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«Auction 77 To take place at 1.30pm on Saturday, 12 December 2015 Please post bids to Peter McGowan, Nethergreen House, 9 The Green, Ruddington, Notts ...»

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Auction 77 To take place at 1.30pm on Saturday, 12 December 2015

Please post bids to Peter McGowan, Nethergreen House, 9 The Green, Ruddington, Notts NG11 6DY

Or email: peter.mcgowan2@ntlworld.com, by Tuesday, 1 December 2015.

Late entries will cause extra work and will most likely be disregarded.

Ensure you include your current address and contact details.

If you are bidding by email, please make sure you have received Peter’s acknowledgement of receipt.

Successful bidders living outside the UK will be asked to pay for their lots before despatch.

If two bids of the same amount are received for a lot, then the bid received first will take precedence, so early bidding is desirable.

All lots now carry reserves, either at a default value of 75% of the estimate or at an undisclosed figure set by the seller.

No bid will be accepted below the reserve. Take into account that some of our estimated prices appear rather too modest, and may be well overbid.

Images of all lots are available on the Society’s website (Members Area page). All bidders should view these images to get an indication of size and condition.

Note that some of the material on offer in this sale has been removed with insufficient care from books, so watch out for tears, scuffs, thinned patches etc FOR THOSE ATTENDING THE AUCTION: We recommend you view the lots online in advance, because the material for sale is quite extensive.

Tea, coffee & mince pies are available to all who attend in person.

Abbreviations: EA - Early Armorial; sgd - signed; F - Franks; V - Viner £ 1 Sr Robert Clayton of the City of London Knight Alderman & Mayor thereof Ano 1679, EA, F6025. Second 25 state – crest has mural crown not torse.

2 Francis Fulford of Fulford in the County of Devon Esqr. 1699, EA, F11466 & F*307. Lived 1666-1700. 20 State with escutcheon for 2nd wife.

3 EAs: The Right Honble Patrick Hume Earl of Marchmont, Viscount of Bla-sonberry Lord Polwarth of 27 Polwarth &c Lord High Chancelor of Scotland 1702, F15696; The Right Honble Charles [Montagu] Lord Halifax 1702 small size, F20878/F*71 & F*80. Walpole's cousin & a patron of Swift. (2) 4 EAs: Mr Ambrose Holbech of Mollington in the County of Warwick 1702, F15024; John Fortescue of the 27 Middle Temple Esqr 1703, F11029. (2) 5 EAs: Robert Raymond of Grayes Inn Esqr 1704, F24633; The Right Honble Charles Viscount Bruce of 26 Ampthill (Son and Heir Apparent of Thomas Earl of Ailes.bury) and Baron Bruce of Whorleton 1712, F4127.

(2) 6 The Most Noble Henry Duke of Beaufort 1705, EA, F27572. 15 7 Willm Duer Esqr. Festoon crest, F9191, Allen #235, Oliver #41 under Antigua, attributed to Maverick 16 because the frame resembles the plate for Maturin Livingston. Wm (1747-1799, New York) was youngest son of John Duer. Delegate to the Continental Congress. Paper 72x49mm browned. (1) 8 The Right Honble Earl of Moray [Stuart], EA, NIF, late print on wove paper of the version with double-lined 26 name cartouche. The Right Honble Robert Lord Viscount of Arbuthnott, EA, 1686-1710, succ as 4th Viscount 1694, F653/F*502. (2) 9 Sr Clement Cottrell Kt Master of the Ceremonyes, EA, knighted 1710 when he succ his father in the role. 22 Damage to bottom left corner; Lionell Copley Esqr, Early Jac arm, V.950. (2) 10 The Right Honble Hugh Earle of Loudoun Lord Machline &c [Campbell], EA, V.713 (not F4949/F*561 with 15 thin-waisted woman); succ 1694, d.1710.

11 Sr John Leveson Gower of Trentham in Stafford Shire Baronet, large EA, succ as 5th Bart 1691, cr Baron 25 1702/3, F*119.

