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News 2009

27.10.2009 - 31.12.2009

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The National :

Peaceful Xmas in Bougainville ACTING assistant commissioner of police Huitona Tohua has thanked the people of Bougainville for the peaceful Christmas celebrations. Police in Buin, Arawa, Wakunai, Tinputz and Buka said the Christmas celebrations last weekend were quiet. Only two suspicious deaths were reported from Buin and Buka town over the Christmas festive period. He also thanked the people of Bougainville for celebrating Christmas in peace with their families. He added that the same sort of peaceful celebrations should go on into the New Year period. Mr Tohua appealed to drivers not to drink and drive.


Post-Courier :

Bougainvilleans urged to work with Govt


Member for Central Bougainville, Jimmy Miringtoro, has appealed to the people of Bougainville to work together with the National Government in order to build Bougainville and provide better services in a short span of time.

Mr Miringtoro said this while laying out his development plans for his electorate.

He said the maintenance of the Amuapong, Bonamung, Orami, Kompani and Mapearo roads and the Aropa airport revitalisation program in Central Bougainville will soon be on tender.

Mr Miringtoro had already deposited K1 million each for the new Aropa - Basikun and Jaba – Paruparu roads.

He dispatched money into the following areas of development: education and infrastructure – K2 million, health – K1 million, agriculture – K1 million - which will be broken down to; food crops, marine products,cash crops and livestock getting K250,000 each.

The Arawa town electrification and Central Bougainville Corporate Society will also receive K250,000 each.

“We must know that the National Government is here to help the people of Central Bougainville.

So when the government provides help into an area, people must ask themselves, how will we contribute? They must either show sweat equity or they can stand aside and watch the government do their job, which will result in no development in the area because people aren’t responsible,” he said.

Mr Miringtoro said it is time the people of Central Bougainville put their hands together and support the Government of Papua New Guinea in its development programs.

He said the Somare/Temu Government, had a vision, that by 2050 the quality of life for its people will improve and PNG citizens will have good houses, hospitals, education system and sickness and poverty will lessen.

Health centre gets K500,000 fundingBy LLANE MUNAU

Central Bougainville MP, Jimmy Miringtoro delivered a cheque of K500,050 last week (Wednesday), to the Wakunaii Health Centre for the building of a new maternity ward.

For more than a decade, mothers in the Wakunaii District gave birth in a very run down and ill equipped maternity ward.

Their cries fell on deaf ears, until last week, when the cheque was delivered as a Christmas gift from the MP to the mothers and the people of Wakunaii, during a ground breaking ceremony.

According to Mr Miringtoro, the K500,050 was half of K1.1million he got from the National Planning’s, Public Health Investment Promotion.

He said the other half will be delivered to the Manetai Health Centre next week for the building of their maternity ward and the refurbishment of the Manetai Health Centre.

Mr Miringtoro said the buildings and equipment of the two health centres did not meet health standards and he wanted to change this and refurbish them into attractive and life saving centres that are up to standard.

“For too long, mothers have been neglected. It was acquitted in the previous government that the wards were renovated, but nothing had been done,” he said.

“MP’s must come to help their people, especially women. As many women die or fall sick because of inadequate facilities to help them. With this money we will pay for necessary equipments to run the maternity ward and minimise death and sickness,” he said.

The construction of the ward will start in March next year when the government finance books are opened.

24.12.2009Post-Courier :ABG minister diesBy GORETH KENNETH

WHILE the rest of the country will be celebrating the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ with peace and happiness this Christmas, Bougainvilleans will be mourning the death of a senior parliamentarian in the Autonomous Bougainville Government house of representative, Dr Benedict Pisi.

Dr Pisi, also the Natural Resource Minister (including Mining) peacefully passed away in his home at Sohano Island this week after a long illness.

Dr Pisi returned from the Pacific International Hospital recently after being admitted there and discharged last week. The late minister also lost his mother, brother and sister this year. He is survived by his wife and two children.

Acting President Ezekial Masatt advised a funeral program was still being prepared and the body was at the Buka General Hospital morgue.

“Today is both a happy and a sad day for all of us Bougainvilleans. Happy as we are preparing ourselves to celebrate the birth of our saviour Jesus Christ and indeed sad because of the loss of one of our most beloved sons, the late Benedict Pisi,” Mr Masatt said.

“The news of the sudden passing away of Dr Pisi struck the very central nerve of the ABG Government as the deceased was a senior minister in my government. Bougainville has again lost yet another great leader, which the region cannot afford to.

“Only in June of last year, we lost through the death of our first president the late Joseph Kabui. It will take Bougainville many years to produce such quality leaders to lead and guide the people of the region.” During his first term as Minister for Natural Resources, the Minister was instrumental in bringing together all three Panguna landowner groups to come under one body and one executive. The people of Bougainville, in particular the people of Ioro constituency, will greatly miss his services.

“As acting president of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, I would like to, on behalf of my family, the people of Bougainville pass my condolence to the family and relatives of the late Minister,” he said.

The National :

Bougainville loses a leader THE people of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville are mourning the death of one of their leader who passed away yesterday.

The late minister for natural resources Dr Benedict Pisi passed away at his residence on Sohano Island yesterday afternoon after a long illness.

