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«THE BOYS’ BRIGADE IN PHILIPPINES (The Brigade, Philippines) Preface This first edition of Handbook covers almost everything for the need of a ...»

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Senior Section


(The Brigade, Philippines)


This first edition of Handbook covers almost everything for the need of a

member. The aim of this handbook is to provide ready and convenient

information about the Boys’ Brigade movement. It deals with BB knowledge,

Christian Education, Citizenship, General Information and Award.

No book is of any use unless it is read and you should read it carefully and plan your time in The Boys’ Brigade.

We hope that every Member who reads this handbook will aim at gaining the President’s Award and then the Founder’s Award before one leaves. In so doing, you will have conquered mental, physical and emotional challenges;

this means making the most of your opportunities and always does your best.

At the same time, may these activities lead you to a realization of the need for you, as a youth not to forget the role of your Creator in your life?

Comments and suggestions regarding this handbook are welcome and can be directed to the BBP HQ.


Published by The Brigade Philippines First Edition 2011 Contents Part 1 BB KNOWLEDGE This is The Boys’ Brigade & The Founder 4 The Boys’ Brigade in The Philippines 11 Structure of BB Philippines & International Link 15 Your Company & Company Rules 22 Membership 26 Non-Commissioned Officers 29 Uniform & Rank Insignias 33 Money Matters 38 Part 2 CHRISTIAN EDUCATION Our Great Captain 39 Bridge of Life 40 Christian Living & Standards for Living 42 Prayers & Hymns 45 Part 3 CITIZENSHIP The National Flag & Crest 58 National Symbol 55 The Government 61 Part 4 GENERAL INFORMATION Flag Protocol 65 The Country Code 66 International Phonetic 68 Things to Bring for Camp 70 Code of a Good Camper 71 Part 5 AWARDS Awards Regulations 75 Wearing of Awards 77 Four-Year Achievement Scheme Table 79 Procedures for Applying President’s and Founder’s Award 80 Classification of Awards 81 Proficiency Achievement

–  –  –

This is The Boys’ Brigade History Sir William Alexander Smith founded the Boys’ Brigade on 4 October 1883 when he formed a Company of 35 Members at Free Church Mission Hall, North Woodside Road, Glasgow. It was the first of all uniformed organizations for boys, which has since spread all over the world.

William Smith was a businessman, part-time soldier and Sunday School Teacher. He devised a unique system of giving Boys an organization as part of the church based on religion and discipline. Initially, 59 Boys joined, many out of curiosity but 35 of them stayed. Simple form of drill, gymnastics and games were introduced and these proved very popular. The uniform for the first year was a rosette; afterwards the forage cap, haversack and belt were introduced.

Other activities were soon added and in 1886 the first BB camp was held in Tighnabruaich. It was, in fact, the start of camping for young people.

–  –  –

In 1917, Boys Reserves was started for Boys between the ages of 9 and 12 years but later changed to Life Members in

1926. And in 1966, The Life Boys became part of the Boys’ Brigade organization known as The Junior Section.

BB throughout the world celebrated the 100 years of its founding in 1983.

Motto Sure & Stedfast taken from Hebrews 6:19.

The biblical spelling of stedfast has been retained as found in the King James Version.

Emblem The emblem was originally an anchor.

Like the motto, it stems from the verse “which hope we have as an anchor of the soul…”(Hebrews 6:19). With the union of The Boys’ Brigade and The Boys’ Life Brigade in 1926, a red cross was added to the anchor.

= + Object The object of The Boys’ Brigade shall be the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and Girls and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Character. The text of this object has remained the same since the beginning, with the addition of the word obedience in 1893 and the also the inclusion of Girls as members of the Brigade in the Philippines.

However, the following aims are a useful translation of the Object into

everyday goals for the BB Company:

• To help Boys & Girls to develop and grow in Christian character

• To train Boys & Girls to become loyal and responsible citizens

• To promote physical fitness and develop their leadership potential Method The method of achieving the object of the Boys’ Brigade is by providing a meaningful and enjoyable program of educational, physical, social, and spiritual interests, based on the “twin pillars” of Christian Faith and Discipline and guided by Christian adult leaders as officers.

