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«Chrysler: 1988 - 2005 Ford: 1984 - 2005 GM: 1984 - 2005 Jeep: 1991 - 2005 Saturn: 1991 - 2005 OBDII: 1996 - 2005 English Spanish French SPX ...»

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Automotive Scan Tool

Quick Start Guide

Chrysler: 1988 - 2005

Ford: 1984 - 2005

GM: 1984 - 2005

Jeep: 1991 - 2005

Saturn: 1991 - 2005

OBDII: 1996 - 2005

English Spanish French

SPX Corporation Limited Warranty



SPX Units are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for three years

(36 months) from date of delivery. This warranty does not cover any Unit that has been abused, altered, used for a purpose other than that for which it was intended, or used in a manner inconsistent with instructions regarding use. The sole and exclusive remedy for any Unit found to be defective is repair or replacement, at the option of SPX. In no event shall SPX be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages (including lost profit) whether based on warranty, contract, tort or any other legal theory. The existence of a defect shall be determined by SPX in accordance with procedures established by SPX. This warranty does not cover the AA batteries included in the kit. No one is authorized to make any statement or representation altering the terms of this warranty.






Unit software is proprietary, confidential information protected under copyright law.

Users have no right in or title to Unit software other than a limited right of use revocable by SPX. Unit software may not be transferred or disclosed without the written consent of SPX. Unit software may not be copied except in ordinary backup procedures.


Order replacement and optional parts directly from your SPX authorized tool supplier.

Include the quantity, part number, and item description.

Technical Service If you have any questions about the operation of the product, call (800) 533-6127.

Repair Service

When sending your SPX electronic product in for repair, include the following:

• contact name

• telephone number

• description of the problem

• proof-of-purchase for warranty repairs

• preferred method of payment for non-warranty repairs For non-warranty repairs, you can make payment with Visa, Master Card, or with approved credit terms. To receive a credit application, fax your request to the Credit Department at 800-962-8734.

Send the unit to:

SPX Service Solutions 2300 Park Drive Owatonna, MN 55060-0994 RGA: Service Repair English



How it Works...................................

–  –  –

How it Works This automotive scan tool reads diagnostic trouble codes, views “live” data readings from the vehicle’s ECMs, and saves “recordings” of the data readings.

Figure 1: Scan Tool Connection to Vehicle and to PC When you turn the scan tool on, the Application Manager screen appears for

you to select a test option:

Figure 2: Application Manager Screen

• Latin America 2004—for diagnostic testing of Latin American vehicles.

• Global OBD II — for diagnostic testing of OBD II-compliant USA domestic, Asian, and European vehicles for the years 1996 to 2005.

• USA Domestic Enhanced 2003 — for diagnostic testing of USA domestic OEM-enhanced vehicles to 2003.

• USA Domestic Enhanced 2005 — for diagnostic testing of USA domestic OEM-enhanced vehicles to 2005.

• USA Asian Enhanced 2005— for diagnostic testing of Asian OEM-enhanced vehicles to 2005.

• Global OBD II — for diagnostic testing of OBD II-compliant USA domestic, Asian, and European vehicles for the years 1996 to 2005.

• Playback — for viewing saved recordings.

• System Setup — for adjusting default settings for the scan tool.

–  –  –

Scan Tool Features Figure 3: Scan Tool Back View 1 Stand — flips out for setting the scan tool in an upright position.

2 Battery Compartment and Cover — holds six (6) 1.5 volt batteries.

3 Flash Card Port — holds a flash card (for future scan tool updates).

Figure 4: Scan Tool Top View 1 DB25-Pin Port — connects the vehicle DLC cable.

2 External Power Port —connects the power adapter.

3 RS 232 Serial Port — connects the PC serial cable.

–  –  –

Figure 5: Scan Tool Front View 1 LCD Screen — displays the menus and data screens.

2 ENTER Key — executes a selected menu option and generally displays the next screen.

3 LIGHT Key — turns the LCD backlight on when using internal battery power.

(When using external power, the backlight is always on when the tool is on.) 4 EXIT Key — exits a screen and generally displays the previous screen.

5 Communication Indicator — indicates when the scan tool is properly connected and communicating with the vehicle’s ECM.

6 External Power Indicator — indicates when the scan tool is drawing power from a source other than the internal batteries, such as from an OBD II vehicle cable connection, the cigarette lighter power adapter, or an accessory AC / DC power adapter.

7 On / Off Button — turns the scan tool on and off. When using external power, the scan tool stays on until you turn it off. When using internal battery power, the scan tool turns off automatically after a set time (see Unit Defaults in “Adjust Default Settings” on page 5).

8 HELP Key — displays helpful information.

9 Arrow Keys (Up, Down, Left, and Right) — select a menu option or scroll through a screen of data or text.

10 Variable Function Keys — four keys that correspond with “buttons” on some screens; execute special commands.

–  –  –

Setup Setup includes providing power to the scan tool, adjusting default settings, and installing the ScanMate PC software and the scan tool User Guide.

Provide Power to Scan Tool Figure 6: Batteries and Power Cord Before using the scan tool, provide power from either six (6) internal 1.5 volt batteries or from an external power adapter. (After you start vehicle diagnosis, OBD II vehicle cable connections provide external power to the scan tool.)

• The 1.5 volt batteries can be either alkaline or rechargeable nickel metal hydride (NiMH) batteries. Insert the batteries into the battery compartment on the back side of the scan tool.

