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«May 22nd, 2008 Version 1.0 E Ticket Industry default- Brussels Airlines Travel Agents procedures – Version 1-23/05/2008 Table of contents ...»

E ticket – industry default

Effective from June 1st, 2008

May 22nd, 2008

Version 1.0

E Ticket Industry default- Brussels Airlines Travel Agents procedures – Version 1-23/05/2008

Table of contents



Electronic tickets


Paper tickets


Other documents: MPD


2.3.1 Interim GDS MPD solution

VMPD via BSPlink


When and how to request a paper ticket at Brussels Airlines

3.1 Prepayment (PAA- Prepaid At Airport) in the Travel Agency via MPD

VMPD via BSPlink:

3.1.1 3.1.2 Request Brussels Airlines to issue ticket against the prepaid (PAA /Prepaid At Airport) via VMPD

Other documents (MPD)

Collection of rebooking fee via GDS MPD

4.1 Collection of rebooking fee via ticket reissue

4.2 Collection of unaccompanied minor fee (UMNR

4.3 Prepayment of excess baggage (XBAG)

4.4 Glossary

E Ticket Industry default- Brussels Airlines Travel Agents procedures – Version 1-23/05/2008 1 Introduction From 1st June 2008, IATA will withdraw all paper ticket stock from the BSPs and the issuance of neutral paper documents will no longer be available. Consequently all BSP IATA travel agents will no longer be able to issue paper tickets.

Although there will be no more paper tickets in IATA travel agencies, there will still be paper documents being used by airlines.

All Brussels Airlines operated routes are E TKT. Brussels Airlines’ objective is to have 120 interline E TKT agreements implemented with its major partner airlines and the company will continue to work towards the fulfillment of this target. Therefore some issues may arise from this situation as


–  –  –

These lists would be subject to continuous changes and are therefore frequently updated. The GDS’s and/or the Airlines have system-checks in place, which allow or disallow the issuance of an electronic ticket whenever functionality is not available.

E Ticket Industry default- Brussels Airlines Travel Agents procedures – Version 1-23/05/2008 2 Documents

2.1 Electronic tickets An electronic ticket is issued whenever technically and procedurally possible.

Please check the following special solutions for exceptional cases:

Electronic ticket issuance for groups:

Brussels Airlines support E TKT for groups. In the event of a problem please contact your GDS and your Brussels Airlines group desk for detailed information about the necessary steps for the issuance of electronic tickets in group bookings.

Electronic tickets for individual passive segments:

As a general rule the usage of passive segments should be kept to a minimum. In some exceptional cases it is necessary to issue a ticket via passive segments. In these cases the booking containing passive segments has to match the active booking record in order to be able to issue an electronic ticket. If E TKT is not possible, the airline’s paper ticket will be issued on behalf of the travel agency. Contact Brussels Airlines call centre for more info.

Open segments:

open segments are allowed for nearly all Interline partners. If the Interline partner does not allow open segment, please refer to that carrier’s specific guidelines.

Long names:

SN allows a maximum of 29 characters (name, surname, title and other characters) in the name field. Please make sure that passengers’ name/title does not exceed this number.

E Ticket Industry default- Brussels Airlines Travel Agents procedures – Version 1-23/05/2008 Paper Tickets

As a general rule, Brussels Airlines will eliminate all paper ticket related processes and fees:

Prepaid tickets (PTA) will not exist anymore Lost Document fee will be charged only for lost paper documents issued before 31st May 08 Brussels Airlines is 100% electronic ticket on the flights it operates.

Sales not eligible for e-ticketing are due to missing functionalities e.g.

Missing Interlinings o Interline infant handling, by some interline/code share partners.

o Travel agents on Apollo may continue issuing paper tickets on SN until further notice.

o For these remaining cases Brussels Airlines offers temporary fallback solutions that result in a paper ticket issuance at Brussels Airlines.

2.3 Other documents: MPD

–  –  –

2.3.1 Interim GDS MPD solution GDSs have developed and implemented an interim solution, which may be in place until the EMD is established. Several GDS’s (e.g. Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre ) are now in the final phase of testing the product to be rolled out shortly. This solution offers the possibility to keep well established automated processes in place and allows the issuance and functionality of an MPD before the deadline. No Value Coupon is printed. The name of this solution may vary according to the individual GDS.

