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Now more courses

than ever before! 2013 Catalog www.ciebookstore.com • 800-321-2155 Get started today! www.ciebookstore.com • (800) 321-2155 22 Welcome to CIE Bookstore Dear Friend, Thank you for requesting a CIE Bookstore course catalog.

CIE Bookstore is a division of Cleveland Institute of Electronics which has a long tradition of helping students reach their academic goals via distance learning since 1934.

Inside you’ll find over 200 AFFORDABLE programs specifically designed for the learn at home student - many with hands-on labs and experiments!

Certificate Programs Our certificate programs allow you to learn new technology from the comfort of your own home, when it’s convenient to you. There are no time limits and each certificate course includes a textbook, study guide, instructor assistance and online exams.

Our highly trained instructors are only a phone call away (or e-mail) from providing you with reassuring assistance whenever you need it.

Everything you need to graduate is sent to your home and you can take your exams online. Best of all, you’ll earn an impressive Certificate of Completion suitable for framing when you’re finished!

Plus, with each certificate program you’ll get full academic and tuition credit towards CIE’s associate degrees and diploma programs that have the same lessons should you wish to continue your education with CIE.

Self-Paced CD & Lab Training Programs These self-paced CD courses are great for keeping your resume current with the latest technology, updating your troubleshooting skills or simply studying a new area of interest.

In addition, there are many hands-on labs with experiments that will show you what to expect in the field working on real world projects.

Sincerely, The Team at CIE Bookstore


A+ Certification................4 Electronics Test Equip 13 PC Forensics

Appliance Repair.............31 HD Video Course.......29 PC Repair

Apps Programming.........23 Home Automation......28 PLC



Cell Phone Forensics.....21 Laptop Repair................ 3 Robotics

Communications.............20 Math Courses..............32 Small Engine

Computer Securty+..... 5-6 Microcontrollers........17 Telecommunications........19 Diesel


Electronics Engineering.12 PC Diagnostics.............. 7 Wood Working.................33 PC Repair DVD Course with Diagnostic CD

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Learn how to troubleshoot and repair PCs in your own home.

Step-by-step instructions with no previous experience necessary.

Course Outline:

Section One - Getting Started Safety, Data Backup, Hardware Identification, PC Cleaning Section Two - Hardware Diagnosis & Replacement Diagnostic CD, Replace Hardware Section Three - Software Problem and Solutions Virus Removal, File Recovery, Windows® Utilities, Factory Restore, Unwanted Program Removal, Junk File Removal, Software Updates Section Four - Install and Configure Windows Operation System Windows® Installation, Drivers, Internet set-up, Software Installation Section Five - Optimize User Experience Windows® Update, User Account Customization Computer Repair Study Guide The Study Guide follows the videos with summaries, additional tutorials, quizzes, and study materials. (125 pages.) Diagnostics CD Use the diagnostic programs on the CD to identify hardware problems. Identify and benchmark hardware on computers • Perform Burn-ins for new hardware • Securely Erase hard drives • Use cloning tools to backup entire drives and installations to new drives or image files • Partition drives with Parted Magic • Resize partitions • Run diagnostics and data recovery from the Parted Magic Live environment • Break Bios Passwords • Recover deleted files with Photorec • Scan for viruses Start a Business Guide Customer support, invoicing, how to collect payments & more.

Marketing Guide How to find the most loyal and most profitable customers.


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With 28 lessons and 2 hours of video on how to build a PC you can repeat the lessons whenever you want and master each technique. A complete parts list is included.

Learn how to add memory, install a new video card, sound card and more.You don’t need a computer science degree to build a computer. It’s really very easy.

Up to date training material All Information and lessons to make a computer are updated for 2013.

Superior Tech Support Get your questions answered quickly with direct one-on-one contact with the tech support team via email.

Expert step-by-step lesson material 2 hours of self-paced tutorials will give you the skills you need to make a computer.

02-701 (DVD)

Computer Repair & Building Course 6 DVDs and 12 CDs show you how to repair and build PCs and Laptops quickly.

Learn how to:

Understand Basic PC Principles • Diagnose & Repair PCs • Build PCs from Scratch • Start your own PC Repair Business • Prepare for CompTIA’s A+ certification. 02-732

Computer Building Kit This trainer consists of 14 lessons that will teach you to be proficient in computer technology. In the first 13 lessons the PC Board is built-up step by step. As each section is added, its function is explained and experiments are run to demonstrate its operation. Learn how to write into RAMs, ROMs and how to operate the 8085 microprocessor. 01-680


Beginner Computer Certificate Course Learn how to run a PC with confidence! No previous computer experience is needed. This easy step-by-step distance learning course covers software, hardware, internet & more! It includes 8 lessons, instructor support & a professional Certificate of Completion suitable for framing when finished. It was designed to help beginners with their computer training. 01-IN01

Introduction to Microsoft Office Certificate Course Master Microsoft Office quickly. 12 step-by-step learning labs cover real world projects in Excel, Word, Access and Power Point. Includes instructor support, online grading & Certificate 02-M910..... $245

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• Do a complete teardown on your laptop.

Take the case apart to get access to any component and put it all back together.

• Replace your power jack. One of the reasons your laptop has trouble running on outlet power and/or charging the battery.

• Remove and replace your motherboard.

• Clean and use your computer after you’ve spilled water, coffee, or soda on it.

• Take off a broken LCD or LED screen and replace it with a new one.

• Replace a bad hard drive. Also learn how to restore your Operating System on the new drive.

• Fix your wireless card or even upgrade to a newer one with faster connection speeds.

