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«Amber Warhurst A Thesis Submitted for the Degree of PhD at the University of St Andrews Full metadata for this item is available in ...»

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Amber Warhurst

A Thesis Submitted for the Degree of PhD

at the

University of St Andrews

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The Chronicler’s Integration of Material from Kings, Isaiah, and Jeremiah in the Narratives of Hezekiah and the Fall of Judah A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Divinity In fulfilment of the requirements For the degree of Doctor of Philosophy


St Mary’s College University of St Andrews St Andrews, Scotland March 2011 ii


The phenomenon of inner-biblical interpretation and inter-textual replication of scriptural material within the Old Testament is receiving significant attention in current scholarship. Two narratives which are repeated three times in the Hebrew Bible provide a particularly fruitful case study for this type of research: the Hezekiah narrative (2 Kgs 18-20; Isa 36-39; 2 Chr 29-32) and the account of the fall of Judah (2 Kgs 24-25; Jer 52; 2 Chr 36). This study extends the contributions of redactioncritical, literary-critical, and text-critical studies examining the narratives in 2 Kings 18-20//Isaiah 36-39 and 2 Kings 24:18-25:30//Jeremiah 52 and emphasizes their subsequent reception in Chronicles. In addition, this investigation advances the discussion of the Chronicler‟s reliance upon and method of incorporating material from the Latter Prophets. It is the conclusion of this thesis that the Chronicler was familiar with the versions of the Hezekiah narrative and the account of the fall of Judah in both 2 Kings and the Latter Prophets. His method of handling these alternative accounts reflects both direct quotation (particularly in the case of 2 Kings) and indirect allusion to themes and idioms (with regard to the Latter Prophets). The result is a re-telling of Judah‟s history which is infused with hope for restoration as articulated by the Latter Prophets. By portraying an idealized account of Israel‟s past history which corresponds to prophetic descriptions of the nation‟s restoration, Chronicles illustrates the accessible, utopic potential held out toevery generation of faithful Israel.

–  –  –

I, Amber Warhurst, hereby certify that this thesis, which is approximately 73,000 words in length, has been written by me, that it is the record of work carried out by me, and that it has not been submitted in any previous application for a higher degree.

Date Signature of Candidate I was admitted as a research student in September, 2005 and as a candidate for the degree of PhD in August, 2006; the higher study for which this is a record was carried out in the University of St Andrews between 2005 and 2010.

Date Signature of Candidate I hereby certify that the candidate has fulfilled the conditions of the Resolution and Regulations appropriate for the degree of PhD in the University of St Andrews and that the candidate is qualified to submit this thesis in application for that degree.

Date 29.03.

2010 Signature of Supervisor

–  –  –

In submitting this thesis to the University of St Andrews we understand that we are giving permission for it to be made available for use in accordance with the regulations of the University Library for the time being in force, subject to any copyright vested in the work not being affected thereby. We also understand that the title and the


will be published, and that a copy of the work may be made and supplied to any bona fide library or research worker, that my thesis will be electronically accessible for personal or research use unless exempt by award of an embargo as requested below, and that the library has the right to migrate my thesis into new electronic forms as required to ensure continued access to the thesis. We have obtained any third-party copyright permissions that may be required in order to allow such access and migration, or have requested the appropriate embargo below.

The following is an agreed request by candidate and supervisor regarding the

electronic publication of this thesis:

Access to all of printed copy but embargo of all of electronic publication of thesis for a period of 2 years on the following ground: publication would preclude future publication.

Date 19 May 2011 Signature of Candidate

–  –  –

St Andrews, Scotland has provided an ideal setting for the research and writing of this thesis, primarily because of the many communities which have nurtured me academically, relationally, and spiritually during the process.

The staff and faculty of St Mary‟s College have greatly influenced the scope of this project as well as my perspectives on pedagogy and issues related to my discipline. I am grateful for the organization of seminars, teaching and tutoring opportunities, availability of the faculty for formal and informal consultation, efficiency of the administrative staff, and generous provision of study space, library acquisitions, and research support which have made this time in my life enjoyable as well as academically constructive.

Principally, this thesis has benefited from the gracious supervision of several remarkable scholars. Prof Christopher Seitz provided the impetus to come to the University of St Andrews and nurtured this project through his own insight and enthusiasm for the subject. Dr Mark Elliot and Prof Kristin De Troyer offered their expertise, suggestions, and encouragement at crucial points in my research. Above all, I am grateful for Dr Nathan MacDonald who faithfully supervised the project through to its completion, offering indispensable support and insight at every turn. I am deeply honoured to be his pupil.

During this time in St Andrews, the students and families connected to St Mary‟s College and All Saints Episcopal Church have been a remarkable source of joy and companionship. These friendships will, no doubt, be for life. I am especially thankful for the camaraderie of my fellow Old Testament/Hebrew Bible colleagues, above all, Daniel Driver and Tim Stone who have been generous sounding boards and sharpening stones. This experience would have been greatly impoverished without the prayer support and companionship of Mariam Kamell and Gisela Kreglinger as we journeyed together in the PhD.

I am indebted to the many people who have read this thesis and have contributed their critical feedback in order to encourage me toward more careful scholarship and clearer communication: Marcia Hornok, Esther Hayden, Dr Ingrid Hjelm, Dr Bill Tooman, Dr John Jarick, and Dr Paul Warhurst.

Were it not for the encouragement of my dear friends at the former Salt Lake Theological Seminary, I would not have undertaken or completed this project. They cheered me on, prayed for me, discussed my work with me, flew me home, and supported me financially. Of that community, Tom McClenahan deserves particular mention for his friendship and mentorship.

My family has unconditionally loved me, financially supported me, agreed against their will to let me live so far away, and feigned interest in my research. Most of all, they have nurtured my love for Biblical Studies through their own faith and dedication to Scripture.

vi The gestation of this thesis has been accompanied by two pregnancies. Though they are not aware of how rich they have made my life, I am thankful for my children who have brought levity, balance, and patience to this research experience. Thank you, Ruby Joy, for making me smile multiple times each day and for being such a good sleeper and letting me work. Thank you, Margot Grace for giving me something to look forward to and for staying inside until after this thesis was submitted!

Above all, I am grateful to my dear and loving husband, Paul, who is the real hero of this time in my life. He never ceased to believe in me and graced me often with words of affirmation and wisdom in spite of my own self-doubts; he eagerly listened to my ideas, read my work, and dialogued with me about the details of my project. Most of all, he prayed for me and loved me without reservation; all of this while working parttime to support our family, being an exceptional husband and father, and undertaking PhD research and writing of his own. It is to him that this thesis is affectionately dedicated.

–  –  –

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–  –  –

In the late fourth century, Saint Jerome affirmed the importance of the book of Chronicles within the Hebrew Bible, stating: “Whoever claims to know Scripture without having knowledge of Chronicles, would make himself a laughingstock.” 1 Avrom Saltman, in his Introduction to Stephen Langton‟s Commentary on the Book of Chronicles, offers this rejoinder to Jerome‟s oft repeated dictum: “Anyone who claims to know Chronicles without having a thorough knowledge of Scripture would be making an even bigger fool of himself, for least of all books of the Bible can it be studied in isolation.”2 This observation stresses the importance of reading Chronicles as one voice within a collection of scriptural witnesses, a quality which is accentuated by the density of verbal, structural, and thematic overlap, including, at times, extensive and verbatim repetition, between Chronicles and other portions of the Hebrew Bible.

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