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«Andreev Al. A, Platonov K.Yu, Rozhdestvenskii Yu. V., Karpeshin F. and Trzhaskovskaya M. B. Excitation of nuclear isomers by X rays from 3 laser ...»

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Основные публикации

Университета ИТМО за 2010 год


Key publications

ITMO University 2010

Aleksandrov E. B., A. P. Serebrov, O. Zimmer, P. Geltenbort, A. K. Fomin, S. N. Ivanov, E. A. Kolomensky, I. A. Krasnoshekova, M. S.

1 Lasakov, V. M. Lobashev, A. N. Pirozhkov, V. E. Varlamov, A. V. Vasiliev, O. M. Zherebtsov, S. P. Dmitriev, N. A. Dovator. Search for

Aleksandrov CP violating forces using a magnetometry spectrometer // JETP letters-2010-Vol. 91, Iss.1, pp.6-10 Iss.10, pp. 487–496 macroscopic E.B. Advances in quantum neutron EDM for geomagnetic research // Physics uspekhi-2010-Vol. 53, Andreev Al. A, Platonov K.Yu, Rozhdestvenskii Yu. V., Karpeshin F. and Trzhaskovskaya M. B. Excitation of nuclear isomers by X rays from 3 laser plasma // Quantum Electronics-2010-Vol. 40, № 4, pp. 349-354 Andrievsky B. R. and A. L. Fradkov. Control and Observation via Communication Channels with Limited Bandwidth // Gyroscopy and 4 Navigation-2010-Vol.1, №.2, pp.126-134

Andrievsky B. R., A. S. Matveev, and A. L. Fradkov. Control and Estimation under Information Constraints:

5 Toward a Unified Theory of Control, Computation and Communications1 // Automation and Remote Control-2010-Vol.71, №.4, pp.572-634 Ankudinov A.V., B. A. Matveev ; N. V. Zotova ; S. A. Karandashev ; T. V. L'vova ; M. A. Remennyy ; A. Yu. Rybal'chenko ; N. M. Stus' 6 Properties of mid-IR diodes with n-InAsSbP/n-InAs interface // Proceedings SPIE-2010-Vol.7597, pp.324-330 Ankudinov AV E. V. Astrova, V. A. Tolmachev, G. V. Fedulova, V. A. Melnikov, T. S. Perova. Optical properties of one-dimensional photonic 7 crystals fabricated by photo-electrochemical etching of silicon // Applied physics A-materials science & processing -2010- -2010-Vol. 98, Iss.3, pp. 571-581AV, K. S. Ladutenko, V. P. Evtikhiev. On the accuracy of quantitative measurements of the local surface potential // Technical Ankudinov 8 Physics Letters-2010-Vol. 36, №. 3, pp. 228-231 Ankudinov AV, V. E. Korsukov, A. L. Buĭnov, M. S. Varkentin, S. A. Knyazev, M. M. Korsukova, B. A. Obidov, I. I. Pronin. Dependence of the 9 atomic structure and surface relief of platinum foils on the annealing and rolling conditions // Physics of the Solid State-2010-Vol. 52, Iss. 7, pp.1526-1530 Bobtsov A., Kremlev A., Nikolaev N., Slita O. Identification of frequency of biased harmonic signal // European Journal of Aranovskiy S., 10 Control-2010-№2, pp. 129–139 Aranovskiy S., Damm G, Bobtsov A., Kremlev A., Nikolaev N., Slita O. Discussion on: “Identification of frequency of biased harmonic signal”.

11 Final Comments by the Authors // European Journal of Control-2010-№2, pp. 142–143 Aseev V., Kolobkova E., Klement’eva A., Korchagin E., Moskaleva K., Nikonorov N. Rare-earth doped lead-fluoride nano-glassceramics for 12 photonic applications. // Proceedings ODF-2010-Vol. 1, pp.211-212.

Averkin A. V., A. S. Potapov, and V. R. Lutsev. Construction of systems of local invariant image indicators based on the Fourier-Mellin 13 transform // Journal of Optical Technology-2010-Vol. 77, Iss. 1, pp.28-32 Baranov A. V. M. Yu. Leonov, A. V. Fedorov. Transient interband light absorption by quantum dots: Degenerate pump-probe spectroscopy // 14 Optics and Spectroscopy-2010-Vol. 109, №. 3, pp. 358-365 Baranov A. V., A. O. Orlova, M. S. Gubanova, V. G. Maslov, G. N. Vinogradova, A. V. Fedorov, I. Gounko. Spectral-luminescence properties 15 of the complexes formed by similarly charged CdTe quantum dots and tetrasulfophthalocyanine molecules // Optics and Spectroscopy-2010-Vol.

