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«The World of Bellman Stockholm in the late seventeenth century - A workshop in vulgar comedyEUROPEAN POLYTHEATRE: CULTURAL AWARENESS & EXPRESSION ...»

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The World of Bellman

Stockholm in the late seventeenth century

- A workshop in vulgar comedyEUROPEAN POLYTHEATRE:





Featuring characters

Epistle 1

Epistle 2

Epistle 9

Epistle 33

Epistle 41

Epistle 59

Song 21

Song 32

Song 35

Introduction I release that all these song might be a little too much to learn in the little time we have, but I want to have more material then we need. Just in case… When it comes to the migration part of it all this will be more about the arriving than the departing.

As you can see Stockholm was a very international city at the time, wish is reflected in the text. I also thing we will play with the voyage in Epistle 33.

Featuring characters a well-known whatchmaker in Stockholm, without watch, workshop or Fredman stock.in-trade.

Nymph and priestess in the temple of Bacchus. Her father formerly corporal in Ulla Winblad the guards.

Painter of wallpapers, and the town’s virtuoso on several instruments.

Father Berg Names day performer on wind instruments in the Katarina district Father Bergström Owned a house on Hornsgatan, for a while ran a factory, then a trooper, Corporal Mollberg without house, horse or schabraque, latterly dance master.

–  –  –

Epistle 1 Commentary: A scene from a tavern where our heroes are waking up and an homage to the contains of bottles and kegs.

It is truth, no one’s drinking! Drink, dear brothers. Behold yonder glasses on yon tables. Consider them there mugs on yonder shelves, inside that cupboard door! Mark how the gleaming tankard, what Caisa Stina’s standing there holding, as it were spoken unto ye! “Hallo dear Soul! Wet your ashes!” Verily dear sisters, verily my brothers: know ye how all this cometh unto me? Well, it cometh even so that none shan’t come between us until we’ve taken a swig.

What’s that?

Did ye speak?

Your health dear soul!

Good health, both day and night!

Fresh pleasure, new delight!

Come, wet your throttle, Out with the bottle!

Bow to Bacchus might!

Good health, both day and night!

See our sister Caisa Stina How her bottles come between her And this tankard sweetheart.

Fill the tankard sweetheart, Sweetheart, Drink with me. Thai’s right!

It is I what’s to drain this tankard, it is for you to fill up; and it’s for you, dear Brothers, to order up more bear, so that the juices abate not.

If we lack for brandy, if we have no beer, then will our courage fail us.

“Courage, I say!” And again I say “Courage!” How many are we?

Legio, for we are many.

Your health Jergen Puckel!

Hi there, Benjamin Schwalbe!

Sien Diener, Eric Bergström!

What, not dinking, Anders Wingmark!

Honest brother Berg!

And you, Christian Samuel Bredström, lying there under the table, your very good health, sir!

Don’t trample on the poor bastard!

Pluck the fiddles!

Beat the drums!

Hold fast the tankard!

Good health! A lawful prey!

Long is our sorry day!

Long is the tally1, Drum our reveille2, Skål, a toast, I say!

Your health, both night and day.

Caisa Stina taps the keg, sir!

What a bossom, what a leg, sir!

Only no one nicks it!

Anyone who nicks it, Nicks it, Ends my swan song.

The bill Wake-up signal Epistle 2 Commentary: This song is a little like a manifesto from Bellman’s world So screw up the fiddle, Come fiddler, quick, I say!

Dearest sister, hey!

Never say me ney, say but yes and we’ll be jolly.

Sit down, man, don’t dawdle3, caress thy silver string;

Let the fiddle sing till the rafters ring4, nor break it in a folly!

Thou sweatest. A bath of brandy be thy solace, for underneath this roof is Bacchus’ palace.

---- Without question this thy profession mean to lead in pleasure’s path.

Mid nymphs in their bevy5 no man can thee replace, when with force and grace thou dost interlace sweet notes in heav’nly rapture The young hearts, so heavy entangl’d in thy snare by the fiddles air are releas’d from care, ev’ry note a heart doth capture Ah, then in a trice6 there little eyes are blinded and girls more gay than wise to love are minded

---- Wilt thou thunder7?

The nymph in wonder laughing to her pleasure flies Slow down The roof starts sounding A group of girls or young women Instant Roar The fair I adore, sir, yet from their charms I flee if I suddenly a bottle see, and yet I smile on either A nymph in the grasses, red wine in glasses green Each of these I ween8 Is a feast, I lean9, I know not which way neither Take wax to thy bow from my green case of leather The wine stands all a-glow;

I’m drawn to either!

