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Installation Guide & Users Manual







4.1 Primar y Wire Harness 5-6

4.2 Input Gain Control 7

4.3 RCA Auxiliar y Input 7

4.4 SPDIF / Optical Input 7

4.5 Remote Control Connecition 7

4.6 USB Connection 7

4.7 RCA Outputs 7



6.1 Channel Summing & Input Mode 12

6.2 Channel Setting 12

6.3 Crossover Configuration 13

6.4 Crossover Slope Configuration 13

6.5 Independent Channel Gain 13

6.6 Independent Channel Delay 14

6.7 Response Graph 14

6.8 Equalizer Adjustments 14

6.9 Saving, Opening, & Downloading Pre-Sets 15


7.1 Master Volume Control 16

7.2 Preset Selection 16

7.3 Input Selection 16




Harmony is a digital signal processor essential to maximize the acoustic performance of your car audio system. It consists of a 32-bit DSP processor and 24-bit AD and DA converters. It can connect to any factory system, even in vehicles featuring an integrated audio processor, since, thanks to the de-equalization function, Harmony will send back a linear signal.

It features 7 signal inputs: 4 Hi-Level, 1 Aux Stereo, 1 Phone and provides 5 PRE OUT analog outputs. Each output channel has a 31-band equalizer available. It also features a 66-frequency electronic crossover as well as BUTTERWORTH or LINKWITZ filters with 6-24 dB slopes and a digital time delay line. The user can select adjustments that allow him or her to interact with Harmony through the remote control device.

WARNING: A PC provided with Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system, 1.5 GHz minimum processor speed, 1 GB RAM minimum memory and a graphics card with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels are required to install the software and setup the.

2- Before connecting Harmony, carefully read this manual. Improper connections may cause damage to the Harmony or to the speakers in the car audio system.

2. CONTENTS Harmony - Digital Signal Processor

Remote Control

Power / Signal Wire Harness

USB Interface Cable

Remote Control Interface Cable

Mounting Hardware

Quick Start Guide

Warranty Registration



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4.1 Primar y Wire Harness


The primary wire harness includes appropriately color-coded 4-channel hi-level signal inputs to connect speaker level signal from the head unit. If the head unit low-level RCA outputs are equal or greater than 2V RMS, you can connect it to the high-level inputs. Use the input gain control to appropriately match the input sensitivity to the head unit output level.


Connect constant 12V+ power to the yellow 12V+ wire and ground to the black GND wire. Be sure the polarity is as indicated on the wire. A misconnection may result in damage to HARMONY. After applying power, wait at least 10 seconds before turning on.


Connect the amplifier turn-on of the head unit or switched/ACC 12V power to the red REM IN wires. Connect the blue REM OUT wire to the remote turn-on terminal of the amplifier and/or other devices in the system. REM OUT features a 2 second delay to eliminate noise pops. HARMONY must be switched on before any amplifiers are turned on. The head units amplifier turn-on must be connected to REM IN, and REM OUT should be connected to the remote turn-on terminal of the amplifier(s) or other devices in the system.


The primary wire harness also features connections for a hands free Bluetooth module. Connect the audio +/- outputs of the hands-free Bluetooth module to the pink color PHONE +/- wires of the primary wire harness. Connect the mute trigger output of the hands-free Bluetooth module to the orange color PHONE MUTE - wire of the primary harness. The mute control is activated when the mute trigger receives ground. The PHONE MUTE terminal can also be used to enable the AUX input. In this case, the PHONE +/- inputs are inactive.


The outputs of HARMONY can be muted when starting the engine by connecting the brown MUTE IN wire to the ignition starter turn-on. The MUTE IN terminal can be used to enable the AUX IN input. In this case the output mute function, set by default, will be disabled.



–  –  –

4.2 Input Gain Control Use the input gain control to appropriately match the input sensitivity to the head unit output level.

High-level input sensitivity is adjustable from 2v-15V.

AUX/low level input sensitivity is adjustable from 200mV-5V.

4.3 RCA Auxiliary Input HARMONY features an auxiliary stereo signal input to connect to an external source such as mp3 player or other audio sources. The AUX input can be selected by the remote control or activating the brown MUTE-IN wire.

4.4 SPDIF / Optical Input Connect the optical output of the head unit or audio device to the SPDIF/Optical audio input. When the optical input is used, the high level inputs are bypassed.

4.5 Remote Control Connecition Connect the remote control module to the remote control input, using the supplied network cable. See section 7 for use of the remote control.

4.6 USB Connection Connect HARMONY to a PC and manage its functions via the supplied USB cable. The connection standard is USB 1.1 / 2.0 compatible.

4.7 RCA Outputs Connect the RCA outputs of HARMONY to the corresponding amplifiers, as determined by the settings of the DSP software.



Visit SOUNDSTREAM.COM/HARMONY to download the latest version of the DSP Composer software and USB drivers

to your PC. Be sure to download USB drivers for your computers operating system, Windows 8 or Windows 7/XP:

After downloading, first install the USB drivers by launching SETUP.EXE in the USB folder. Click INSTALL to

complete installation of the USB drivers:

After successful installation of the USB drivers, launch

the DSP Composer setup application. Select your preferred language:

–  –  –

Review the license agreement & select I


Choose an alternate location to save the program files, or click NEXT to confirm the

default location:



Choose to install a short cut in the start menu or create a desktop and QuickLaunch icons, click NEXT:

Finally, click INSTALL to begin installation of the DSP Composer software. If prompted after installation

completion, restart your computer:

–  –  –

Select HARMONY if the PC is connected to HARMONY via the supplied USB cable, otherwise select OFFLINE-MODE.

