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«UW-Stout General Education/Racial & Ethnic Studies/Global Perspective Courses University Requirements UW-Stout prepares students to graduate with ...»

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UW-Stout General Education/Racial & Ethnic Studies/Global Perspective Courses

University Requirements

UW-Stout prepares students to graduate with broad, important understandings of daily life in a global society. Thus, there

are three university requirements to be fulfilled prior to graduation:

1. General education (GE, divided into categories and areas)

Within the general education requirement, a single course cannot be used by students to fulfill multiple categories; however, a single course might be eligible for more than one category. For example, CHEM-110 is approved as both Natural Science and Contemporary Issues, but CHEM-110 will meet just one category in the student’s program.

2. Racial and ethnic studies (RES)

3. Global perspectives (GLP) Note: Some courses fulfill requirements in all three areas. An example of a single course that fulfills GE, RES, and GLP requirements is ANTH-320. Students who select courses that count for more than one requirement (GE, RES and GLP) reduce the total number of courses they take to fulfill the above university requirements.

General Education Requirements The General Education Program provides the core of what it means to be a well-educated university graduate. The goal is to promote human excellence through a broad foundation of skills and knowledge required to realize a meaningful personal, professional, and civic life. The General Education Program is intended to enable students to contribute to and live responsibly in a diverse, interconnected, and technologically sophisticated global community.

In accordance with the general education program, general education courses should be accessible to a broad audience and should further the goal of providing a well-rounded education regardless of career aspirations or program of study.

Each degree program has a general education component designed to provide you with knowledge and skills in communication, analytic reasoning, natural sciences, arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences, contemporary issues, social responsibility and ethical reasoning. Listed below are the general education requirements and courses that will fulfill these requirements. General education courses are listed by category and area. Not all courses are offered each semester. Changes to the course list can occur at any time. Some degree programs have specific general education courses that must be taken in order to satisfy certification, accreditation or prerequisite standards. These exceptions are noted on your program plan sheet.

General Education Credit Distribution 40 credits Communication Skills

ENGL-101 Composition 1 or ENGL-111 Freshman English – Honors I ENGL-102 Composition 2 or ENGL-112 Freshman English – Honors II or ENGL-113 Honors Seminar I SPCOM-100 Fundamentals of Speech Analytic Reasoning and Natural Sciences

Courses must be from the areas of analytic reasoning and natural sciences. At least one mathematics or statistics course and a natural science course with a lab are required.

Arts and Humanities

Courses must be from two or more areas including art history, creative arts, foreign language and culture, history, literature, music appreciation, performing arts, and philosophy.

~ 1~ UW-Stout General Education/Racial & Ethnic Studies/Global Perspective Courses Social and Behavioral Sciences

Courses must be from two or more areas including anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology and sociology.

Contemporary Issues

Courses must be selected from the list of approved contemporary issues courses, which includes technology.

Social Responsibility and Ethical Reasoning

Courses must be selected from the list of approved social responsibility and ethical reasoning courses, which includes health, health education, and athletics.


Courses/credits may be selected from any category to meet the 40-credit requirement.

General Education Courses Communication Skills (COMSK)

Communication Skills are the study and application of expressive and receptive language skills, most often exercised in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. These fundamental skills are basic to human development and academic functioning.

ENGL-101 Composition 1

ENGL-111 Freshman English - Honors I

ENGL-102 Composition 2

ENGL-112 Freshman English - Honors II

ENGL-113 Honors Seminar I

FREN-101 Elementary French I (GLP)

FREN-102 Elementary French II (GLP)

FREN-122 Practical French II (GLP)

FREN-123 Practical French III (GLP)

FREN-124 Practical French IV (GLP)

FREN-202 Intermediate French II (GLP)

CHIN-101 Elementary Chinese I

Analytic Reasoning & Natural Science (ARNS)

Analytic Reasoning Analytic reasoning is the formulation and critique of deductive and inductive arguments, both quantitative and non-quantitative. This reasoning is essential to many intellectual activities, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, creating and applying. This component requires students to engage in general learning experiences in mathematics, logic, statistics, or computer science.