108, № 6, pp. 927-933 Baranov A. V., K. V. Bogdanov, E. V. Ushakova, S. A. Cherevkov, A. V. Fedorov, S. Tscharntke. Comparative analysis of Raman spectra of 16 PbS macro- and nanocrystals // Optics and Spectroscopy-2010-Vol. 109, №. 2, pp. 268-271 Baranov A. V., A. O. Orlova, V. G. Maslov, Yu. A. Toporova, E. V. Ushakova, A. V. Fedorov, S. A. Cherevkov, M. V. Artemyev, T. S. Perova, 17 and K. Berwick. Dissociative CdSe/ZnS quantum dot-molecule complex for luminescent sensing of metal ions in aqueous solutions. // The Baranov A.Applied Physics -2010-Vol.108, Iss.7, article № 074306 G. Khokhlov, A. I. Khrebtov. Features of Fluorescence of CdSe/ZnS Journal of V., V. V. Danilov, G. K. El’yashevich, A. O. Orlova, G.

18 Semiconductor Quantum Rods in Multicomponent Solutions with Pentylcyanobiphenyl. // Optics and Spectroscopy-2010-Vol. 108, №. 6, pp.

941–946 Baranov A.V., V.Yu. Osipov, V.A. Ermakov, T.L. Makarova, L.F. Chungong, A.I. Shames, K. Takai, T. Enoki, Y. Kaburagi, Endo, A.Ya.

19 Vul'. Raman characterization and UV optical absorption studies of surface plasmon resonance in nanographite. // Proceedings "New Diamond and Nano, Langer M., Lobanov I., 298-299 Behrndt J.Carbons"-2010-Vol. 3, pp.Lotoreichik V., Popov I.Yu. A remark on Schatten-von Neumann properties of resolvent differences of 20 generalized Robin Laplacians on bounded domains // Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications-2010-Vol. 371, № 2, pp. 750-758.

Bekyasheva Z. S. and A. V. Pavlov. The effect of high-frequency filtering on the characteristics of a random process as applied to the 21 implementation of the linear-predictor model by the method of Fourier holography // Journal of Optical Technology-2010-Vol. 77, Iss. 2, pp. 113Belikov A. V., A. V. Skripnik, K. V. Shatilova. Study of the dynamics of the absorption spectra of human tooth enamel and dentine under heating 22 and ablation by submillisecond pulse radiation of an erbium laser with a generation wavelength of 2.79 μm // Optics and Spectroscopy-2010-Vol.

109, №. 2, pp. 211-216 Belov P. A.; Yankovskaya, E. A.; Melchakova, I. V.; Simovski, C. R. Studying the Possibility of Extracting Material Parameters from Reflection 23 and Transmission Coefficients of Plane Wave for Multilayer Metamaterials Based on Metal Nanogrids // Optics and Spectroscopy-2010-Vol.

109, №. 1, pp. 85-97 Belov P.A., A.Rahman, and S.Yu. Kosulnikov. Optimal parameters of metallic nanorods arrays for subwavelength imaging 24 // Proceedings SPIE-2010-Vol. 7754, pp.159 Belov P.A., G.K. Palikaras, Y.Zhao, A.Rahman, C.R. Simovski, Y.Hao, and C. Parini. Experimental demonstration of multiwire endoscopes 25 capable of manipulating near-fields with subwavelength resolution // Applied Physics Letters.-2010-Vol. 97, pp. 191905(1-3) Bespalov V. G., Petrov N.V., Gorodetsky A.A. Phase retrieval method for multiple wavelength speckle patterns // Proceedings SPIE-2010-Vol.

26 7387, pp.501-510 Bespalov V. G., S. A. Stumpf, A. A. Korolev, S. A. Kozlov. Characteristic Features of Generation of Few-Cycle Pulses in Infrared 27 and Terahertz Spectral Ranges upon Interaction of Two Femtosecond Pulses of Different Frequencies in Air // Optics and spectroscopy -2010Vol.109, №..5,,pp. 563-771 A.A., Grachev Y., Kozlov S.A., Smolyanskaya O.A. Influence of THz broadband pulse radiation on some Bespalov V.G. Gorodetsky 28 biotissues. // Proceedings SPIE-2010-Vol. 7547, pp.154

