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Band 28, Heft 18: 213-240 ISSN 0250-4413 Ansfelden, 30. November 2007

New Lithosiinae from Papua, Indonesia (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae)

Rob de VOS & Henk van MASTRIGT


Ten new species and two new genera of Lithosiinae (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) are being

described from Papua Indonesia (West New Guinea) and related species from Papua are reviewed. The new genera are Emelieana gen.nov. and Micronyctemera gen.nov. The new species are Trischalis splendens sp.n., T. purpurastriata sp.n., T. zahrae sp.n., Emelieana aureolineata sp.n., Notata zumkehri sp.n., Micronyctemera fojaensis sp.n., Acco postmetallica sp.n., A. albipuncta sp.n., A. fasciata sp.n. and Scoliacma flava sp.n.

Trischalis iridescens orientalis ROTHSCHILD, 1913 syn.nov. is synonymized with Trischalis iridescens iridescens ROTHSCHILD, 1913. The adults and genitalia are depicted.

Zusammenfassung Zehn neue Arten und zwei neue Gattungen der Lithosiinae (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) werden aus Papua Indonesien (West Neu Guinea) beschrieben und verwandte Arten aus Papua werden revidiert. Die neuen Gattungen sind Emelieana gen.nov. und ©Entomofauna Ansfelden/Austria; download unter www.biologiezentrum.at Micronyctemera gen.nov. Die neuen Arten sind Trischalis splendens sp.n., T.

purpurastriata sp.n., T. zahrae sp.n., Emelieana aureolineata sp.n., Notata zumkehri sp.n., Micronyctemera fojaensis sp.n., Acco postmetallica sp.n., A. albipuncta sp.n., A.

fasciata sp.n. und Scoliacma flava sp.n. Trischalis iridescens orientalis ROTHSCHILD, 1913 syn.nov. wird mit Trischalis iridescens iridescens ROTHSCHILD, 1913 synonymisiert. Die Falter und Genitalien werden abgebildet.

Introduction In connection with the project of the Papua Insects Foundation to draw up an inventory and to map all insects from Papua Indonesia, new discovered species are described and published. The specimens originate from collections or newly received material. In this publication some new species of Lithosiinae (Lepidoptera: Arctiidae) are described, mostly from recently obtained expedition material. It is to be expected that further publications will follow since many more new species are waiting for descriptions. The project of the Papua Insects Foundation focusses on Papua Indonesia only, which comprises the western part of New Guinea till 141° East at the PNG border, the Schouten Islands (Biak and Supiori), Numfor, Japen and the Raja Ampat Islands (Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool). More details can be found on the website of the foundation (www.papua-insects.nl).

Used abbreviations:

Fwl.................Forewing length (from base to apex) PNG...............Papua New Guinea BMNH...........Natural History Museum (formerly British Museum for Natural History), London, UK CMWM..........Museum Thomas Witt (assigned to ZSMC), Munich, Germany KSP................Koleksi Serangga Papua (Private collection Henk van Mastrigt), Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia MZB..............Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense, Cibinong, Java, Indonesia RMNH...........Naturalis (Nationaal Natuurhistorisch Museum) (formerly Rijksmuseum voor Natuurlijke Historie), Leyden, The Netherlands ZMAN...........Zoölogisch Museum Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands ZMHB............Museum fur Naturkunde der Humboldt Universität, Berlin, Germany ZSMC............Zoologische Staatssammlung München (des Bayerischen Staates), Munich, Germany ©Entomofauna Ansfelden/Austria; download unter www.biologiezentrum.at Trischalis HAMPSON, 1894 Type species: Hemonia flava HAMPSON, 1893

Checklist of all Trischalis species:

absconditana (WALKER, 1963) [Sri Lanka, Borneo?] flava HAMPSON, 1893 aureoplagiata (ROTHSCHILD, 1913) [New Guinea, Kai Islands, Queensland] connexa GAEDE, 1925 [Papua New Guinea] convoluta HAMPSON, 1918 [Philippines] iridescens ROTHSCHILD, 1913 [New Guinea] orientalis ROTHSCHILD, 1913 syn.nov.