E Ticket Industry default- Brussels Airlines Travel Agents procedures – Version 1-23/05/2008 2.3.2 VMPD via BSPlink IATA has developed the BSPlink VMPD as a substitute for manual MPDs. Basically the VMPD is a document accounted for via BSP. It is submitted to the airlines in the form of emails.

Both V-MPD and V-MCO put a lot of additional manual workload on both travel agents and the Airline. Therefore Brussels Airlines will accept these solutions only for a very limited number of reasons of issuance.

The table below gives an overview of the reasons for which Brussels Airlines will accept the issuance of a V-MPD (BSP link) or a V-MCO (GDS’ solution). Since the transmission of the GDS VMCO number into Brussels Airlines PNR s is not guaranteed today in order to allow an efficient processing, acceptance of it will be limited until clarifications are made by GDS s.

See table on next page.

–  –  –

E Ticket Industry default- Brussels Airlines Travel Agents procedures – Version 1-23/05/2008 3 When and how to request a paper ticket at Brussels Airlines

–  –  –

3.1 Prepayment (PAA- Prepaid At Airport) at the Travel Agency via MPD It is Brussels Airlines’s preference that VMPD via BSPlink will be used.

3.1.1 VMPD via BSPlink:

Follow the BSPlink instructions on how to fill in the data. Use the option “specified Air  transportation” and/or “PTA” as reason for issuance code (RFIC).

Enter all relevant data e.g. via OSI Elements into your booking record – follow your GDS  descriptions for correct handling.

Brussels Airlines will not charge any fee.

 The former PTA process required a Sponsor information, but this information is no longer  necessary, as the RFIC “PTA” is only used as a temporary request for the issuance of a paper ticket at a Brussels Airlines office.

 Form of payment: the former “PT” identification is not required. Use Standard Forms of payment 3.1.2 Request Brussels Airlines to issue ticket against the prepaid (PAA /Prepaid At Airport) via VMPD For Amadeus/Galileo/Sabre and Worldspan bookings please proceed as at present.

E Ticket Industry default- Brussels Airlines Travel Agents procedures – Version 1-23/05/2008 4 Other documents (MPD) Brussels Airlines will allow the issuance of MPDs for all valid RFICs – e.g. rebooking fee, excess baggage, Unaccompanied minor fee (UMNR), fare difference after a rerouting in a low fare etc….

Important: Before 1st of June 2008 the value coupon entitled a passenger to ask for a certain service at the Airline. Once the value coupon was withdrawn, the passenger was no longer entitled to this service. After 1st June 2008 – as no value coupon is printed – it is the travel agent’s responsibility and duty to ensure that there is no misuse. Therefore for travel agents and airlines to avoid uncertainty – in order to prevent fraudulent use – the MPDs have to be issued exactly according to the instructions and the travel agent must inform Brussels Airlines via an OSI or SSR Element about the issued MPD. Due to this risk of fraudulent use, Brussels Airlines has also kept to a minimum the reasons for issuance of V-VMPDs until further notice.

4.1 Collection of rebooking fee via GDS MPD

Follow your GDS instructions for the issuance of an MPD for fare related rebooking fees  including flight details and conjunction ticket.

Insert the relevant information into your booking record via an OSI or SSR Element. E.g.

 OSI YY MPD 082……… EUR50.00 SN1234/18AUG Contact Brussels Airlines for the removal of the warning flag in the ETKT database and  ensure the complete revalidation.

4.2 Collection of rebooking fee via ticket reissue

–  –  –

4.3 Collection of unaccompanied minor fee (UMNR No V-MPD/V-MCO to be used.

Please send the passenger to Brussels Airlines ATO/CTO for the payment of the service after having entered the relevant contact information via an OSI or SSR Element into your GDS booking record.

4.4 Prepayment of excess baggage (XBAG) No V-MPD/V-MCO to be used: Ask passenger to report at Brussels Airlines desks at airport/city to purchase airline paper MCO.

E Ticket Industry default- Brussels Airlines Travel Agents procedures – Version 1-23/05/2008 5 Glossary

–  –  –

E Ticket Industry default- Brussels Airlines Travel Agents procedures – Version 1-23/05/2008

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