Bessmertny E.A. Knowledge Visualization Based on Semantic Networks // Programming and Computer Software-2010-Vol. 36, № 4, pp. 197Blinova I.V., K N Kyzyurova and I Y U Popov. Nanocones rolling in hydro-thermal medium and flows in conical domains // Journal of Physics:

30 Conference Series-2010-Vol. 248, pp. 012013 Bobtsov A. A., S. A. Kolyubin, A. A. Pyrkin. Compensation of unknown multi-harmonic disturbances in nonlinear plants with delayed control // 31 Automation and Remote Control-2010-Vol. 71, № 11, pp. 2383-2394 Bocharova I.E., Hug, F., Johannesson R., Kudryashov B.D., Satyukov, R.V. New low-density parity-check codes with large girth based on 32 hypergraphs // Proceedings ISIT-2010-Vol. 3, pp. 819-823.

Bocharova I.E., Johannesson R., Kudryashov B.D., Zyablov V.V. Woven. Graph Codes: Asymptotic Performances and Examples // IEEE 33 Transactions on Information Theory-2010-Vol.56, Iss.1, pp.121-129 Bronnikov S., Kostromin S., Zuev V.V. Kinetics of the isotropic - nematic phase transition in the melted multi - component liquid crystal 34 mixtures upon cooling // Phase Transitions-2010-Vol. 83, № 4, pp. 302 - 310.

Cherezova L.A., A. V. Mikhailov. Using ion processing in nanotechnologies to obtain high-accuracy surfaces on optical items // Journal of 35 Optical Technology-2010-Vol. 77 Iss.: 5 pp.: 336-338 Denisyuk A.I. Creating V-shaped optical antennas // Journal of Optical Technology-2010-Vol. 77, Iss. 9, pp. 527-529 Denisyuk A.I., Adamo G., Macdonald K., Edgar J., Arnold M., Myroshnychenko V., Ford M., Javier Garcia De Abajo F; Zheludev N.

37 Transmitting Hertzian Optical Nanoantenna with Free-Electron Feed // Nano Letters-2010-Vol. 10, № 9, pp. 3250-3252.

Denisyuk I Yu., Todd R. Williams,, J. E. Burunkova. Filled polymers with high nanoparticles concentration – synthesis, optical and rheological 38 proprieties //Journal of Applied Polymer Science-2010-Vol 116, Iss. 4, pp. 1857 - 1866 Denisyuk I.Yu., Asnis L.N., Grachev Y.V., Smolyanskaya O.A. Transmission of femtosecond laser pulses through an optical fiber // Journal of 39 Optical Technology-2010-Vol. 77, Iss. 5, pp.297-299 Dmitriev A.L. Measurements of the Influence of Acceleration and Temperature of Bodies on their Weight // Proceedings AIP -2010-Vol. 969, pp.

40 1163-1169 Dmitriev A.L., E. M. Nikushchenko, and S. A. Bulgakova. Dynamic Weighing Experiments-The Way to New Physics of Gravitation. // 41 Proceedings SPESIF-2010-Vol. 1208, pp.237-246.

Dubrovka R., P. Belov. Altering antenna performance using magnifying wire medium // Electronics Letters-2010-Vol. 46, № 21, pp. 1416-1417 Dubrovka R.; Belov P. Radiotransparent building materials // Proceedings EuCAP-2010-Vol. A02-3 Dudar’ S. S., E. B. Sveshnikova, V. L. Ermolaev. Sensitization of Fluorescence of Dye Molecules in Nanoparticles of Metal Complexes // Optics 44 and spectroscopy -2010-Vol.109, №.4, pp. 553-567 Dukel'skii K V., S. K. Evstrop'ev. Forming nanosize MgO coatings on a glass surface // Journal of Optical Technology-2010-Vol. 77, Iss. 1, pp.

45 45-49 Dukel'skii K V., A. V. Komarov, E. V. Ter-Nersesyants, A. V. Khokhlov, and V. S. Shevandin. Developing microstructured lightguides with a 46 large core, and an investigation of their optical properties // Journal of Optical Technology-2010-Vol. 77, Iss. 1, pp.59-62 Dukel'skii K V.,V. Demidov, and V. S. Shevandin. Modal composition of radiation in microstructured lightguides with a displaced core // 47 Journal of Optical Technology-2010-Vol. 77, Iss. 6, pp. 394-398 Dukel'skii K. V., Shevandin V. S. Large core single-mode microstructured fibers with special modal attenuation // Proceedings SPIE -2010-Vol.

