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«MCL Version 2.5x Product Activation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) CONCEPT and PROCESS 1. What is Electronic Product Activation? Electronic ...»

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MCL Version 2.5x Product Activation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


1. What is Electronic Product Activation?

Electronic Product Activation enables MCL software to run as a fully operational version (non-demo

Version) by Activating via the Internet. This registers the software to an End-User and certifies that it

is legitimately licensed without using a parallel hardware (dongle) key.

2. Which MCL products have Electronic Product Activation capability?

Electronic Product Activation is available for MCL-Designer, MCL-Link, MCL-NetS24 Versions 2.5x;

units of MCL-Code Interpreter still require the dongle.

3. Are customers required to Electronically Activate MCL software?

To license the MCL Version 2.5x software and run as a fully operational version either a dongle or Electronic Activation is required.

Upgrading - Customers upgrading from an previous 2.xx version to MCL Version 2.5x can continue to use their dongle OR they can use the Electronic Product Activation to operate dongleless on an individual system.

Purchasing - Customers purchasing new MCL Version 2.5 will not receive a dongle and will need to Electronically Activate the software.

4. How does MCL Electronic Product Activation work?

Electronic Product Activation works by validating MCL’s software License Number and Password with the PC’s serial number. Licenses are valid for one PC only, however, MCL-Designer can be Activated on one PC, while MCL-Link or MCL-NetS24 is Activated on a second PC.

The PC’s serial number is electronically computed based on the computers configuration. The new MCL 2.5x software will compute a System Serial Number, which is not the serial number located on the back or bottom of the PC. The algorithm used by the MCL 2.5x software to compute the System Serial Number is not intended to detect hardware trademarks, software registration, or to scan the contents of the hard disk.

5. How is Electronic Product Activation done?

After the MCL 2.5 software is downloaded from the web site and installed on the PC, you simply start the program and a window (Figure

1) will appear asking if you want to run the software in demo mode (no Activation required) or Activate.

This screen will only appear when the software is not (yet) activated.

There are two modes of Activation, On-Line (automatically) or Off-Line (manually).

On-line mode – used if the PC the MCL software is installed on has access to the Internet. With your License Number and Password, you can Activate from the PC that the new MCL V2.5x software is installed.

Figure 1 Page 1 Ver. 1.5

–  –  –

Off-line – used if the PC the MCL software is being installed on does not have access to the Internet.

You will need to provide your license number and password, to a person connected to the Internet who then follows the standard Activation process. This process does not require any special tools and the person connected to the Internet enters all the pertinent information on the web site managing the Activation licenses on behalf of the customer. This also means that a Reseller, IS Department or someone else can connect to the Internet and provide you with the necessary information to complete the Electronic Product Activation process.

6. I do not have access to the Internet, how can I Activate?

Your computer does not have to be connected to the Internet to Activate the MCL software. Any system with access to the Internet can provide you with your Activation Key code. Your Reseller or Symbol has Internet access, you’ll need to provide them with your License Number and Password, which you received via email in your MCL-License Certificate; and the PC’s Serial Number, which is computed by the MCL 2.5x software after you start the MCL software and select ‘Activate’. This is an easy process that your Reseller or Symbol can step you through on the phone. A step-by-step tutorial is available on the MCL web site, www.mcl-collection.com. This process does not require any special tools and the person connected to the Internet enters all the pertinent information on the web site managing the Activation licenses on behalf of the customer.

7. How can I upgrade my current MCL software?

Upgrading your 2.xx MCL product to Version 2.5x is easy.

• Place an order for the MCL 2.5x software with your Reseller. Upgrades are free, but ordering enables you to receive the MCL-License Certificate, which contains the MCL License Number and Password needed to Activate the software.

• Download the MCL Version 2.5x software from the web site at www.mcl-collection.com. Online instructions for Electronic Activation are also available at this site.