In OFFLINE-MODE, you can create and/or modify new and pre-existing custom user presets. No modifications to the DSP will be saved until you reconnect to HARMONY and download the custom user preset.

When creating a new setting, chose the EQ combination

that is appropriate for your application:

Option 1 gives channels 1-6 (A-F) 31-bands of equalization (20-20kHz). Channels 7 & 8 (G & H) are given 11 bands of equalization (20-150Hz). This configuration is optimal for typical 2-way component or bi-ampable coaxial systems where active crossovers will be utilized.

Option 2 gives channels 1-4 (A-D) 31-bands of equalization (20-20kHz). Channels 5 & 6 (E & F) are given 11 bands of equalization, (65-16kHz). Channels 7 & 8 (G & H) are given 11 bands of equalization (20-150Hz). This configuration is ideal for advanced 3-way component applications using all active crossovers.

Other options include units of measurement for time delay adjustment, and READ FROM DEVICE.

Select MS for millisecond or CM for centimeter time delay.

Select READ FROM DEVICE for the DSP Composer to read the EQ combination settings currently uploaded to HARMONY.



6.1 Channel Summing & Input Mode For input summing options, in the FILE menu, chose CD SOURCE SETUP. Select which channels are high-pass or low-pass by selecting TWEETER or MIDRANGE for the appropriate input channel, otherwise keep FULLRANGE. Chose the signal input mode you are creating this preset for. SPDIF for the optical input, CD for the primar y wire harnesses high / speaker level input, AUX for the AUX RCA input, or PHONE for the hands-free Bluetooth module input.

6.2 Channel Setting Select the channel 1-8 (A-H) to modify. If you chose option 1 from the EQ combination menu, equalization adjustments for the left channels (1, 3, & 5 / A, C & E) are matched.

Crossover settings remain independent. Likewise, equalization for the right channels (2, 4, & 6 / B, D, & F) are matched. Crossover settings remain independent. This configuration is optimal for typical 2-way component or bi-ampable coaxial systems where active crossovers will be utilized. Channels 7 & 8 (G & H) are independently variable equalization and crossover settings. If you chose option 2 from the EQ combination menu, equalization adjustments for the left channels (1 & 3 / A & C) are matched, as right channels (2 & 4 / B & D). Crossover settings remain independent. Channels 5 & 6 (E & F) are independently variable for equalization and crossover settings, as are channels 7 & 8 (G & H) for subwoofers. This configuration is ideal for advanced 3-way component applications using all active crossovers.

Use AB COPY to duplicate the equalization settings of the left channels, (1, 3, & 5 / A, C, & E) for the right channels, (2, 4, & 6 / B, D, & F). The right channels can be modified further after an AB COPY without effect to the left channels.



6.3 Crossover Configuration The crossover configuration is independent for each channel, regardless of the EQ configuration chosen. Each channel could use a dedicated high-pass (HP), dedicated low-pass (LP), or band-pass option (BP), enabling both high-pass and low-pass crossovers simultaneously. Position each crossover slider to the desired frequency, or manually type the frequency in the box above each slider. Regardless of the crossover configuration or EQ combination, the frequency is infinitely variable from 20-20kHz.

6.4 Crossover Slope Configuration Each crossover setting can be given its own dB per octave setting, from as little as 6dB to as much as 48dB.

These flexible crossovers allows for precise cut-off frequency setting, ensuring optimal protection and performance of your speakers.

6.5 Independent Channel Gain Each channel is give -40dB gain, and a master gain for all channels simultaneously of -40dB up to +12dB. The gain is set by.5dB increments. Position each channel slider to the desired gain level, or manually type the level in the box above each slider. Channel gain is available regardless of EQ combination. Each channel also has an independent mute switch.


6.6 Independent Channel Delay A specific digital time delay can be applied to each channel. Depending on your choice at the EQ combination menu, the unit of measure is milliseconds or centimeters. If you chose millimeters, the delay is set in.05ms increments. If you chose centimeters, the delay is set in 2cm increments. Position each channel slider to the desired delay level, or manually type the level in the box above each slider. Also, each channel has a 180 0 phase switch below each slider.

6.7 Response Graph The response graph shows the response for each channel with the modifications given to it, including crossover and all bands of equalization, with reference to 0dB. The crossover frequencies can be manually adjusted by clicking the blue position for low-pass, or red position for high-pass and dragging to the desired location. The graph will show each channels projected response when the channel is selected from the channel setting.

6.8 Equalizer Adjustments Available frequency bands for the selected channel will appear. If option 1 was chosen for the EQ combination, channels 1-6 (A-F) will have 31 1/3 octave bands, 20-20kHz. Channels 7 & 8 will have 11-bands, 20-200 Hz. If option 2 was chosen, channels 1-4 (A-D) will have 31 1/3 octave bands, 20-20kHz. Channels 5 & 6 (E & F) will have 11-bands, 63-16kHz. Channels 7 & 8 (G & H) will have 11 bands, 20-200Hz.


6.9 Saving, Opening, & Downloading Pre-Sets While using Harmony DSP Composer in off-line mode, you can create a new preset or open, view and modify an existing preset. If making a new preset, be sure to save the preset for recalling and downloading to Harmony the next time your computer is connected. Click FILE from the menu bar, and chose SAVE. Chose a convenient location to save your preset.

To download a preset to Harmony, either after making your preset or opening a previously created preset, select FILE from the menu bar, then DOWNLOAD TO DEVICE.

After choosing a location to save your preset again, select an available preset position to download to Harmony. Click SAVE TO FLASH. Now your preset(s) are ready to be recalled by the remote control.


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