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«ACADEMIC POSITIONS Associate Professor with Tenure, Department of French & Italian, University of 2011-present Kansas Visiting Professor, French ...»

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Ph.D., Department of French, Durham University, UK (dissertation title: “The

Martyr-Figure in French Theatre, 1596–1675”). Examiners: Ann Moss (Durham) and

Henry Phillips (Manchester)

M.A. (with Distinction), Centre for Seventeenth-Century Studies, Durham University

B.A. (with Honors) Modern European Languages, Durham University

Diploma in French, Institute of Linguists


Associate Professor with Tenure, Department of French & Italian, University of 2011-present Kansas Visiting Professor, French Department, Durham University, UK, and Fellow of 2009-2010 the Institute of Advanced Study.

Assistant Professor, Department of French & Italian, University of Kansas 2004-2011 Visiting tutor, University of Kent, UK 2002-2003 Senior Research Associate, Salford Protocol Project, Universities of Durham and 2001-2002 Oxford Brookes, UK Language Assistant, English Department, Université Clermont-Ferrand II, 2000-2001 France Tutor, Department of French, University of Durham, UK 1997-2000 College Tutor, Grey College, University of Durham, UK 1998-2000


External Election to Fellowship of the Royal Historical Society, December 2010.

College Fellowship, Collingwood College, Durham University, Easter Term (April–June) 2010. This provided residential accommodation, meals, and Senior Room privileges.

Internal General Research Faculty Grant, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011 ($5888).

New General Research Faculty Grant: May 2004 ($8,000).

Jesse Marie Senor and Ann Cramer Root Professorship in French & Italian, 2006–08 ($15,000) Newberry Consortium Travel Grant, 2004, 2007, 2009, 2010, 211 ($500) KUCR International Travel Fund to conduct research in Oxford, UK, 2006 and Paris, France, 2009 ($800).

International Travel Fund for Humanities Research, May–June 2008 ($2,500).


Edited Volumes –Interdisciplinarity and Collaboration in the Republic of Letters: Essays in Honour of Richard G.

Maber, ed. Paul Scott (Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press, 2010), xxxv + 255pp.

ISBN: 978-0-7190-8282-5.

–Ab)normalities, ed. Paul Scott and Catherine Dousteyssier-Khoze, French Monographs, 22 (Durham:

Durham Modern Language Series, 2001), 180pp. ISBN: 0-907310-50-08.

Editorial Work –From 2011, French and Occitan Editor, Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies (Modern Humanities Research Association).

–From 2006, contributor of the seventeenth-century French section of the Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies (Modern Humanities Research Association).

Critical Editions –Comte d’Ételan, Works, Critical Texts, 32 (London: Modern Humanities Research Association). ISBN 978-1-907322-40-2. First ever edition of this poet’s complete works. In progress; under contract for summer 2013.

–Thomas Corneille, Bradamante and Les Illustres ennemis under contract with Éditions Classiques Garnier (Paris) in the Bibliothèque du théâtre français series edited by Charles Mazouer.

–Le Gouvernement present, ou éloge de son Eminence, satyre ou la Miliade, Critical Texts, 14 (London:

Modern Humanities Research Association, 2010), 196 pp + 5 illus. ISBN 978-0-947623-77-7.

–Marie de La Chapelle, L’Illustre philosophe ou l’histoire de sainte Catherine d’Alexandrie, in Théâtre de femmes de l’Ancien Régime: XVIe–XVIIIe siècles, vol. 2, ed. Aurore Evain, Henriette Goldwyn, and Perry Gethner (Saint-Étienne: Publications de l’Université de Saint-Étienne, 2008), pp. 223-315 (bibliography, 614; glossary, 617-622).

Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters –Co-editing, with Bruce Hayes, a special issue of Œuvres et Critiques (vol. 38.2, 2013) on “Jean Boucher, 1548–1644”.

–“French Studies: Seventeenth Century,” Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies 72 (2012), 66-97.

–“Rites of Wrong: Confessors’ Manuals and Sins of the Flesh in Eighteenth-Century France,” in Sex Education in Eighteenth-Century France, ed. Shane Agin, Studies on Voltaire and the Eighteenth Century, 2011:09 (Oxford: Voltaire Foundation, 2011), 46-63.