Note: The MCL software can be downloaded and installed prior to receiving an MCL-License Certificate, it will simply run in demo mode until it is Activated. Many customers use the demo mode to begin application development, testing and proof of concept can all be done in demo mode before the software is purchased. A demo application is available that can be changed to suit your requirements. In demo mode the ‘Save As’ feature is disabled and MCL-Designer will encrypt the generated MCL application files, which mean these files cannot be ‘Sent ’ to the terminal. To save your application in non-demo mode, simply complete the upgrade process, open your licensed MCL-Designer and application and save it. Your application is now ready to be ‘Sent’ to your terminal and the ‘Print Report ’ function is enabled.

8. What are the model numbers for the MCL Version 2.5x upgrade?

The Symbol model numbers for MCL Version 2.5x Electronic Product Activation process upgrades


Model Number V2.xx to V2.5 Dongeless Upgrades SWE-56558-01 MCL-Designer Terminal Upgrade V2.xx Dongle to V2.5x Dongleless (DOS/Palm//PocketPC) SWE-56559-01 MCL-Designer Phaser Upgrade V2.xx Dongle to V2.5x Dongleless SWE-56560-01 MCL-Link Upgrade V2.xx Dongle to V2.5x Dongleless SWE-59194-01 MCL-Link 4 Port Multi-Com Upgrade V2.xx Dongle to V2.5x Dongleless SWE-59195-01 MCL-Link 8 Port Multi-Com Upgrade V2.xx Dongle to V2.5x Dongleless SWE-56561-01 MCL-NetS24 Upgrade V2.xx Dongle to V2.5x Dongleless SWE-56562-01 MCL-Collection Upgrade V2.xx Dongle to V2.5 Dongleless (DOS/Palm/PocketPC) for: MCL-Designer, MCL-Link, MCL-NetS24 These are available in Symbol’s EPOG system and can be ordered from a Symbol Reseller, Distributor, or Partner.

–  –  –

9. How do I know which model numbers upgrade which MCL software?

Here are the previous MCL Version 2.xx product numbers and the Version 2.5 product numbers.

–  –  –

*Note: MCL-Code Interpreter is not upgradeable to Version 2.5x; therefore you will need to keep your dongle that contains the MCL-Code Interpreter.

–  –  –

10. Can we use the Electronic Activation Key and dongle, Mix and Match?

Yes, if you’re upgrading from a previous version you can continue to use your dongle OR you can decide to use the Electronic Product Activation to operate dongleless on an individual system. This dongled or dongleless capability also gives you the flexibility to upgrade specific MCL software components only. For example, the dongle for MCL-Collection contains four MCL software components, specifically MCL-Designer, MCL-Link, MCL-NetS24 and originally 10 MCL-Code Interpreter units. You can selectively Activate MCL-Link so it operates without a dongle on one PC, and Activate MCL-NetS24 on a second PC while MCL-Designer and MCL-Code Interpreter still require the use of the dongle. MCL-Code Interpreter Version 2.5x requires the dongle and cannot be Electronically Activated.

Note: The Electronic Product Activation is machine dependent, meaning once the Activation is complete on a PC, it is not removable or transferable to another PC.

11. What’s the difference between Activation and Installation?

Activation is the process of registering a licensed copy of the MCL software via the Internet.

Installation is the process of setting up the MCL software to run on your computer. An MCL product can be installed but not Activated, this means the software is running in ‘Demo Mode’.

12. What happens to the license in my dongle?

During an upgrade from V2.xx to V2.5x and using the Electronic Product Activation the license in the dongle is removed. Therefore, the dongle is no longer required. Once the license is removed the dongle no longer functions as a license for MCL software.

Note: web Activation is only available on for Version 2.5x of MCL-Designer; MCL-Link and MCLNetS24. Therefore, the dongle is still required for MCL-Code Interpreter.

