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«ASA Section on Statistical Consulting Charter (Revised: 1997, 2007, 2010, 2014) Article I. NAME The name of this organization is the Section on ...»

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ASA Section on Statistical Consulting


(Revised: 1997, 2007, 2010, 2014)

Article I. NAME

The name of this organization is the Section on Statistical Consulting (hereafter

called the Section) of the American Statistical Association (hereafter called the



The special interests of the Section are statistical consulting and training

statistical consultants. The Section fosters the increased and improved use of

statistics through effective client/consultant relationships. Thus, the Section provides a forum for the interchange of ideas and information on statistical consulting and the education of statistical consultants. The Section may engage in specific activities appropriate to pursue the above objectives, including but not

limited to:

1. Foster the role of the statistical consultant.

2. Regularly communicate information on statistical consulting through newsletters and/or other appropriate publications.

3. Sponsor sessions at Association meetings and in other settings to encourage developing statistical consulting.

4. Coordinate efforts with other Sections of the Association and with other societies and organizations.

5. Encourage improved training of statistical consultants and promote effective innovative training methods.

6. Study the organizational structure of the training of consultants and the placement of consultants within academic or non-academic organizations.

7. Promote the use of ethical standards in statistical consulting.

8. Promote the professional stature of consultants and statistical scientists, in general.

Article III. MEMBERSHIP Any Association member may become a Section member by paying the Section dues appropriate for their type of Association membership. The membership year for each Section member shall coincide with that member's Association membership year.

Article IV. OFFICERS All officers must be Section members in accordance with Article III above. The Section officers shall be the Chair, the Chair-Elect, the Past Chair, the Secretary/Treasurer, the Program Chair, the Program Chair-Appointee, the Newsletter Editor, the Assistant Newsletter Editor, the Webmaster, the Publications Officer, three at-large members of the Executive Committee, and the Representative(s) to the Association's Council of Sections. The number of Representatives shall be determined by the Charter of the Association’s Council of Sections. The Chair-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer, the Publication Officer, the three at-large members, and the Council of Sections Representative(s) are elected; the Chair-Elect succeeds the Chair who succeeds the Past Chair; all other officers are appointed. All members of the Executive Committee are voting members.

The Chair is the chief officer of the Section and is the preceding year’s ChairElect. The Chair shall preside at all meetings of the Section and the Executive Committee and coordinate the work of the Section officers and committees. The Chair shall prepare an annual report on Section activities. The Chair shall regularly review the financial reports provided by the Association's online system.

The Chair appoints the Newsletter Editor and Assistant Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster. The Chair, with the approval of the Executive Committee, may appoint additional individuals or committees to carry out Section functions.

The Chair-Elect shall preside over meetings of the Section and the Executive Committee in the absence of the Chair. In consultation with the Chair and Secretary/Treasurer, the Chair-Elect shall prepare the budget of the Section for the year in which the Chair-Elect is Chair. Early in the Chair-Elect’s tenure, the Chair-Elect shall appoint the Program Chair-Appointee, who will succeed the the Program Chair the following year.

The Past Chair is the previous year’s Chair. The Past Chair shall advise and assist the Chair and the Executive Committee. The Past Chair is Chair of the Committee on Nominations.

The Secretary/Treasurer shall be responsible for the minutes of all meetings of the Section and the Executive Committee. The Secretary/Treasurer shall also assist the Chair-Elect in preparing the annual budget and shall monitor the Section's dues collections and expenditures and prepare an annual report on the financial condition of the Section. In the middle of the year, the Secretary/Treasurer should notify the Executive Committee of expected committee vacancies.

The three at-large elected members of the Executive Committee serve as a channel for information between the membership and the Executive Committee and serve on committees of the Section. They shall also assist the Section through special assignments made by the Chair and/or Executive Committee.

The Representative(s) to the Council of Sections shall report to the Executive Committee (and, as appropriate, to all Section members) about issues being discussed by the Council of Sections, shall communicate feedback from members to the Council of Sections, and shall represent the interests of the Section and its members to the Council of Sections.

The Publications Officer shall coordinate paper and electronic publications associated with the Section including, but not limited to, Section columns in Amstat News, proceedings of meetings, and other presentations, but excluding the Section newsletter. The Publications Officer serves as Chair of the Section’s Publications Committee. The Publications Officer shall serve as the Section's representative on Association committees concerned with Section publication matters. When requested by the Editors, the Publications Officer shall assist in soliciting, reading, and editing articles on statistical consulting for publication in the Association's journals.

The Program Chair shall be responsible for developing and coordinating the Section's sessions and other program events at national and regional meetings of the Association. The Program Chair serves as a member of the Association's Program Committee. The Program Chair is the preceding year’s Program ChairAppointee. The Program Chair presents the proposed invited program to the Executive Committee for final approval.

The Program Chair-Appointee shall coordinate the Section’s roundtable sessions at the Joint Statistical Meetings and assist the Program Chair.

The Newsletter Editor shall edit and oversee the production and distribution of the Section newsletter. An Assistant Newsletter Editor may assist the Newsletter Editor.

The Webmaster maintains the Section’s website and coordinates its improvement and content with the advice of the Publications Committee and Executive Committee.

Article V. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE The Executive Committee of the Section shall consist of the officers of the Section. Between business meetings, the management of the affairs of the Section shall be in the hands of the Executive Committee.