• Add more RAM to your laptop. Many economy laptops come with small amounts of RAM.

Upgrade to more and see an immediate increase in speed and responsiveness.

• Replace your screen’s inverter.

• Put a new DVD or Blu-ray burner in your laptop, or replace an old broken drive.

• Are you missing keys or is the keyboard unresponsive?

Learn how to replace it with a brand new keyboard. A very cheap fix.

• Replace your BIOS battery. A big reason why your laptop may not be retaining its settings.

• Upgrade your laptop with a faster CPU.

8 DVD course includes:

DVD 1: Diagnostics, Tools and Parts DVD 2: Batteries, Keyboards, Drives and RAM DVD 3: Screens DVD 4: CPU, Heatsinks, Fan and BIOS Batteries DVD 5: Power Jack and Wireless Cards DVD 6: Full Teardowns (HP/Sony) DVD 7: Full Teardown (MacBook) DVD 8: Clean Up a Spill If it won’t turn on, only runs on outlet power, randomly crashes and shuts down, gets blue screen errors, too noisy, can’t connect to wireless internet... no matter what the problem, you can fix it, and we’ll show you how. 02-754

–  –  –

Management Information Systems Certificate Course Learn about computer-based information systems used in business data processing, office automation and information reporting. Includes instructor help, online grading & Certificate.


Fundamentals of Information Systems Certificate Course Learn fundamental computer information technology concepts and terms along with identifying the role of the IS professional. Includes instructor help, online grading & Certificate. 01-CET111 $225 Computer Information Systems Certificate Course Learn the components of a computer-based information system including systems software and hardware and their functions. Instructor help, online grading & Certificate. 01-CET483......... $275 Operating Systems and Linux+ Lab Certificate Course Master Operating Systems and prepare for the Linux+ certification with this distance learning certificate course. Learn how to install, configure, and troubleshoot Windows Vista, 7, XP Professional and Mac OS X. Linux IT training with 98 videos and 82 hands-on labs from LabSim.

What will I learn?

Diagnose and troubleshoot common operating system problems • Linux IT training with 98 videos and 82 hands-on labs • Install and upgrade software applications, printers, and other system components • Identify key features common to all operating systems • Describe basic networking and network operating system concepts • Connect to a LAN and the Internet • Implement important security features Learn from the comfort of your own home and take your exams online. Earn an academic Certificate of Completion in Operating Systems Management from CIE Bookstore suitable for framing.

02-M230B Includes instructor help, online grading & Certificate

Look for more training programs at www.ciebookstore.com Computer Security Computer Security Specialist with Security+ Certificate Course This certificate course provides computer security training for PCs and networks. Includes textbook, instructor support, online exams and a CompTIA Security+ training lab.

The demand for computer security specialists have increased in recent years as cyber attacks have become more sophisticated. Network security has risen to the top of the list of importance when it comes to a network administrator’s skills.

This course will show you how to master computer security techniques quickly. Every lesson is designed to present you with easy-to-understand information about computer security and help you plan and implement it in different settings.

No previous in-depth knowledge of network, system hardware or operating systems is required.

What will I learn?

Start learning essential skills needed for a career in IT like troubleshooting hubs, switches, routers, IP addresses, URLs, firewalls, proxy servers, port scanners, port monitoring utilities, identifying top network threats and more! In addition, LabSim’s Security+ training lab is designed to help students pass their CompTIA Security+ certification exam and become CompTIA Security+ certified.

Learn from the comfort of your own home and take your exams online. Our highly trained instructors are only a phone call away (or e-mail) from providing you with any help you may need.

Security+ Lab The self-paced LabSim training component gives students the hands-on experience that helps them master the skills needed by today’s IT security professionals. Not only will students be prepared to become Security+ certified, but they will also be equipped to use these essential skills in their IT career.

Powerful Labs With robust online labs, LabSim Security+ provides students with hands-on experience in systems security, network infrastructure, access control, assessments and audits, cryptography and organizational security.

Expert Instruction LabSim also provides video instruction and demonstrations by industry experts. The LabSim Security+ training strictly follows CompTIA’s official training curriculums.

LabSim’s Security+ online trainer includes:

• 109 Training Videos • 73 Demonstrations • 59 Section Quizzes • 28 Lab Simulation Exercises • 86 Written Lessons • 635 Exam Questions Security+ is an international, vendor-neutral security certification.

Graded Computer Security Training Lessons:

Fundamentals of Computer Security, Networks and the Internet, Assessing a Target System, Denial of Service Attacks, Malware, Basics of Assessing and Securing a System, Encryption, Internet Fraud and Cyber Crime, Industrial Espionage in Cyberspace, Cyber Terrorism and Information Warfare, Cyber Detective, Computer Security Hardware and Software 01-CET360

–  –  –

Topics Covered:

Introduction to Network and Data Link Layer Protocols • TCP and UDP in Detail • Software, Small Office, and Enterprise Firewalls • Threats, Packet Filtering, and Stateful Firewalls • Illustrated Exercises in Basic Firewall Installation • Determining Requirements for the Firewall • Intro to Advanced Firewall Concepts and Terminology • Virtual Private Networks • Techniques for Integration of Firewall Logs and System Logs Earn a certificate of completion from CIE Bookstore that’s suitable for framing in Firewall and VPN Technology. Textbook, Study Guide, 11 distance learning lessons with Instructor Help, Online Grading & Certificate of Completion.


NEW! Database Development Certificate Course General introduction to database creation, administration and management. Course focuses on SQL technology but most database structure and methods are identical. 10 lessons and project.

Topics covered:

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