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«Education: 1974 University of California, Berkeley Ph.D., Statistics 1970 Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.S., Mathematics Academic Positions: ...»

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Anastasios A. Tsiatis

Home Address University Address

3501 Proprietor Way Department of Statistics, Box 8203

Raleigh, NC 27612 North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC 27695-8203

Tel: (919) 515-1928

FAX: (919) 515-7591

Year of Birth: 1948

Place of Birth: New York, New York


1974 University of California, Berkeley Ph.D., Statistics 1970 Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.S., Mathematics

Academic Positions:

2010– Gertrude M. Cox Distinguished Professor of Statistics, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 2004–2010 Drexel Professor of Statistics, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 1998– Member, Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC 1997– Adjunct Professor, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Duke University, Durham, NC 1997–2004 Professor, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 1996–1997 Visiting Professor, Department of Statistics, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC 1990–1997 Professor of Biostatistics, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA 1981–1990 Biostatistician, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, MA 1981–1990 Associate Professor, Department of Biostatistics, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA 1980–1981 Associate Member, Biostatistics Division, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN 1979–1980 Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 1974–1979 Assistant Professor, Departments of Statistics and Preventive Medicine, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 1970–1974 Teaching and Research Assistant, Department of Statistics, University of California, Berkeley, CA

Other Professional Positions:

1984–1995 Statistical consultant, World Health Organization— primary consultant for Breast Self Examination study conducted in former Soviet Union 1982–1984 Coordinating Statistician, Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group Anastasios A. Tsiatis

Awards and Honors:

1986 Spiegelman Award, most outstanding contribution of a young (under 40) statistician in Public Health 1987 Margaret Drolette Faculty Teaching Award, Harvard School of Public Health 1987 Elected Ordinary Member, International Statistical Institute 1990 Fellow, American Statistical Association 1992 Teaching Citation, Harvard School of Public Health 1993 Fellow, Institute of Mathematical Statistics 1993–1994 Three of Dr. Tsiatis’ students (J. Spritzler, U. Dafni, S. Murray) each awarded Drug Information Association Dissertation Summary Award; for each student, Dr. Tsiatis received a $10,000 award in his name to Harvard School of Public Health 2001 Paper by Scharfstein, D.O., Tsiatis, A.A. and Robins, J.M. “Semiparametric efficiency and its implications on the design and analysis of group sequential studies”, published in JASA 1997, was given the Snedecor Award 2002 Rupert Miller Distinguished Lecturer for the Department of Statistics at Stanford University 2003 Greenberg Distinguished Lecturer for the Department of Biostatistics at the University of North Carolina 2003 Alumni Outstanding Research Award from North Carolina State University 2003 Received MERIT award from The National Allergy and Infectious Diseases Council 2004–2010 Named Drexel Professor of Statistics at North Carolina State University 2010 Received the 2010-2011 Princess Lilian Visiting Professorship in Belgium 2010 Named Gertrude M. Cox Distinguished Professor of Statistics 2011 Excellence-in-CE Award for my short course at the Joint Statistical Meetings in 2011 2013 Received Honorary Doctorate from the University of Hasselt 2013 Paper by Bai, Tsiatis and O’Brien was chosen as the best paper published in Biometrics in 2013

Major Research Grants (Principal Investigator):

Anastasios A. Tsiatis 1983–1990 NIH-NCI, Grant R01–CA36446, Early Stopping of Clinical Trials 1990–2012 NIH-NCI, Grant R01–CA51692, Statistical Analysis of Time to Event Data in Cancer 1991–2003 NIH-NIAID, Grant R01–AI31789, Statistical Methods for AIDS Clinical Trials 2003–2013 NIH-NIAID, Grant R37–AI31789, Statistical Methods for AIDS Clinical Trials 2010–2015 National Institutes of Health P01 CA142538, Statistical Methods for Cancer Clinical Trials (PIs: M. Kosorok, Department of Biostatistics, UNC-Chapel Hill; M. Davidian; and S. George, Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Duke University, $12,197,205, 4.8 calendar months effort) 2013–2017 National Institutes of Health R01 HL118336, Statistical Methods for Complex Data in Cardiovascular Disease

Editorial Service:

1988–1994 Associate Editor, Statistics and Probability Letters 1995–1998 Associate Editor, Annals of Statistics 1996–2006 Associate Editor, Biometrika 1998– Editor, Statistics for Biology and Health series of Springer-Verlag 2009– Editor, Biostatistics

