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«March 2010 Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services Improving Services for the Elderly through Research, Collaboration and Education School of ...»

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Compendium of

Community Aging Initiatives

March 2010

Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services

Improving Services for the Elderly

through Research, Collaboration and Education

School of Social Welfare

University of California at Berkeley

Berkeley, California

Made possible by


This Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives for the first time documents in a single place the various

efforts across the country to help communities become more ―aging friendly.‖ Included in the Compendium are brief summaries of 121 community aging initiatives, representing respondents to surveys sent to nearly 300 organizations identified through online searches.

The idea for this Compendium was developed at a meeting of leaders of community aging initiatives at the ASA/NCOA ―Aging in America‖ Conference in Las Vegas in March, 2009. The meeting attendees felt that such an effort was imperative at this time, in part to ―shorten the learning curve‖ by synthesizing current knowledge regarding proven strategies for overcoming common challenges, and equally importantly to facilitate policy development, research, and advocacy.

UC Berkeley's Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services (Center) was asked to take the leadership role in this effort, based in part on our previous success in hosting the ―Creating Aging-Friendly Communities‖ online conference, in collaboration with Community Strengths, which attracted more than 750 participants representing 47 states and 17 countries.

While we have strived for accuracy and to include as many initiatives as possible, we recognize that the information provided here is of necessity incomplete. We regret any omissions, and trust that this will be but the first of many such efforts to document the innovative efforts of communities throughout the country to become better places to live and to age.

The Center would like to express its sincere appreciation to all those who participated in this project, and especially to MetLife Foundation and the Eugene and Rose Kleiner Family Foundation for their generous support, without which this Compendium would not have been possible. I also would like to acknowledge the excellent contributions of research assistants Amanda Lehning, Jonathan Rogers, Vivian Chan, Megan Chen, Charis Stiles, and Rebecca Kleinman.

Andrew Scharlach, Ph.D.

Center for the Advanced Study of Aging Services School of Social Welfare University of California, Berkeley March 10, 2010 Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives i Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives ii


Community Aging Initiatives

2020 Plan: Aging in Community

50+ Dialogues

AARP Louisiana’s Livable Community Initiative

Active Living Over Fifty, Inc.

AdvantAge Initiative

Age Matters Initiative Denver

Age-Friendly New York City

AgeWell Pittsburgh

Aging Futures Partnership

Aging In Place Committee (formally AdvantAge Initiative, Puyallup)

Aging in Place Initiative: Creating Livable Communities for All Ages

Aging in Place Initiative (University of Kansas Medical Center Research Institute, Inc. with University of Kansas Medical Center)

Aging in Place Initiative Indiana

Aging in Place Study – Charlotte-Mecklenburg

Aging Master Plan

Aging - The Possibilities

Aging Together

Aging Well

Aging Well at Home

Ancestor Quilt Project

At Home on the Sound, Inc.

Beacon Hill Village

Bellevue Network on Aging

Bond County Aging in Place Initiative

Boomer Study

BoomerANG Project (Aging’s Next Generation)

Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives iii Bridging Elder Care Networks (BECN)

Burlington Livable Community Project (AARP Vermont)

Cambridge At Home

Capitol Hill Village

Caring for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Centralina Council of Governments

Cherry Hill Senior LIFE

City of Rogers Adult Wellness Center

CJE SeniorLife – There’s No Place Like Home and LaBriut! (Chicago NORC)

Clifton-Fairfax Station Transition In Place Services (CFS-TIPS, Inc)

Colorado Senior Connections

Communities for a Lifetime Program (Dunedin, Florida)

Communities for a Lifetime (Florida)

Communities for a LIFETIME of Steele County

Community Assessment of O'Fallon, Missouri

Community Caring in Bridgewater, Inc.

Community Without Walls, Inc.

Concho Communities for All Ages (Concho CAN!)

Concierge Club - Elder Help of San Diego

Connecting Caring Communities

Creating Community for a Lifetime Michigan

Creating Livable Miami-Dade & Monroe Counties for All Ages

Creating Vibrant Communities in Which We All Age Well

Digital Inclusion Community Service Project

Elder Friendly Certified Business Program

Elder-Friendly Communities, The Indianapolis Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

ElderStyle - Pines Village

EPA Building Healthy Communities for Active Aging

Fairfax 50+ Action Plan

Front Desk Florence

Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives iv Generations of Hope Communities (GHC)

Gramatan Village

Haywood Community Connections

Healthy Aging in Place - Education Seminars


In Search of Community

Indiana Partnerships for Lifespan Communities

Jefferson Outreach for Older Adults

Jewish Community Assistance Network

Jewish Family Service San Diego

JFNA/The Jewish Federations of North America’s National Aging in Place Initiative

Johnson County Livable Community Initiative

Jump Start the Conversation, Kansas City

Jump Start the Conversation with a Language Learning Curriculum (San Diego Language Learning)

Kalorama Village, Inc

La Mesa Adult Enrichment Center

LakeView Village

Las Vegas Senior Lifeline

Life Care at Home

LIFE Program of Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles

Lifelong Communities Initiative - Aging Atlanta

Lifelong Living Communities Indiana

Lights On! Improving Safety and Accessibility for Aging-in-Place

Livability in Rochester

LIVE - Lifelong Involvement for Vital Elders

Maturing of Illinois

Michigan Community for a Lifetime

Midtown Village

Mill City Commons

The Mustard Seed Project of Key Peninsula

Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives v Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC) at Ellison Park Apartments, Rochester NY