purpurastriata sp.n. [Papua Indonesia] splendens sp.n. [Papua Indonesia] stomata HOLLOWAY, 2001 [Singapore, Sarawak, Brunei, Bali] subaurana (WALKER, 1863) [from East India and Hainan (Southeast China) to the Bismarck Archipelago] metalligera BUTLER, 1882 abbreviata SEITZ, 1914 zahrae sp.n. [New Guinea] Trischalis splendens sp.n. (Figs 3, 29-30) M a t e r i a l : Holotype: (, "Irian Jaya, Kec. Borme, Borme 900 m, 17-24.ix.1998, Henk v.

Mastrigt", KSP. Paratype: 1(, "Prov. Papua, Kab. Pegunungan Bintang, Borme, 900 m,

26.vii-1.viii.2006, KEP/UNCEN", KSP.

External characters: Male: Fwl. 9-10 mm. Antenna bipectinate, dark brown. Head and thorax black with purple shimmer, abdomen blackish brown.

Forewing elongate with almost straight costa, apex rounded, tornal half of termen slightly concave. Basal half of forewing orange-yellow, distal half dark brown, divided by a curved transverse shining purple line. Wingbase and costa dark brown, at wingbase with purple shimmer. Hindmargin of forewing somewhat crumpled, metalic bronzecoloured. Fringes dark brown.

Hindwing triangular with narrow apex. Basal half whitish, costa ochreous yellow, distal half and dorsum black.

Female unknown.

Male genitalia (Figs 29-30): Uncus rather broad trowel-shaped. Valva long and slender, cucullus distally broad and rounded with tiny corona and with a ventral indentation.

Aedeagus robust, in the middle with a thickening, distally trumpet-shaped. Vesica with a field of about fourty short spines.

E t y m o l o g y : The name refers to the shining and beautiful colour combination of this species.

©Entomofauna Ansfelden/Austria; download unter www.biologiezentrum.at Trischalis purpurastriata sp.n. (Figs 4, 31-32) M a t e r i a l : Holotype: (, "Indonesia Papua, Kecamatan Nipsan, Walmak 1710 m, 4°07’S °36’E, 31.i.-09.ii.2005, at light; cultivated area, UNCEN-ZMA Expedition, Papua Indonesia 2005", ZMAN. Paratypes: 2((: same data as holotype, ZMAN (1), KSP (1).

External characters: Male: Fwl. 9 mm. Antenna bipectinate. Antenna, head and thorax with copper-red shimmer. Abdomen shining pale yellow.

Forewing rather broad with strongly arched basal costa, apex almost rectangular and termen straight. Groundcolour of forewing brown with two oblique purple costal striae of which the inner irregularly runs to the dorsum. Basal costa and the purple striae with broad purple shimmer. A small white spot at the end of the cell. Hindmargin more or less crumpled and curled, metalic bronze-coloured, its inner edge with purple shimmer.

Hindwing broad with rounded apex. Pale yellow, costa, apex and fringes slightly darker.

Female unknown.

Male genitalia (Figs 31-32): Uncus narrow, bottle-shaped. Valva long and slender, in the middle slightly broadening. Tip of the valva rounded with tiny corona, along the ventral side of the valva with numerous micro-spines. Aedeagus robust, in the middle with strong and sharp edged rim, distal part of aedeagus at one side split (not damaged!).

Vesica with only a few micro-spines.

E t y m o l o g y : The name refers to the purple striae on the forewing.

Trischalis zahrae sp.n. (Figs 8-9, 33-34, 37-38) M a t e r i a l : Holotype: (, "Indonesia, Irian Jaya, Rasiei 10 km S Wasior, at light, 5.xi.1993;

Wandammen Peninsula, A.J. de Boer, A.L.M. Rutten & R. de Vos", ZMAN. Paratypes:

13((, 10&&: 1&, "Indonesia, Irian Jaya, Sentani, at light, 12.x.1993; Cyclops Mountains, A.J. de Boer, A.L.M. Rutten & R. de Vos", ZMAN; 1&, "Indonesia, Irian Jaya, Gn.

