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«Schriftliche Fachhochschulreifeprüfung - Englisch Musteraufgaben - Schuljahr 2010/2011 Überblick über die Prüfungsstruktur Schriftliche Prüfung ...»

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Schriftliche Fachhochschulreifeprüfung - Englisch

Musteraufgaben - Schuljahr 2010/2011

Überblick über die Prüfungsstruktur

Schriftliche Prüfung Schuljahr 2010/11

Aufgabe Prüfungsziel Textsorte Aufgabentyp Punkte

Selektive Infor- Artikel, Sachtext Mediation 10

1. Leseverstehen

mationsText 1) ca. 450 Wörter (dt. Sprache)


Entnahme von Artikel, Sachtext 10

2. Leseverstehen Aussagen zum Hauptaussagen Text begründen (Text 2) ca. 600 Wörter und Einzelheidt. Sprache) NEU ten

3. Textproduktion Beschreiben Bildvorlage: Deskriptions- und 10 und analysieren Analyseaufgabe Foto, Cartoon der Vorlage, NEU Erkennen von Fremdsprache inhaltlichen Zusammenhängen mit Text 2

4. Textproduktion Verfassen eines Fremdsprache (30) Textes zu vorgegebenem Thema; inhaltliche und sprachliche Leistung Wahlmöglichkeit Composition (bisherige Form) Erörterungsthema Aufsatz 1a) oder 1b) und Composition 2a) Cartoon oder 2b) Cartoonanalyse 15 oder material- Aufsatz nach vorNEU Bildvorlage, Statisgestützter Auf- gegebenem In- 30 tik, Schaubild, Kurz- formationssatz text, Zitat etc. material Bitte beachten Sie die Korrektur- und Bewertungsrichtlinien nach dem jeweils aktuellen Stand. Die modifizierten Korrekturrichtlinien werden mit den Musteraufgaben verschickt.

Nachfolgend finden Sie Beispiele für die neuen Aufgabenformate.

Die den Aufgaben beigefügten Lösungshinweise sind grundsätzlich zur Information des Fachlehrers bestimmt; sie besitzen keinen Ausschließlichkeitscharakter. Ebenso sind Sprachniveau und Darstellungsform der Lösungshinweise nicht mit der Schülerleistung gleichzusetzen.

Leseverstehen: Aufgabe 2 (10VP) Beurteilen von Textaussagen Life for migrants after 'the jungle' Benjamin looks through the fence separating him from the Calais harbour and shows me where he tried to smuggle himself through to Britain. "I tried to get underneath a bus," he says. "But at the last minute my smuggler left, taking my money with him." This is one of the consequences of the closure of `the jungle´ this week - the provisional illegal camp in Calais 5 where around 1,000 migrants were once living. Most of them are from Iraq and Afghanistan, and are trying to reach the UK. Living in the camp with the migrants were people-smugglers, or `agents´, who would help migrants flee into the UK on either lorries or buses.

`The jungle´ is now just rubble and rubbish. Finding somewhere new to take shelter is difficult for those migrants formerly living there. Some sleep under bridges, others on the streets.

10 They have to live with the hundreds of other migrants who have already claimed their territory.

Many of the migrants rely on charity organisations for help. Every day at lunchtime, at Quai de La Moselle, a deserted space of open land, around 100 of the migrants gather for a free lunch of bread, eggs and bananas. Zazou, a French local, works in a bar in Calais. "It's a very sad story for people here," he says. "We didn't use to see the migrants in the street because they 15 had `the jungle´. But since they closed `the jungle´, what will they do now? Will they sleep in the street? What will they eat?“ Of all the migrants I met in Calais, only one was on the reverse journey. Twenty-two-year-old Malik was on his way home from Britain to Pakistan. He says he spent four years in England and now misses his family so he wants to return. The others surrounding him say they cannot 20 understand why he wants to go home. Ahmad Nazeer is the return officer for the International Organisation for Migration. He is telling the migrants about the Voluntary Return Programme.

He says the programme aims to help those migrants who are now stuck in Calais and who have suffered at the hands of people smugglers. It provides migrants who choose to return with free travel assistance home and cash grants. Mr Nazeer says that he helped 60 Afghan 25 migrants to return home last month. When I tell this to some of the migrants, they do not believe me. "Why would anyone want to go home?" they ask.

Benjamin has now used up the money he had saved to pay for his crossing to Britain. I ask him whether he will return to Iran if he cannot reach the UK. "I cannot go back," he says. "I left before the elections as I feared for my safety because of my political beliefs." It is hard to tell 30 which migrants are facing real danger back home, and which ones are economic migrants.