Robert et Evelyn Benson’s classic circular pict by Laurence Housman, see BN Lee’s British Bookplates A Pictorial History, p.98.

William Strang’s etched pict sgd: WS for TW Dewar (whisky family).

14 Robert Osmond: full arm, Sir Lloyd Tyrell Kenyon Bart KCVO 4th Baron Kenyon of Credington, sgd WPB 14 1914.

15 JAC Harrison: pict of mounted knight, castle in background, Thomas Evelyn Scott-Elllis VIII Baron Howard, 15 sgd Inv WPB 1902.

16 Pict of classical woman & anchor, Croydon, Printer & Bookseller, Umbrella Maker &c Teignmouth 22 Circulating Library, sgd T Rickard Sculp Exeter. NIF 17 S. Harward Bookseller and Stationer Tewkesbury sgd F Jukes, pict with busts of Shakespeare & ? Ben 22 Jonson to each side of rococo frame with music & musical instruments below. F34330.

The next 4 lots are wood engravings by Eric Gill. See ‘The Engraved Book-plates of Eric Gill’, by C Skelton, PLA, 1986.

18 Miriam Rothschild, two leaping deer, on tissue tipped onto card. P835, 1932. 55 19 Scott Cunningham, a unicorn. P758, 1931. 35 Desmond Flower, lion’s head. P848, 1932.

21 John W McConnell, prancing lion; Decoy Press, colophon of a duck, thought to have served also as exlibris. 45 (2) Neither is listed by Skelton.

22 Crests: Alonzo F Carlyle, in brown signed OTB; GP Eliot; Arthur Fox (1866 in MS); Carlingford 15 [Fortescue], F11021, in garter with coronet; Brisbane; Panshanger [Earl Cowper] F7118; Lord Auckland [Eden] F9530; Luke Spilsbury; Londesborough [Baron Denison] F8452; John Edgar, helm & 2 pendant orders. (10) 23 Crests: [Earl] Bective Underley Hall; Britiffe Skottowe F27087; Henry Woodcock, F32434; Geo Paton 15 Custom House Edr., Chip F22897; HA Powis, earl’s coronet; Londesborough [Baron Denison] F8452;

Torrington [Byng, Viscount] F4736;Giulia [Villiers, Countess of Jersey], coronet F30402; Sir T Charles Morgan MD Fellow of the Coll of Physicians London, F21083; Sr Wm Wheler Bart, F31460 (1726-90, succ 1763 as 6th Bt). (10) 24 Crests: Edward Charlton MD, F5617 on yellow paper; John A Carlyle ( younger brother of Thomas, same 15

design) F5145; Bective & Sir T Charles Morgan, both as Lot 23; Belton House [Cust, Lord Brownlow] sgd:

Evan Ortner, 3 St. James Street; F7725; John Green; Eric Lord Reay [Mackay, prob 7th baron] F19249;

George Head Head, Rickerby, 2 crests F14308; Charles Stuart, F28465; [Percy, Duke of Northumberland] F23300. (10) 25 Crests: HFB, F23800 [Henrietta Frances Ponsonby, Lady Bessborough]; WG, coronet in Chip frame cut 15 round, F12147 [Wm Gomme]; S.E.H.B.&C, Susan Euphemia dau of Wm. Beckford m.1810 Alexander Duke of Hamil-ton, Brandon and Chatelherault, F13423; B.H. in Chip frame for a countess, F15911; [Baron] (Wodehouse, Kimberley 1838) in MS, F32315; FM F21489; L.S. [Louisa/Lucy Viscountess Stormont] F28814; plus another 20 anon crests/coronets with initials. (27) 26 Jacobean arms: Ralph Standish Howard Esqr, F15534; The Right Honble William Ld Viscount Bateman, 25 F1743; Benjn De la Fontaine, F8396; Sr Joseph Ayloffe Bart, F1023; anon [Pakenham, Baron Longford, maybe the 2nd Baron who d.1792], V.3106; Henry Muilman, first name replaced in MS by Peter (younger brother); Thomas Birch, pict, browned, F2580. (7) 27 Jac arms: Charles Baldwyn Lincolns Inn, F1295; Robt Cooper, F6785; Jacob Astley Armigr of Meltton 25 Constable, F864; Robert Bristow of London Esqr. F3759; The Earl of Portsmouth [Wallop], sgd: FW iv (Frances Wolseley);