48 7839, pp.389 Emelyantsev G.I., Landau B.E., Gurevich S.S., Levin S.L., Romanenko S.G. Calibrating the Error of a Strapdown ESG-Based Attitude Reference 49 System under Conditions of Orbital Flight // Gyroscopy and Navigation-2010-Vol.1, № 3, pp. 176-182.

Emelyantsev G.I. Integrated Tightly Coupled Inertial Satellite Orientation and Navigation System // Gyroscopy and Navigation-2010-Vol.1, № 1, 50 pp. 10-18.

Emelyantsev G.I. Refining the Drift Model of a Gimballess Inertial Attitude Control System Based on Electrostatic Gyros: Methods of 51 Calibration on a Ground Based Test Bench and on Board an Orbiting Space Vehicle // Gyroscopy and Navigation-2010-Vol.1, № 2, pp. 134Emelyantsev G.I., Blazhnov B.A., Stepanov A.P. Using Phase Measurement for the Problem of Orientation in an Integrated Inertial Satellite 52 System // Gyroscopy and Navigation-2010-Vol.1, № 3, pp. 170-175.

Ermakov V.A., Yu. A. Zharova, G. V. Fedulova, E. V. Gushchina, A. V. Ankudinov, E. V. Astrova, T. S. Perova. Fabrication of OneDimensional Photonic Crystals by Photoelectrochemical Etching of Silicon // Semiconductors-2010-Vol. 44, Iss. 7, pp. 954-961 Fedorov A. V., A. O. Orlova, V. G. Maslov, Yu. A. Toporova, E. V. Ushakova, M. V. Artem’ev, A. V. Baranov. A Film Luminescent 54 Nanosensor Based on a Quantum Dot–Organic Molecule Complex // Nanotechnologies in Russia-2010-Vol.5, pp.49-58 Fedorov A. V., V. M. Fomin, and A. V. Shul’gin. Physicomathematical Modeling of Burning Aluminum Nanoparticles near the Shock-Wave 55 End // Physics-Doklady -2010-Vol. 432, Iss. 4–6, pp. 263 -267 Fedorov A.V., A.O. Orlova, M.S. Gubanova, V.G. Maslov, G.N. Vinogradova, A.V. Baranov, and I. Gounko.Spectral-Luminescence Properties 56 of the Complexes Formed by Similarly Charged CdTe Quantum Dots and Tetrasulfophthalocyanine Molecules. // Optics and Spectroscopy-2010Vol. 108, №. 6,S.Yu. Kruchinin, A.V. Baranov, T.S. Perova, K. Berwick. Electron-electron scattering in a double quantum dot: effective mass Fedorov A.V., pp. 927–933 57 approach. // The Journal of Chemical Physics-2010-Vol.133, Iss.9, 104704 Fedorov A.V., M.Yu. Leonov, A.V. Baranov. Transient Interband Light Absorption by Quantum Dots:Degenerate Pump–Probe Spectroscopy. // 58 Optics and Spectroscopy-2010-Vol. 109, №. 3, pp. 358–365 Fedorov A.V., A. O. Orlova, V. E. Adrianov, V. G. Maslov, P. S. Parfenov, A. V. Baranov. Photophysical Manifestations of Interactions of 59 Quantum Dots with Ortho-Phenanthroline Molecules. // Optics and Spectroscopy-2010-Vol. 108, №. 6, pp. 934–940.

Fedorov A.V., S. Yu. Kruchinin, A. V. Baranov. Double quantum dot photoluminescence mediated by incoherent reversible energy transport // 60 Physical Review B-2010-Vol. 81, Iss.24, 245303 Fedorov S. V., Blokhin S., Karachinski L. Bistable lasing of the vertical cavity surface emitting laser with a saturable absorber // Optics and 61 Spectroscopy-2010-Vol. 109, №. 2, pp. 290-297 Fokina M.I., Sobeshuk N.O., Denisyuk I.Yu. Polymeric microelement on the top of the fiber formation and optical loss in this element analysis // 62 Natural Science-2010-Vol.2, №.8, 868-872 Fradkov A. L., A.L., Andrievsky, B., Peaucelle, D. Estimation and control under information constraints for LAAS helicopter benchmark. // IEEE 63 Trans. Contr. Syst. Technol.-2010-Vol. 18, Iss. 5, pp.1180–1187 Gatchin Yu.A. Adapting the genetic algorithm for optimization complex function // Proceedings AIS-IT-2010-Vol. №4, pp.. 64 Gatchin Yu.A.Temporal series investigation based on recurrent // Proceedings AIS-IT-2010-Vol. 4, pp. 96.

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