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«JOHN TYLER COMMUNITY COLLEGE TABLE OF CONTENTS Emergency Quick Reference Program Placement Program Plan Form The Advising Process Testing Services ...»

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prepared by tHe division of student services



Emergency Quick Reference

Program Placement

Program Plan Form

The Advising Process

Testing Services

Standard Placement Tests

Placement Test Scores (includes Standard, ESL, and Workkeys)

ESL Student Enrollment in Academic Classes

Spanish Placement Guidelines

Distance Education Testing


Ability-To-Benefit Certification Form

Credit-By-Examination Procedures

Credit-By-Examination Forms

Course Waivers and Substitutions

Credit Waiver/Substitution Form

Advanced Standing Policies and Procedures

Credits Earned at Postsecondary Institutions

Credits Earned in Non-Traditional Education/Training Programs

Military Related Experiences

Criminal Justice Academies

Health Services Experiences

Technical Studies

Credits Earned in Standardized Examinations







Credits Earned by Life Experience (Experiential Learning)

Graduation Procedures

Graduation Application

Graduation (Most Frequently Asked Questions)

Advising Transfer Students

Advising Students with Disabilities

Advising Criteria for ELDE Courses - Internet and Weekend College Courses

Tutoring Services: The Student Success Centers

Repeating a Course

Repeating a Course Form

Student Overloads

Academic Renewal

Academic Renewal Form

Attendance Policies

Never Attended Report Form

Stopped Attending Report Form

Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Accessing the Student Information System Using myTyler


Field Trips

JTCC Waiver of Liability Form

Transfer Tips

Student Disciplinary Policies and Procedures

Determining Teaching Overloads

Academic Calendar, 2008 - 2009

Final Examination Schedule, Fall 2008

Final Examination Schedule, Spring 2009

VCCS Table 5.1 (Degree Requirements)

Library Information for Faculty

Media Services

Template for Syllabus

Administrative Personnel

Master Advising List


John Tyler Community College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex or disability in its programs or activities. Inquiries related to the college’s nondiscrimination policy should be directed to Chris Pfautz, Interim Dean of Student Services, who can be reached by mail at 13101 Jefferson Davis Highway, Chester, VA 23831, by e-mail at cpfautz@jtcc.edu or by phone at 804-706-5208/804-594-1566.


In the Event of an Emergency Call 911 (if using a campus phone, dial 9 first to get an outside line), or call the appropriate security number below. Note: If you call 911, you must still report the incident to College security. You may also contact College security by using one of the Emergency Call Boxes located in each building on the Chester and Midlothian campuses.

College Security Information Chester Campus 796-4025 796-0786 (pager) 920-2698 (cell) Desk locations: Moyar Hall – 1st floor (across from M101) Nicholas Student Center – inside main entrance Midlothian Campus 897-6678 778-6582 (pager) 920-2670 (cell) Desk locations: Administration Bldg. – atrium Academic Bldg. – 2nd floor (across from A215) Nursing Facility (CJW) 622-8700 320-2705 (Surgical Associates of Richmond (SAR)) 897-6678 (Midlothian Security Services) 778-6582 (Midlothian Security pager) 920-2670 (Midlothian Security cell) Gateway Outreach Center (Petersburg) 911 in the event of an emergency Note: Once the emergency is reported to 911, contact Chester Security Services at 796-4025, 796-0786 (pager), or 920-2698 (cell).

CCWA – Featherstone 440-2447 897-6678 (Midlothian Security Services) 778-6582 (Midlothian pager) 920-2670 (Midlothian cell) 796-0787 (Featherstone pager **after 5:00 p.m.) 920-0882 (Featherstone cell **after 5:00 p.m.) Power Outage and Telephone Use If an emergency occurs that causes a power outage, campus phones may not operate. In such as case, if you need to report emergency information, the following locations have phones that

will work:

Chester - Nicholas Student Center Security Desk Midlothian – Administration Building Security Desk Nursing Facility – Reception Area Gateway Outreach Center (Petersburg) – A power outage will not disrupt phone service.

Emergency Notification John Tyler Community College uses the following tools to notify employees, students, and the public of an emergency situation: fire alarms, e-mail, voicemail, indoor emergency call boxes, electronic bulletin boards, web site (www.jtcc.edu), security staff, area emergency coordinators, and media outlets.

Evacuation of Building(s) If a fire alarm sounds or you are ordered to evacuate by security, leave the building by the nearest marked exit (noted on the evacuation maps posted in each room). Do not use

elevators. Unless otherwise instructed, you should proceed to the following locations:

Chester Campus Bird Hall – Parking Lot F Godwin Hall – Parking Lot C Goyne Hall – Parking Lot A Moyar Hall – Parking Lot F Nicholas Student Center – Parking Lot A Physical Plant – Parking Lot H Midlothian Campus Academic Building – Parking Lot D Administration Building – Parking Lot C Physical Plant – Parking lot next to Physical Plant building Nursing Facility (CJW) Front parking lot assembling as close as possible to JohnstonWillis Drive Gateway Outreach Center (Petersburg) Across the street in the courthouse parking lot CCWA – Featherstone Parking lot in front of building toward Huguenot Road Severe Weather/Tornado Warnings In the case of severe weather, you may be instructed to proceed to the College’s severe weather shelters.

Chester Campus Bird Hall – B124/B132 Godwin Hall – G105 /G105a Goyne Hall – Bathrooms (A107/A109) Moyar Hall – 1st Floor Students, M134, 2nd Floor Students, M114 Nicholas Student Center – N102/N102A Physical Plant – Moyar Hall, M134 Midlothian Campus Academic Bldg. – A113/A115 Administration Building – B115b Physical Plant – A113/A115 Nursing Facility (CJW) J114, J129, interior office behind receptionist desk Gateway Outreach Center (Petersburg) Basement CCWA – Featherstone F101, F108b, restrooms in suite 108 Shelter in Place Certain emergency situations may require you to shelter in place (remain in your office or classroom). In such instances, you must remain in place until an all clear is given by the Incident Commander.


