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Band 28, Heft 15: 173-184 ISSN 0250-4413 Ansfelden, 30. April 2007

A new species and a new subspecies of Aganaidae (Lepidoptera)

from Sulawesi (Indonesia)



Two new taxa, the subspecies Neochera privata fennekenae ssp.nov. and the species

Asota sulawesiensis sp.nov. are described from the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. Both taxa and their genitalia are figured and distribution maps are given.

Zusammenfassung Eine neue Art und eine neue Unterart der Aganaidae (Lepidoptera) von Sulawesi (Indonesien).

Zwei neue Taxa, die Unterart Neochera privata fennekenae ssp.nov. und die Art Asota sulawesiensis sp.nov. werden von der Insel Sulawesi, Indonesien beschrieben. Beide Taxa und ihre Genitalien werden abgebildet und Verbreitungskarten sind beigefügt.

© Entomofauna Ansfelden/Austria; download unter www.biologiezentrum.at Ringkasan Keterangan mengenai sebuah subspecies dan sebuah species Aganaidae (Lepidoptera) berasal dari pulau Sulawesi (Indonesia). Dua taxa baru diterangkan, sebuah subspecies Neochera privata fennekenae ssp.nov., dan sebuah species Asota sulawesiense sp.nov., yang berasal dari pulau Sulawesi, Indonesia. Kedua taxa ini dan genitaliën mereka dibuatkan gambar dan kartu penyebarannya disertakan.

Introduction The Aganaidae should be placed as a subfamily of the Erebidae according to FIBIGER & LAFONTAINE (2005), but subsequently these authors (LAFONTAINE & FIBIGER, 2006) have placed it with similar status in a much expanded concept of the Noctuidae.

However, for practical reasons and because the new views are still controversial, the Aganaidae are treated here traditionally as a true family for the time being. During the preparation of a comprehensive review of all South East Asian and Indo-Australian Aganaidae, the author came across some new species. It is necessary to describe these new species first in order to complete the planned review. Material has been studied in the collections of the Zoological Museum in Amsterdam (ZMAN), Naturalis in Leiden (RMNH), Museum Witt in Munich (CMWM), and the British Museum of Natural History (BMNH) in London.

Neochera privata fennekenae ssp.n. (Fig. 1) M a t e r i a l : Holotype: &, "S.SULAWESI (CELEBES), Puncak Palopo, 2°.55’ S. 120°.05’ E.L., I 1997, 900-1300m, leg.local collector, coll R. Brechlin". (CMWM). Paratypes: 2&& and 1( "S.SULAWESI (CELEBES), Puncak Palopo, 2°.55’ S. 120°.05’ E.L., I 1997, 900m, leg.local collector, coll. R. Brechlin". (CMWM); 1&, "INDONESIËN, SULAWESI, Puncak Palopo, 900-1300m, III 1998, leg. local coll."(CMWM); 1(, "SüdSulawesi, Puncak Palopo, 870m IV 1981. leg. Paukstadt" (CMWM); 1( Indonesia, S.

Sulawesi, Mt. Sampuraga, 1400m, 1-6.2.1995, leg. Siniaev & Tarasov. (CMWM); 1& INDONESIA: Ned. Indië, W. Celebes, Sidaonta Paloe [Palu], 1500 m, 193707, JMA van Groenendael (ZMAN); 1& Indonesia, North Celebes, May/June 1898 Rothschild, (BMNH);

1( Indonesia, Sulawesi Utara, Coconut, Paniki, 9-9-1985, 80 m, J.D. Holloway (BMNH);

1& Indonesia, Sulawesi Utara, Minahasa, Kayawatu, 10 ix 1985, 80 m, J.D. Holloway.


R e m a r k s : One specimen in the collection of Museum Witt in Munich is excluded from the type series, as it is probably mislabelled: 1& INDONESIA, New Guinea, Neuguinea West, Nabire, 12 km O. Samabusa, Lagar, Primärurwald, 50 m, 1993 12 06Brechlin & Cerny. (CMWM).

