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« Question 1: Multiple Choice Where do you live? Percent Answered More than 50 miles from Shoreline 14.045% North of Shoreline 33.146% Shoreline ...»

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Name Student Survey Fall 2010

Attempts 178 (Total of 187 attempts for this assessment)

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 Question 1: Multiple Choice

Where do you live?

Percent Answered

More than 50 miles from Shoreline 14.045%

North of Shoreline 33.146%

Shoreline area 24.157% South of Shoreline 21.91% Bellevue and Eastside area 6.18% Unanswered 0.562%  Question 2: Multiple Choice Why did you choose to take an online class?

Percent Answered Schedule flexibility: couldn't come to campus on a regular basis 50.562% Distance: live/work too far from campus 14.045% Prefer taking classes online 14.607% Availability: couldn't get into a traditional face-to-face class 20.225% Unanswered 0.562%  Question 3: Multiple Choice If an online course you wanted was not available, which option would you choose?

Percent Answered Find another college offering the class online 19.101% Not take the class at this time 34.27% Take the class during the day on campus, if offered 24.157% Take the class in the evening on campus, if offered 14.607% Hope the class would be offered online in the summer 7.303% Unanswered 0.562%  Question 4: Multiple Choice The support and training was sufficient for you online class?

Percent Answered Yes 89.888% No 10.112% Unanswered 0%  Question 5: Multiple Choice What is your preferred web browser?

Percent Answered Firefox 41.573% Internet Explorer 8

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Are there classes you would like to see online in the future?

65 Given Answers all music classes online in some way Just more of a selection. I take online classes because as an out of state resident I get a lower price.

Once I am a resident I will go to campus because it seems like there are much more options.

Intro. Spanish I wish there was a way to take the math and english compas tests online. I am not sure if I am going to be able to get into another college to take them.

The rest of the Art History 224 and up series.

Math and chemistry Nope, I prefer in person classes.

All the classes that I need to take are online.

Would love to see more English classes online. Classes that focus on reading material, understanding and analyzing it, rather than paper writing. Would also, in general, love to see more online classes that aren't an excuse for the teacher to avoid lectures or interaction. Also, it would be nice if the teachers had a realistic schedule for themselves...I've had several who were consistently and constantly late on grading and returning assignments, to the point where students could not build on previous assignments because we didn't yet know whether or not we'd done anything wrong, the first time around.

Yes. Human relations and intro to communications. I have to take those classes from highline cc because you don't offer online, which is a pain in the rear. I just want to attend one college.

They are already online class.

May be some of the Math classes.

Math 60, Math 70, and Math 80 on-line would be nice. I hate the parking on campus during the day when I have to take these classes...

Yes, I think some lab sciences would be great to have on-line. Just come on campus for the labs. That would great!

Also, creative writing. Even though it's not my major, I would be interested just for personal development. I took a continuing education class through another college. It would be cool to have the same option at SCC--only for credit.

I also think that CPR/First Aid could be mostly on-line. Just come on campus for the skills tests.

english 102, psychology 101 My focus is on the HIIM course of study classes.

Accounting 200 level classes, Math 070. Mostly more flexibility would be nice but i now prefer to take classes online so hopefully all classes that are not hands on like art or music will be offered online.

More Math classes, especially calculus.

Foreign Language, Rosetta stone got it online how come we can't ?

I would like to see all online certificate programs offered at a random, any quarter starting point rather than the currrent system of having to wait for a fall quarter start for the program. This would require more hours in teaching to impliment but it would be much more convenient for all students who want to start a program any quarter.

math 80 on up languages - Spanish all classes More evening classes not online classes please!

1. Native American and Early Education

2. Immigrants and Multiculturalism

3. North and South conflict

4. Job training at Early Education

5. Child Labor more music and art, science n/a I'd love to see everything offered online. I would always prefer to take an online class over a traditional class and am currently enrolled in Master's classes through Liberty University's online program. Some teachers at SCC (like my GEOG 100 teacher) need more training in how to run an online class. His Syllabus was not accurate and he never updated it. The midterms and final also had no relation to any of the reading I did and it was impossible to find the answers he was looking for, even after reading a section several times. Not enough time was given to take the tests, considering the fact that essay questions were also involved and take some of us longer than others. That is where Liberty excels. Their teachers are supportive, answer your questions instead of brushing them off and allow ample time to take the tests.

I'm only taking classes that are required for my degree and that's a specific list. If I can find the classes on-line that is my preference because I have more flexibility in my schedule.

I must say though, I miss the in-person interactions with the teacher and other students in the class.

One of my teachers asked everyone to post a short bio about themselves, the other didn't. I feel like I "know" my fellow students in the class with the bios better than the class that didn't have this requirement.

I'm also seeing how teachers utilize or don't utilize all the features on Blackboard. The ones who make good use of the features Blackboard make the class more interesting and I feel like I'm learning more.

I am taking this class as part of the Health Information Technology program and so far all my classes have been available online. The flexibility of an online course has made it possible for me to take this class while working full time. Thanks More cultural diversity classes would be nice.

Chem 121 would be nice and some of the other classes pertaining to the pre-requisites to the Nursing program yes I have something for you!