Sr John Lister Kaye of Grange near Wakefield in ye County of York Bart, F16814; and an armorial for A:

Hope, F15280. (7) 28 Jac arms: The Right Honble Robert James Ld Petre, Thorndon in Essex (8th Baron 1713-42) F23406; John 25 Loch, F18531; John Piggott, F23602; Philip Southcote Esqr, F27621; Edwd Southwell Esqr, by F Garden, F27629;Philip Lord Hardwicke, Baron Hardwicke in ye County of Gloucester [Yorke, cr 1733, d.1764] F32869; Sr Robert Throckmorton Bart (4th succ 1720). (7) 29 Jac arms: The Honble George Hamilton (canon of Windsor, d.1787) F13461; Rich Jenkins Esqr by RW, 25 F16388; James Loch of Drylaw F18529; The Honourable Charles Hope Weir of Craigiehall & Blackwood Esqr F31243; Alex Thistlethwayte Esqr F29190; Thomas Salwey LLD of Richard’s Castle Salop, F26026;

Philip Southcote Esqr, F27621. Small defects to some. (7) t Jac arms: Thomas Barrett of Lee Esqr, F1605; [William] Paston Esqr, Horton with Wm erased and Clem. in MS, F22869; Charles Hope Weir (as Lot 29); Willam Lee Esr of Hartwell Bucks, F17915; Wiliam Hanbury Esqr of Kelmarsh in Northampton Shire (arms in pretence), holes at top, F13593; [Revd. Mr] Wilso[n] name partly in MS, F32116; The Revd Doctor Thomas Drummond, F9136; Edward Duke of Norfolk, Earle Marshall of England, a common plate but this has later colouring, F15479. (8) 31 Jac arms: Thomas Barrett of Lee Esqr, F1605; Andrew Coltee Ducarel LLD Doctors Commons, F9175; 28 Thomas Missing, F20708; Charles Hope Weir (as Lots 29 & 30); repro of F16292 - anon for Benjamin James (1702-91) on modern paper; Alexander Dury Esqr, F9405; Sr Robert Throckmorton Bart (1702-91) F29425;

