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«Department of Creative Writing Faculty of Humanities Kwantlen Polytechnic University August 13, 2010 Table of Contents I. Executive Summary II. ...»

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Full Program Proposal

Bachelor of Arts

Creative Writing Major

Department of Creative Writing

Faculty of Humanities

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

August 13, 2010

Table of Contents

I. Executive Summary

II. Degree Content

III. Curriculum Design

IV. Program Delivery

V. Admission Requirements

VI. Faculty

VII. Program Resources

VIII Program Consultation

Appendix A

Appendix B

Appendix C

Appendix D

Appendix E

Kwantlen Polytechnic University Page 1 of 57 Faculty of Humanities I. Executive Summary The Executive Summary must present, in a succinct manner, the purpose of the proposal and a summary of the

key objectives and outcomes of the proposed degree program and must include the following information:

a. An overview of the organization’s history, mission and academic goals Founded as a community college for the South Fraser Region in 1981, subsequently granted university college status in 1995, and university status in 2008, Kwantlen Polytechnic University has provided outstanding undergraduate education for more than twenty-five years.

Undergraduate degrees have been offered at Kwantlen since 1996, along with a wide area of diplomas, associate degrees, certificates and citations in different fields of study. Designated Kwantlen Polytechnic University in 2008, the institution continues to prepare its students for successful careers as well as helping them develop the skillsand critical awareness to be responsible citizens and community leaders. Today, Kwantlen serves approximately 17,500 students each year and is the fourth largest university in British Columbia.

Across its four main campuses in Cloverdale, Langley, Richmond and Surrey, Kwantlen takes up its role as B.C.’s polytechnic university by offering in excess of 130 programs spanning diverse educational areas: Trades, Vocational, Preparatory, Professional, and Academic. As a leader in innovative education, Kwantlen creates relevant and engaging programs that integrate a broadbased university education, community service opportunities, undergraduate and applied research experience, and essential skills practice. The learning culture at Kwantlen is learnerfocused, academically rigorous, innovative, interdisciplinary and socially responsible.

Arising from its commitment to serve the Fraser Region, Kwantlen offers all learners, regardless of background and preparation, and from across the country and abroad, opportunities to achieve the highest standards of academic performance. Access and support services, multiple entry points, and bridging programs are examples of this commitment. Transition programs, international education, workplace experiences and continuing education are also part of Kwantlen’s commitment to lifelong learning across a broad range of educational options.

Our university culture is based on critical inquiry, collegial debate, knowledge generation, freedom of expression, diversity, and environmental stewardship and sustainability.

See final mission & mandate document at: http://www.kwantlen.ca/mission/missionmandate.html#.

b. Proposed credential to be awarded, including the level and category of the degree and the specific discipline or field of study Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing Major.

c. Location The Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing Major will be offered on Kwantlen’s Surrey, Richmond and Langley campuses and online, with upper-level courses taking place in Surrey and online.

–  –  –

d. Faculty(ies) or school(s) offering the proposed new degree program The Department of Creative Writing, Faculty of Humanities, will be offering the BA Major.

–  –  –

Anticipated completion time in years or semesters f.

Students engaged in full-time study will be able to complete the BA Major in Creative Writing in four years or eight semesters.

g. A summary of the proposed program

The BA, Creative Writing Major will:

–  –  –

The BA, Creative Writing Major will build on our successful Creative Writing Minor by providing students looking for a dynamic, relevant and interdisciplinary education with the opportunity to complete a full degree in a foundational and vital subject – writing. As a subject that develops and enhances a learner’s use of language and the written word, a BA in Creative Writing will provide learners with an excellent foundational education from which innumerable opportunities may follow. As a Statistics Canada study entitled “Creative Input: The role of culture occupations in the economy during the 1990’s” shows, even ten years ago almost half of all culture workers were employed in non-culture industries, most notably in manufacturing, business services and education services. A BA in Creative Writing is an effective springboard into any kind of employment or academic field that values effective and creative modes of communication. With technological advances changing the labour market and literary landscape dramatically over the last decade our ‘New Media’ stream of study (which will include courses on writing for the internet and the business of writing) will make a BA in Creative Writing an ideal forum for learners wishing to stay current with innovative literary practice and new mediums and technologies. As a polytechnic institution with a mandate to develop and celebrate interdisciplinary modes of learning, the Creative Writing faculty will ensure learners benefit from an education that has depth and breadth and vitality; one that is reflective of the high standards set by other creative writing programs across the province.

h. Name, title, phone number and e-mail address of the institutional contact person in case more information is required.

Aislinn Hunter, Faculty Member, Creative Writing Department Aislinn.Hunter@kwantlen.ca 604-568-2073

–  –  –

II. Degree Content (Expand on each of the following:) a. Aims, goals, and or objectives of the proposed program The BA, Creative Writing Major, will build on a successful four year BA, Creative Writing Minor and our two year AA, Creative Writing Diploma. Based on innovative pedagogy and integrative approaches to learning, Creative Writing studies at KPU involve the exploration and mastery of written English across a wide range of disciplinary, multidisciplinary, and interdisciplinary platforms. Creative Writing at KPU merges the practical skills of English composition in numerous modes including narrative, lyric, and drama with flexible, critical, and imaginative thinking. Our program will offer not only the traditional creative writing streams of poetry, fiction, and drama, but also streams in creative nonfiction and new media as well as practicum experience. In addition to core writing classes, our program will offer learning opportunities beyond the confines of the traditional creative writing workshop with courses in new media composition (CRWR 1240, CRWR 2140), the business of writing (CRWR 3303) and interdisciplinary arts (IDA 3100, IDA 4100).

