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«Re: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport Airport Master Plan – DRAFT O/Ref.: 10517 Dear Mr. Lundy: At the request of the Toronto Port Authority, ...»

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January 16, 2014

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Tel: 416 863-2040

Mr. Ken Lundy

Fax: 416 863-0495

Director, Infrastructure, Planning and Environment

Email: klundy@torontoport.com

Toronto Port Authority

60 Harbour Street Toronto, ON M5J 1B7

Re: Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport

Airport Master Plan – DRAFT

O/Ref.: 10517

Dear Mr. Lundy:

At the request of the Toronto Port Authority, GENIVAR has modified the current draft

Airport Master Plan dated June 2012 to include items requested by the City through the ongoing review of the Porter concept plan. This document has not been updated to reflect the infrastructure and operational changes made at the BBTCA since the document was drafted in 2012, but merely reflects the additional notes requested by the City.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact this office.

Yours Truly, Greg Ballentine, OAA Senior Planner / Architect Enclosure c: Bernhard Schropp, GENIVAR R:\PSMI-Operations\Working_Files\Projects\10517 - BBTCA Airport Master Plan\Clerical\Reports\Draft\BBTCA Plan DRAFT ver8 20140116.doc 1300 Yong St., Suite 801, Toronto ON M4T 1XC Telephone: 647 789-3550 ~ Fax: 647 789-3560 ~ www.genivar.com



1300 Yonge St.

Suite 801 DRAFT Toronto, ON M4T 1X3 Tel: 647 789-3550 Fax: 647 789-3560 www.genivar.com



Greg Ballentine greg.ballentine@genivar.com Project No.10517 June 2012 – Updated January 2014