–“La spiritualité d’un ancien mondain: les Tableaux de la pénitence d’Antoine Godeau,” Cahiers Tristan l’Hermite 32 (2010), 110-23.

–“‘Le roi pleurera’: Liturgy and Performance in Bossuet’s Oraison funèbre d’Henriette d’Angleterre,” in Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800, vol. 178, ed. Tom Schoenberg (Detroit: Gale, 2010), 225-31.

Revised, solicited submission of an article originally published in 2006.

–“Comic and Marital Frustration in George Dandin,” Papers on French Seventeenth-Century Literature 72 (2010), 15-30.

–“French Studies: Seventeenth Century,” Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies 70 (2010), 95-125.

–“‘Ma force est trop petite’: Authority and Kingship in Le Cid,” Forum for Modern Language Studies 45 (2009), 292-304.

–“French Studies: Seventeenth Century,” Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies 69 (2009), 110-59.

–“Masculinité et mode au XVIIe siècle: L’Histoire des perruques de l’abbé J.-B. Thiers,” Itinéraires (Littérature, Textes, Cultures) new series 2 (old series 38) (2008), 77-89. Special issue on “L’homme en tous genres: masculinités textuelles,” ed. Gary Ferguson.

–“Cloisters, Teaching, and Tragedy: A Rediscovered Lost Play of 1663,” in Literature Criticism from 1400 to 1800, vol. 153, ed. Thomas J. Groenberg and Thomas J. Trudeau (Detroit: Gale, 2008), 351-57.

–“French Studies: Seventeenth Century,” Year’s Work in Modern Language Studies 68 (2008), 158“Vested Struggles: The Social and Ecclesiological Significance of Stoles in Seventeenth-Century France,” Church History 77 (2008), 54-72.

–“Rotrou et la comédie de dévotion,” Littératures Classiques 63 (2007), 85-96.

–“Mad or Bad? The Odd Obsessions of Jean-Baptiste Thiers,” Religion, Ethics, and History in the French Long Seventeenth Century, ed. William Brooks and Rainer Zaiser, Medieval and Early Modern French Studies, 3 (New York and London: Peter Lang, 2007), 295-310.

–“Subversion Revisions in the Work of Charles de Beys,” French Studies 60 (2006), 177-90.

–“‘Le roi pleurera’: Liturgy and Performance in Bossuet’s Oraison funèbre d’Henriette d’Angleterre,” in Formes et formations au XVIIe siècle: Actes de Columbia, ed. Buford Norman, Biblio 17 Series, 168 (Tübingen: Gunter Narr, 2006), 225-36.

–“Manipulating Martyrdom: Corneille’s (Hetero)sexualisation of Polyeucte,” Modern Language Review 99 (2004), 328-38.

–“Edward II and Henri III: Sexual Identity at the End of the Sixteenth Century,” in Self and Other in Sixteenth-Century France: Proceedings of the Seventh Cambridge French Renaissance Colloquium, ed.

K. Banks and P. Ford (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004), 125-42.

–“Cloisters, Teaching and Tragedy: a Rediscovered Lost Play of 1663,” in Les Femmes au Grand Siècle, ed. D. Wetsel and F. Canovas, Biblio 17, 144 (Tubingen: Gunter Narr, 2003), 151-161.

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–“Saint Catherine in Seventeenth-Century French Tragedy,” in Female Saints and Sinners: Saintes et

Mondaines (France 1450–1650), ed. J. Britnell and J. A. Moss, French Monographs, 21 (Durham:

Durham Modern Language Series: 2002), 39-58.

–“Variations on a Local Theme: Sainte Reine d’Alise,” in Cérémonies et rituels en France au XVIIe siècle, ed. D. Wetsel and F. Canovas, Romanice, 13 (Berlin: Weidler, 2002), 135-53.

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–“The Birth of the Author and Seventeenth-Century Controversies,” in Auctoritas: Authorship and Authority, ed. C. Emerson, E. A. O’Brien, and L. Semichon (Glasgow: University of Glasgow French and German Publications, 2001), 39-53.

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A. Amehurst and K. Astbury (Exeter: Elm Bank, 1999), 97-107.