Bembab 15 km N Ransiki, 350 m, at light, 2.iii.1996; Birdshead Peninsula, ZMAExpedition 1996", ZMAN; 1&, "Indonesia, Irian Jaya, Prafi, 15 km West of Andai, 0°52' S

- 133°53' E, secondary forest, 200 m, at light, 29.i.1996; Birdshead Peninsula, ZMAExpedition 1996", ZMAN; 1&, "Indonesia, Irian Jaya, Arfak mountains, Warkapi (nr Breie), 500 m, primary lowland forest, at light, 12.xi.1993; Birdshead Peninsula, A.J. de Boer, A.L.M. Rutten & R. de Vos", KSP; 1&, "Indonesia, Irian Jaya, Rasiei 10 km S Wasior, at light, 5.xi.1993; Wandammen Peninsula, A.J. de Boer, A.L.M. Rutten & R. de Vos", MZB; 1&, "Indonesia, Irian Jaya, Nabire, 6 km O Samabusa Lagari, 9-13.xii.1993, Primärurwald, 50m, leg. R. Brechlin & K. Cerny", CMWM; 1(, "Indonesia, Irian Jaya, Nabire, Irian Jaya Highway, km 15, 150m, Sekundärwald, 25.xi.1997, leg. K. Cerny", CMWM; 2((, 1&, "Indonesia, Irian Jaya, 90 km SW Sentani, Taja, 400m, Primärurwald und Sekundärvegetation, 7.xii.1997, leg. K. Cerny", CMWM; 1(, 2&&, "Dt. Neu Guinea, Kaiserin Augustafluss Expedition, Hauptlager Malu, vi-viii.1912, leg. Bürgers", ZMHB;

1(, "Holl.New Guinea, Baro [= Baru], 5.x.1910, leg. Moszkowski", ZMHB; 8((, 1&, Irian Jaya, Brazza River, 250 m, 6-14.xi.1971, G. Konrad, ZSMC.

External characters: Similar to T. iridiscens ROTHSCHILD, 1913 (Fig. 7) (see below) but usually larger, fwl. 8-9 mm, while that of T. iridescens is 6-7 mm. Head and patagia golden yellow, thorax and tegulae brown (in T. iridescens thorax yellow, sometimes with pale greyish brown). Antenna in male bipectinate, in female filiform, dark brown-yellow ©Entomofauna Ansfelden/Austria; download unter www.biologiezentrum.at or greyish (in T. iridescens antenna bright yellow). Abdomen in male grey-brown, distal end yellow, in female entire abdomen yellow.

Forewing with groundcolour pale yellow. Costa with basal third and wingbase dark metal blue or purple-brown coloured, at costa connected to a dark, rather broad and arched transfers line (in T. iridescens this line is finer, strongly arched and more shiny metal coloured). At the outside of this line a distinct and broad grey streak (in T. iridescens much weaker or lacking). Hindmargin of forewing rather broadly bronse-purple coloured (in T. iridescens narrower).

Hindwing entirely pale yellow. In some males the hindmargin somewhat suffused with brown (not in T. iridescens).

Male genitalia (Figs 33-34): Uncus broad trowel-shaped. Valva long and slender, slightly curved and gradually broadening towards the tip of the valva. Tip of the valva rounded with tiny corona, ventrally with a faint blunt angle. Aedeagus robust, with a thickening in the middle and distally trumpet-shaped. Vesica with a field of about 30-40 short spines.

The male genitalia of the sibling species T. iridescens (Figs 35-36) (in order to compare with those of T. zahrae): Uncus narrow and more or less bottle-shaped. Valva rather short, distally broadened and club-shaped. Tip of valva rounded with ventrally rather long corona. Aedeagus in the middle slightly nodded, distally not trumpet-shaped. Vesica with a field of numerous micro-spines.