1.1 Background

1.2 Tripartite Agreement

1.3 Goals and Objectives


2.1 Physical Setting

2.2 Airport History

2.3 Airport Vision

2.4 Airport Role

2.5 Economic Impact

2.6 Airport Stakeholders

2.7 Socio-Economic Profile


3.1 Airside

3.1.1 Runways

3.1.2 Taxiways

3.1.3 Apron

3.1.4 Seaplane Ramp

3.1.5 Navigational Aids

3.2 Landside

3.2.1 Mainland Site

3.2.2 Airport Site

3.3 Airport Terminal Building

3.4 Airport Support facilities

3.4.1 ARFF Fire Hall

3.4.2 Airport Maintenance Garage

3.4.3 Materials Storage

3.4.4 Field Electrical Centre

3.4.5 Air Traffic Control Tower

3.4.6 Fuel Farm

–  –  –

3.4.7 Aircraft De-icing

3.5 Commercial Development

3.6 Utilities and Services


4.1 Passenger Activity Analysis

4.1.1 Historic Passenger Activity

4.1.2 Current Air Services

4.2 Air Cargo Activity Analysis

4.3 Aircraft Movement Activity Analysis

4.3.1 Definitions

4.3.2 Historical Activity

4.4 Aircraft Movement Capacity

4.5 Aircraft Movement Forecast

4.5.1 Aviation Sectors

4.5.2 Activity Scenarios

4.6 Passenger Activity Forecasts

4.7 Peak hour Activity Forecasts

4.7.1 Existing Peak Hour Activity


5.1 Airside

5.1.1 Runways

5.1.2 Taxiways

5.1.3 Aprons

5.2 Landside

5.2.1 Landside – Mainland

5.2.2 Landside - Airport

5.3 Airport Terminal Building

5.4 Airport Support Facilities

5.4.1 Airport Maintenance Garage

5.4.2 ARFF Fire Hall

5.5 Commercial Development

5.5.1 North Airport Lands

5.5.2 South Airport Lands


6.1 Project Implementation and Phasing

6.2 Airside

–  –  –

6.2.1 Short-Term

6.2.2 Medium-Term

6.3 Landside

6.3.1 Short-Term

6.3.2 Medium-Term

6.4 Airport Terminal Building

6.5 Airport Support Facilities

6.6 Commercial Development

6.7 Aviation Activity Management

6.8 Off-Site Land Use Planning


7.1 Current Airport Funding

7.2 Capital Investment Estimate

7.2.1 Airside

7.2.2 Groundside



9.1 Environment

9.2 Noise

9.3 Airport Zoning


Table 2-1 Airport Operators/Tenants

Table 3-1 Runway 08-26 Characteristics

Table 3-2 Runway 06-24 Characteristics

Table 3-3 Runway 15-33 Characteristics

Table 3-4 Taxiway Characteristics

Table 3-5 Navigational Aid Characteristics

Table 4-1 Annual Passenger Activity

Table 4-2 Scheduled Flights by Destination

Table 4-3 Historical Aircraft Movements

Table 4-4 Itinerant Movements by Operator

Table 4-5 Itinerant Movements by Type of Power Plant

Table 4-6 Local Movements

Table 7-1 Audited Financial Statements

–  –  –


Figure 2-1 Existing Site Plan

Figure 4-1 Historical Annual Aircraft Movements

Figure 4-2 Historical Annual Aircraft Movements by Operator

Figure 4-3 Historical Annual Aircraft Movements by Type of Power Plant

Figure 4-4 Historical Annual Aircraft Movements by Type of Power Plant

Figure 4-5 Aircraft Movement Capacity

Figure 4-6 Forecast Movements by Operator

Figure 4-7 Activity Scenario 1

Figure 4-8 Activity Scenario 2

Figure 4-9 Activity Scenario 3

Figure 4-10 Activity Scenario 4

Figure 4-11 Passenger Activity Forecast

Figure 4-12 Departure Seats by Time of Day

Figure 4-13 Arrival Seats by Time of Day

Figure 7-1 Recommended Land Use Plan


Appendix A Existing Site Plan Appendix B Recommended Land Use Plan

–  –  –

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) is a Transport Canada certified aerodrome which is operated by the Toronto Port Authority (TPA) on lands owned by the TPA, and lands leased to TPA from the Federal Government and the City of Toronto. In operation since 1939, the airport has served a variety of roles including training base for the Norwegian Air Force during the Second World War. In the late 1940’s the airport was turned over to civilian use and utilized for general aviation activities including corporate aviation, flight training and recreational flying. In the mid 70’s scheduled passenger service was initiated using regional turboprop aircraft. Today, the airport serves a wide variety of activities which include scheduled passenger service, charter/business aviation, flight training, air ambulance operations and recreational flying.

In recent years, BBTCA has become Canada’s fastest growing airport with respect to passenger activity.

Between 2006 and 2011 annual passenger activity increased from 22,321 to 1,584,652 passengers, which in turn has led to a significant investment in terminal facilities and the construction of a pedestrian tunnel.


In June 1983 a Tripartite Agreement was signed between the Federal Government, City of Toronto and the Toronto Port Authority. The Agreement requires the TPA to operate BBTCA, as a permanent public airport, for a period of 50 years (until June 2033).

As required under the agreement, a number of special conditions must be adhered to which have a very significant bearing on the future development of the airport and the nature and extent of aviation activity.

These conditions include the following:

 The construction of additional runways or extensions to existing runways is not permitted;

 Expansion of lands comprising the airport beyond the present land area is not permitted;

 Jet-powered aircraft are not permitted to operate from the airport, with the exception of medical evacuations and other emergency uses;

 To regulate the potential noise impacts of aviation activity, the actual 28 NEF Contour associated with aviation activity must remain within the boundary of the official 25 NEF Contour for 1990.


The primary purpose of the Airport Master Plan is to establish a rational development concept for the airport which protects and preserves the long term operational and business objectives of the airport while accommodating short term improvements. The Airport Master Plan serves as a planning framework to ensure that short-term developments do not impede longer term objectives. As a management tool, the Airport Master Plan document assists airport management in making informed decisions about the timing and estimated costs of future improvements, action plans and preferred development solutions.