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–“The Martyr-Figure as Transgressor in Seventeenth-Century French Theatre,” in Les Lieux Interdits:

Transgressions and French Literature, ed. L. Duffy and A. Tudor (Hull: Hull University Press, 1998), 63-89.

Encyclopedia or Dictionary Entries –‘Charles Perrault’ and ‘Madame d’Aulnoy’ (3,000 words each) for the Literary Encyclopedia. Coauthored with Gillian Weatherley. In progress.

–“Sœur de La Chapelle” (1,500 words) for the online Dictionnaire des femmes de l’Ancienne France of the Société Internationale pour l’Étude des Femmes de l’Ancien Régime (http://www.siefar.org/DictionnaireSIEFAR/SFLaChapelle.html).

–Encyclopedia of Erotic Literature, ed. G. Brulotte and J. Phillips, 2 vols (New York: Routledge, 2006).

“Pierre Corneille Blessebois” (145-7); “Pierre Corneille” (278-80); “Drama” (364-68); “French, 17th Century” (476-80); “Théophile de Viau” (1356-7).

Book Reviews –D. Bradby and A. Calder (eds), The Cambridge Companion to Molière (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006), in Comparative Drama 41 (2008), 533-5.

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References to and Citations of my Work (Calendar Year of 2010) –Article cited (“Vested Struggles: The Social and Ecclesiological Significance of Stoles in SeventeenthCentury France,” Church History 77 (2008): 54–72) in Leslie Tuttle, “From Cloister to Court: Nuns and the Gendered Culture of Disputing in Early Modern France,” Journal of Women’s History 22:2 (2010), 11-33 (11).

–Article cited (“Masculinité et mode”) in Carol de Dobay Rifelj, Coiffures: Hair in Nineteenth-Century French Literature and Culture (Newark: University of Delaware Press, 2010), p. 288. (p. 81 of article cited on 273 and pp. 87-88 on 260 n51).

–Article cited multiple times and very positively (“Les crucifixions féminines”) in Marie-Madeleine Fragonard, “Une forêt de croix: Biver ou l’archéologie entre épouvante et compassion,” in Corps sanglants, souffrants et macabres, XVI –XVIIe siècles, ed. Charlotte Bouteille-Meister and Kjerstin

Aukrust (Paris: Presses Sorbonne Nouvelle, 2010), pp. 69-85:

“Paul Scott, lui aussi fasciné par cet ouvrage, souligne que la belle Benedicta, dénudée, ‘ne semble pas émue par ses malheurs’. L’effet est sciemment cultivé: l’incongruité de la beauté à une situation référentiellement horrible attire et repousse à la fois. Perversité, à force d’être peu sadique? Établissement d’un régime de fiction où le plaisir et l’horreur?” (76) “Paul Scott a fait remarquer que les crucifixions féminines, surtout accompagnées de nudité, n’ont pas créé un type iconographique durable dans l’imagerie religieuse, tant elles s’accompagnent de malaise” (76) “Il s’agit bien de constituer une ‘encyclopédie approfondie’ des supplices, comme le dit Paul Scott, par montage et par complexification” (79-80) “Paul Scott a été le premier à exploiter le fait que les gravures n’ont pas été exécutés pour Biver, mais pour un autre jésuite, Bartolomeo Riccio” (84) –Article cited in Michael Meere, Staging Sanctity: Moral Confusion in Pierre Troterel’s Tragédie de

sainte Agnès, L'Esprit Créateur, 50 (2010), 49-61:

“For a complete bibliography of martyr plays performed and/or printed during this time period, see Paul Scott, “Resistance Theories, Orthodoxy and Subversive Drama in Early Modern France,” Seventeenth-Century French Studies, 21 (1999): 67-70” (57-58 of article).

–Numerous citations and discussion of my work, referencing six articles (very favorable though some occasional disagreement with my conclusions) in Ruth G. Vorstman, “Tragedies and Tragi-Comedies by French Female Dramatists 1640–1700: Adaptation of Sources and Presentation of Gender,” University of Oxford DPhil Dissertation, 2010, 13, 17, 28, 29, 45, 49, 53, 117, 191, 193, 194. 197.

Lengthy discussion of my research, for example:

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