Through the framework of uniform, badges and drill, the habits of discipline, self-respect, smartness and teamwork are developed in each Boy and Girl according to their needs and capacity.

The Founder


The Founder The guiding force behind The Boys’ Brigade at its beginning was the founder, SIR WILLIAM ALEXANDER SMITH. His ideas and principles are a continuing inspiration of Officers and Members alike.

He was born on 27 October 1854 at Pennyland House, Thurso, Scotland. His father and grandfather before him had been officers in the Army. Young William began work as a clerk in his uncle’s business in Glasgow at the age of fifteen, and while still in his teens enrolled in the 1st Lanarkshire Rifle Volunteers.

He later attained the rank of Major, commanded its Mounted detachment, and left the Volunteers as a Lieutenant Colonel.

When he was a young Sunday school teacher in Glasgow, William Smith used to worry that the Boys in his class were rowdy and he had difficulty keeping them quiet in order to teach them. But on Saturdays, as an Officer in the Volunteers (part of the army of that time) he could get many men to do exactly as he wanted when he drilled them. Why couldn’t the Boys in his Sunday school be like the Volunteers?

Suddenly the idea came to him that if the Boys met together to do drill during the week, then perhaps they would be better behaved on Sundays. So Boys’ Brigade was started. Very quickly it was clear that this was just what Boys needed and soon other Companies were formed.

For thirty-one years Sir William Smith was Secretary of the Brigade preferring the humbler appointment of Brigade Secretary to that of Brigade President and Captain of the 1st Glasgow Company. He fell ill and two days later on the morning of 10 May 1914, passed away.

The Man

• Started The Boys’ Brigade in Glasgow on Thursday, 4 October 1883.

• Became full-time Brigade Secretary in 1888

• Knighted, July 1909 by King Edward V11 Founder’s Day The last Sunday of October each year is observed as Founder’s Day.

What He Lived For “If I am to be remembered by posterity I should like it to be as the man who taught people to spell Boy with a capital “B”.

A Royal Tribute

King George V1 said of the Founder:

“Sir William Smith, built better than he knew for he started not only a great movement but one from which all out present widespread youth training was destined to spring…” “In every healthy Boy there is an inborn desire to be a brave, true man, and if he fail to attain to this, it is too often from a perverted notion of what true bravery and true manliness really are. What we had to do was to take hold of his desire, and turn it into a right channel, through which it might frame to God’s glory and their own good.” “What the Brigade seeks to do is to train up good, true Members, well prepared, physically and morally, for the battle of life, in whatever sphere they may choose.” “It will thus be seen that the Brigade aims at taking all that enters into healthy Boy-Life, and consecrating it to the service of God.”

–  –  –

The Boys’ Brigade in Philippines The Boys’ Brigade did not appear on the Asian scene until 1915 when Rev Guthrie Gambie founded the first Company in Swatow, China. The Company however had to fold-up when the Communist took over China subsequently.

The BB then spread to South-East Asia with the formation of the 1st Singapore Company in 1930 by Mr. James Fraser.

BB was re-introduced to The Philippines in 25 January 2010 when the first BB orientation was conducted to 40 attendees in Grace Christian College, Quezon City, Metro Manila. Prior to that a sequence of events had actually taken place.

–  –  –

The BB was introduced to the local pastors and followed by the first officer training. Three trainers from The Boys’ Brigade Singapore namely Mr Jimmy Png, Mr Patrick Ong and Mr Raymond Tan conducted the training in Laoag City in Illocos Norte.

1993 Subsequently, 2 companies were formed in Laoag City, Illocos Norte. There appeared to have much interests in the BB ministry and even the Col (Retired) Kenneth Rawsley from The Boys’ Brigade Australia had also conducted a few seminars to introduce the BB whilst on vacation to the Philippines.

1994 A pro-tem committee comprising of local Filipinos was formed to work towards the formalization of the ministry. The ministry was formally incorporated on 15th September, 1995 and was known as The Philippines Youth Brigade or “PYB” in short.

The third company, 2nd Muntinlupa Company was formed.

