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«Barbour, Michael K. (2002) The Uses and Value of Internet Discussion Groups in a Post Secondary Environment (Thesis; Dr. Marc Glassman) Abstract: ...»

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Baker, Scott ( ) Education in a Remote Community: A Critical Analysis (Thesis; Dr. Clar Doyle)

Barbour, Michael K. (2002) The Uses and Value of Internet Discussion Groups in a Post

Secondary Environment (Thesis; Dr. Marc Glassman)


This thesis considers computer-mediated communications through a case study of a select group of

Usenet newsgroups at Carleton University during the Fall of 1999 and the Winter of 2000. At the

time that the data were collected for this thesis, Carleton University was the only post-secondary institution in Canada that utilised an Internet discussion group to support all undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the institution.

Some of the specific areas considered included a content analysis of these Internet discussion groups, the nature of utilisation of these groups, the differences in student usage of these groups based on a variety of instructional approaches, and student impressions of their own usage and the usage of their instructors of these Internet discussion groups.

At the conclusion of this thesis, the researcher was able to determine that there was little student participation in terms of posting messages to the newsgroups at Carleton University. However, the completed student surveys indicated that over half of the students in the class would access the newsgroup on a regular basis. The students who did not access the newsgroups indicated that lack of knowledge about the newsgroup or lack of technical skills were the two main reasons for their lack of usage. Most students felt that the newsgroups were or could be useful tools in their educational experience, if they were used more by instructors and teaching assistants.

Barrington, Charlotte A. (1998) Thematic Literature Unit: Developing Children's Understanding of Culture, Cultural Identity, and Diverse Cultural Perspectives (Project Report;

Dr. Elizabeth Strong)


In a fast paced technological world, global and multicultural issues are in the forefront of every day life. Children need to develop a more global understanding, acceptance and knowledge of themselves and others. This project explores the use of children's literature to develop the concepts of culture, cultural awareness, cultural identity, and diverse cultural perspectives. A thematic literature unit suitable for eleven to fourteen year olds has been designed to enable children to explore these concepts by reading and responding to a variety of children's literature. The literature serves as a springboard for discussion of these concepts and helps children look at themselves and others in new ways. In this project, the writer describes the process of designing a thematic literature unit with the goal of developing children's global understanding, acceptance and knowledge of themselves and others. This includes the selection of learning outcomes, learning resources, learning experiences and the development to demonstrate the implementation of this thematic literature unit in an elementary classroom.

Bartlett, Gennita (1999) Newspaper Design Curriculum Unit (Project; Dr. Clar Doyle)


This project is a curriculum unit based on the theme Le Journal to be used in conjunction with the prescribed texts Tous Ensemble for the high school French program. The project contains various detailed lesson plans and directed learning centres where by students will ultimately create their own newspaper in French. Not all lessons nor centres need to be completed. The person who implements this unit can choose and adapt selected activities. The unit may also be adapted to the objectives of other grade levels. The first chapter discusses the importance that the Core French program in Newfoundland Labrador. The learning of a second language can be very stimulating in areas of intellectual development and attitudes. This chapter promotes core French as integral to the general education of students. As a teacher, I am also integral to the implementation of this program. Thus, I have been inspired to develop the unit. Chapter two explores the communicative language approach to teaching French as a second language. This approach aims primarily at communicative competence and the development of procedures for teaching the four language skills, listening, speaking, reading and writing. The review of this philosophy is the basis on which I have developed this unit. The third chapter provides a rationale for using the newspaper as a resource which can create a multidimensional curriculum in the second language classroom. The final chapter includes the curriculum unit. The unit is divided into several sections including most importantly lesson plans and directed activities for stations where students work in groups to create their own newspaper.

Bennett, Katharine (2010 ). A Case Study of Perceptions of Students, Teachers, and Administrators on Distance Learning and Music Education in Newfoundland and Labrador: A Constructivist Perspective. (Thesis: Dr. Andrea Rose) Abstract The purpose of this study was to gather perceptions of students, teachers, and administrators regarding the pilot on-line delivery of a music course in secondary education. This study was conducted from a constructivist perspective using an exploratory case study methodology.

The results of this research revealed valuable insights into the online learning environment of Experiencing Music 2200 as they pertain to a constructivist approach to online pedagogy.

Perspectives, issues, challenges and opportunities identified by participants in the study are analyzed within the framework of Duffy and Cunningham (1996). Of particular note is the realization that many high school students in rural communities of Newfoundland and Labrador are now provided opportunities to study music, with a specialist music teacher, regardless of their geographic location and/or size of school. Since the pilot delivery of Experiencing Music 2200, a second music course has been developed for distance delivery and a second full time e-music teacher has been contracted to teach secondary music education through the Centre for Distance Learning and Innovation, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Since the majority of research available currently on online learning is centered at the adult and post-secondary levels, the data collected through this study contributes valuable insights and perspectives into secondary level distance education generally and the delivery of web-based music education specifically.

Billings, Dolores M. (2001) Learning How: A Reading Comprehension Strategy Program (Project Report; Dr. Tim Seifert) Abstract The purpose of this project was to develop a reading comprehension strategy program integrated with the elementary social studies content. I chose to do this for four reasons: (a) research has shown that children can learn strategies, (b) strategies are best taught explicitly within a content area, (c) teachers do not have the time to develop such programs, and (d) strategy instruction does improve comprehension.

