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University Studies Program

Southeast Missouri State University

Table of Contents

Program Structure 7

0 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• 0 0 0 0 •••••• 0 •• 0 • • • • • • • Courses in the 100-200 Level Core Curriculum 8 0 ••••••••••••••••••••••••• 0 • • • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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The University Studies Handbook is also available on line http://ustudies.semo.edu/ Welcome from the President Welcome to Southeast Missouri State University and our nationally recognized University Studies program!

We are glad that you chose Southeast and its outstanding faculty for your college education, an education that will undoubtedly prepare you to be as competitive and successful in life as Space Shuttle astronaut Linda Godwin and so many other Southeast graduates in other fields such as business, politics, medicine, science, education, music, art, criminal justice, and technology, to name just a few.

One of the reasons our graduates are successful is that they receive a broad and deep general education in our University Studies program.

The era in which we live has been characterized by some as the "information age." One of the characteristics of our period is that the pace of change in every field is accelerating more and more rapidly. In some fields, experts have noted that the amount of new knowledge doubles every three to five years -- or in some cases in a matter of months. Many futurists have pointed out that most people entering the job market these days can expect to have several different careers during their lifetimes. This makes it more urgent that you look upon your university experience as an opportunity to prepare yourself to cope with a changing environment.

College is not just about preparing you to perform a specific task, although Southeast offers many opportunities for "real world experiences" to help prepare you for that "first job" after college. Rather, college is about creating an educated person, one who is able to function responsibly and successfully in whatever environment he or she may encounter. Included in this booklet is a list of the nine "objectives" of University Studies. Those objectives spell out the kind of skills you will need for success during your lifetime of career changes. I hope that you will not consider your University Studies courses as an "extra burden," but rather the "keystone" to making your life and career a success.

Again, welcome to Southeast! I look forward to seeing you on campus!

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Wllat is University Studies?

Dear Student:

All colleges and universities offer a core of courses designed to help students develop a collective understanding of the world and prepare for the changing conditions of personal, family, and career life. At Southeast Missouri State University, you will have these core learning experiences in the courses of the nationally recognized University Studies program. After

examining this handbook,· you will see that this reputation is due to two emphases of the program:

academic skills and curriculum themes.

In a nutshell, the University Studies program is designed to help you develop academic skills by learning the ways that scholars in different academic disciplines seek answers to important questions about our lives. In the program, you should learn how artists, scientists, poets, economists, and other scholars use critical and creative thinking to understand humans and their \ relationship with the universe around them. For example, to understand the relationship of humans and nature an artist may create a painting of humans in a serene forest setting; a scientist may test hypotheses about human impacts on the ecology of that forest; a poet n1ay weave words expressing a sense of wonder at the forest's beauty; and an economist may seek to understand the optimal cost­ to-benefit ratio of harvesting the trees in that forest. Each of these scholars uses different approaches to 'thinking about the interaction of humans and nature. The courses in the University Studies lower division categories help you learn key academic skills that are the bases of these various ways of seeking answers to fundamental questions about our existence. The lower division courses, therefore, provide opportunities for you to learn how scholars acquire knowledge and form it into concepts that help us understand the world around us. This emphasis is evident in the lower division curriculum's theme, "Acquisition of Knowledge: Gaining Perspectives on the Individual, Society and the Universe. " After completing the· lower division courses, you will enroll in three interdisciplinary courses. These upper division University Studies courses are focused on the theme, "Integration of Knowledge: Living in an Interdependent Universe." The interdisciplinary courses will help you see that the various ways scholars seek answers to questions are complementary and based on the same underlying academic skills. Your experiences in these courses should help you understand that integrating the different ways of applying these intellectual skills is a powerful and necessary way to gain a fuller understanding of the complex issues, problems, and joys of human life.

What are these important academic skills? You will tind the nine University Studies skills objectives and the program's themes and structure described on pages 6-7 of this handbook. Every University Studies course uses academic subject matter to help you practice these key skills as you prepare for life after college. Please examine these skills objectives and themes carefully and then look through the descriptions of courses in the University Studies program. The information you find on these pages will help you choose courses that interest you and that meet the requirements of various academic programs. By making good use of this handbook, you will gain a better sense of how the University Studies program will help you succeed academically, personally, and professionally.

The staff of the School of University Studies is committed to helping you be successful in the University Studies program. As you participate in the program and prepare for your future, we encourage you to ask us for advice and help. We wish the best for you and will work with you to help you achieve your educational goals.

–  –  –

University Studies Program Objectives One fundamental purpose of a liberal education is to ensure the acquisition of knowledge conunon to educated people and to equip students to integrate acquired knowledge in order to produce interconnections of thoughts and ideas.

The goal of the University Studies program is to provide students with the information, ideas and skills they need to have in order to live a happier and more intellectually rewarding life.

The program is based upon nine University Studies Objectives:

Objective No. 1 Demonstrate the ability to locate and gather information This objective addresses the ways to search for, fmd and retrieve the ever increasing information available in a technological society.

Objective No. 2 Demonstrate capabilities for critical thinking, reasoning and analyvng Students today cannot learn all the information that is produced. Therefore, they must be able to evaluate, analyze and synthesize information. They must be able to etIectively process large amounts of information.