Other Professional Activities:

–  –  –

Professional Memberships:

Anastasios A. Tsiatis 1977– Institute of Mathematical Statistics 1977– American Statistical Association 1977– International Biometric Society (Eastern North American Region) 1985– Greek Statistical Institute 1987– International Statistical Institute

Doctoral Student Research Supervision (as Principal Supervisor):

1. Gary L. Rosner, “Group Sequential Methods for Clinical Trials,” 1985.

2. Myrto Lefkopoulou, “Proportional Hazards Regression Model for Tied Survival Data,” 1986.

3. Sandro Pampallona, “Group Sequential Methods,” 1990.

4. Paul Elson, “Group Sequential Trials: Computing Design Characteristics and the Effect of Lag Time,” 1991.

5. John G. Spritzler, “A Group Sequential Test of Equal Response Rates When There is Lag Time in Reporting,” 1992.

6. Robert L. Strawderman, “Statistical Methods in the Surrogate Marker Problem,” 1992.

7. Urania Dafni, “Evaluating Surrogate Markers of Clinical Outcome when Measured with Error,” 1993.

8. Susan Murray, “Nonparametric Estimation and Testing for Survival Data in the Two Sample Censored Data Problem Incorporating Longitudinal Covariates,” 1994.

9. Anthony Rossini, “Regression Models for Interval Censored Data,” 1994.

10. Michael S. Wulfsohn, “Analysis of Survival Data to Time Dependent Covariates Measured with Error and Repeated Event Data,” 1994.

11. Daniel Scharfstein, “Semiparametric Efficiency: Implications for the Design and Analysis of Group Sequential Studies,” 1996.

12. Ping Hu, “Measurement Error, Reporting Delays and Early Detection Trials,” 1996.

13. Helene Boucher, “Design and Analysis of Group Sequential Clinical Trials with Survival Data,” 1996.

14. Hongwei Zhao, “Survival Analysis of Quality Adjusted Lifetime,” 1997.

15. Justin Kopit, “More Powerful Tests from Confidence Set p Values and Interim Analysis when the Data are Subject to Delay,” 1999.

16. Li Yang, “Efficiency Study of Estimators for Treatment Effects in a Pretest-Posttest Trial with Missing Data,” 1999.

17. Heejung Bang, “Estimating Medical Costs with Censored Data and its Efficiency Study,” 1999.

18. Zhe Shang, “Predicted Survival Based on the Cox Model,” 1999.

19. Meifen Kung, “Information-Based Group Sequential Tests with Lagged or Censored Data,” 2000.

Anastasios A. Tsiatis

20. Pei-Yun Chen, “Estimating Treatment Differences in Costs, Effects, and Cost-Effectiveness Ratios in Observational Studies with Right Censored Data,” 2001.

21. Jared Lunceford (jointly with Marie Davidian), “Estimating Causal Treatment Effects Via the Propensity Score and Estimating Survival Distributions in Clinical Trials That Follow Two-Stage Randomization Designs,” 2001.

22. Kaifeng Lu, “Estimation of Regression Coefficients in the Competing Risks Model with Missing Cause of Failure,” 2002.

23. Kevin Anstrom, “Utilizing Propensity Scores to Estimate Average Causal Treatment Effects from Observational Studies with Right Censored Data,” 2002.

24. Xiao Song (jointly with Marie Davidian), “Topics in Joint Modeling of Survival and Longitudinal Data,” 2002.

25. Brent Johnson, “The Analysis of Censored Covariates in Observational Studies,” 2003.

26. Abdus Wahed, “Efficient Estimation of the Survival Distribution and Related Quantities of Treatment Policies in Two-Stage Randomization Designs in Clinical Trials,” 2003.

27. Selene Leon, (jointly with Marie Davidian), “Semiparametric Estimation of Treatment Effect in Pretest-Posttest Studies With and Without Missing Data,” 2003.

28. Yuliya Lokhnygina, “Topics in Design and Analysis of Clinical Trials,” 2004.

29. Mike Gao, “Semiparametric Estimators for the Regression Coefficients in the Linear Transformation Competing Risks Model With Missing Cause of Failure,” 2005.

