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«Biographies Keynote Sessions Ana Luísa Amaral is Associate Professor at the Department for Anglo-American Studies, University of Porto. She holds a ...»

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Motherhood in post-1968 European Women’s Writing:

Cross-Cultural and Interdisciplinary Dialogues


Keynote Sessions

Ana Luísa Amaral is Associate Professor at the Department for Anglo-American Studies, University of Porto. She holds

a PhD on the poetry of Emily Dickinson and has academic publications (in Portugal and abroad) in the areas of English

and American Poetry, Comparative Poetics and Feminist Studies. She is the author, together with Ana Gabriela Macedo, of the Dicionário da Crítica Feminista (2005). She organized the annotated edition of New Portuguese Letters [Novas Cartas Portuguesas, 1972], by Maria Isabel Barreno, Maria Teresa Horta and Maria Velho da Costa (2010). She currently coordinates the international project New Portuguese Letters 40 Years Later, which involves thirteen international teams and more than ten countries. She has written thirteen books of poetry, among which Minha Senhora de Quê (1990), Coisas de Partir (1993), Às Vezes o Paraíso (1998), Imagias (2002), A Arte de ser Tigre (2003) A Génese do Amor (2005) and Se Fosse Um Intervalo (2009), all collected in Inversos (1990-2010). She is also author of books for children, such as A História da Aranha Leopoldina (2000), and Como Tu (2012), and has translated poets including John Updike and Emily Dickinson. Theatre plays have been staged around her poetry and her books for children. She has been awarded several prizes and distinctions, among which the Correntes d’Escritas/Casino da Póvoa prize (2007), the Premio di Poesia Giuseppe Acerbi (2007), the Grande Prémio da Associação Portuguesa de Escritores (2008), and the Prémio António Gedeão (2010). Her books are published in several countries, such as Brazil, Sweden, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Venezuela and Colombia. Her most recent books are Vozes (poetry, 2010), Como Tu (children’s literature, 2012), Ara (fiction, 2013) and Emily Dickinson: Duzentos Poemas (translation, 2013). A collection of essays on her poetry is being prepared to come out in the UK (with Peter Lang, edited by Claire Williams and Teresa Louro).

Christine Battersby is Reader Emerita in the Department of Philosophy and an Associate Fellow of the Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature at the University of Warwick. She is the author of Gender and Genius: Towards a Feminist Aesthetics (1989, 1994); The Phenomenal Woman: Feminist Metaphysics and the Patterns of Identity (1998);

and The Sublime, Terror and Human Difference (2007), plus numerous articles on feminist aesthetics, feminist metaphysics and the history of philosophy and culture. Her research is thoroughly interdisciplinary, drawing on literature and the visual arts. She was the visiting Fleishhacker Chair of Philosophy at the University of San Francisco during April 2013.

Gayle Letherby is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Institute of Health and Community at Plymouth University.

She researches and writes in a variety of areas including reproductive and non/parental identity, working and learning in higher education, crime and deviance, and travel mobilities. Her work in the area of reproduction includes work on women who do and do not mother, and recent publications include: ‘Mother/Daughter Relationships during Pregnancy and the Transition to Motherhood of Women with Pre-Existing Diabetes: Raising some Issues’ (with E. Stenhouse in Midwifery 27, 2011); ‘Young Mothers’ Experiences of Domestic Violence in their Intimate and Familial Relationships’ (with G. Brown, available online, in Child Care in Practice 17:4, 2011); and ‘‘Infertility’ and ‘Involuntary Childlessness’: Losses, Ambivalences and Resolutions’ (forthcoming in S. Earle, C. Komaromy and L. Layne (eds.) Understanding Reproductive Loss: International perspectives on life, death and fertility, Ashgate, 2012). Gayle is currently working on two books in the area including Mothers and Others: Hierarchies and Continuums of Non/Motherhood (Palgrave, forthcoming in 2014). She is also interested in all things methodological, particularly the politics of the research process and product. Publications focusing on methodological concerns include: Feminist Research in Theory and Practice (Open University, 2003); Extending Social Research: Application, Implementation, Presentation (co-edited with P. Bywaters, Open University, 2007); and Objectivity and Subjectivity in Social Research (co-authored with J. Scott, J. and M. Williams, 2012).

