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«A Services Changes and Performance A.1 A number of new Study Hubs have opened across campus including the latest Park Wood Study Hub with 30 PCs, ...»

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November 2013 – February 2013

A Services Changes and Performance

A.1 A number of new Study Hubs have opened across campus including the

latest Park Wood Study Hub with 30 PCs, laptop points and study space

which opened in January to supplement those at Senate Chamber, Tyler Court A, Rutherford and Nickle Court.

A.2 Work on the Templeman development is progressing with the casting of columns and floors above ground level. Weekly coordination meetings between the contractors and the IS service continuity group have allowed user impact to be well managed and warnings of disruption to be communicated to users in advance.

A.3 Following wide-ranging consultation and agreement with the Executive Group, IS teams have liaised with academics to ensure material which can no longer be made digitally available under the new Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Higher Education licence is removed ahead of the deadline of 28th February 2013 while minimising the impact on teaching activities. This work is currently on schedule to complete by the deadline.

IS has moved all student PC clusters 1 to gigabit network connections for A.4 every PC. This is part of our commitment to Continual Service Improvement and also includes the addition certificate based 802.1x security thus ensuring maximum PC availability for student use.

A.5 IS staff have worked closely with Research Services and Finance to create processes to support researchers and Schools around the payment of Article Processing Charges (APCs) to achieve best value for the University. IS is identifying opportunities and negotiating discounts for APCs based on the anticipated University annual spend with individual publishers, highlighting where APCs are included in existing journal subscriptions, ensure that appropriate discounts are applied to University journal subscriptions, providing feedback, data and other evidence to JISC, RCUK and other interested parties to support national and consortia negotiations around Open Access models and APCs.

A.6 The University’s Reading Lists service is now joined by the Reading Lists @ Medway system, which gives Medway-based course-conveners the same ability to create easily accessible online lists and to share these with students and Library colleagues.

A.7 Work to improve discovery of our physical book collection as part of the

–  –  –

subject that were previously shelved separately. Items were only unavailable for a maximum of one working day throughout the project which saw a total of 500,593 items moved. During this period IS staff resolved issues which had limited the findability of 54,235 items. Attention is now focusing on the development of an ongoing and sustainable quality control programme to ensure items can be found while minimising the timescale during which any problem material is unavailable for loan.

A.8 Extensive investment in the University’s digital collections in 2012/13 has significantly increased the availability and use of eBooks and eJournals. A 20% increase in eBook titles availability and promotion of these resources saw downloads more than double to almost 900,000 in 2012/13. eJournal downloads have passed the two million mark (an 83% increase) while there has been a more modest 10% growth in database searches A.9 Information Services has published detailed instructions on how to secure information stored on laptops. Portable information, such as on laptops, is obviously vulnerable to loss, accidental or otherwise, nevertheless we are all required to look after the information to appropriate levels of security.

Information that is covered by the obligations of the Data Protection Act 1998 2 (DPA) is mandated to be encrypted whenever it is stored in a portable form.

The Information Commissioner has unequivocally stated this3 and reinforced this view with recent adjudications. 4 The cost of encryption, both out of pocket and device performance wise is negligible and the University needs to move to a position where all University's laptops are encrypted in their entirety. Information Services is working with IT reps around the university to support the move to full encryption. See http://www.kent.ac.uk/itservices/departments/index.html?tab=data-encryption A.10 As part of the Templeman Development project, funding has been secured to allow the Templeman Library to open for an extended period later in the spring term until the end of the academic year. This year we will be testing 24/7 opening during the busiest periods in the lead-up to the Easter break and for a number of weeks in the summer term in order to inform planning for future years.

A.11 The new admissions system is being used to process post-graduate and undergraduate applications and manage processes around the application process. Over 30,000 applications have been processed and early statistics regarding processing times show that on average PG time to offer has reduced by 7 calendar days to 9 days and UG average time to offer has reduced by 6 calendar days to 12 days.

Adjustments and improvements continue to be made to the system in response to detailed feedback from users in schools and the team has increased the level of support for users, with two team members on hand http://www.jisclegal.ac.uk/LegalAreas/DataProtection.aspx http://ico.org.uk/news/current_topics/Our_approach_to_encryption http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-22807593 ISC/13-14/021 daily for user support and assistance and additional training sessions and drop-in workshops have seen good attendance levels. There are sessions every week and ‘At-desk’ training is also available for individual requirements.

Contact Jenny Mathlin J.Mathhlin@kent.ac.uk to book.

Meanwhile, work on phase 2 of the project to provide additional functionality is well under way.

A.12 New procedures for managing major incidents were introduced last year as part of our introduction of the ITIL framework. The procedures allow incidents to be effectively managed, which fall short of requiring a full Disaster Recover/Business Continuity response. The procedures also allow for reflection after the event in order to identify lessons and better mitigation. A number of major incident reports are attached to this report for note and a table of incidents over the past year is shown at the end of this report.

B Planning and Future Developments B.1 During the Spring Term, student and staff communications campaigns are being run to raise awareness of new services, help empower students in their

studies and highlight the resources that we provide:

Park Wood Study Hub with 30 PCs, laptop points and study space opened in January and is being promoted in conjunction with the other Study Hubs (Senate Chamber, Tyler Court A, Rutherford and Nickle Court) around campus that offer additional, alternative study space to the Templeman Library.

