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«superior solutions through better understanding ≥ Contents Getting Started Libraries pg 3 - Designer pg 24 - Search Appendix A: Key Search Fields ...»

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≥ User Guide

superior solutions through better understanding

≥ Contents

Getting Started Libraries

pg 3 - Designer pg 24 - Search

Appendix A: Key Search Fields

pg 3 - Portal pg 24 - Saving a Standard Search

pg 3 - DealCal pg 25 - Saving a User-Defined Report/Ranking/Matrix Appendix B: Field Glossary pg 3 - News&Alerts pg 26 - Report Wizard DealCal pg 5 pg 3 - Dealogic ScoreCard pg 27 - Steps to create a report using Report Wizard Deal Profile pg 6 pg 3 - CapitalMap pg 28 - Sharing Reports Help and Support News&Alerts pg 7 pg 4 - International ScoreCard pg 4 - MyReports pg 29 - Key Search Fields for DCM Analysis pg 4 - LookUp Search pg 30 - Field Glossary CapitalMap pg 10 MarketMatrix pg 11 pg 34 - DCM Analytics Help and Support pg 34 - Calling the DCM Analytics Hotline International pg 12 pg 8 - Selecting Parameters LookUp pg 13 pg 9 - Drilling down to underlying data pg 9 - Copy a ranking into Excel MyReports pg 14 Designer pg 16 - Launching through Portal via Modify buttons pg 17 - Launching Designer as a standalone pg 17 - Standard Search pg 18 - Option 1: User-Defined pg 19 - Option 2: Ranking Table pg 20 - Use Dates pg 20 - Customise Ranking Drill Down pg 21 - Custom Matrix pg 22 - Option 3: Matrix pg 23 - Exporting to Excel superior solutions through better understanding ≥ www.dealogic.com New York: (+1) 212 577 4400 email: usinfo@dealogic.com London: (+44) 20 7379 5650 email: ukinfo@dealogic.com Hong Kong: (+852) 2804 1223 email: hkinfo@dealogic.com Tokyo: (+813) 5157 1527 email: jpinfo@dealogic.com ≥ Getting Started DCM Analytics is a competitive benchmarking system covering the Global Debt Capital Markets. Reporting packages Designer include Bookrunner and company rankings by Industry and Region, deal lists and profiles of individual transactions.

Custom reports can be saved in personal or shared libraries set up specifically for defined user groups, which can be generated with up-to-date data from anywhere in the world using only a web browser. Output can be printed or copied/exported to Excel.

The platform is comprised of two primary components, the Designer and the Portal.

Designer is a locally installed desktop application that enables a user to create, edit and save reports in personal libraries

or to share to other users or groups. Designer is used to specify search parameters, including but not limited to:

- Date ranges

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- Specific manager involvement

The Portal is a password protected website with several primary pages:


- Calendar of filed, expected, withdrawn/postponed and completed deals with drill downs to individual profiles

- Monthly, Weekly and Daily views

- Filter preferences include dates, banks, deal status, deal type, deal execution, regions, deal size and target market Dealogic ScoreCard

- DCM Squawk of breaking market information

- Daily DCM NewsSheets topical to the activity of the market CapitalMap

- Rankings by time period for Bookrunner based on volume

- Detail includes number of deals, aggregate deal volume, percentage share

- Yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and year-to-date views

- Drill down hyperlinks produce underlying deal lists for rankings

- Modify buttons allow users to further customize queries using the Designer

- Snapshot of DCM activity by geographical region/nation

- Analysis selection includes deal type, volume, number of deals, year-to-date, last-year-to-date and last year

- Modify buttons allow users to further customize queries using the Designer

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International MyReports

- Access to International marketed and European tables as published in Euroweek

- Yearly, year-to-date and custom date reviews

- Drill down hyperlinks produce underlying deals lists for ranking

- Modify buttons allow users to further customize queries using the Designer LookUp Search

- Access to a library of saved reports that can be accessed on an individual, group or firm wide basis