Parallel Sessions Jean Anderson is Associate Professor of French at Victoria University of Wellington. Her research interests cover literary translation, contemporary women’s writing, crime fiction, nineteenth-century women’s writing and francophone Pacific literature. Recent publications include: Ecrire les hommes (2012, Presses Universitaires de Vincennes, co-edited);

The Foreign in International Crime Fiction (2012, Continuum Books, co-edited); and The Missing King (2012, translation of the novel by Tahitian Moetai Brotherson).

Irén Annus is Associate Professor of American Studies and a member of the Gender Studies Research Group at the Institute of English and American Studies, University of Szeged, Hungary. Her research interests include the construction and representation of social identities with a focus on gender, religion and race/ethnicity. She has lectured on these topics, published numerous studies both in Hungary and abroad, and authored/edited three volumes.

Alison Assiter is Professor of Feminist Theory at the University of the West of England. She teaches there on the philosophy programme, mainly on her present research areas of Kant and Kierkegaard, although she also works in political and feminist philosophy. She has published a number of books and articles including: Enlightened Women, (Routledge 1996), Revisiting Universalism, (Palgrave 2003), Althusser and Feminism (Pluto Press 1989), and Pornography, Feminism and the Individual, (Pluto Press 1988). Her most recent book is Kierkegaard, Metaphysics and Political Theory, (Continuum 2009), and she has recently published articles in Acta Kierkegaardiana and the journal Philosophy (both in 2013).

Susie Bainbrigge is Senior Lecturer in French at the University of Edinburgh. She has recently published Culture and Identity in Belgian Francophone Writing: Dialogue, Diversity and Displacement, and an edited volume on author Jacqueline Harpman is forthcoming.

Lisa Baraitser is a feminist writer, psychotherapist, Senior Lecturer and head of the Department of Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London. She is the author of Maternal Encounters: The Ethics of Interruption (Routledge, 2009) that won the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association book prize for outstanding feminist scholarship in 2009.

Özlem Berk Albachten is Associate Professor in the Department of Translation & Interpreting Studies at Boğaziçi University, Istanbul, Turkey. Her main research areas are translation history, translation and identity formation, intralingual translation, and travel writing.

Her most recent publications include ‘Intralingual Translation as ‘Modernization’ of the Language: The Turkish Case’, (in Perspectives, 21(2), 2013), and ‘Intralingual Translation:

Discussions within Translation Studies and the case of Turkey’, (forthcoming in The Blackwell Companion to Translation Studies, eds. Sandra Bermann & Catherine Porter).

Maria-José Blanco’s research interests lie in contemporary Spanish writers, with a special focus on women writers and life-writing. Her PhD thesis (UCL) focused on the use of life-writing and writing as therapy in the work of Carmen Martín Gaite (1925-2000), her Cuadernos de todo, and her 1990s novels. Her thesis will be soon published by Tamesis.

Maria-José edited a special issue of the Journal of Romance Studies on the theme of diaries written by women in the Luso-Hispanic world. She has organised, amongst others, a conference to commemorate the tenth anniversary of Carmen Martín Gaite’s death in December 2010, one on perceptions of death in Europe and the Americas: ‘The Carnival of Death’ in February 2011, and one on ‘Women’s Life-Writing in the Luso-Hispanic World’. At the IMLR, she has convened the Contemporary Women’s Writing in Spanish seminars and Reading Group, and since July 2010 was the Managing Editor of the Journal of Romance Studies. Maria-José teaches twentieth century Spanish Literature at King’s College London.

Emily Blewitt is an AHRC doctoral candidate at Cardiff University. She read English Language and Literature at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, and has an MA in Film and Literature from the University of York. She has published poetry in Brittle Star (2011), Nu2: Memorable Firsts (2011), and Cheval (2012), among others, and has a forthcoming review in Contemporary Women’s Writing; she also appeared on BBC Radio 4 to speak about Anne Ridler. Her doctoral research explores literary representations of pregnancy by women writers, from the nineteenth-century to the present day.