Female genitalia (Fig. 37): Ostium wide and almost unsclerotized. Ductus bursae broad with cervix bursae clearly defined, broad and kidney-shaped. Connection between ductus bursae and cervix bursae partly sclerotized. Bursa copulatrix relatively large without signa. Spermatheca very large, almost as large as the bursa copulatrix.

The female genitalia of the sibling species T. iridescens (Fig. 39) (in order to compare with those of T. zahrae): Ostium small and slightly sclerotized. Ductus bursae narrower than in T. zahrae, without defined cervix bursae, some sclerotization in the first part of the ductus bursae. Ductus seminalis broader than in T. zahrae. Bursa copulatrix distinctly smaller than spermatheca.

E t y m o l o g y : The species is named in honour of my friend and companion, Zahra MANSOURI, the mother of my lovely daughter. The collecting of insects in Papua made her lonely waiting and suffering at home for which patience I am truly thankful to her.

N o t e : An extremely dark patterned specimen (Fig. 9) was found in Papua New Guinea in the Western Highlands at the Baiyer River (BMNH). The female shows some differences in the structure of cervix bursae and ductus seminalis (Fig. 38) but to judge this soft tissued character from just one specimen seems rather precarious. When males are available its status can be judged with certainty. For the moment we consider it to belong to T. zahrae but we do not include this specimen into the type series.

Other Trischalis species from Papua Indonesia:

©Entomofauna Ansfelden/Austria; download unter www.biologiezentrum.at

Trischalis aureoplagiata (ROTHSCHILD, 1913) (Fig. 5) Eugoa aureoplagiata ROTHSCHILD, 1913: 222; SEITZ, 1914: 121.

Trischalis aureoplagiata: HAMPSON, 1914: 816; STRAND, 1922: 858; EDWARDS, 1996: 279;

HOLLOWAY, 2001: 430.

D i s t r i b u t i o n : New Guinea, Kai Islands, Australia (Queensland). In Papua known from Marina Valen (Sarmi, Mamberamo Tengah), Borme (Star Mountains), Prafi (Northern Arfak, Birdshead Peninsula), Dotir (Wandammen Peninsula) and Samabusa Lagari (near Nabire).

Trischalis iridescens ROTHSCHILD, 1913 (Figs 7, 35-36, 39) Trischalis iridescens iridescens ROTHSCHILD, 1913: 222.

Trischalis iridescens orientalis ROTHSCHILD, 1913: 222; STRAND, 1922: 858 syn. nov.

Trischalis iridescens: HAMPSON, 1914: 815; STRAND, 1922: 858; HOLLOWAY, 2001: 430.

Trischallis (sic) iridescens: SEITZ, 1914: 123.

Trischallis (sic) iridescens orientalis: SEITZ, 1914: 123.

Trischalis orientalis HAMPSON, 1914: 815.

T a x o n o m i c a l n o t e : ROTHSCHILD (1913) originally describes orientalis as a subspecies of iridescens, while HAMPSON (1914) considers it to be a good species judged from the veins M2 and M3 "which are in orientalis separate and in iridescens shortly stalked". This is, however, a variable feature in Trischalis and certainly not a valid specific character. Moreover, the wingpattern and size of both types are identical. Both taxa are therefore considered to be conspecific and even considered not to be different subspecies.

For a comparison of the genitalia with those from Trischalis zahrae, see above.

D i s t r i b u t i o n : A common species in New Guinea. In Papua Indonesia known from Mt Goliath (Gn. Yamin, Jayawijaya Mountains), Ngat Biep (Arfak Mountains), Warkapi (Arfak), Prafi (Arfak), Tuan Wowi (Arfak), Warmare Dua (Arfak), Andai (Arfak), Taja (90 km SW Sentani), Borme (Star Mountains), Wamena (Baliem Valley), Brazza River (South Jayawijaya Mts), Kwerba (Mamberamo Area), Lower Digul River, Mimika (Casuarine Coast), Nabire, Sarmi (Mamberamo Atas), Sentani, Depapre (Cyclop Mts), Dotir (Wandammen Peninsula).

Trischalis subaurana (WALKER, 1863) (Fig. 6) Tospitis subaurana WALKER, 1863: 432.

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