CS-141 Computer Programming-BASIC

CS-144 Computer Science I

LOG-301 Intro to Logical Thinking

MATH-118 Concepts of Mathematics

MATH-120 Intro College Math I

MATH-121 Intro College Math II

MATH-123 Finite & Financial Math with Applications.... 4 STAT-130 Elementary Statistics

STAT-320 Statistical Methods

~ 2~ UW-Stout General Education/Racial & Ethnic Studies/Global Perspective Courses Natural Sciences The Natural Sciences are the sciences of the physical world, its phenomena, and the laws governing these phenomena. The branches of Natural Sciences--such as astronomy, geosciences, biological sciences, chemistry, physics--deal primarily with matter, energy, and their interrelations and transformations; with living organisms and vital processes; with the laws and phenomena relating to organisms, plants and animal life; with the physical processes and phenomena of particular systems; and with the physical properties and composition of nature and its products.

Life Sciences BIO-101 Introductory Biology (NSLAB)

BIO-111 Sci, Envir & Sustainab (NSLAB, CISS, GLP) 4 BIO-252 Zoology (NSLAB)

BIO-125 Biology of Aging

BIO-130 Human Sexual Biology (CISS)

BIO-132 Human Biology (NSLAB)

BIO-141 Plants and People (NSLAB, CISS, GLP)...... 4 CNS-200 Intro to Cognitive Neuroscience (SBSC)…….3 BIO-150 Environmental Science (GLP)

BIO-210 Biotechnology Issues (GLP)

BIO-234 Physiology & Anatomy (NSLAB).................. 4 Physical Sciences CHEM-105 Visualizing Chemistry

CHEM-110 Chemistry in Our World (NSLAB/CISS)............... 4 PHYS-242 College Physics II (NSLAB)

CHEM-115 General Chemistry (NSLAB)

CHEM-125 Chemistry for Health Sciences (NSLAB).............. 5 PHYS-251 Topics in Astronomy

CHEM-135 College Chemistry I (NSLAB)

CHEM-136 College Chemistry II (NSLAB)

NANO-101 Explorations in Nanotechnology (NSLAB)........... 3 PHYS-281 University Physics I (NSLAB)

PHYS-150 Nature & Application of Light & Color.................. 2 PHYS-282 University Physics II (NSLAB)

PHYS-151 Astronomy (NSLAB)

PHYS-211 Introduction to Physics

PHYS-212 Introduction to Physics: Lab (NSLAB)

Arts and Humanities (ARHU)

Arts Arts employ conscious use of skill and creative imagination in the production of artistic objects or performances which stress values that stand outside of conventional ideas of utility.

Humanities The Humanities investigate human constructs and values, as opposed to those studies that investigate natural and physical processes and those that are concerned with the development of basic or professional skills. The humanistic disciplines--such as art history, history, music appreciation, literature, and philosophy--are concerned with questions, issues and concepts basic to the formation of character and the establishment of values in a human context; they induce an organic study of letters and knowledge; they provide literary, aesthetic and intellectual experiences which enrich and enlighten human life.

Art History/Music Appreciation (ARTH/MUAP) ARTH-222 Introduction to Art

ARTH-223 Survey of Art--Ancient-Medieval

ARTH-224 Survey of Art--Renaissance-20th Century............. 3 MUSIC-134 Rock Music History (RESB)

ARTH-225 Introduction to Non-Western Art (GLP)................ 3 MUSIC-236 Music in Media

ARTH-250 British Art, Architecture and Design (GLP)........... 3 MUSIC-300 Special Topics in Music

ARTH-331 Art and Controversy (SRER)

MUSIC-120 Music Fundamentals

Creative/Performing Arts (CRART/PERF) ART-100 Drawing I

ART-101 Two-dimensional Design Foundations

ART-213 Ceramics I

ART-215 Art Metal I

ENGL-245 Creative Writing (SRER)

MUSIC-101 Class Piano I

MUSIC-201 Class Piano II

MUSIC-231 Honors Jazz History (CISS, RESA)

MUSIC-264 Jazz Band

MUSIC-266 Concert Band

~ 3~ UW-Stout General Education/Racial & Ethnic Studies/Global Perspective Courses Foreign Language & Culture (FLC) FREN-201 Intermediate French I

SPAN-201 Intermediate Spanish I

History (HIST) HIST-120 Early United States History (RESB)

HIST-121 Modern US History (RESB, GLP)

HIST-140 Western Civilization

HIST-141 Western Civilization

HIST-210 Modern World (GLP)

HIST-311 Women and War (GLP)

U.S. Women’s History (RESB)

HIST-321 HIST-380 Latin American History

HIST-322 African-American History (RESA)

HIST-323 Immigration/Ethnic Hist (RESA,GLP,SRER)....... 3 Literature (LIT) LIT-203 American Poets (RESB)

LIT-205 The Short Story (CISS)

LIT-208 Fiction into Film (RESB)

LIT-230 American Cinema (RESB, CISS)