In the case of a fire, follow these steps as you evacuate the building:

• If it can be done safely, close all windows and internal doors.

• If you are in an area filled with smoke, drop to the floor, and keep your head no more than 8 – 12 inches off the floor.

• Before opening any door, feel it for heat. Do not open doors that are hot.

Hazardous Spill In the event of a hazardous or suspected hazardous spill, secure the area, notify your supervisor and those who work nearby, and report the incident to Security Services.

Bomb Threat or Suspicious Device/Package Found If you find a suspicious device/package, do not attempt to pick up the device/package. Do NOT sound the fire alarm, use 2-way radios or use cell phones as they may trigger an explosive device. Evacuate the immediate area and report the device to the nearest security officer.

Should you receive a phoned-in bomb threat, try to get as much information as possible from the caller, and then immediately report the call to Security Services.

(A Bomb Threat Call Form may be found in the Emergency Response plan at https://intranet.jtcc.edu.) Suspicious/Disruptive Person on Campus If you have reason to believe that a person at a John Tyler facility may represent a potential threat to others, report your concerns to the Dean of Student Services and to Security Services.

Active Shooter

• Lock yourself in the room you are in if possible.

• If communication is available, call 911 and then Security Services.

• Don’t stay in the open hallway.

• Do not sound the fire alarm. A fire alarm would signal the occupants in the other rooms to evacuate the building, and thus, place them in potential harm as they attempt to exit.

• Barricade yourself in the room with furniture or anything you can push up against the door.

• Protect yourself with any available barriers such as concrete walls, desks or tables.

• Lock windows and close blinds.

• Turn all lights and audio equipment off.

• Turn cell phones and pagers to silent mode.

• Try to stay calm and be as quiet as possible.

• If for some reason you are caught in an open area such as a hallway or lounge, seek the closest available shelter.

Note: The previous information cannot cover every possible situation that might occur. If there is gunfire or explosives discharged, you should take cover immediately. After the disturbance, seek emergency treatment if necessary.

Area Emergency Coordinators Area Emergency Coordinators are available throughout the College to notify, direct and assist in the event of an emergency. A list of area emergency coordinators may be found in the Emergency Response Plan at https://intranet.jtcc.edu.

Automated External Defibrillator Locations Chester Campus Bird Hall – outside B121 Godwin Hall – outside G108 Goyne Hall – outside room A101 Moyar Hall – behind security desk Nicholas Student Center – behind security desk Midlothian Campus Academic Building - outside A217 Administration Building - behind security desk CCWA - Featherstone On the wall between JTCC and VCCS First Aid Kits & Bloodborne Pathogen Kits Chester Campus Moyar Hall – M101, M117, M129, M131 Bird Hall – B105, B123 Godwin Hall – G108, G121, G124 Goyne Hall – A102 Nicholas Student Center – N100 (Security Officer’s Desk – 24 hours) Physical Plant Midlothian Campus Academic Building – A120, A201, A215, A302, A308 Administration Building – Lobby (Security Officer’s Desk – 24 hours), B206 Physical Plant – P101 CCWA – Featherstone F108 The College’s complete Emergency Response Plan may be found on the intranet at https://intranet.jtcc.edu under Emergency Links.


A student who wishes to enter a degree, certificate, or career studies certificate

program must:

1. have received a high school diploma or GED or have completed secondary school through home schooling;

2. take Placement Tests (transfer students may not need to take Placement Tests if they previously completed college-level English and mathematics courses with grades of “C” or better);

3. request that official copies of transcripts from all colleges and universities he or she may have previously attended are sent to the Admissions and Records

Office, if the student:

–  –  –

Transcripts are not required from other VCCS institutions.

The student must make an appointment for the purpose of program placement with a member of the counseling staff prior to the designated deadlines noted in the Schedule of Classes.

The counselor will confirm whether the student is eligible for program placement and complete a Program Plan Form.

The student will be assigned a Faculty Advisor.

The student will be officially placed in his or her program and coded as a curriculum student in the Student Information System (SIS) within 48 hours after the completion of the Program Plan Form.

The Registrar or Assistant Registrar will evaluate official transcripts of a transfer student and record this information on the student’s academic record prior to the next scheduled registration period.

–  –  –

Current Program Name ____________________________ Current Program Code ____________________________

New Program Name _______________________________ New Program Code _______________________________

New Advisor’s Name ______________________________ Advisor’s Email Address __________________________

Advisor’s Office Location __________________________ Advisor’s Office Telephone Number _________________

–  –  –

Placement Tests _______________________________________

High School Transcript/GED Scores _______________________

Home School Certificate of Completion ____________________

College Transcripts ____________________________________

Ability-to-Benefit Test Scores ____________________________

–  –  –

Part 4 Student Responsibilities

1. Schedule an appointment with your faculty advisor prior to your next registration for classes.

2. Periodically check your student transcript on myTyler (on-line) to confirm your academic progress and the acceptance of any transfer credits.

3. Periodically meet or communicate with your faculty advisor to ensure that you are enrolling in the appropriate courses.

4. Complete SDV 100-College Success Skills as soon as possible but no later than your second semester at the institution.

5. Apply for graduation in accordance with posted College deadlines. You must obtain an Application for Graduation from your faculty advisor. After your advisor signs the form, you must submit it to the Admissions and Records Office..


Signature of Student Date Signature of Counselor Date


The John Tyler Community College advising system is a collaborative and on-going developmental process between the student and advising personnel to enhance success in the

college experience. The goals of advising are:

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