Neochera privata WALKER, 1862 had long been interpreted as an individual form of N.

inops WALKER, 1854 (e.g. ROTHSCHILD, 1896), but was revived by HOLLOWAY (1988) as a full species. HOLLOWAY (l.c.) also recognised the present Sulawesi taxon as distinct, indicating that it had features intermediate between N. inops and N. privata.

© Entomofauna Ansfelden/Austria; download unter www.biologiezentrum.at Neochera privata privata is widely distributed from Andamans to Timor. Two names are currently placed as synonyms of N. privata: Neochera cinerascens MOORE, 1877 and Neochera tenuimargo ROTHSCHILD, 1896 (HOLLOWAY, 1988).

E t y m o l o g y : The species is named to commemorate Fenneken van DOESUM, who died at the age of 23 in 2005.

D i s t r i b u t i o n : (map.1) The moth is exclusively found on the island of Sulawesi

in Indonesia in the following localities:

Palopo (Sulawesi S.); Sidaonta Paloe (Sulawesi W.); Paniki (Sulawesi N.); Kayawatu (Sulawesi N.); Mt Sampuraga (Sulawesi C.).


Length of forewing: 25 mm (( and &).

Head: Antennae filiform and grey-brown. Labial palpi yellow, distal part black.

Thorax: Patagia and tegulae yellow.Tegulae with elongate black dot. Meso- and metathorax pale yellow, each with a black dorsal spot. Thorax ventrally white with black spots. Legs brown on the outside, white on the inside.

Abdomen pale yellow, in male with an incomplete row of black dorsal spots. Female abdomen black-banded.

Forewings grey-brown with white venation. In the wing centre a large, wedge-shaped white streak (not seen in typical N. privata) and at dorsum a white stripe. The basal spots typical of Aganaidae are isolated and edged white.

Hindwings white with broad brown costal to distal margin, narrowing posteriorly to tornus, dorsum white. Costa brown with yellow spot at the end of the cell.

Male genitalia (Fig. 3): The uncus digitate, apically acute. The valva with a long and sharp process at the costa, Cucullus elongate, curved, with sharp tip, together with costal process resembling a pincer-like claw. Length and shape of costal process may be variable. Harpe on sacculus split in two parts; a finger-shaped inner part and a broader outer part. The finger-shaped part in N. privata fennekenae seems shorter than in N. inops and N. privata privata, but this may be variable.

Like in N. inops and N. privata, the aedeagus is provided with complex cornuti and spines on the vesica; one large curled cornutus and fields of small spines at the base and central part of the vesica. The base of the vesica of N. privata fennekenae has a ventral elongate sclerotized ridge-like structure originating at the distal aedeagus-tube, with two teeth in terminal 2/3. N. privata privata is very similar in the vesica structures, but a second elongate ridge-like structure is visible on the dorsal side of the vesica. This second structure, however, seems to be absent in the new subspecies.

Female genitalia (Fig. 4): Genital plate split into two longitudinal parts. The entrance of the ductus bursae with a sclerotized colliculum. The unsclerotized part of ductus bursae very broad (cervix bursae). Ductus seminalis originating from just distal to the sclerotized part. Corpus bursae with two long signa resembling tadpoles; a broad distal part ending in a long and slender string. These characters are exactly the same in Neochera inops and N. privata privata.

© Entomofauna Ansfelden/Austria; download unter www.biologiezentrum.at

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M a t e r i a l : Holotype: (, "INDONESIA, Sulawesi Utara; Gn. Muajat, 1780m, 8-9.x.1985, M.R. de Jong; lower montane rainforest, at light", ZMAN. Paratypes: 1&, "INDONESIA, Sulawesi Utara; Gn. Muajat, 1780m, 8-9.x.1985, M.R. de Jong; lower montane rainforest, at light", (ZMAN); 4((, 1&, "Indonesia: SW SULAWESI SW, c. 30 km NE of Enrekang, Gn. Rantemario, Gowa Camp, 1800 m, 7.xi.1993", (ZMAN); (1(), 8.xi.1993 (1(),

9.xi.1993 (2((, 1&); Undisturbed lower montane forest along Sg. Gowa Sarumpa'pa.