LIT-255 Recent World Literature (GLP)

LIT-260 Modern American Literature (RESB)

LIT-265 Literature & Economics (CISS)

LIT-272 Women Writers (RESB, GLP)

LIT-273 Multicultural American Lit (RESA)

LIT-275 Environmental Literature (SRER)

LIT-280 Best Sellers

–  –  –

Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBSC)

Social Sciences The social sciences formulate and verify general hypotheses regarding human behavior. The social sciences deal with the behavior of societal, economic, political and cultural groups. Consequently this component focuses on the academic disciplines of sociology, economics, political science and cultural anthropology, insofar as these disciplines deal with general and non-applied knowledge concerning social behavior.

Behavioral Sciences The behavioral sciences include general knowledge about the psychological behavior of human beings, insofar as this knowledge concerns the human being's relationships to the self and to other individuals. Criteria focus on the general and applied learning experiences in the field of psychology.

–  –  –

Psychology (PSYC) CNS-200 Intro to Cognitive Neuroscience (NSCI)......... 3 Sociology (SOC) HDFS-195 Honors Seminar: Lifespan Human Dev........... 3 SOC-110 Introductory Sociology (GLP)

HDFS-255 Lifespan Human Development

PSYC-110 General Psychology

PSYC-225 Psychology of Video Games

Contemporary Issues (CISS)

Contemporary Issues courses engage students in interdisciplinary learning experiences focused on significant issues of current concern. These courses immerse students in the analysis of significant and current issues that require two or more disciplinary perspectives to synthesize solutions. Contemporary Issues courses aim at understanding the interdisciplinary nature of knowledge and the application of an interdisciplinary approach needed to solve many complex contemporary problems.

–  –  –

Social Responsibility & Ethical Reasoning (SRER)

Social Responsibility and Ethical Reasoning courses engage students in identifying, analyzing, and evaluating issues involving social responsibility and/or ethical decision making. This can be done in the context of a variety of disciplines (e.g., ethics and government, literature, science and society, wellness) and a variety of pedagogical methods (e.g., case studies, small group discussions, service learning, lectures, reading assignments, and activity courses).

AEC-191 The Built Environment (CISS)

ANTH-230 Anth of Contemp U.S. (SBSCI,RESA)......... 3 LIT-275 Environmental Literature (ARHU)................ 3 ANTH-290 Global Political Ecology (CISS, GLP)...........3 LIT-307 After 9/11:Crisis (ARHU,CISS,RESA,GLP). 3 ANTH-293 Environmental Justice (RESA)

ANTH-320 Soc Movmts,Global Persp(CISS,RESB,GLP) 3 PE-201 Wellness and Social Responsibility............... 3 ANTH-356 Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (GLP) 3 PE-202 Lifelong Fitness

ARTH-331 Art and Controversy (ARTH)

BUMGT-235 Management Ethics

DES-150 Sustainable Des & Dev (CISS, GLP)............. 3 PE-205 Lifelong Wellness:Biggest Loser Style (CISS)3 ECON-360 Strateg Decis Making & Game Thry (CISS). 3 PHIL-201 Introduction to Philosophy (ARHU, GLP).... 3 EDUC-320 Racism&Colonialism:Impct (CISS/RESA/GLP). 3 PHIL-235 General Ethics (ARHU)

EDUC-330 Multiculturalism (CISS, RESA, GLP)........... 3 PHIL-275 Business Ethics (ARHU)

ENGL-245 Creative Writing (CRART)

ENGN-100 Impacts of Engineering (CISS, GLP).......... 3 PSYC-280 Forensic Psychology, Law and Ethics........... 3 FN-210 Issues and Ethics in Food & Nutrition........... 3 PSYC-281 Environmental Psychology (CISS)................ 3 GEOG-290 Global Political Ecology (CISS, GLP).......... 3 PSYC-350 Culture & Psychology

HDFS-257 Lifespan Sexuality

HIST-221 Wisconsin State History (RESB)

HIST-323 Immigr & Ethnic Hist (ARHU,RESA,GLP).. 3 SOC-293 Environmental Justice (RESA)

HIST-324 U.S. Labor History (CISS, RESB)................. 3 SOC-320 Soc Movmts,Global Persp(CISS,RESB,GLP) 3 HIST 325 History of American Indians (RESA)............ 3 SOC-325 Society and Leisure (CISS)

HIST 340 Mixed Heritage Hist of Americas (RESA).... 3 SOC-385 Globalization and Social Change (CISS, GLP) 3 History of Ideas in the 20th C

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