Research shows that good readers use the following four strategies - summarizing, clarifying, questioning, and predicting (Jones et al., 1987). It is also noted in research that it is better to teach one strategy at a time (Pressley et al., 1987, 1989). The comprehension strategy of summarizing has been shown as the most important strategy of the four.

Therefore, I have chosen to develop the unit using the summarizing strategy. The social studies content will be based on outcomes from Strand 1 of the new Atlantic Social Studies Elementary Curriculum.

Bishop Foley, Marina (2005) Computer Technology Integration Handbook for Primary and Elementary Teachers (Project; Dr. Barrie Barrell)


Computer technology has been in schools since the early 80's. Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) have been incorporated more at the junior high and senior high than at the primary and elementary level. Boards have often focused attention on the senior grades. Primary and elementary teachers have received little support with the integration on technology into classroom settings. Many primary and elementary teachers have not adopted technology as another tool in their classrooms. There are many reasons for this, one of which includes the lack of training for teachers in how to successfully integrate technology into teaching and learning. Professional development in the area has progressed through three stages with the most current being “just-in-time”. There is much research telling why we should use technology and how. This work, an electronic handbook, is a justification for the use of technology in the lower grades. It offers research that supports why teachers should use technology and its curriculum connections. It also includes sample lessons from K-6, ideas of how to use one computer in a class, and links to relevant websites that are appropriate for both teachers and students.

Blackmore, Debbie (1998) Perceptions of Cooperative Problem Solving in Mathematics (Thesis;

Dr. David Reid)


This qualitative study examines the perceived effects that exposure to a cooperative learning environment might have on a group of students' mathematical problem solving ability. Five academic high school students, randomly grouped together to solve mathematical problems related to Coordinate Geometry, were observed for a thirteen class period. Following the classroom observations, three of the five students agreed to be interviewed and to solve problems individually, in pairs, and as a group. As well, their mathematical teacher was interviewed. All interviews and problem solving sessions were audio taped.

The four research questions were:

1. How do these students feel that their problem solving ability is affected by being part of a cooperative group where they can work with their peers on assigned tasks?

2. What are their teacher's perceptions with respect to her students' ability to solve a mathematical problem as a result of such an experience?

3. How do my own perceptions of the students' problem solving ability relate to their own perceptions and those of their teacher? What were some factors that appeared significant for group problem solving for the students in this mathematics class?

Factors such as previous experience with cooperative learning, student attendance, discipline, culture and language surfaced as influencing the ability of these students to work cooperatively to solve mathematical problems. The role of homework in a cooperative learning environment also emerged as an issue for future research considerations.

Bourgeois, Kara Ann (2008) Exploring Society’s Perceptions of Teachers. The Culture of Teaching in Eastern Newfoundland (Thesis, Dr. Clar Doyle)


This critical study uses qualitative methods to study the phenomenon of whether or not the teachers in Eastern Newfoundland society are positively perceived and valued for their work. Fifteen participants were selected from a cross section of society to provide their perceptions. This research indicates teachers are not considered to be respected professionals by many members of Eastern Newfoundland society.

The participants in this study believe that many members of society to not truly understand the complex nature of teaching and learning. The de-valuing of educators appears evident in the many challenges placed upon teachers such as the continuous downloading of work, inadequate funding, large class sizes, and increased abuse of teachers. It is believed these perceptions of teachers and the neglect of their challenging circumstances have lead to negative implications for teachers well-being and the successful delivery of education.

Bramwell, Bryan K. (2004) Bullying in the School Setting: Video Illustrations of Related Strategies (Project Report; Dr. Wayne Nesbit)


Schooling is a necessity of life. In order to gain a simple entry-level job in today's world, employers require at least a high school diploma. For this reason, children need to go to school.

It is in these buildings that students learn the prescribed curriculum as mandated by the provincial government. They also learn how to socialize with others. Therefore education is a two-fold event – learning the curriculum as well as learning how to become a good citizen. The school is also a place where students learn other things as well. It is in these buildings that they are introduced to bullying. For some, this is the first time that they have experienced such a thing.

These experiences can result in scars that can stay with a student throughout their formal schooling years and beyond. Even today, some students develop anxiety disorders through these negative experiences. Bullying can take many forms, with each inflicting its own type of pain. This project, which includes the video entitled “Bullying”, as well as this accompanying paper, will provide educators with further research into this school-wide problem. It is through the assistance of many volunteers at Brother Rice Junior High and my faculty advisor, Dr. Nesbit, that this work has been completed. My utmost thanks to those involved for making this project come to fruition.

Breen, Corinne (1995) Integrating Technology and Teaching at a Technical Institute: An Internship Report Brown, Patricia (2003) The Roles and Responsibilities of the Effective Literacy Teacher (Internship Report; Dr. Marc Glassman) Bruce-Hayter, Catherine (1996) Computer Mediated Communication in Graduate Distance Education: A Qualitative Case Study (Thesis; Drs. Mary Kennedy and Rosonna Tite) Burgess, Neil (1996) The Development and Preliminary Evaluation of a Course and of the Kitikmeot BBS for Which the Course was Designed (Thesis; Dr. Glenn Clark)


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