3°24'45"S 120°00' 00"E, at light. J.P. & M.J. Duffels"; (ZMAN); 1(, 2&&, "NEDERLANDS INDIE, Celebes, 1500m, G. LOMBOBATTANG, Parang Bobo-Goa, v.1938 (females without date), J.M.A. v. Groenendael", (ZMAN); 2((, "INDONESIA, SULAWESI TENGAH, Lore Lindu N.P.; RANO RANO, 1600m, 10km NE Gimpu,

13.iii.1985, J.P. Duffels & M.J. Duffels; Stat. 40, Lower montane forest, MV-light", (ZMAN); 3&&, "INDONESIA, SULAWESI TENGAH, Lore Lindu N.P.; RANO RANO, 1600m, 10km NE Gimpu, 14.iii.1985, J.P. Duffels & M.J. Duffels; Stat. 41, Lower montane forest, MV-light", (ZMAN); 1&, "INDONESIA, SULAWESI TENGAH, Lore Lindu N.P.;

10km SE POLOKA, 1900m, 25.iii.1985, J.P. & M.J. Duffels; Stat. 55, Disturbed lower montane forest, ML-light, canopy", (ZMAN); 1&, "INDONESIA, Sulawesi Selatan, 10 km S Majoa, 16.v.2004, leg. G. Withaar", (ZMAN); 2&& "N. Sulawesi, Gn Muajat, at light, multistr. evergreen forest, Many Pandanus, 0°45' N 124°25' E, 1700-1800 m, 30.V-2 VI 1985, R. de Jong", (RMNH); 1(, "Sulawesi, Dumoga-Bone NP, G. Poniki Summit, site 18, 1817 m, 13-14.viii.1985, J.D. Holloway", (BMNH); 1(, "Sulawesi, Dumoga-Bone NP, august 1985, J.D. Holloway" (BMNH); 1(, "INDONESIËN, SÜD-SULAWESI, Quarles Mts., 2200m, 30km N. Ranyepao, 26-28IX.1995, Polo, leg. S. Naumann" (CMWM); 3((, 2&& "S.SULAWESI (CELEBES), Puncak Palopo, 2° 55" S 120° 05 EL, I-1997, 900m, leg. local collector, coll. Dr. R. Brechlin" (CMWM); 1(, 8&&, "S.SULAWESI (CELEBES), Puncak Palopo, 900-1300m, Sept. 1997, leg. einh. Sammler, coll. Dr. R.

Brechlin" (CMWM); 2((, 9&&, "S.SULAWESI (CELEBES), Puncak Palopo, 900m, Okt. 1997, leg. einh. Sammler, coll. Dr. R. Brechlin" (CMWM); 1(, 4&&, "S.SULAWESI (CELEBES), Puncak Palopo, 900-1300m, Nov. 1997, leg. local coll., coll.

Dr. R. Brechlin" (CMWM); 1&, "INDONESIËN, S.SULAWESI (S), Puncak Palopo, 900m, II. 1998, leg. local collectors" (CMWM); 1(, 1&, "S.SULAWESI (CELEBES), Puncak Palopo, 900-1300m, April 1998 leg. einheim. Sammler, coll. Dr. R. Brechlin" (CMWM); 4(, 2&&, "Indonesiën / Sulawesi (S), Tarifa, 1000 – 1500m, February 1997, leg.local coll. Ex. Coll. Dr. Ronald Brechlin" (CMWM); 17((, 16&&, "Indonesiën / Sulawesi (S), Tarifa, 1000 – 1500m, December 1997, leg.local coll. Ex. Coll. Dr. Ronald Brechlin". (CMWM); 1(,"S.SULAWESI (CELEBES), Puncak Palopo, 2° 55" S 120° 05 EL, I-1997, 900-1300m, leg. local collector", (private coll. Zwier). 1&, "Indonesiën / Sulawesi (S), Tarifa, 1000 – 1500m, December 1997, leg.local coll. Ex. Coll. Dr. Ronald Brechlin". (coll. Zwier).

E t y m o l o g y : The name refers to its origin, the Indonesian island of Sulawesi.