But one problem most of them face is paying off their debts to the people-smugglers. Before leaving, migrants tend to pay a portion of the total amount to their agents. The rest is paid once they've earned enough money in their new country. Many fear that if they return home now, they will never be able to raise enough money to repay the smugglers. They say that if 35 they return home without money to pay them, they could be killed.

But in the meantime, what does the future hold for those migrants here? They tell me that if they cannot get to the UK, they will stay in Calais. Very few consider going home. So for the migrants, Calais has become a kind of waiting room. Britain, for them, is the ultimate dream and home just the opposite. All they do now is: wait.

(627 words) Abridged from BBC NEWS: http:/news.bbc.co.uk

Die Aufgabenstellung lautet:

• Entscheiden Sie, ob die folgenden Aussagen zum Text richtig oder falsch sind, und begründen Sie Ihre Entscheidung.

• Antworten Sie auf Deutsch in ganzen Sätzen.

`The jungle´ … 1. … was an official camp for refugees in Calais.

Die Aussage ist falsch, weil es ein illegales Lager ist.

2. … has been pulled down recently Das trifft zu, weil man jetzt dort Schutt und Müll findet.

alternativ: Die Aussage ist richtig, weil es für Flüchtlinge, die bisher dort wohnten, schwierig ist, eine neue Unterkunft zu finden.

3.... was mainly inhabited by people from war-torn countries in the Middle East.

Dies trifft zu, weil die meisten Flüchtlinge im Lager aus dem Irak und Afghanistan kommen.

The migrants … 4.... get food for free from the City of Calais.

Das ist falsch, weil, sie das Essen nicht von der Stadt sondern von Wohlfahrtsorganisationen bekommen.

5. … were mostly transferred to new camps.

Das trifft nicht zu, weil viele Flüchtlinge nicht wissen, wo sie jetzt hingehen sollen.

alternativ: Das trifft nicht zu, weil einige Flüchtlinge sich unter Brücken oder auf der Straße eine neue Bleibe suchen müssen.

Going back to their home countries...

6.... is made attractive for migrants by offering help with transport and money.

Das trifft zu, weil den Flüchtlingen die Rückreise bezahlt wird und sie Zuschüsse von einem freiwilligen Rückkehrprogramm bekommen.

7.... is a real option for most migrants.

Das ist falsch, weil sie sonst die Schulden an Schleuser nicht zurückbezahlen können.

This article points out that … 8.... most migrants left because they had experienced real danger at home.

Dies ist falsch, weil man nicht so genau weiß, wie viele aus wirtschaftlichen Gründen ausgewandert sind.

9.... Britain is like paradise for migrants.

Dies trifft zu, da Großbritannien das Traumziel für die Migranten ist, die in Calais warten.

10. … the closure of ‚the jungle’ is not a solution to the immigration problem.

Das trifft zu, weil die Flüchtlinge nicht wissen, wohin sie sollen, aber auch nicht in Calais bleiben können.

Unterlegte Textteile entsprechen möglichen Schülerantworten.

Textproduktion: Aufgabe 3 (10VP: 5VP Inhalt / 5VP Sprache) Bildbeschreibung mit Analyse

Die Aufgabenstellung lautet:

• Describe the picture first.

• Then analyze its meaning referring to the text `Life for migrants after the jungle´.

• Use your own words.

Lösungshinweis: Mögliche inhaltliche Aspekte

- in the centre depressed young migrant squatting on the ground

- he looks frustrated and desperate, staring into space

- to his right a police officer and another migrant in the background left-overs of a hut

reference to the text:

- The picture was probably taken when the camp was about to be closed and the police came to tell the residents they had to leave the premises because the whole camp would be pulled down.

- Obviously the man is a migrant coming from a war-torn country. His dream was to go to Britain to find a job, a proper home and a decent life. Now his dream seems to be destroyed completely.

- He sees no way out of his problem because it’s impossible for him to return home as he won’t have the chance to earn the money he owes to the people-smugglers.

Textproduktion: Aufgabe 4 (30VP: 10VP Inhalt / 20VP Sprache) materialgestützter Aufsatz

Die Aufgabenstellung lautet:

Climate change – a man-made threat or just a legend?

• Write a composition.

• Use the information of at least 3 of the given materials.