Iris Brey is completing a PhD at New York University in the French Department in twenty first century literature and post New Wave cinema. Her thesis, ‘Monstrous Mothers in Contemporary French Cinema: A Family Story’, tests the hypothesis that part of what informs the obsession with the ‘bad mother’ (and more pointedly, the lethal mother), in films by Arnaud Desplechin, Joachim Lafosse, Claire Denis, Christophe Honoré, and through the actress Isabelle Huppert, is an acute anxiety about what constitutes the normative family in a period that has witnessed the rise of secularized family values, civil unions, gay parenting, single-parenting, and so on.

Victoria Browne has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Liverpool, and is currently a postdoctoral Research Fellow at Oxford Brookes University in the Department of Social Sciences. Her main research interests are in feminist philosophy and the philosophy of history and temporality, and her publications include ‘Backlash, Repetition and Untimeliness: The Temporal Dynamics of Feminist Politics’ (Hypatia, 2013), and ‘Memory and the Metaphysics of Music: Battersby’s Move Away from Deleuze and Guattari’ (Women: a Cultural Review, 2011). Victoria is also a member of the editorial collective for the journal Radical Philosophy.

Ruth Cain is Lecturer in Law at the University of Kent. She has a PhD in English Literature, has studied and taught both English Literature and Law, and takes an interdisciplinary approach to the study of law. Her particular interests are in legal and cultural definitions of maternity, and mental health law. She is currently working on two projects: a book on legal and cultural representations of maternal neglect and abuse in present-day neoliberal states, and an article on the overlapping of New Right and New Age philosophies in welfare reform policy, particularly as these impact on the mentally ill and those suffering from 'invisible' disabilities.

Katarina Carlshamre is a researcher in French literature at the department of Romance Studies and Classics at Stockholm University, Sweden. In her current research project she examines the image of motherhood in contemporary French and Swedish mother narrative literature. She is also a poet and a playwright and her first two pieces, one book of prose poetry and one monologue, will be published and staged during 2014.

Elizabeth Challinor is an associate researcher at the Centre for Research in Social Anthropology/University of Minho (CRIA/UM) in Portugal. Originally from a literary background (French and Spanish, BA Oxford 1988), she became interested in Anthropology after living in Angola (1988-1992) where she worked for a Portuguese NGO (1990-1992). She has an MA in Rural Social Development from the University of Reading (1993) and an MA in Applied Social Anthropology from the University of Sussex (1995) where she completed her PhD (2001) in Anthropology on development in Cape Verde. Current research is on identity and motherhood amidst Cape Verdean students in Portugal.

Gillian Ni Cheallaigh [PRON: Nee Kally] is in the third year of her PhD at King's College, London. Her work focuses on the figure of the madwoman in women-authored novels of the twentieth and twenty first centuries, in particular Simone de Beauvoir, 1970s author Emma Santos and Linda Lê. Her main areas of interest are twentieth century literature, feminism(s) and women's writing, psychoanalysis and a developing interest in queer theory. Gillian has published a chapter on Emma Santos in L'Extrême Littéraire (2012) edited by Russell Williams and Alastair Hemmens, and she is currently working on a co-authored project for publication in 2014 entitled Quand la Folie parle: The Dialectic Effect of Madness from the Eighteenth Century.

Jane Chelliah has an interest in the issues of feminist mothering and feminist disability studies, and in mothers in conflict situations. She is the voluntary CEO of a charity for women with learning disabilities called Powerhouse based in London. She is the UN UK Women's Committee representative for 'Gender, Action, Peace and Security' on UNHSCR 1325 looking at the role of women in gender conflict areas. Jane is a member of the Liberal Democrat party and sat on a working group which produced a policy manifesto on 'Quality of Life' issues and she is currently working on the election manifesto to produce a policy paper on the Ageing Population. She read law and is currently studying International Relations at the London School of Economics.

Harriet Clarke is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Social Research at the University of Birmingham. She has specific interests in the impacts of policy and practice on the experiences of disabled parents and their families. Much of her research is focused on lived experiences of disability and impairment (including mental distress) and on individual and family experiences of services.

Orly Corem is a clinical psychologist who works at Amcha (Center for Psychosocial Support of Holocaust Survivors), and also a PhD candidate at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Orly is living in Israel with her family, and is an LGBTQ researcher and activist.

Nicola Corkin lectures at the University of Aston and has a PhD from the University of Birmingham. Her principal research interest lies in the intersection between the fields of law and politics, comparative politics and European Politics.

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