---- Make an and, sir, and have your wench10, sir!

Drink, and Fredman’s gospel know!

Look forward to Tilt Hussy Epistle 9 Commentary: This is song shows the inside of the parties in one of the temples of Bacchus.

Come, dearest brothers, sister, acquaintance See Father Berg, he screws up and tightens each string upon his fiddle and picks up his bow anew Blind on one eye, his nose split and broken See how he drinks and moistens the oaken pegs with his beery spittle then plucks just a tone or two

--- Squints at the ceiling

--- Winces with feeling

--- strays with a will in trills all askew Gently, good brothers, dance on your toes Gloves in one hand and hat on your nose Lord, miss Lona graces!

Shoes with crimson laceas heav’nly ble her stockings shows Lift up your skirts and laugh, little hussies!

Dance! Don't’ you hear the bass-viol buzzes?

Give Father Berg his rosin11 and burgundy, leaf-bestrewn And those betassel’d two boozy brothers prancing around amidst all the others?

Drink, Father Berg, and spit, sir Ugh, small beer! It makes me sick!

--- Glum-eyed and surly

--- Bum – big and burly

--- Madam, your humble… Grumble bassoon12 Come, dearest brothers, here is delight, music all day and wenches all night Bacchus comes to table Cupid if he’s able Here is all things here – here am I!

A special pitch used for the bow Fafotto Epistle 33 Commentary: A street scene from eighteen century Stockholm and also about a voyage on boat to an island.

–  –  –

Stand aside herring packers, bakers’ boys, Nürenburgers and bird catchers!

And you mister overseer or underseer, or what the hell other kind of wharfie13 you may be!

Can’t you give that old man a hand-up14 with his hurdy-gurdy15?

–  –  –

Harbour labour Help Musical instrument Shoulder strap Commedia dell’Arte mask Stop the thief!

The counts servant puts eight stiver18 in the pool… Eight stiver for the maiden19…


–  –  –

E: …waldhorn under his arm… D: …and the bottle in his pocket!

What’s that gilded applekraut with a monkey in his shoulder trying to say?

Le diable, il porte son violon, oui, passus l’épaule, comme le Suisse porte le hallebard23.

–  –  –

Ach, tu tummer taifel. Er ferschtecht sich auf der music wie ein kuh auf den mitta. Movitz, bruder, willstu was kischen haben24?

Small coins Here: the queen Type of light cavalry, here: jack Famous tavern in eighteen century Stockholm 22 Street in Stockholm 23 He carries his viola as a Swiss is carrying his halberd. - French Step into the boat Susanna!

–  –  –

Ahh you stupid fool. He understands music as a cow at a dinner. Brother Movitz do you want cherries? German 25 A glove made of fine soft leather Just there, where the little human, that little solider with yellow trousers, is sitting in the slope shiting. Danish Right - German Right on - German Susanna sings, the breezes frolic29 and the waves heave and sway!

Shove off!

--- Splendid isle

--- I awhile will flee from thy joys, thy tumult, stir and noise All thy proud palaces Blow your horn Movitz! Yes! --See our boat --- bravely float --Mid schooners30 and yacht the Spanish trader note puts to sea --gallantly! --In Cádiz and Dublin soon she will be --

–  –  –

Don’t go too close to the bears!

Quiet! The nymph sings and the zephyrs31 follow her voice.

--- Ulla, she

--- Smiles at me Her hat in her hand enlaced with rosy band;

frilly skirts, well-a-day32! --Ulla come! --- Known to some --So deftly she skips ashore with buxom bum!

Oh to go! --Thanks to you --I’ve torn, sir, my apron quite in two!

The waves gleam and glitter, the cooling guts delight us.

–  –  –

Look across to the opposite shore. What a forest of swaying masts and fluttering pennants!

The sun beats down!

Plays Type of boat God of the west wind Interjection expresses sorrow Church bells peal!

–  –  –

--- Raillerie34!

--- Let me be!

To Slaughterhouse steps? – No, further will I go.

As it is, here you sit and my heart it would split --Nearly there! --Don’t you dare! --- Sit still, I entreat; don’t touch my rose so rare.

Oh but why? --Sooner I --A maid in these waves, sir, would die!