However, since the establishment of PYB, communications with them appeared to have been lost between PYB and The Boys’ Brigade Singapore.

Thus it may conclude that PYB had gone dormant shortly after its registration.

1997 Some effort was made to revive the PYB through the Philippines Evangelical Council of Churches (PECC) and a training course was conducted among 7 church leaders from the Philippines in Singapore.

1999 Another training course was conducted that year for a group of 32 pastors from various churches in the Philippines.

Despite of the effort made PYB however, appeared to have been rather unstable. Since then, the PYB did not make much progress.

2002 In 24 September, 2002, The Girls’ Brigade launched the Boys and Girls Brigade Philippines (BGBP) in Cebu. Subsequently a formal proposal was received in May 2003 for a partnership with The Boys’ Brigade.

The partnership was extended in the form of providing training support for the Boys Wing of the BGBP. Thus, BB Singapore and BB Malaysia sent their personnel to conduct several training programs for the BGBP officers who took charged of the Boys Wing.

2006 At the General Council Meeting of The Boys’ Brigade Asia on the 3rd November, 2006, The Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade of The Philippines (BGBP) was accepted as associate member of The Boys’ Brigade Asia.

On 31st October, 2009, The Boys’ and Girls’ Brigade of The Philippines (BGBP) decided to withdraw their associate membership with The Boys’ Brigade Asia.

2010 With the withdrawal of BGBP, The Boys’ Brigade Asia decided to re-start The Boys’ Brigade work that was established more than 15 years ago.

On 23 January, 2010, The Boys’ Brigade Asia conducted their first road show at Grace Christian College in Quezon City, Metro Manila. The half day seminar was attended by more than 40 participants from various Christian schools, Churches and Christian organizations.

The Pro-tem Committee was subsequently formed. The committee

comprised of the following people:

Chairman: Mr Paul Tiu (MGC Newlife Christian Academy, Taguig City, Metro Manila) Vice Chairman: Dr Jacob Cannones (Grace Christian College, Quezon City, Metro Manila) Secretary: Mrs Josephine Sy-Tan (Grace Christian College, Quezon City, Metro Manila)

Committee Members:

Dr James Tan (President, Grace Christian College, Quezon City, Metro Manila) Mrs Helen K. Villanueva (Principal, MGC Newlife Christian Academy, Taguig City, Metro Manila)

–  –  –

• 1st Metro Manila South (MGC Newlife Christian Academy) • 2nd Metro Manila South (International Christian Academy) • 1st Metro Manila North (Grace Christian College) • 2nd Metro Manila (North) (Jesus My Tower Church) • 1st Benguet (Star Education Christian Foundation Academy) The work of The Boys’ Brigade was formally incorporated in …..January 2011 and it took a new name “The Boys’ Brigade in The Philippines (The Brigade Philippines)”.

The Boys’ Brigade in The Philippines (as at 31 January, 2011)

–  –  –

The Brigade now exists in some 60 countries throughout the world and almost half its strength is outside the United Kingdom where it began.

Boys and Girls of many different races and languages are linked together in worldwide Christian fellowship. The life of companies everywhere follows the same basic principles, with some variation in uniform and activities to suit local conditions.

The Boys’ Brigade Asia is a family of Brigade Organizations, which grew out of the international work of The Boys’ Brigade founded in Scotland in 1883.

Today the BB has a membership of more than 600,000 worldwide that come together to share their faith, experience, ideas and resources.

International relationships and interdependencies are encouraged through exchange visits, workshops, conferences, literature and projects.

While each national body is autonomous with its own program for different age groups, the one common aim is to advance Christ’s Kingdom among the Boys and Girls of the World.

BB Asia was inaugurated on 26 July 2003 in Malaysia when BB representatives from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand signed a memorandum of agreement giving birth to the regional association.

The Purpose BB Asia has been formed out of a desire to maintain the unity, purpose and specific character of The Boys’ Brigade everywhere. It came into being to give The Boys’ Brigade an international organization which would advance its growth, interest and cause.

The Objectives

The objectives of BB Asia are:

• to promote the development and extension of The Boys’ Brigade to new fields and territories.

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