30. Tony Guo, “Statistical Analysis in Two-Stage Randomization Designs in Clinical Trials,” 2005.

31. Anindita Banerjee, “Optimal Two-Stage Designs in Phase II Clinical Trials,” 2005.

32. Liqiu Jiang, “Topics in Longitudinal Studies With Coarsened Data,” 2006.

33. Xiaomin Lu, “Improving the Efficiency to the Logrank and Other Tests Using Auxiliary Covariates,” 2006.

34. Jason Brinkley, “A generalized estimator of the attributable benefit of an optimal treatment regime” 2008.

35. Min Zhang (jointly with Marie Davidian), “Improving efficiency of inferences in randomized clinical trials using auxiliary covariates” 2009.

36. Weihua Cao (jointly with Marie Davidian), “Improving efficiency and robustness of the doubly robust estimator for a population mean with incomplete data” 2010.

37. Baqun Zhang (jointly with Marie Davidian), August 2012.

38. Philip Schulte (jointly with Marie Davidian), August 2012.

39. David Vock (jointly with Marie Davidian), August 2012.

40. Xiaofei Bai, August 2014.

41. Rebecca Hager (jointly with Marie Davidian), expected August 2016.

Anastasios A. Tsiatis

Major Research Interests:

1. Statistical methods in clinical trials

2. Survival analysis

3. Sequential methods

4. Nonparametric maximum likelihood and semi-parametric methods

5. Cost of care and quality of life

6. Surrogate markers

7. Causal Inference

Peer-Reviewed Publications:

1. Tsiatis AA. A nonidentifiability aspect of the problem of competing risks. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 1975; 72:20–22.

2. DoPico GA, Reddan WG, Flaherty D, Tsiatis AA. Respiratory abnormalities among grain handlers. American Review of Respiratory Diseases. 1977; 115:915–927.

3. Tsiatis AA. An example of nonidentifiability in competing risks. Scandinavian Actuarial Journal. 1978; 235–239.

4. Braun SR, DoPico GA, Tsiatis AA, Horvath E, Dickie HA, Rankin J. Farmer’s Lung Disease:

Long-term physiologic and clinical outcome. American Review of Respiratory Diseases. 1979;


5. Braun SR, Tsiatis AA. Pulmonary abnormalities in art glass-blowers. Journal of Occupational Medicine. 1979; 21(7):487–489.

6. Tsiatis AA. A note on a goodness-of-fit test for the logistic regression model. Biometrika.

1980; 67:250–251.

7. Tsiatis AA. A large sample study of Cox’s regression model. Annals of Statistics. 1981;


8. Tsiatis AA. The asymptotic joint distribution of the efficient scores test for the proportional hazards model calculated over time. Biometrika. 1981; 68:311–315.

9. D’Alessio DJ, Minor TE, Allen CI, Tsiatis AA, Nelson DB. A study of the proportion of swimmers among well controls and children with enterovirus-like illness shedding or not shedding an enterovirus. American Journal of Epidemiology. 1981; 113:533–541.

10. Evans WE, Tsiatis AA, Rivera G, Murphy SB, Dahl GV, Denison M, Crom WR, Barker LF, Mauer AM. Anaphylactoid reactions to E. coli and Erwinia Asparaginase in children with leukemia and lymphoma. Cancer. 1982; 49: 378–1383.

Anastasios A. Tsiatis

11. Sanyal SK, Mariencheck WC, Hughes WA, Parvey L, Tsiatis AA, Mackert PW. Serial pulmonary function studies in immunosuppressed host surviving Pneumocystis carinii pneumonitis: A prospective study. American Review of Respiratory Diseases. 1981; 124:161–166.

12. Young TB, Kanarek MS, Tsiatis AA. Drinking water chlorination and female cancer mortality.

Journal of the National Cancer Institute. 1981; 67:1191–1198.

13. Evans WE, Tsiatis AA, Crom WR, Brodeur GM, Coburn TC, Pratt CB. Pharmacokinetics of sustained serum methotrexate concentrations secondary to GI obstructions. Journal of Pharmaceutical Science. 1981; 70:1194–1198.

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16. Brodeur GM, Green AA, Hayes FA, Williams KJ, Williams DL, Tsiatis A.A.: Cytogenetic features of human neuroblastoma and cell lines. Cancer Research. 1981; 41:4678–4686

17. Tsiatis AA. Repeated significance testing for a general class of score statistic used in censored survival analysis. Journal of the American Statistical Association. 1982; 77:855–861.

18. Dow LW, Chang LJA, Tsiatis AA, Melvin SL, Bowman, WP. Relationship of pretreatment lymphoblast proliferative activity and prognosis in 97 children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Blood. 1982; 59:1197–1220.

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