Article VI. NOMINATION AND ELECTION Each year the Section's Committee on Nominations shall submit, to the Secretary of the Association and the Section Chair, at least two candidates for each position to be filled meeting the Association's general deadline for submission of nominations. As part of the Association's annual election, the Secretary of the Association will transmit a ballot to all Section members.

Additional nominations may be made by submitting a petition, signed by at least 25 Section members, to the Section Chair and the Secretary of the Association.

Such a petition must be submitted before the Association's deadline for including candidates on the ballot.

If the office of Chair becomes vacant, the Chair-Elect shall become the Chair, the term extending through the following year. Vacancies in other offices shall be filled by the Chair’s appointment with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Article VII. TERMS OF OFFICE The Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, Program Chair, and Program ChairAppointee shall each serve a one-year term. The Chair, Chair-Elect and Program Chair-Appointee shall automatically succeed the Past-Chair, Chair and Program Chair, respectively, at the annual change of officers, occurring on January 1.

The Secretary/Treasurer and the Publications Officer are each elected to a twoyear term.

The at-large elected members of the Executive Committee shall serve three-year terms, staggered so that one member is elected each year.

The term of office for the Representative(s) to the Council of Sections shall be as specified in the Charter of the Association’s Council of Sections. Staggered elections will be used when the Section has more than one Representative.

The Newsletter Editor, the Assistant Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster are appointed for two year terms.

No elected officer shall be eligible for immediate re-election to the same office except the Secretary/Treasurer. The Newsletter Editor, the Assistant Newsletter Editor and the Webmaster may be reappointed.


1. Types. The Committees of the Section shall consist of the Executive Committee, Standing Committees provided by this Charter, and such Standing or Current Committees as the Chair may establish. Current Committees may be established to serve a particular need or interest of the Section.

2. Membership. The term of membership on Standing and Current Committees, if not otherwise specified in this Charter, shall be three years. Initial terms shall be set by the Chair for one, two, or three years so that, as nearly as possible, one third of the members shall be appointed each year. Members of committees shall serve until their successors are appointed or elected.

Unless otherwise specified in this Charter, each committee shall be governed by a chair appointed by the Section Chair. All members of Standing and Current Committees shall be members of the Association.

The Chairs of all Standing and Current Committees shall be Section members.

3. Normal Time of Appointment. So new members of Standing and Current Committees may begin work promptly, the Chair-Elect shall normally designate these members. If possible, the designations shall be made at least two months prior to the time when the new committee members begin their terms.

4. Standing Committees. The Standing Committees provided by this Charter

are as follows:

Nominations Committee. The Committee on Nominations shall consist of the immediate Past Chair of the Section, who serves as chair of the Committee, and three other members, one appointed each year by the chair of the Committee for a three-year term. The Committee shall submit nominations for officers as provided in Article VI. Members of the Committee are not eligible for nomination by the Committee.

Fellows Committee. The Committee to Nominate Fellows shall consist of three Section members who are ASA Fellows. The members are appointed by the Section Chair to have staggered 3-year terms. Each year the Committee shall identify Section members suitable as nominees for the honor of Fellow of the American Statistical Association (described in the By-Laws of the Association) and shall coordinate preparing and submitting nominations.

Charter Committee. The Section Chair shall appoint a Charter Committee for the purpose of reviewing the Charter of the Section as needed, normally every three years when contacted by a Vice Chair of the Council of Sections. The Charter Committee shall typically be comprised of the Chair Elect who will chair the Committee, the Secretary/Treasurer and an Executive Committee member with a Section’s Council of Sections Representative being a liaison with the Council of Sections. If revisions are merited, the Charter Committee shall prepare a revision to be submitted to the Section in accordance with Article XI of this Charter.

Publications Committee. The Publications Committee shall consist of the Publications Officer, who serves as Chair of the Committee, the Newsletter Editor, the Assistant Newsletter Editor, and the Webmaster.

It shall coordinate the publication and external communication activities of the Section.

Supervisory Committee. The Supervisory Committee shall consist of the Chair, Chair-Elect, Past Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer. It shall advise the Chair where needed between meetings of the Executive Committee. The Chair shall summarize discussions of the Supervisory Committee, if any, at the next meeting of the Executive Committee.

Each committee, except the Supervisory Committee, must submit an annual report to the Executive Committee.

5. Current Committees. The life of a Current Committee may not exceed five years without a review of its need by the Executive Committee. Any committee that is to continue for more than one year must have a charge approved by the Executive Committee. Each committee must submit an annual report to the Executive Committee.

Current Committees established in accordance with this article may be dissolved at any time by a majority vote of the Executive Committee Article IX. PUBLICATIONS Publication of non-journal periodicals, reports, proceedings, or other publications may be authorized by Executive Committee vote. Editors for Section publications shall be members of the Section and shall be appointed by the Chair with the approval of the Executive Committee.


The Executive Committee shall meet at the annual meeting of the Association. It may also hold additional meetings at times and places designated by the Chair with the Executive Committee’s consent. Meetings shall be held at the call of the Chair or by vote of two-thirds of the Executive Committee. Between meetings, the Executive Committee may conduct business by mail, telephone, or electronic means. The annual business meeting of the Section shall be held in connection with the annual meeting of the Association and shall be announced in program of the annual meeting. The officers may also conduct business with the Section members by mail, or electronic mail or other electronic means.


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