The Right Honble The Lord Carmichael, F5150. (8) 32 Jac arms: Thos Bingham, F3723; Philip Champion Crespigny, F7329; John Ludford Esq, F18808; John Loch, 25 F18531; [Mary S., changed in MS from George] Wakeman, F30525; The Right Honble Charles Viccount Bruce of Ampthill Son and Heir Apparent of Thomas Earl of Ailesbury etc, F4126; Sir Edward Blount of Sodington in the County of Worcester Bart (succ 1717 as 4th Bart, d.1758). (7) 33 Chip arms: William Tatton DD, NIF; Lord Walpole of Woolterton, by Austin, F30727; [Baron] Dacre 25 [Thomas Lennard 1717-86] by Austin, F18136; Verney [2nd Earl d.1791], sgd: Darling fecit Newport Street, F18136; C. Powlett, Itchin, by Mountaine, F23984; Russell, F25723; Wadham Wyndham Esqr, pict arm F32723; Alured Clarke DD, F5902. (8) 34 19thC arms: Sir William H Cooper Bart (succ as 4th Bart 1801) F6802; George Venables Vernon Baron of 25 Kinderton (16 quarterings, d.1813) sgd: Yates sculp, F30333; George Prideaux, F24154; anon for Margaret wife of 1st Earl Spencer, F27698; William Cockburn (20 quarterings & inescutcheon), F6238; Henry Edward Chandos [Scudamore-Stanhope] Earl of Chesterfield, F27864; Ralph William Grey, Backworth by Lambert, F12853; Sr Wm Beauchamp Proctor Bt &c F24233; Rev Edmund Maturin F20015; Robert Austen, F980 (c.1790 pict arm). (10) 35 EAs: Thomas Bramston Esqr of Skreens, F3528; Sr John Anstruther of that Ilk Baronet, F615; William 30 Bromley of Baginton.. Warwicke Esqr, F3864; Ambrose Isted (1717-81) F16133; I. Hungerford Esqr, F15730; Richard Banner Esq, F1380; Charles Ford, F10949 [later state of the NIF and rare Charles Ford of Woodparke Esqr. 1710]. (7) 36 19 miniature arms: 11 for women: Anne Countess Dowager of Galloway, Elizabeth Duchess Dowager of 15 Manchester, Countess of Dundonald, Lpuisa Cornwallis, Sarah Sophia Child, Henrietta Fox, Emily H Suffield, Charlotte Countess of Surrey, Elizabeth Marchioness of Exeter, Madalene Lady Agnew of Lochnaw, and Mary Lyman Kobbe. 7 for men: John Frere, FJ Sloane, B Barrett, John Ward, William Butler Duncan, [Viscount] Sydney, Connell anon on green paper (a bookplate ?). Trinity Coll. Cambridge. (19) 30 ladies’ engraved and printed labels, mostly 19thC, some of which may have doubled as visiting cards, incl Lady Newdegate, Honorable Anne Rushout, Lady Ross Bailie, Francess Viscountess Lorton, Lady Ibbetsono; Lady Amcotts, May Armstrong. Plus one duplicate. (30) 38 EAs for Richard Banner F1380 and F1381, the second with background shading which greatly improves the 18 design. (2) 39 EAs: William Bromley of Baginton in the County of Warwick Esq F3864, brown staining; Patrick Hume (as 20 Lot 3) some material foxing. (2) 40 EAs for William Urquart of Meldrum Esqr F30186; Thomas Sprat ArchDeacon of Rochester (d.1720) 24 F27727 & F*513. (2) 41 EAs: Ex Libr. Gul. Niven Udny House Teddington, NIF; Pro Regge eet Religione Richard Boycott, V.488; 20 Charles Craigie Esqr. F7218. (3) 42 EAs: Thomas Hedges Esqr Aldertoon Wilts, F14402, browned in centre; Robert Harley of Bramton Castle in 20 the County of Hereford Esqr, F13802, the small size, very tired and browned. (2) The smallest of Henry Hoare’s Jacobean gift plates with arms above and an extensive text below, F14687.

(1) 44 EAs: George Montgomerie Esqr, F20919; George Lockhart of Carnwath (but George is deleted in MS and 15 perhaps replace by Js. He has a long entry on Hist of Parliament online) F18566; William Bromley (as in Lot 39). (3) 45 Jac arms: Robt Cooper [Junr in MS], F6785; T Wingfield Coll Di Joh Bapt Oxon Socius, F32240; Robert 20 Healey Esqr, F14470; Trafford Shipman, F26772; John Renton Esqr, F24825. (5) 46 Jac arms: Robert Parkinson, F22767; Wight Tempest, F29078; Robert Bristow of London Esqr, F3759; 20 Willm Pitt of Binfield, Berks Esqr, F23679; Isaac Rider of Greenwich, F25009. (5) 47 Jac arms: Beilby Thompson of Escrick, F20253; Richard Lockwood Esqr, Dews Hall Essex, F18581; 20 Newburgh Hamilton, top rounded off, F13491; Thomas Barrett of Lee Esqr, F1605; T Jekylll of Lincoln’s Inn, F16372. (5) 48 Jac arms: Peter Hancocke Esqr of Twining in Com Gloc, F13608; Tim Neve DD CCC Oxon, cut around 20 rather strangely, F21678; H Hill DD, F14745; Fr Dickins Armig 1795, F8625; Henry Glen, Swaffham, F12019; anon for Frankcombe, F11215. (6) 49 Jac arms: Thomas Parker of the Inner Temple Esqr, sgd: Theo Spendelow scu, F22738; George Wakeman, 20 F30525; Jno Selwyn Esqr, F26453; Pringle of Whitebank, crest with corners cropped, NIF but see F24192;

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