Over the course of the last year Creative Writing faculty have identified six core aims for the


–  –  –

b. Anticipated contribution of the proposed program to the mandate and strategic plan of the institution As a cornerstone of civilization and one of the most essential tools a citizen can posses, the art of writing offers practitioners nearly unlimited access to a wide range of disciplines and careers.

Kwantlen’s new status as a Polytechnic University —a place of many (poly) arts (technic) comprising one whole (university)— will allow the art of writing, and the academic discipline of

–  –  –

Creative Writing, to take up the role of key negotiator between the arts, sciences and trades.

The ministerial mandate to create an institution unified by the theme of interdisciplinarity reflects our departmental aims and the BA Creative Writing Major’s emphasis on traditional and new mediums and multiple genre streams. As a discipline that engages learners in the art and craft of writing, Creative Writing is both foundational and broadly applicable. As an academic discipline that offers learners an extensive knowledge of and practice with the written word, a Creative Writing BA will provide learners with an essential, relevant and dynamic platform from which to pursue a wide variety of goals.

This degree proposal, for a Bachelor of Arts, Creative Writing major, reflects the interdisciplinary and polytechnic vision of Kwantlen’s mandate and emerging identity. This degree will empower students to prepare their minds and their imaginations for a complex, competitive, and changing social and economic world, while simultaneously training them in one of the most fundamental and enduring disciplines –– writing. Our BA in Creative Writing will offer students a wide variety of subject matter, modes of learning and practice. Traditional literary forms such as short stories, the novella, novel, poetry, memoir, travelogue, personal essay, stage play and screenplay can be studied in tandem with new media composition courses where the writing practice and cultural studies will intersect. This combination of course offerings, ranging from traditional literary modes of writing to courses on writing for new media will set Kwantlen apart from other BA Creative Writing programs and make us a destination for students looking for depth and breadth in their education and a degree program that will provide them with a dynamic, practical, socially engaged, and culturally responsible range of learning experiences. In the proposed program, cross-training in multiple modes and genres will be a structural feature.

Students will study in at least three of five educational streams choosing between fiction, poetry, screenplay, nonfiction, and new media. They will develop finely-tuned skills and supremely flexible tools that will facilitate their entry into, and success in, a professional world of changing technologies, mediums and markets.

Based on foundational principles of mentorship, discovery, purposefulness, and learner autonomy, the Creative Writing program will embody the Kwantlen mission and mandate for teaching excellence. In the existing Creative Writing Minor, faculty demonstrate an authentic spirit of inquiry intended as a model for learners. In turn, learners engage with a teaching environment that is collaborative, innovative, creative, and respectful. The department embraces emerging and experimental teaching methods and research-driven pedagogy in support of a dynamic educational community that is learner-focused and innovative.

The BA, Creative Writing Major will support and enhance Kwantlen’s identity as a progressive University that values interdisciplinary practice and a broad-range of pure, practical, and applied educational experiences for students of all backgrounds. A full, four-year undergraduate degree in Creative Writing will offer a new, exciting, and invaluable learning opportunity for British Columbia’s students and will underscore Kwantlen’s commitment to diverse, inclusive, and practical education.

–  –  –

c. Linkages between the learning outcomes and the curriculum design, an indication whether a work experience/work place term is required for degree completion, and if so a description of the purpose and role of the work experience within the program Students completing a BA Major in Creative Writing will demonstrate the characteristics of a

broad liberal arts education including:

–  –  –

o A solid grounding in qualitative and quantitative skills o The ability to find, interpret, evaluate, synthesize, and present information o A solid grounding in research methods; and a capacity to develop lines of argument.

A BA, Creative Writing Major will ensure the following learning outcomes in relation to the


–  –  –

o The ability to offer and receive constructive and detailed criticism (written and oral) o The development of critical reading and editing skills o The production of numerous short work and medium-length works and a minimum of three extended pieces of work at the fourth-year level o The ability to exercise critical judgment in revision of one’s own work

–  –  –

The Creative Writing BA Major curriculum is designed to offer students in their first two years of study a solid academic and imaginatively engaging foundation in the art and practice of creative

–  –  –

writing across a variety of genres and in numerous modes and mediums. Third and fourth year students will further the depth and breadth of their engagement with craft and practice through a combination or lecture and workshop-based classes and practica. Upper-level students will choose three out of five streams of study (e.g. three streams from poetry, fiction, nonfiction, screenplay and new media) thus ensuring BA majors have some flexibility in tailoring their education to their interests and strengths while still experimenting and working in a broad cross-section of genres.

In his book ‘Best Words, Best Order’, the creative writing professor and writer Stephen Dobyns suggests that unlike postgraduate students in creative writing who ‘have assumed the burden of history’ and ‘are more concerned with what they can’t do’, undergraduate students aren’t yet self-consciously censoring themselves; they are too busy being excited by what they’re learning they can do (Dobyns 8). For many emerging writers an undergraduate degree is a time of excitement and possibility. With this in mind the undergraduate BA, Creative Writing Major seeks to instill in writing students an engagement and enthusiasm that celebrates experimentation and rigor in equal measure. This reflects our curriculum outcomes and allows learners to take part in creating for themselves a dynamic, positive and relevant educational experience.

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