of Knowledge of good and evil or they would die. They had access to the tree of life and would live for ever if they stayed obedient, but if they ate of the forbidden tree they would be removed from access to the tree of life and die.

Before this time Lucifer had already been cast from heaven was imprisoned on the earth. Consider He was known as the prince and power of the earth. Many religious leaders believe in the beginning Lucifer was created an evil angel and his evil ways became sin when he attempted to elevate himself above the angels of God and become like the most high. Lucifer is referred to as Son of the morning. He was in the beginning with God when He spoke the entire universe into existence. It is significant to know he had the right to make choices and He made the wrong choice as he attempted to usurp his position above the other angels in Heaven.

It is commonly accepted that Lucifer deceived the woman causing her to disobey God and she eat from the forbidden fruit of good and evil. Immediately her eyes were opened and she realized she was a naked. She shared the fruit with Adam and his eyes were also opened and he was ashamed.

After the sins of Adam and the woman, God placed three curses at that time.

One was on the woman that she would have children in pain and sorrow and her desire would be to her husband. To Adam the curse was that he would not get to live of the fruit of the garden any more and he would die because he could no longer eat of the tree of life. Unto Lucifer God placed a surprise curse, it was a curse of final destruction that would come through the seed of woman he deceived.

The promise of a Redeemer, Jesus Christ the Son of God, was promised to come through the seed of the woman. Centuries later the Redeemer did come and was born of a virgin proclaiming to the world that all must be born again. The entire human race is born from the curse of the woman placed centuries before Some of Adam and Eve‘s children and grandchildren were beautiful daughters.

The Sons of God started inter marrying with these beautiful daughters and caused God to destroy the world with a flood.

Centuries later Jesus the Only begotten Son of was born of born of flesh through the virgin birth of Mary. Jesus did many miracles and finally was crucified on the cross and buried and rose from the grave. While Jesus was in the grave He went and preached to the spirits in prison who were removed from the face of the earth in Noah‘s flood.


–  –  –

Eden to till the ground, Moses finds himself on the mountain, disgusted at the people, worn out, shoeless, clearly out of his league, and walking and talking with ―I AM WHO I AM‖. He marvels and listens intently to the new heavenly language that ―his friend‖i God has miraculously bestowed upon him. So much, so fast, he wonders how and why did this happen to me?

Moses trembled at the charge being given to him, to write a historical document about the Beginning. How could he comprehend or even respond? Why would God choose a person who was a little tongue tied and stuttered for such a task? After all, it was common knowledge about Adam and the garden? What more is there to tell?

What can he possibly add to this bit of history?

Earlier God had revealed his own nature to Moses and mankind. His sheer past experiences in the desert, crossing the Red Sea on dry ground, the quail coming in from the sea, manna falling from heaven, water coming from the rock, He crossed the red Sea on dry ground and many others to numerous to mention. How could he possibly Book of Jubilees Chapter 2-1 King James Bible Genesis 1:1-5 say no? God is now leading Moses into a new dimension. He will become a historian and he will record the history of the beginning. Perhaps God chose Moses not so much for his talents but because he was a man of his word. Moses had strong feelings and would do as God directed him to do. Somewhere in the discussion God gave clear instructions about how to document the history. He may have stated it this way, ―As you document the history understand that ―I AM WHOM I AM‖6. I was in the beginning, even before the beginning began and that I have commissioned you to tell it all‖.

God instructed Moses, ―Be exact, precise and record what I tell you word for word. Be careful not to add to or take away any words from what I tell you. Cross every T and dot every I. The record must be crystal clear. In the future there will be ―doubting infidels, skeptical unlearned men‖ who will attempt to discount and take away any documents of the beginning‖. If they succeed, they will cause many to doubt my existence. You must make sure to accurately document the history without error or blemish.

Moses had been educated in Pharaoh‘s courts and colleges; he knew that God had revealed himself to Abraham by that name when he called him to leave Ur of the Chaldea‘s. Training and much education had prepared him for monarchy until the two cultures within him smashed those dreams.

–  –  –

going to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season with the Egyptians, but rather he would suffer the afflictions with the people of God. 7 King James Bible Exodus 3:14 Ibid Hebrews 11:25 Now Moses is walking and talking with God. To Moses this was unbelievable, but true. And it seems to Moses the task he has been given is beyond his human abilities. But yet God had assured him that he chooses weak men to do mighty things and He chooses the unlearned to confound the wise that no flesh can glory in His sight.

God continues, ―Moses, when the skeptics ask who said so, tell them ―I AM WHO I AM‖. Tell them this, ―I AM WHO I AM was in the beginning of beginnings, I was before the beginning began”. Start your document with ―IN THE BEGINNING (God) I AM WHO I AM.‖ My name is not given by another, I gave it to myself. No name ever invented has the meaning of my name. My name ―I AM WHO I AM‖ means


–  –  –

no man has given it to me. I have no father or mother. I have always been and will always be. I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end. My name is forever eternal. No man can add to it or take it away. It is protected with my seal. I have deemed it so. So it is. The heavens declare my glorious name and the earth is my footstool‖.

Many Old Testament names have been given by man to depict God. They are good and give some indication about who God is, but most of them are simply descriptive terms used by men and women who have had a particular experience with God. As a result a name is given related with the experience as to whom or what God is.

The term ―Jehovah‖ is attached by a hyphen to many who had an experience with God. Jehovah is our righteousness is mentioned by the Prophet Jeremiah. Gideon called him ―Jehovah is Peace‖. Abraham called him ―Jehovah will provide‖. David called him ―Jehovah my shepherd‖ and Samuel referred to him as ―Jehovah of hosts‖.

Only two of these names come from God. God declared unto Moses that he was to be called ―Jehovah who heals you‖ and ―Jehovah who sanctifies you. Most of the names we give God are legitimate and somewhat descriptive, but fall short of the name He has chosen for himself. I AM WHO I AM is the name etched into the heavens by His mighty hand.

This name is pre-self existent, full of all wisdom and all knowledge. Within it becomes evident that there is nothing new under the sun. All things are from him and exist only through his permission. Only the ―I AM WHO I AM‖ could have been in the beginning before the beginning began.

We are family citizens in the kingdom of ―I AM WHO I AM‖. Our king is ―Light‖ and in him is no darkness at all. Ephesians 3:14 declares we are part of his family on earth and our family name is ―I AM WHO I AM‘. I am His son, so, I can rightfully recognize my name as Laubhan J. Ehrlich I AM WHO I AM. I am an adopted child of the king, bought with the blood of Jesus Christ, the Light, the only begotten son of God.

My name is written by God in the Lamb‘s book of life. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.

Topic Two: Jesus, the Day Star is Created, Good and

–  –  –

God had a Son. The Son‘s name was Jesus. Jesus was created by his father God.

He was spoken into existence, let there be light.8 The record of Jesus‘ Initial birth has been overlooked by many but is referred to in many documents. One of many records of Jesus‘ birth refers to Him as Light.

–  –  –

Consider Genesis 1:5. There had to be rules and laws of everything for God‘s plan to work in harmony. All the creation would need rules and laws of good and evil.

God begins to create our universe with first things first. ―Let there be‖ this is His first act of His creation, ―light‖. Notice the phrase ―Let there be‖ as Gods speaks (by faith) the light into existence. By faith God spoke the light to come and He called the light ―Day‖. This was one of many names of His son Jesus, the Day Star. It is important to notice the capital D on Day. Jesus is the light and the Day and in him is no darkness at all. Jesus, God‘s only begotten Son, the Day Star is created. The Hebrew word Moses

Ibid Genesis 1:1


King James Bible: John 1:4

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