Newton at Home

NORC – Neighbor to Neighbor (Ocean County)

NORC Northern Portland

Northwest Neighbors Village

Nursing Home to Community Program

Nurturing Our Retired Citizens (St. Louis Park NORC)

One Call Club for Seniors

Palisades Village

Partnership for Housing Opportunities and Elderly Services

Pathways to Positive Aging

Penn's Village

Project EncourAge

Rhawnhurst NORC

River Bluffs Village

Road to Wellness Project

Safe Crossings

Sarasota NORC Senior Services Outreach Project


Senior Connections (Lincoln Square Neighborhood)

Senior Fall Prevention (Florida)

Senior Fall Prevention Services (Arizona)

Senior STEPS

Senior Strolls, Senior Recreation (Portland EPA)

Seniors Count

SILVER: Support for Independent Living and a Vital Energetic Retirement

St. Louis NORC

Tempe Connections

Tierrasanta Village of San Diego

Transportation and Mobility Options

Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives vi Transportation Options and Alternatives – Education and Outreach (Wichita)

Vineyard Village at Home

Washington Park Cares

WHO Global Age-Friendly Cities Project in Portland, Oregon

Wichita Homebound Outreach

Appendix A: Methodology

Appendix B: Initiatives by National Affiliation

Appendix C: Initiatives by State

Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives vii Community Aging Initiatives 2020 Plan: Aging in Community Geographic Area Served: Central Virginia Lead Agency: Jefferson Area Board for Aging (JABA) Larger Initiative: Administration on Aging Livable Communities for All Ages Award Description: The 2020 Plan offers a guide for communities preparing for the doubling of the senior population forecast by the year 2020. The 2020 Plan represents a comprehensive, integrated approach to aging issues, including both predictions about the challenges that will be faced and solutions to those problems with clear steps to implementation. The plan is a blueprint for JABA and area organizations to lead communities forward as they age.

Accomplishments: Improvement in transportation for seniors; affordable health care options; intergenerational opportunities; awareness of need for better aging options; increased awareness in universal design principles.

Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives 50+ Dialogues

Geographic Area Served: Lake Oswego, Oregon Description: In September 2005, the City retained Lincoln Crow Strategic Communications to conduct a community-wide assessment to determine the needs of residents age 50 and over. The goals of this assessment were to: (1) Identify the issues, concerns, and needs of Lake Oswego‘s 50+ population, including understanding the desires, expectations, and needs of people nearing or entering retirement age; (2) Explore factors that play a role in aging successfully; (3) Probe the 50+ population‘s awareness of and satisfaction with existing services and programs, as well as identify gaps in service; (4) Evaluate the stability of future funding and the potential impact on future social service delivery at the Adult Community Center; and (5) Determine the city‘s role in meeting current and future needs.

Accomplishments: Advocacy for community based projects, Neighbor Helping Neighbor Community based clean up, transportation/shuttle recommendations, traffic study, and educational panel.

Website: www.ci.oswego.or.us/acc Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives AARP Louisiana’s Livable Community Initiative Geographic Area Served: Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans, Louisiana Lead Agency: AARP Louisiana Larger Initiative: AARP Description: AARP Louisiana supports both a state-wide Livable Communities Council and a locally based elder-friendly community initiative in the Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans. The Council is a group of professionals and volunteers from across Louisiana committed to making Louisiana a place where people of all ages and abilities can grow old. The Hollygrove Livable Communities Project is a partnership of 40 organizations committed to supporting the Hollygrove neighborhood in its desire to rebuild an elder-friendly community after significant devastation brought by the storms of 2005.

Accomplishments: The Livable Communities Council successfully advocated for and passed a resolution mandating the creation of a Complete Streets Workgroup to ensure that all roads are designed or retrofitted in a way that accommodates all users. The Council will play a major leadership role with the Workgroup and then serve as a watchdog group to ensure recommendations are implemented. Currently, the council is working on developing a national transportation conference that will focus on involving older adults in transportation planning. The Hollygrove Livable Communities Project is committed to building relationships between the residents of the community, AARP, and other local partners. This was manifested in the Livable Communities Leadership Academy—an 8-week training session to develop the leadership skills of residents and their knowledge of critical livable communities issues. The majority of the 28 graduates were older adults, who became the co-chairs of the Hollygrove Project Teams that form the backbone of the Project. The Project Teams have made significant progress on their short-term goals and continue to refine and work toward their long-term goals. Accomplishments include: a community-based public safety analysis; design and construction of a bus shelter; creation of a walking club; partnership with local free health clinic; advocating against the demolition of the neighborhood-based school; and development of project-wide evaluation plan.

Contact Name: Jason Tudor, Livable Communities Project Manager Contact Phone Number: 504-827-9830 Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/AARP-Louisiana/171565247869?v=info

Compendium of Community Aging Initiatives Active Living Over Fifty, Inc.

Geographic Area Served: Upper Westchester County, New York Lead Agency: Active Living Over Fifty, Inc. (aka ALOFT) Description: ALOFT is a mutually supportive nonprofit organization that develops intergenerational strategies to enable older residents of Bedford, Lewisboro, Mount Kisco, North Castle, North Salem, Pound Ridge, and Somers, New York to remain safely and confidently in their homes.

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