- Ability to share reports with designated individuals or groups

- Reports created through the Designer can be easily posted to MyReports and executed on a recurring basis

- Company: List all deals for a given company

- Bank: DCM bank profile by deal type, recently completed deals and deals in the backlog

- Industry: DCM industry profile by deal type, recently completed deals and deals in the backlog for any Dealogic General Industry Group (GIG) or Specific Industry Group (SIG)

- Deal number: Go directly to full profile of deal with a specific deal number Dealogic www.dealogic.com DCM Analytics (v.6.80) User Guide 4 ≥ DealCal When opening the DCM Analytics platform the first page you come to is DealCal. Showing an abbreviated name of the issuer, Bookrunner Parent Code for any deals on a global basis that have been filed/announced, expected to price, priced revised or withdrawn over the specified time period.

It is possible to modify the time period to the specific dates or number of weeks that you require. You can choose to view the data on a Monthly, Weekly or Daily basis.

You can also Filter the information that appears on your DealCal page by setting your preferences.

Click on the preferences option and you will go to the Edit DealCal Preferences page. Here you can select what you would like to see on the calendar based on a Specific Bank and their role, Status, Deal Type, Deal Execution, Share Type, Region, Target Market, Deal Size and Industry and then click on the Go button.

Once you have edited your Preferences you have the option to save them to a Library. These Libraries can then be accessed quickly by clicking on the Filter button on the main DealCal page.

Dealogic www.dealogic.com DCM Analytics (v.6.80) User Guide 5 ≥ Deal Profile By clicking on any of the tickers on the DealCal page you can drill down to see the Deal Profile of the underlying deal.

The Deal Profile provides an in-depth look at individual transactions, including structure, individual tranche details, pricing, syndicate group and disclosed gross fees. Click on the hyperlinked company to access detailed information on any transaction underlying a search.

Click on the heading tabs to get access to features like the deal prospectus, comparable deals, company news and information from the web, etc.

–  –  –

The News&Alerts page consists of the GDCM Squawk - a brief statement on pertinent issues and the NewsSheet.

The NewsSheet is posted daily giving a brief synopsis topical to the market, and providing regular standardized tables and breakdowns.

–  –  –

Illustrates Bookrunner volume rankings for Global DCM or specified Deal Types on a global basis over pre-defined periods. Displays deal volume, number of deals, % vol. share and Average deal size for the selected time period.

Selecting Parameters Tip: Dealogic’s Official Ranking Criteria is also available at the top of the ScoreCard page.

Users can navigate between DCM deal types (DCM, BOND-HY, BOND-IG, PREF, ABS and MBS) and time periods.

The tables will automatically regenerate upon making a selection.

–  –  –

Drilling down to underlying data To view a banks deal list and apportioned credit for each deal, click on the respective row to drill down to the underlying data. Once you have the list of underlying deals it is then possible to drill down into the full profile.

Copy a ranking into Excel Any ranking table on the ScoreCard (and any ranking or table within the Portal that has a Copy button) can be copied into Excel by pressing the Copy button and then pasting the data into Excel.

–  –  –

The CapitalMap gives a snapshot of the regional breakdown by volume and activity. The top deals across all regions are also shown.

As with the previous pages it is possible to drill down and see the data underlying the tables.

At the bottom of the page in the Analysis Selection. It is possible to modify the data for the whole page to display the time period, deal type or the number of deals or volume as required.

–  –  –

The MarketMatrix shows the top three banks from the Global DCM Bookrunner Ranking table and shows a breakdown of their apportioned value across Region and Deal Type.

–  –  –

The International page gives access to International marketed and European tables as published in Euroweek. Each table includes top 15 Bookrunner volume rankings with options for YTD/ Last YTD/ Last Year and Custom date for each table.