–  –  –

Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (BBTCA) is located within the City of Toronto on the Toronto Islands. The airport is separated from the mainland by the Western Gap, a 121m wide channel of water which provides boat access between Toronto’s Inner Harbour and Lake Ontario. Access to the airport is provided via a dedicated passenger/vehicle ferry operated by the TPA. Construction of a pedestrian tunnel linking the Airport to the mainland was initiated in 2012, and is scheduled to be operational in 2014.

The airport’s reference point and elevation per

the current Canada Flight Supplement is:

N43°37’39” W79°23’46” Elevation: 252’ (76.8m) above sea level (ASL) BBTCA is bounded on three sides by water and on the fourth side by parkland associated with the Toronto Islands park system. The airport topography is flat and void of any natural vegetation except for grassed areas. Beyond the airport property to the south are wooded and grassed areas included as part of the park.

Due to its location in close proximity to Toronto’s downtown waterfront area, the airport is operationally constrained by off-site developments such as condominiums, Canada Malting and the Hearn Stack.

Figure 2-1 illustrates the existing airport. A larger scale drawing with legend is provided in Appendix A.

Figure 2-1 Existing Site Plan

–  –  –

to Ottawa and Montreal utilizing Dash-8 aircraft. Faced with intense competition from Air Canada, City Express ceased its operations in 1991. Air Canada Jazz continued its operations until 2006 when it lost access to the terminal building, which had been acquired by REGCO Holdings, the parent company of Porter Airlines. Porter Airlines later began operations in 2006 operating 70-seat Bombardier Dash-8 Q400 (Q400) series aircraft. At the same time, Porter Airlines announced plans to construct and operate a new 10-gate airport terminal building. The new terminal facility, which opened in 2011, has the capacity to accommodate upwards of three (3) million annual passengers.

In May of 2011, Air Canada resumed scheduled passenger activity at BBTCA as Air Canada Express with daily flights to Montreal utilizing Q400 aircraft.


Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport will be North America’s premier urban airport, providing high-quality customer service and an unmatched travel experience. Through effective leadership of well trained and motivated staff and efficient and vigorous management of resources, the Toronto Port Authority strives to uphold high standards in safety and security and foster a culture of innovation and exceed customer expectations.

The mandate is to provide excellent service to customers and to be a good neighbor to the community in which we work and serve. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport is guided by a Tripartite Agreement that upholds our standards of safety, security and operational logistics. The Toronto Port Authority plays an important city-building role in Toronto's economic growth and sustainable future.


BBTCA serves a number of important roles. As a gateway to Toronto, the airport offers the travelling public direct access to/from the city’s downtown core, providing non-stop scheduled flights to a number of Canadian and US destinations including Ottawa, Montreal, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Timmins, New York, Chicago, and Boston. The airport is home to Porter Airlines which has approximately eighty-six (86) daily departures, and is served by Air Canada Express with fifteen (15) daily departures.

In addition to scheduled air service, the airport accommodates a number of non-scheduled general

aviation activities. They include:

 A number of smaller air charter and corporate aviation firms are based at the airport or use the airport on a regular basis.

 Air ambulance operators use the airport to transfer patients to/from downtown hospitals and treatment facilities. ORNGE has a base of operations at the airport providing fixed-wing (airplane) and rotary-wing (helicopter) air ambulance service to south and central Ontario. The airport is also used regularly for the transport of donor organs.

 BBTCA is home to a flight training school.

 Trans Capital Air which operates flight operations around the world for the United Nations has a base of operations and aircraft overhaul facility located at the airport.

 The airport is home to a number of privately operated aircraft, which are operated for both business and recreation, and is used by visiting itinerant aircraft. With direct access to Toronto Harbour, this includes floatplanes.

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