A promotion of the ways that Information Services works together with schools and faculties to achieve the highest of quality library collections and efficient spend of resources budgets is underway this term also, and we seek academic staff as advocates to endorse the ‘working together’ message.

During March we will continue our ‘awareness weeks’ programme with a ‘Get your head around Journals’ focus covering what they are, why they are invaluable and how to access them. In exam term we will once again run the successful ‘Respect’ campaign, encouraging respectful behaviour in the Templeman Library and study spaces and the prompt return of recalled books.

B.2 Plans are being developed to migrate the University’s SharePoint service based on SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013. Most content on the current service will migrate with the exception of a small number of discrete sites which will remain on a legacy SharePoint 2007 service until they are redeveloped or retired during the course of this coming year. Although most functionality will continued to be supported in the new service, there are changes to the look and feel of SharePoint including some new and improved functionality. There are a number of current features no longer supported in the upgraded version and more details of these changes will be provided ISC/13-14/021 shortly. Information about what is different and how to make the most of SharePoint will be provided to users as part of the project.

B.3 Ongoing adoption of the University’s Open Access Policy led to a collaboration between Information Services, Research Services and Human Resources to deliver an option for academics to utilise the metadata held in the Kent Academic Repository (KAR) to demonstrate their research outputs as supporting evidence for internal promotion. Nearly half of promotion applicants opted to use KAR rather than their own sources, and for those people the KAR team produced standardised reports designed for the process. Following this successful pilot the use of KAR metadata as evidence will become required for future promotions processes.

B.4 The project to develop a framework for the management of research data has created a draft Research Data Management Policy which is under-going a consultation process around the university. The path to adoption of policy will be agreed shortly at the project steering group and Broad of Research and Enterprise (BRE) meetings.

B.5 IS has appointed a Digital Curator who will take forward the development of a Digital Archiving and Preservation strategy, which will look at the digital collections currently curated by IS Library, assess the risk to them, their strategic importance to the institution and users, and make policy recommendations on long-term preservation of content stored in digital format.

B.6 Use of the Reading Lists @ Kent service is the subject of an analysis paper created for discussion at a range of University forums. The paper quantifies the number of lists being regularly maintained in the system and take-up across the academic communities at Kent. It also highlights opportunities to further improve the user experience for both staff and students, such as refining the categorisation of items on reading lists and encouraging greater use of these categorisations to aid the appropriate acquisition and circulation conditions of readings.

B.7 The 2014/15 Departmental Materials Fund was modelled to reflect changes in the staff and student load and the inflation rate for library materials to inform academic planning meetings considering three year resource allocation model for Schools. Meetings with Heads of School and library representatives to ensure that the allocations are in line with Schools’ strategic plans are currently underway.

B.8 The technical implementation of a Resource discovery system, improving search and allowing the University’s growing digital content to be surfaced alongside the print collections, is underway. IS staff are working with colleagues at the Drill Hall Library and the University of Greenwich to ensure that the discoverability of the full range of materials available to library users at Medway is significantly improved. The project will be engaging with library users to refine and improve the system ahead of a formal launch at the start ISC/13-14/021 of the new academic session and ensure that the resource discovery system supports and is embedded in research, learning and teaching activities.

B.9 A selection of films, open lectures, student and staff newspapers magazines from the distinctive University archives have been digitised through the 50th Anniversary digitisation project. IS staff are currently exploring with the 50th Anniversary Team how these, and other collections digitised as part of the anniversary celebrations, can be made available through the 50th Anniversary web pages and social media.

B.10 A University Archivist is being recruited to develop an archive of items recording the history of the University of Kent. The archive will build on existing holdings in the Special Collections and augment them with new records and artefacts. They will begin to develop born digital collections, digitised surrogates and physical holdings including those digitised or received as part of the University’s 50th Anniversary.

B.11 Information Services has completed the consultation of academic staff regarding the future of journals and official publications currently held in the remote storage facility used by Information Services. A number of items have been agreed for removal from the Library’s collections because of the security of access provided by our electronic archives. The feedback received from academic staff has been extremely valuable and this has helped us develop policies in these areas. A full Journals Collection Development Policy will now follow in summer 2014. Any questions can be passed to the project managers through remotestore@kent.ac.uk.

B.12 A Collections Development Strategy for Special Collections has now been adopted following consultation and discussion with a range of representatives. It will be published to the IS and Special Collections websites shortly.

B.13 As part of the implementation of the recently adopted Books Collection Development Policy, and to prepare for the Templeman Library Redevelopment work scheduled for summer 2014, changes are being made to the Core Text Collection during the spring term. Level 1 West, the current home of the Core Text Collection, will be completely refurbished between July and December this year. This means that the Core Text Collection will move to Level 1 East at the start of the summer vacation.

The temporary location is not as big as the current Core Text Collection room.

This provides an opportunity to assess which titles are essential to keep on shorter loan periods, and to place less used books into the Main Collection, where they can be borrowed for longer. Books that are needed for regular use will stay in the Core Text Collection, and we aren’t moving any books added in the last 12 months.

The work of moving the less used titles to the Main Collection starts on Monday 10 February and will continue into the spring vacation, so you will see some empty shelves appearing over the coming weeks, but the building work ISC/13-14/021 timetable means this is the only possible time slot. We have planned the work carefully to make sure that disruption to Library users will be minimal.

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