D i s t r i b u t i o n (map 2): The moth is exclusively found on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia at the following localities: Gn. Lompobattang (Sulawesi S.), Parang BoboGoa (Sulawesi C.), Gn Muajat, (Sulawesi N.); Lore Lindu N.P., Rano Rano, 10 km NE

Gimpu, (Sulawesi C.); Gn Rantemario c. 30 km NE of Enrekang, Gowa (Sulawesi SW):

Majoa, Sulawesi (S.); Gn Poniki, Dumoga-Bone NP, (Sulawesi N.)Palopo (Sulawesi S.);

Tarifa, Sulawesi (S)

Description of the male:

© Entomofauna Ansfelden/Austria; download unter www.biologiezentrum.at Length of forewing. 33 mm (().

The head and thorax (including the patagia and tegulae) are reddish brown. The cilia of the antennae longer than in female, flagellum thicker. Labial palpi with first segment very short, basal half black, distal half yellow. Second segment yellow, mixed with grey scales. Distal segment long and slender and porrect, grey-white mixed with grey-brown.

The eyes are brown.

Coxa and femur of all legs are covered with cream-coloured long hairs.

Yellow abdomen with dorsal and ventral black bands and with lateral black dots.

The forewing is uniformly chocolate brown with the exception of a small pale S- shaped pattern at the end of the discal cell. Some specimens with white fringes. The base of the forewing has dark brown and yellow undulating striae and dots..

Hindwing off-white with broad brown undulating outer margin, with a vague grey-brown shadow line on the inside. In the hindwing centre a vague grey-brown discal spot. Base of wing grey-brown with extensions running distally along the veins. Fringes white.

Description of the female:

The female has the same colour and patterns as the male. The female is partly slightly larger (length of forewing 33 to 34 mm). Forewing of female broader than that of male with more rounded termen. The antennae are thinner and with shorter cilia.

Male genitalia (Fig. 5): Uncus long, digitate, slightly curved in the middle, ending in a sharp claw-shaped tip. Valva long with narrow base, at the end of cucullus strongly broadening and slightly upcurved. Harpe on sacculus short and rather broad, with sharp tip.

Aedeagus rather long with broad distal end. Vesica everted at distal end of aedeagus, with five long cornuti pointing backwards. Distal part of aedeagus with numerous tiny spines.

Female genitalia (Fig. 6): Ductus bursae broad, in the middle with longitudinal corrugation. At base of the corpus bursae a large, slightly sclerotized corrugated appendix bursae; ductus seminalis arising opposite this. Bursa without a signum.

R e l a t i o n s h i p : This species has a distinct facies and is unmistakable. Therefore it is not easy to find a related species, but it might be close to Asota paphos (FABRICIUS,

1787) due to the similar hindwing pattern.


The author would like to thank Wim Hogenes (ZMAN, Amsterdam), Dr Rienk de Jong and Mrs. Benaz van Bekkum-Ansari (RMNH, Leiden), Martin Honey, (BMNH, London), Dipl.-Kfm. Thomas Witt (CMWM, Munich) and Dr W. Speidel for the opportunity to study collection material of the species and for their help; Drs Rob de Vos, Dr Willem N. Ellis and Dr Jeremy Holloway (London) for their help and advice with the manuscript; the Uyttenboogaart-Eliasen Foundation (The Netherlands) and Dipl.-Kfm. Thomas Witt (Germany) for the financial support to visit the collections and Drs. Greet Hooymans for vetting the English translation.

© Entomofauna Ansfelden/Austria; download unter www.biologiezentrum.at

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FIBIGER, M. & J.D. LAFONTAINE (2005): A review of the higher classification of the

Noctuoidea (Lepidoptera) with special reference to the Holarctic fauna. – Esperiana 11:


HOLLOWAY, J.D. (1988): The moths of Borneo. 6. Family Arctiidae, subfamilies Syntominae, Euchromiinae, Arctiinae; Noctuidae misplaced in Arctiidae (Camptoloma, Aganaidae).

– Kuala Lumpur: Southdene.

LAFONTAINE, J.D. & M. FIBIGER (2006): Revised higher classification of the Noctuoidea (Lepidoptera). – Canadian Entomologist 138: 610-635.

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