Objective No. 3 Demonstrate effective communication skills The ability to understand and manipulate verbal and mathematical symbols is a fundamental requirement in any society, especially one that thrives upon the free exchange of ideas and information. Functional literacy is not the goal, rather, students must attain a high level of proficiency in order to be effective and happy citizens.

Objective No. 4 Demonstrate an understanding of human experiences and the ability to relate them to the present The degree to which individuals and societies assimilate the accrued knowledge of previous generations is indicative of the degree to which they will be able to use their creative and intellectual abilities to enrich their lives and the culture of which they are a part.

Objective No. 5 Demonstrate an understanding of various cultures and their interrelationships Understanding how other people live and think gives one a broader base of experience upon which to draw in the quest to become educated. As we become more proficient in information gathering, critical thinking, communication, and understanding our past, our need to understand other cultures becomes greater.

Objective No. 6 Demonstrate the ability to integrate the breadth and diversity of knowledge and experience This objective deals not merely with the possession of isolated facts and basic concepts, but also the correlation and synthesis of disparate knowledge into a coherent, meaningful whole.

Objective No.7 Demonstrate the ability to 11lake infomled, intelligent value decisions Valuing is the ability to make informed decisions after considering ethical, moral, aesthetic and practical implications. It involves assessing the consequences of one's actions, assunling responsibility for them, and understanding and respecting the value perspective of others.

Objective No. 8 Demonstrate the ability to "'ake infonlled, sensitive aesthetic responses A concern for beauty is a universal characteristic of human culture. Aesthetics, while usually associated with the fme arts, can be broadly defined to include all areas of human endeavor, for example, science, history, business and sport.

Objective No.9 Demonstrate the ability to function responsibly in one's natural, social and political environment Students must learn to interact responsibly with their natural, social and political environments in order to assure continued interrelationships among persons and things. This objective presupposes an educated, enlightened citizenry that accepts its responsibility to understand and participate in the political and social process.

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Reminder: In order to receive a degree from Southeast, students must pass MA 095 Intermediate Algebra, or score at the appropriate levels on placement tests to have the course waived. This requirement should be completed before attempting any course in the Logical Systems Category. This requirement applies to all students regardless of the major selected (see tlGraduation Requirements" in the University BuUetin).

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Cyberlaw IV 300 IV 301 Historical Perspective: American Agriculture Drugs and Behavior VI300 Managerial Communication Processes VI 301 The Female Experience VI 303 The History and Culture of West Africa VI304 Judicial Reasoning VI 305 VI 306 The Film as History and Literature Economic Geography VI 307 Cultural and Physical Landscapes of the World: A Geographical Analysis VI 308 Crime and Human Behavior VI 309 VI310 The American Musical Experience Perspectives on the Present VI312 VI313 The African- American Experience Electronics and Computers in Music VI315 Contemporary Legal Studies VI316 Human Sexuality VI317 Earth Science: A Process Approach VI318 Technology and Society VI319 The Modern Presidency VI 320 International Political Economy VI 322 Australian Culture VI 326 Experimental Methods in Physics and Engineering I VI 330 Biochemistry I VI 331 Images of Women in Literature VI 332 Religion in America VI 336 Issues in Modern Architecture VI 337 Rural Sociology VI 338 North American Indians VI 339 Housing Perspectives VI 340 V ictorian Studies VI 341 VI 342 Modern Political Thought Transcultural Experience: Economic and Cultural Institutions VI 343 Transcultural Experience: Health and Human Services VI 343 VI344 Plants and Humanity Nonverbal Comnlunication VI 345 Living in a Global Society VI 347 Comparative Economic Systems VI 349

–  –  –

Business and Ethics UI400 American Cultural Landscapes: Regional Architecture and Settlement Systems UI401 Music in World Cultures UI402 Transforming the Female Experience UI406 Rational Endeavor UI407 Manufacturing Research in a Global Society UI410 American Health Care System UI412 The American Temper: Ideas in Cont1ict UI414 Science and Religion UI415 Planetary Exploration: From Galileo to the Present and Beyond UI416 European Mind UI418 Scientific Reasoning UI422 Political Communication UI423 Persuasion: Understanding, Practice and Analysis UI425 Service and Community UI427 Enviromnental Ethics UI429 Aging Successfully: Critical Issues Facing the Individual in the 21st Century UI430 Shakespeare's Tragedies and the Human Condition UI431 UI432 Shakespeare's History Plays and Comedies and the Human Condition Aesthetics of Movement: Athletic Dancers and Artistic Athletes UI433 Literature of Sport UI435 Agricultural Ethics UI436 The Nature and Growth of Mathematical Thought UI438 The Holocaust UI440 Professional Experience in Chemistry UI443 Americans and Their Institutions UI444 The Civil Rights Movement UI446 Social Justice and the Global Economy UI447 American Revolution Experience UI448 Capstone Experience UI450

–  –  –

VI 500 History of the English Language UI501 Principles of Language UI503 Age of Alexender the Great


List the University Studies courses as you take them to monitor your progress.

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Perspectives on Individual Expression Artistic Expression Literary Expression Oral Expression Written Expression Perspectives on Natural Systems Behavioral Systems Living Systems Logical Systems Physical Systems Perspectives on Human Institutions Development of a Major Civilization Economic Systems Political Systems Social Systems

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