13. What do I do with my dongle after I Activate my new 2.5x MCL software?

The MCL dongle is no longer required after Electronic Product Activation is complete and can therefore be discarded. Since MCL dongles can contain license for more than one MCL software component be sure you’ve completed the Electronic Product Activation process for all your MCL software components before discarding the dongle. If you have any MCL-Code Interpreter units/licenses on your dongle – do not discard your dongle! Units of MCL-Code Interpreter still require the dongle to function.

14. How will customers know they have to Activate the software?

The MCL software will notify the customer if Activation is required. If the software is not Activated a window will appear every time the software is started asking if they want to run the software in demo mode (no Activation required) or if they want to Activate for running in a full operational mode (see Figure 1). This is the same as it is today on 2.xx MCL software.

Note: demo mode is fully functional, however it prevents the MCL project from being loaded into the Symbol Terminal.

–  –  –

16. Is there a period when the product will work without being Activated?

The MCL software is not fully operational until it is Activated. Depending on the product demo mode is available.

17. Will my current MCL Application work with the new MCL 2.5x software?

MCL Version 2.5x is fully backward compatible. The applications you’ve designed with MCLDesigner V2.xx and loaded into your Symbol Terminal will function with MCL-Link or MCL-NetS24 V2.5x. Applications developed in MCL-Designer V2.xx can be imported into MCL-Designer V2.5x.

18. I am a Distributor or Reseller, how is the License Certificate sent to the End-User?

During the ordering process with Symbol, Distributors or Resellers must specify an email address for the License Certificate. The email address can be the address of the Distributor, Reseller or End-User and the License Certificate can be forwarded from a Distributor or Reseller to an EndUser. The Distributor or Reseller placing the order with Symbol will receive an order confirmation and a copy of the License Certificate. Please remember, a License number can only be Activated one time.

19. What happens if a PC breaks and the License is lost?

If your PC breaks the MCL software can be re-activated on the same PC. This requires the same Activation key as previously used. Therefore, it is important to keep your used License Number and Password. The License Number enables you to search and retrieve your Activation Key from the www.mcl-license.com web site. Once you retrieve your Activation Key, only Off-Line reactivation is available.


20. Why is MCL asking customers to Electronically Activate their software?

MCL Technologies is using the Electronic Product Activation process because it’s quick and easy to use and certify the software license. The Electronic Product Activation precludes the use of a hardware key and any associated technical failures or delivery delays.

21. How does the customer benefit from the Electronic Product Activation?

The Electronic Product Activation benefits the customer because it does not require a hardware key, which can have technical problems or delivery delays. An additional benefit is the lack of hardware attached to the PC.

22. Will Electronic Product Activation improve delivery times?

Electronic Product Activation does not require the hardware key; therefore, logistical issues are avoided. Once the End-User receives the MCL License Certificate, containing the License Number and the Password, the Electronic Product Activation process can immediately be implemented.

23. How does Electronic Product Activation work?

Electronic Product Activation is easy for customers to implement. Once the MCL License Certificate is received, simply use the Internet to Activate your PC. If you do not have access to the Internet, Symbol Technical support, your Distributor or VAR can assist you by connecting to the Internet and entering all the pertinent information on the web site managing the Activation on your behalf.

Page 5 Ver. 1.5 Oct 21, 2002 MCL Version 2.5x Product Activation Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

24. Will customers be notified that they have to Activate?

Yes, customers are notified that the MCL software needs to be Activated when they start the program, a window will appear asking if they want to run the software in Demo mode (no Activation required) or Activate (see Figure 1). Once ‘Activate’ is selected, the Electronic Product Activation process begins.

25. What are the Web sites hours of operation for Electronic Product Activation?

The Electronic Product Activation service is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week via the Internet.


26. Does MCL Electronic Product Activation protect a customer’s privacy?

MCL commits itself to respecting privacy rights. The Electronic Product Activation is an anonymous process. No personal information is collected.

27. Is there rechecking of the Activation done after initial Activation? Is there any secret data transferred to MCL?

Once the MCL software is Activated it will occasionally verify the Activation License and that it is still on the same PC. At no time is secret information passed between MCL Technologies and an Activated product.

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