He was admitted at the Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby earlier and discharged only last week.

Dr Pisi was appointed minister for natural resources by the Autonomous Bougainville Government president James Tanis, a portfolio he held until his untimely death.

Dr Pisi played a leading role in uniting the Panguna landowners under one association and one executive.

Bougainville’s acting president Ezekiel Masat said the region had lost one of its great leaders.

Tragedy struck Dr Pisi’s family when he lost his mother, brother and sister early this year.

He is survived by his wife and two children.

Dr Pisi began his primary education at Panguna then progressed to Arawa High School and did his university studies at the University of Papua New Guinea and further studies in Russia.

Government officials and relatives are working out a programme for a memorial service.

Two remote areas to get roads THE people of two remote areas in Bougainville have been carrying cash crops on their shoulders to markets for a long time.

They returned with building materials of cement bags, timbers and store goods back home crossing rivers and mountains.

These people of Aropa to Basikuna and Fairomana-Paruparu in Central Bougainville will now have two roads built for easy access to markets and back.

Member for Central Bougainville Jim Miringtoro has allocated K2 million from his district service improvement programme (DSIP) to fund the two roads into the two most remote parts of Central Bougainville.

Mr Miringtoro presented the cheque for K2 million to Works secretary Joel Luma for the construction of the roads.

The Member presented the cheque after the signing of a memorandum of understanding.

The release of the money means that Works Department will now use the money as counterpart funding and will negotiate with development partners to carry out construction of the two roads.

The two roads are Aropa-Basikuna to Kongara road and Tairomana-Paruparu to Jaba fuel station road.

Mr Miringtoro thanked the Somare Government for making funds available under DSIP that could now reach the remote people of Central Bougainville.

“These roads will boost the economic activity in these two areas,” Mr Miringtoro said.

He said Bougainville was once a top cocoa exporting province and would strive to regain that position again with the opening up of roads throughout the province.


The National :

More ‘powers’ for Bougainville govt


THE joint supervisory board (JSB) has agreed to transfer five symbolic powers and functions to the Autonomous Bougainville Government as part of the drawing down of powers from the National Government.

The agreement followed resolutions passed during the last JSB meeting for this year that was held in Buka last Tuesday.

It had been noted by the JSB that a draft National Executive Council (NEC) submission had been made for the transfer of these powers and it had already been approved by the State Solicitor which is expected to be submitted to the NEC.

Consideration was also given to the proposed transfer of mineral resource and policing powers and functions to the Bougainville government.

Issues in relation to the non-renewable minerals, mining, oil and gas, had been deferred to the next JSB meeting to enable the Bougainville executive council to consider the 15 indicated steps in the agreement process.

With the transfer of policing powers, a working group of relevant National Government and ABG agencies would be engaged to oversee and identify the powers and functions of the police on Bougainville as part of the efforts to achieve a “greater autonomy” in policing arrangements in Bougainville.

The JSB also discussed the preparation for referendum which called for a working group made of senior ABG officials as well as representatives from the National Electoral Commission to examine constitutional, administrative and financial matters that may determine the initial outcome of Bougainville’s referendum.

At the official dinner hosted by the ABG to end the meeting, president of the autonomous region, James Tanis, congratulated the ABG and the National Government for reaching a consensus.

“Although we have gone through tough times often reaching a deadlock, I am happy that we now have come to an understanding,” Mr Tanis said.

Deputy Prime Minister Sir Dr Puka Temu shared the same sentiments, saying that Bougainville would remain a priority with the National Government.


Post-Courier :

ABG pass K173m budget Treasurer Mathias Salas presented the Budget which was passed by the ABG cabinet and the Bougainville Executive Council, later tabled in the region’s House of Representatives at Kubu in Buka.

The Budget was made up of the K63 million allocated by the National Government to the ABG in its 2010 National Budget and also included in this money plan as outlined in the

summary were:

* Internal Revenue K10,540,000.

* National Governments grants K98,862,500.

* Re-appropriated National Government Program (DSIP) K12,000,000.

* Re-appropriated ABG programs (2009 PIP) K8,610,000.

* Balance of funds carried forward (2008 PIP) K4,820.000.

* Balance of funds carried forward (2008 recurrent) K900,000.

* Donor K37,105,000.

ABG’s budget for 2010 was K172,837,800.

Cabinet members were reluctant to pass the 2010 budget during the ABG House final sitting for 2009.

The unwillingness of some members of the house in passing the budget was based on the fear that the National Government may not honor its commitment to giving the ABG the K15 million for its restoration and development program.

The non-allocation of this funding by the National Government has led to the Finance Minister Mathias Salas issuing a press statement expressing ABG’s disappointment over the issue. In presenting the region’s budget Mr Salas announced that the Deputy Prime Minister and Acting Prime Minister Sir Dr Puka Temu had assured the ABG leadership that this funding would be given to the ABG and would be prioritised in the supplementary budget in March 2010.

Mr Salas described the allocation as a significant boost to the development efforts being implemented in Bougainville.

He said this budget was not the same as the Government’s earlier budgets that focused on recovery from the effects of the Bougainville conflict while at the same time implementing a new Government.

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