Material 1 Lösungshinweis: Mögliche inhaltliche Aspekte: Cartoon “North Pole“

- an ice shelf with a signpost saying “North Pole”

- animals of the polar regions behave like tourists on the beach

- two tourists, wearing summer clothes, having arrived in their canoe

- climate change extremely visible here as much of the arctic ice has already melted

- animals enjoy themselves not being aware of the danger of becoming extinct Material 2

We Can’t Wish Away Climate Change By AL GORE Published: February 27, 2010

... Scientists — acting in good faith on the best information then available to them — probably underestimated the range of sea-level rise in this century, the speed with which the Arctic ice cap is disappearing and the speed with which some of the large glacial flows in Antarctica and Greenland are melting and racing to the sea....

... In fact, the crisis is still growing because we are continuing to dump 90 million tons of global-warming pollution every 24 hours into the atmosphere — as if it were an open sewer....

... Though there have been impressive efforts by many business leaders, hundreds of millions of individuals and families throughout the world and many national, regional and local governments, our civilization is still failing miserably to slow the rate at which these emissions are increasing — much less reduce them....

Al Gore, the vice president from 1993 to 2001, is the founder of the Alliance for Climate Protection and the author of “Our Choice: A Plan to Solve the Climate Crisis.” As a businessman, he is an investor in alternative energy companies.

Lösungshinweis: Mögliche inhaltliche Aspekte: Text “Al Gore”

- Al Gore believes that the melting of the ice caps and glaciers and the resulting rise of sea-levels is underrated.

- The threat is intensified by the permanent polluting of our environment.

- The worldwide efforts taken in public and private fields to decelerate this development have been insufficient.

- The situation is man-made.

- As a convinced environmentalist he wants to encourage everybody to start a change in behavior, maybe by using alternative energies.

Material 3 Lösungshinweis: Mögliche inhaltliche Aspekte: pie chart “Carbon Footprint”

- The diagram shows the different ways in which an average person causes carbon dioxide emissions. The figures are given in per cent.

- Major sources for greenhouse gases are fossil fuels (15%) and electricity (12%) used up by a typical consumer. Examples: heating, cooking, light

- A lot of CO2 (14%) results from leisure activities. Examples: doing sports, going on holidays, cultural events

- Private transport accounts for 10% of a person’s carbon footprint compared to public transport with only 3%.

- 7 other minor sources are mentioned like food production.

Material 4 Lösungshinweis: Mögliche inhaltliche Aspekte: Cartoon “Drought”

- Climate change: not only rising sea levels and floodings, but also droughts

- Leads to the destruction of the natural habitat of species

- Growing problems for agriculture due to eroded soil

- Very hard to make a living in such areas

- Consequence: migration to other climatic regions Material 5 Ist der Klimawandel Schwindel?

Je mehr man recherchiert, desto mehr fällt auf, dass sich die Wissenschaftler bezüglich der Prognosen zur Erderwärmung sehr uneinig sind. Das ist nachvollziehbar, wenn man bedenkt, wie viele Faktoren bei den Klimahochrechnungen beachtet werden müssen und dass die Menschheit bei der Erforschung des Wetters trotz aller Erkenntnissen und Forschungen noch in den Kinderschuhen steckt. Niemand kann voraussagen, wie sich der Golfstrom verhalten wird, der die warmen Wassermassen aus den tropischen Regionen nach Nordeuropa transportiert. Oder welche Eskapaden El Niño noch für uns bereithält.

Umweltschutzorganisationen zeichnen schon bei einer weiteren Erwärmung von 2 Grad Celsius Horrorszenarien, während andere Wissenschaftler beschwichtigen und dies erst bei einer Erwärmung von 6 Grad Celsius als akute Gefahr einschätzen. … (Anm.: El Niño = Klimaphänomen, das Passatwinde beeinflusst) Lösungshinweis: Mögliche inhaltliche Aspekte: Text “Klimawandel Schwindel“

- Opinion on climate change is diverse: a major threat caused by humans or a myth.

- Climate change research is still at the very beginning as numerous factors have to be considered

- Earth has always seen climatic variations over different periods of time.

- Environmentalists dramatize the situation whereas some scientists play it down.

Lösungshinweis: Ausformulierter Vorschlag unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der

Materialien 2, 3, 5:

Climate change – a man-made threat or just a legend?

Climate change is an everyday issue these days. The media are confronting us with dramatic reports on environmental disasters like floodings, hurricanes and droughts all over the world. Personally we also have the impression that there are more extreme weather conditions in the area we live in, e.g. longer winters and hotter and drier summers.

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