Table 1: “International Bonds” Table 2: “International US$ Bonds” Table 3: “International US$ Straight Bonds” Table 4: “International US$ FRN Bonds” Table 5: “International Euro-denominated Bonds” Table 6: “International Euro-denominated Straight Bonds” Table 7: “International Euro-denominated FRN Bonds” Table 8: “International Euro-denominated Corporate Bonds” Table 9: “International Euro-denominated Financial Bonds” Table 10: “International Tier-1 Bonds” Table 11: “International Subordinated Financial Bonds” Table 12: “International Asia Pacific Bonds” Table 13: “International Asia Pacific ex Japan Bonds” Table 14: “International Asia ex Japan Bonds” Table 15: “International Asia G3 Bonds” Table 16: “ All International Bonds by Asian Issuers” Table 17: “European Covered Bonds (inc Domestics)” Table 18: “European Jumbo Covered Bonds” Table 19: “European High Yield Bonds”

–  –  –

The MyReports page is where you can access a library of reports. These are either reports saved to your personal log-in or saved under a shared library. Reports created from the Designer can easily be posted to the MyReports page and executed on a recurring basis.

It is also possible to share existing reports with other users under the same Client ID.

To run the reports select the report from the list on the left, this displays the criteria for the selected report on the right.

You then have the option to either Modify or Run the report.

Modifying the report (see the Designer Section) launches the Designer with the set criteria allowing you to modify the search or the report as required.

Running the report; hitting the Run button allows the search and report to run without launching the Designer. Once the report has run you again have the option to Modify, or you can Copy and Paste to Excel. The About option at the top of the report allows you to view the search and report criteria.

–  –  –

Lauching through Portal via Modify buttons The Designer is a tool that enables you to modify parameters of the ScoreCard and CapitalMap or devise a new stand alone search. Access to the Designer allows users to perform custom analysis, which can be saved in libraries and shared with other users.

Users can access the Designer from the Portal in one of two ways: clicking on a Modify button associated with an existing ranking/deal list or launching from the toolbar at the top of the page.

A key advantage to launching the Designer via the Modify button is that the standard report parameters are already configured to the tables on the ScoreCard. This allows the replication and modification of the report.

Hitting the Modify button launches the screen below. Select “Finish” to replicate the ScoreCard tables or to modify select ‘Back’ twice until you reach the Standard Search screen where you can amend the search according to desired parameters.

–  –  –

Launching Designer as a standalone An alternative to launching the Designer from a Modify button is to launch the Designer from the toolbar icon, or the icon on the MyReports page.

Standard Search After launching the Designer either through the Modify button (as explained above) or the Designer icon you will get to the standard search page.

Standard Search – used to isolate a dataset of deals with a common set of properties.

• Select the Deal or Tranche button to specify the basis of your search. This selection determines whether a ranking reports the number of deals or the number of tranches.

• Select a field from the field dropdown box by typing part of the name or by scrolling through the list.

• Choose the appropriate condition for your search e.g. equals, not equal to etc. (These conditions will alter the way that a chosen field will act within the search).

• Enter a value into the Value Box. Coded fields such as nationalities, banks, deal type etc. have a list of possible variables which can be accessed by clicking on the value box next to the desired code or by pressing F9.

Tip: Searches can be saved in a shared or personal library for easy future access.

When running the Standard Search, you can display your results in a Tranche Report (User-Defined), Ranking table or a Matrix.

Tip: When searching on Deal Value the field is in dollars/Euros, either enter in the full amount or “m” following the value in millions i.e. 20m.

–  –  –

Option 1: User-Defined Enables you to produce customized reports by choosing specific fields and sorting options. There are three ways of

selecting the Report Function:

• Click on the Report Fields button to ensure that it is selected.

• Locate the required field by scrolling through the list or by typing part of the field name to limit the choices.

• Click on the desired field to be reported. Other fields can be selected in a similar fashion. Use the Up and Down buttons to adjust the postion of the field.

• Click on Sort Order and select the desired fields to sort the report.

• Select either ascending or descending under Field Attributes.

• Save the User-Defined Report in a shared or personal library, if desired.

Tip: Use the check boxes under Field Attributes to provide totals and averages for numeric fields. Also select denominations from the drop down menu to the right.

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