I am taking ACC201 online this quarter and it stinks to high heaven. When we take the Chapter tests, we do not have the ability to go back and change answers. I feel like this is hindering my grade and does not allow me the opportunity to go back and check my work. I usually finish each test about 15 minutes early. In a live classroom, I would go back and double check everything. This class is killing my GPA and I will never take another 200-level class online with him again.

I just hope and pray that I can barely pass this class so that I can take ACC103 in the Summer (online).

Should offer variable times for his live classes. So far, all I can see is that he is offering 8:30 am classes. UGH. Who in the heck would want to be in a boring ole accounting class at 8:30am? I mean, c'mon, really?!!!

Thank you for the opportunity to vent.

The earlier Math classes. I have to take Math 80 and I work nights, night classes are while I am at work and morning classes are while I am sleeping.

I have a problem with the survey as i wasn't there saturday the 25th and I don't want a no grade on my transcript I use quest dial-up and I use my desktop, the web browser that I use is bing through my yahoo browser, sincerely abd thank you and one more thing if I have already taken thid class prior and passed it and got the certificate which I can and am going to get through another agency does it matter that I didn't get it your way as long as I pass the course.

N/A Yes, Math not personally CPR & firstaid Math This is in regards to #2 & #3: My field of study HIIM is an online program only, no class room classes offered at all. It would have been nice is N/A was offered since the answers do not pertain to my program.

I clicked on #2 and couldn't get rid of the answer, so disregard the answer. I left #3 blank because there was not an appropriate answer.

I think all classes should have an online version to make learning more accessible and more available to the masses. Online classes help stop the limiting of students in classes. I would like to see more Master's Degree programs fully online.

First Aid would be a great one to have online.

ENG 102 Communications - Public speaking classes Yes. If available I would take classes that do not require lab or math on line. For the most part GE + Social science courses on line. The rest I prefer taking lon campus either night or late afternoon classes I'd rather see more teacher participation and feedback then another worthless online class I am so glad to see this question! The first big issue I had was that the prerequisite Math class that I needed, a basic Algebra class, was not available online. I really think that it should be. I mean, since it is a required class for a student who wants an MCRS certificate, it is only logical to offer it online, right? I had to find the class at another community college, and have had to make four trips by car of over 200 miles each in order to complete the class. This takes up time that I need for study because each trip takes an entire day. It is also difficult for me to pay for all of that fuel.

The second major issue I have, which will probably result in my leaving Shoreline for another school, is that almost all of the required classed for the MCRS certificate are only offered once per year. If I remain a Shoreline student, I will have to stay in school for 9 quarters (including two summers). This seems ridiculous to me for a 72 credit certificate program. The last time I was in community college, I earned a 92 credit AS degree in 6 quarters. A lot of your current students need to finish fast so they can get back to work, and I am one of those students.

I would suggest that the last few classes in the program, like ICD 9/10 coding; Medical Reimbursement; CPT Coding; Intermediate Coding; Medical Coding Practicum; and Computers in Healthcare be offered more than once per year.

I understand that the HIIM program is overflowing with students now, and that you have had to turn people away. That is also a very strong reason to offer more classes.

Because I have a financial imperative to finish school in a timely manner, I will spend a portion of my winter break searching for a new school that I can transfer to.

Thank you again for asking!

more of the math classes would be awesome. if any class can be made into an online class it would be awesome to have more choices. I unfortunetly had one bad instance with blackboard for my online class. for a full two weeks i couldnt get my assighnments and it put me seriously behind. i am now going to have to take the class again.it wasted my money and my time. also if you could have the orientation for blackboard more available that would be beneficial too. thankyou.

My classes are all online, so I do not have a request.

YesAn incubator class for an existing company who operates as an internship source for students. The company allows students to engage and participate in everyday interactions with staff and the projects the company is working on.

Creating a class for students to go to a business off campus as an internship for the clean energy program is simply a missing component in the program. It could be done very easily, let me know if you need help.

More math classes More Art History classes More classes in general, I really enjoy all the online classes that Shoreline CC has provided so far.

Computer classes None. There are some courses that should not be offered online, such as statistics and coding. While I did learn from the the courses, there are so many things you cannot learn just through online lectures. I have a B.A. in Education, so I know of what I speak.

Math and Spanish/French.

All of the classes I needed and wanted were offered online!

None that I can think of. This was my first qtr here. I like that an online course gives flexibility but there are times a face to face lecture would have been preferable. Having the ability to ask questions and get answers and get more in depth information helps me understand alot better.

I believe Oceanography is an online class but is only available during Spring quarter. I really wanted to take it but was unable to get in during the last two spring quarters because it fills up so quickly. I think there should be more than one offered and it should be offered every quarter.

Any accounting classes and economics courses seem to lend themselves well to the online enviornment.

I would like to see every class that is not hands one (art, pe) to be offered online, and offered at more times throughout the year. I would also like to see a basic standard of guidelines for each department for how many discussion boards a week and how long they should be posted before you lose the opportunity to respond to them (longer than 2-24 hours). Group discussions that are not so complex that students cannot figure out what is going on.

None that I can think of at this time.

well the program i am trying to attend has classes i need I would like the bug fixed that causes you to suddenly not be able to type in text fields, making you have to click elsewhere, then go back to what you were typing.

Chemistry Digital Photography No None I can think of.

None that I can think of at the moment.

All business related classes available online and not just during the summer.

Yes, I am taking more classes online for my program (HIIM).

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