IMPORTANT: Use only high-quality batteries. During long periods of storage, remove the batteries to prevent damage from battery leakage.

• The cigarette lighter power adapter provides power from the vehicle’s battery.

For some scan tool functions (System Setup, Playback), use of the adapter is optional but preserves the life of the internal batteries. For other functions (OBD I testing), use of the adapter is required. To use the adapter, insert the pin into the port on the top of the scan tool and insert the plug into the vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Turn the vehicle’s ignition key to the On (Run) position.

• Accessory components are available for connecting the scan tool directly to the vehicle’s battery or to an electrical outlet. For details, refer to the User Guide.

IMPORTANT: To conserve internal battery life, use either an OBD II vehicle cable connection or a power adapter as the scan tool’s primary power source; do not use the internal batteries as the primary power source. Use the internal batteries only when adjusting default scan tool settings, during test startup (for vehicle identification), or when uploading files to the ScanMate software on a PC. In addition, use the backlight in poorly-lit conditions only.

–  –  –

Adjust Default Settings The System Setup functions let you view information about the scan tool and

adjust default settings for the scan tool as follows:

1 Press the On / Off button to turn the scan tool on; wait for the Application Manager screen to appear.

Figure 7: Application Manager Screen and System Setup Screen 2 Use the Down Arrow key to select System Setup and then press the ENTER key.

This displays the System Setup screen, shown above.

3 Use the Down Arrow key to select an item to adjust (described below) and then press the ENTER key.

• Contrast Adjust — adjust the contrast of the LCD screen.

• Print Header — set up a heading for reports that you print from the scan tool.

• Unit Defaults — set the date, time, units-of-measure, and automatic shut down time. It also lets you turn the audible beep and print header functions on or off.

• Revision Levels — display software version numbers.

• Technical Support — display technical support information.

• Hardware Tests — test the LCD screen, keypad keys, and beeper; view the time clock for the scan tool and the scan tool’s serial number.

• Language — set the default language for the scan tool software.

• External Memory Card Check — check the system files on a compact flash card in the compact flash port.

4 Follow any on-screen instructions; use the Arrow keys as needed to adjust settings;

use the EXIT key to exit the screens. For detailed instructions, refer to the User Guide.

–  –  –

Install the PC Software The ScanMate CD installs the software and User Guide on your personal computer (PC).

PC Requirements

The PC should have the following minimum requirements:

• Microprocessor: 233 MHz Pentium, minimum

• RAM: 128 MB, minimum (256 MB recommended)

• Hard Disk (C drive): 20 MB free space, minimum

• PC Communication Port: 9-pin serial COM port

• Display (Monitor): Color, set at 800 x 600 pixel, minimum Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, Windows ME, • Windows 2000, Windows XP®, or Windows NT® (updated with current service packs; NT with service pack 6.0 only)

• Internet Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer Software Installation Use the following steps to install the software.

1 Insert the ScanMate CD in your PC’s CD drive and follow the on-screen instructions.

Be aware of the following:

• The install software uses Windows auto-play technology. If the instructions do not appear automatically, click the Windows Start button and click Run.

This displays a Run dialog box. Click the Browse button and then find and select your CD drive. After this, select the Setup.exe file and click the Open button (or OK). Then click the OK button in the Run box.

• The installation places a ScanMate icon on the Windows desktop and places the ScanMate option on the Windows Start, Programs menu. You can use either one of these to start the software application. Refer to “ScanMate PC Software” on page 17.

• The installation places a User Guide icon on the Windows desktop. You use this icon to open the User Guide. Refer to “User Guide Instructions” on the next page.

2 When the installation is finished, remove the CD from the PC’s CD drive.

New Scan Tool Application Updates To obtain new application updates, contact your local distributor.

New application update kits include a memory card, security code, and complete installation instructions.

–  –  –

User Guide Instructions The User Guide provides complete operating instructions for the scan tool. It is provided as a portable document format (pdf) file that installs on the PC during the ScanMate Software installation (see the previous page).

To open the User Guide, you double-click the Windows desktop icon. This displays a Language Selection window. When you click a language option, the User Guide opens in an Adobe® Acrobat Reader® window.

Note: If the User Guide does not open, the Acrobat Reader software application may not be installed on the PC. See the Note at the bottom of this page.

Figure 8: User Guide Language Selection and User Guide Windows

The left side of the User Guide window contains a Table of Contents. You click a topic to display its contents. The right side of the window displays the contents;

you can right-click inside the contents to display a navigation menu. You can also print the User Guide. For help using the file, open Acrobat Reader from the Windows Start, Programs menu and then select Help, Reader Help from the main menu.

Note: To view the User Guide, the Adobe Acrobat Reader software application must be installed on the PC. When you open the User Guide, if an Open With box appears,

click the Cancel button and do one of the following to install Acrobat Reader:

• To install an English version, insert the ScanMate CD into the PC’s CD drive.

When the installation Welcome window appears, click Cancel, then Yes, then Finish. Then click the Windows Start button and click Run to display the Run box. Click the Browse button and then select My Computer, ScanMate (drive), and AcroReader51_ENU.exe. Click the Open button (or OK). Then click the OK button in the Run box and follow the on-screen instructions.

• To install a version for another language, go to the website:

http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/reader_archive.html#Win Disclaimer: Acrobat Reader is licensed and copyrighted by Adobe Systems Incorporated. It is provided as a courtesy, not a license for use. If you install it, you must accept and abide by the terms of it's license agreement, which display the first time you start the application.

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