33 Set of bells hung in a bell tower Mockery Epistle 41 Commentary: Describes a situation when Mollberg, hung-over and poor gets humiliated by Christian Wingmark and another snob, resulting in them (or at least Wingmark) gets beaten up.

Mollberg sat up in bed Feathers, fluff35 at his head

His nightdress? My friend, as I’ve said:

shirt - leather waistcoat instead Legs apart - see him stand Hold his pot in his hand His features all tousl’d36 and tann’d37 Coughing, he moistens the sand What’s that? ‘Twas his waistband that burst With arrack38 he quenches his thirst Shutters opens, he peers up at the heavenly spheres This old shack where he stays Isn’t much of a place its vaulting no whitewash displays Never, oh never, une chaise39 !

No lock hangs on the door It’s a stable, no more No bolster or eiderdown, nor would he know what they are for But what has he got over there?

Look, it’s a half-firkin40 of beer Come, help, let in some air Unscrew the shutter, mon cher41 But oh, see what a sight!

Your nose flatten’d is quite Mollberg you were out fighting last night Tell me, friend, am I not right?

Your fine fiddle I see smash’d, all shatter’d is he What kind of game can that be?

Blood on you waldhorn! Ah me!

Down Tangled As with tanned leather Cheap, bad liquor Couch or chaise-longue - French Small keg My dear - French Drink, muzzle your mug42, sir! Shall I faint-hearted an enemy fly?

If I fight once a year then it’s my names-day, d’ye hear?

Aber, why must you brawl?

I do, Wingmark, that’s all Drink up and look lively, a skål or will ye too take the fall?

Come, drink, Wingmark, with me, them’s my orders you, d’ye see, or would you a chatterbox be?

Come, sing a ditty43 for me!

What! Never - a love song perchance?

Well, Wingmark, then we two shall dance You’re a Luxemburg44 sham and I am the devil, I am!

Dance, friend, Wingmark! Alarm!

I will be keeping ye warm.

Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, my arm!

Mollberg, good Mollberg, be calm!

Mollberg, mercy, I’m blue!

Oh, my nightgown, t’was new!

Ow, ow, ow, you beer-bully, you!

We shall be equal, we two!

I’ll run off to mother and tell!

Let go of my nightgown! Farewell!

Mollberg, you know my wife won’t let me off with my life Shut up a short simple song Referes to the Duke of Luxemburg (1628 – 95) who is said made a deal with the devil and disappeared Epistle 59 Commentary: Also a street scene Hurrah!



Good day, Brothers!

Get into the bonny bottle!

Put away the checkers!

You Jack Tar45 with your long Dutch pipe, you will be checkmate.

Fill up and drink with me!

Petter Ivarsson is from Boudreaux.

He is in Kattegat46.



He comes from Dantzig bij de wind47, yes he comes from Dantzig.

Yes he does!

Do ye see that red flag?

It’s blue.

One more glass!

Good health to you!

It is red, I say!

It is green, says I.

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Grate the violins!

Watch the windows!

Sailor Sea on the westcoast of Sweden By side-wind - Dutch Hello girls, swing with your hats!

Bring the tankard! Jingle and drink!

Skål Fader Berg!

It is Petter Ivarsson’s toast!

Toast to the topsail!

I have the honor to drink a toast to the topsail!

Hey thy fat twelve pound cannon!

Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah!

Now we will have wine and Dantziger Doppeltbier48, bottles with silver tulips on the edges and gold brandy… Grate the violins!

Blow the trumpets!

Offer to dance!

Dance you parrots!

Blow you dor-beetles!

Propose, in hell Sjögren, can you fall in love with a troll in a black flannel skirt, a pair of red Boucles de Nouit49, and a bare foot with a torn triumphant-slipper 50.


Dost ye hear Sjögren?

How about her in yellow damask51 skirt and calamanco52 bodice?

She stands barefoot over there and fiddle with the bass-viol.

Do you hear Sjögren?


Who is it?

Hey here comes a German!

Double beer from Gdansk Kind o fearrings - French Silk slippers Fine single colored but patterned fabric Patterned wool fabric It is an Italian, it is, with the twelve apostles on his back.

How much is King David on horseback with a servant in front?

Acht Schtiber53.

God damn they all are from Boudreaux!


Hey girls!

Good day, sir.

Your health, sir!

Dolce Vino della Pace 54.

Hey he likes a feast!

Another swig!

L’ira di Dio arrivera bentosto a questa cittá55.

Look at that Dane how he shuffle and flaunt.

Drink or I will hammer ye!

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